Adrenalin Flow - DMX Krew - 1995-2015 - 20 Years: Classics, Unreleased And Remixes (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Track List FR 12" - gr. Previously unavailable on vinyl Dark Funk Previously unreleased track from FR 12" - gr. Vocals by Tracy Remix by Richard D. Remix by Chris Jeffs FR 12" - gr. DMX Krew. Fundamental Records. Artist Nebenprodukt vs. Chromophor ReleaseProduct Nebenprodukt vs.

Electro and Acid. Dancefloor and Techno. Artist Marc Acardipane ft. Previous Play Pause Next. Horny synths pulse along with claps, poppin cowbells and building acid. Long moody synths come up along with a rap, "Stardateon a mission to keep the funk alive, through the heavens and to the black hole we're here to bring the universal, takin over every last space station, we come in peace with the funk relation, the mothership's gone so you betta get with it, from the earth to the moon at beats a minute".

Then on the flip, there's 'Micro's M. Caffeine Mix'. A rockin, funky breaks track that only uses snippits of the rap, along with winding and building acid lines.

It's well structured as it chills down with twirlin and acid, then really rocks out. Grinding basslines, fast electro bleeping and running while vocal hits, cool old school synthing and a big, deep, thick feel get crazy! Fast ticking, the bass pulses, shooting signals against a funky breakbeat and crazy, looping bloopiness make for a drummy mix-up! Adrenalin Flow - DMX Krew - 1995-2015 - 20 Years: Classics the flipside, the Mild Mannered Janitors tear things up with 'Winit'.

It starts off with some Unreleased And Remixes (Vinyl) crazy sounds that just may scare the bejesus out of you if you ain't ready for it, especially if you've just heard the other side first! Then, big ass breaky 'n bassy beats kick in with a vox rep call out, a long strong horn, percussive hits broken up by big drum-rolls. Energetic and fun! Then some nice things come in as it breaks down, trippy, ticking, and it gets a bit electro as it goes out. It's a fast rockin Electro flavored thing that's dramatic and crazy all ova with big beats, chopped acid lines and brushy percussion.

Nice low synths, and bell-like ladders come in and out. We know what yer up to! It rolls over you with balance and class for a nice ride that won't let ya slip. There are proper tracks on here, short ambient pieces and tools to add flavor. It's so dubby 'n deep with mechanical clicks 'n bangs and great smacky thick bass beats. C side offers 'Video' a steppin, chewy, farty, brush 'n blow bass flub.

Madame' starts kinda Oriental, then goes into some rollin Hardcore with echoed French talking, then a guy screaming something repetitively with planes dive-bombing in the background, sounds whipping past, and a breakdown near the end with dramatic drumrolls and the guy comes back yelling. This a really cool track I use a lot for effect that's deep, dubby and thick with fear.

There are no real beats, just like bass pulses and strums, Adrenalin Flow - DMX Krew - 1995-2015 - 20 Years: Classics elastic sounds, dramatic strangeness, voices. The original mix is a bangin progressive acid trancey thing that grooves along nicely with lots of breakdowns and feelings of flying. A deep, gurbly treated vox adds some mystery as the track picks up intensity in the acid lines. The vox and overall vibe then get a bit more electro like, with deep acid bass and the vox reps.

The acid does it's thing, the percussion rocks, the bass drops. Freq Nasty turns in 'Hype Verse' starts off with some omnious foreign voices and sounds, then deep breakbeats take over as the MC sez something and deep bass drops and some crunchy stuff do their thing.

Katapilla crawls out with 'Drop Zone'. Scary sewer sounds gurble thru rockin deep breakbeats as fem vox hits, "I've been good for your lovin", and a horney organ melody, deep acid, fast clickins and zips play along. The art on their records is usually fun also, and this one features one of those 'vinyl killers' things! Deepness yawns wide open as funkyness takes over and stompy beats and all out funk envelops, very cool! It's fun stuff with bass, guitars, flutes, horns, synths, and slide whistles.

There's some mystery involved in this funkyness. He's been getting a lot funkier lately, and it's good! There are 3 mixes of this tune here, and the remixes really have their own flava. The 'DJ Esp Mix' is verrrry funky Disco flavored with great bongo action and slammin steppin slappin beats. Trippy washes of sound drill in and echoed organ pulses flow while nice brushy percussion work weaves in and out.

The break filters the beats down and it changes in subtle ways as the sounds mutate and it exits gracefully. A wild pulsing sound along with slappy, strong-ass clear beats and a rep vox 'I like to get down' that echoes, mutates and you get so into the feeling of it as the beats and that sound and that vox just get to you! Add a touch of some filtered cymbals that come in and out, and you'll be ready to get down!

Tones Mix' starts a'steppin with some boom-piss percussive backed beaty-beats that breaks down into funky disco heaven, then it all combines, goes off, filters way down and you hear the happy sounds of the party people.

This is a neat track that really gets some good tribal energy going. Add some flutey loopings, rising deep horney acid, then a touch of chopped-up male vocal, and you got quite a hypnotizer! Chill tones build sweetly as a lovely housey groove takes hold and you feel sunny and warm as nature surrounds you. I really can't figure out the track names if there are any here on this interesting 3 tracker.

The second track here is a dubbed out and drummy down tempo piece with trippy filtered ringing tones and brushy percussion stretched along the way as it rises and falls.

I got Part 1 for the AFX mix, which is really something! Starting out with great runny beats, then it goes into some rockin breakbeats while acid of all kinds and washes of sounds combine with weird sounds like voices and stuff that gets all mixed-up and chopped along with an answering machine message. It's kinda hard to explain, but if you like beats with some experimental flava, this will hook ya! Then, there's a 'Changed Version' of the Normal mix by Baby Ford that gets deep with bongo's tweedly organs, beaty beats and the song.

Known for its mysterious ways. Then acid rises, pulses and undulates along with neat horn reps as percussion and beats build into this hypnotic mix. It's twirly with slight Goa elements in the beat, going off nice and smooth, with cool fem vox cut-ups and acid. The edition I bought has the DJ Tomcraft remix I've sampled the other remixes, and they all Unreleased And Remixes (Vinyl) things up a bit.

It uses the vocal a lot along with lovely deep, smooth synths, pulsing acid strums and brushy claps. Powerful 'n bassy beatings, fast popping with scrape 'n brush accented percussion clapping along the beats. Then the acid sneaks in and keeps a low profile while other crazy sounds come on in during the break getting all horney and, well, out there as all hell breaks loose!

Percussion joins in as the beats get stronger and the acid starts taking effect. There's the occasional low, male vox hit, and a squeaky wheel increases it's frequency as the acid gets to full effect. Fast frippins of acid, ticks, filtered vocal loops, good percussion, and a bangin beat. Horns that have a kinda hardcore feel to 'em come in and urge the track along. Flutey loops and working-hard fast clattering grinds, squeeks, builds! A cute sound comes in at the breaks with spacey efx and then that sound combines and twirls with the tune.

All 3 tracks are equally as strong, so they are all my picks as best! On the A side, 2 tracks, 'Stencil' has a deep tribal feel, with a Spiral Tribe influence that twirls 'n blows with loud 'n clear sticks 'n drums and chirps 'n grunts. It's fast!

There's some flutey sample from somethings, and odd little vox reps, "say something. Mad sounds twirling and clip-clopping all thru assure you that they ARE coming to take you away, for sure!

Owtch Baby! It pumps, it thumps, loops and grinds. Beats are deep 'n thick, with sharp percussion accents, metallic hits 'n rips. It's insane, noise making stuff that whips, scrapes, zips, grinds, gurbles and squirps! The Boards penchant for the voices of children shows up, with them giggling and saying "yeah, that's right" as adults repeat, "orange" and count. Aka Surgeon. I first was introduced to this side of this producer via his remixes of Mogwai.

This Sluts stuff sees him keeping the looping repetitive patterns, but adding lots more interest with sublayers of a dark 'n deeply atmospheric, foreboding feel, while long, drawn out strings and electronic meanderings sharp 'n buzz, while a woman is speaking Italian on the phone? There are also 2 loops in the beginning of the record, one with a jazz blast and "Oh! Oh man, it's going to be hard trying to describe this fun stuff in words!

There's lots of neat horns, orchestral flanges, and old-school tripped out efx. Smokey 'n seedy go go lounge material! Lots of trippy stuff and a crazy horn comes flying thru the thick bassy 'n breaky atmosphere with similar voice samples as on the flip. This side would go well with some Fatboy Slim.

There are also the 4 separate vinyl releases that I picked up on. Here's what ya get on those. Then, back with more of A Tribe Called Quest. This starts all filtery Disco then adds da fine funk that goes oh so well with the rap, "the pressure! Grooverider takes his turn takin it deeper, keepin all the funk with faster vocals, and breaky beats.

Kelly vs Hollis Monroe do 'Sex Me' going the classy and classic Disco route that sounds so fine with the sexy vocals. Ok, well, that's basically what this is!

Half in there's a sexy accented vox talking about the Copa. Then there is a 'Short Cut' which is shorter, slightly more energetic. Disko B has never sounded so strange, I can't say the same thing for Dj Hell! Dancey percussion 'n beats stomp in. It all breaks down in the middle, slowly adding the Copa feel and taking off with those strings combined with the dubby stomping. You know, if you really listen to the lyrics to this thing, it really is a sick little song!

Triangle packaging. All of which are housed in a sleek oversized art box with a unique easel back and clear display window. The beat, the park jam turntable rubs, the chorus, it's an unorthodox formula that works perfectly don't forget to add an equally amazing video.

The set includes six singles in full color jackets with two of the singles being both picture discs and Serato controllers! One public winner is chosen from a voting process on his SoundCloud, and Shoes also selects a personal favorite. This Ep showcases what the band is all about. Limited pressing. RTON R [WITT] AG OF D.

ACURA Octagon, Dr. Dooom, and Black Elvis, legendary Bronx, NY-based Jupiter-born rapper Kool Keith is still spitting his eccentric thoughts decades into his career with as much flow as ever. After Keith's initial guest vocals on Planet B track "Crustfund," the duo has once again collaborated with the notorious rapper to create a blistering remix of his new track "Blast.

BLAST Thick black 7" vinyl with full printed jackets. Features two exclusive live tracks! Meyhem and Action have been partners in crime for some time as the East Coast Underground team known as the Outdoorsmen, and on here they run the voodoo down with a granite rock beat from Multi-Platinum producer of D. You may know these two guitar jams from the bonus disc of their Self-Titled LP. Just in time for the 10th anniversary of that album these two awesome tracks finally get their vinyl release, cause for some reason they didn't make it on the vinyl version of the album.

We always thought that is a shame, cause "outnumbered" is one of the strongest, if not thee best track of the album. People who got the CD of the album probably already know that!

And also these 2 tracks fit perfectly into this description. The songs feature the incredible vocals of longtime LE collaborator and award winning Jazz Legend Liane Carroll like you've never heard her before - haunting and suspicious, while the man himself Tony Colman adds his own vocals and adlibs throughout. So it's the first time these 2 fine tracks going to be pressed on wax!

Keeping it bubbling with what can only be described as ragga-disco, the four man crew who brought you the underground stomper "Ram Dancehall" return with a warm up for their forthcoming mini-album. The records are housed in a custom black leatherette outer-box that is laced with silver-foil renderings of DOOM's legendary mask and bubble graffiti logo on the outside, and a never-seen-before DOOM drawing by the legendary Lord Scotch, the original artist behind the Operation: Doomsday art, on the inside.

In addition to holding the 7-inch vinyl, the box also contains two metallic-silver colored 45 adapters, each a 3D rendering of DOOM's gladiator mask. Picture sleeves for each of the seven pieces of wax all feature brand new work by Lord Scotch Blake Lethem aka KEO aka Scotch79th as well: new hand-lettered track listings on one side, and incredible new color illustrations on the flip that, when laid side-by-side, fit together like puzzle pieces, to form one large image.

A-side "Beyond" kicks off with a Northern Soul style pounding beat, rolling bassline, wah-wah stabs and a gorgeous soulful vocal from Homelife'sSeaming To. The flip side "Chamion Nibble" is a joyouse Afro-rock flavoured party jam with a wicked break, funky bass, dusty sax solo and gorgeous electric keys throughout. Each of the seven singles included in the set are in a different colored vinyl pressing.

The Pharcydes refreshing sound - lively, humorous and inventive lyrics over lush jazzy productions - changed hip hop's trajectory and influenced generations of artists. Now, two of the landmark singles from "Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde" are available in a limited 7" colored vinyl pressing housed in ultra-deluxe full color sleeves.

The Pharcydes refreshing sound - lively, humorous and inventive lyrics over lush jazzy productions - changed hip hops trajectory and influenced generations of artists. Originally founded by Van de Guzman and Hemingway Jasmin, the group consisted of the island's top brass players and toured throughout the West Coast, Canada, and Hawaiian Islands. Originially released in on Phase 7's highly sought-after LP, Playtime.

The band recorded at Honolulu's Broad Recording Studio, not long after Mike Lundy and Aura finished the final touches on their albums both recently got the reissue treatment on Aloha Got Soul. This US-pressed version is available as a limited run of copies on green vinyl.

OMEN Featuring new artwork specific to each song on the record sleeves and unique 3D box cover art with 3D glasses included in the package. A true collectors piece for a true Chuck Prophet fan! With the highly-anticipated upcoming release of "Soul On Ice 2", this 2 track offering is comprised of two tracks that will not ever be found on any other release, nor any other physical or digital format EVER. Not only that, every copy will come with a red and gold foil seal on the back, to be hand numbered, personally addressed to, and signed by Ras Kass himself.

A limited run of copies, this record is only being offered via direct mailorder and through an exclusive retail offer through Cobraside Distribution. This will not be available on any other digital or physical format, and will not be repressed.

No upc at request of artist. This is the band that morphed into "Death", who saw their recordings released in as " Coalmine Records is proud to release a Record Store Day exclusive version of "Perfect Timing" in limited edition blue vinyl. A live band in the proper sense of a live band making experimental electronic music which sometimes touches on jazz, but more often then not is just good and strange. This is the kind of record that can be heard anywhere, from car shows in Texas to basement parties in Brooklyn, maybe even at your cousin's wedding.

Let's also not forget it's Grammy Nomination. Yes it's that good. The song starts off with Andre rhyming over the elegant doo wop vocal harmonies until a stuttered drum kick changes the mood for Pimp C to spit fire. Each 45 has been lovingly re-created with visuals taken from the original artwork. And beyond the singles themselves, this set includes a deluxe, cloth-covered carrying case with a People Records logo on the exterior and purple People embossing throughout the interior.

And beyond the page liner notes, six additional pages have a Wu-Tang logo picture sleeve in which to put the vinyl. Besides the vinyl, the centerpiece of the Casebook is a page Shaolinology book, featuring input by RZA, written by journalist Chris Faraone. Beyond many never-before-discussed Wu-Tang nuggets, the book also includes rare photos of the group, lyrics for all album songs, as well as other images and advertisements from the Enter The Wu-Tang era.

For the Wu-Tang Clan fan - this is a trophy to be proudly displayed to celebrate the influence of one of musics most influential groups. LP MIX RAN ITCH The soundscapes this Detroit duo sculpts by synthesizer stabs and sparse drum machine rhythm are icy, dense and precise. This release showcases the group in rare form, complete with the totally unexpected and kind of jarring sound of raucous audience laughter in place of typical applause as the intro as well as a light audible fuzz created by the third member of the group that night, their fog machine ; Best of all, two of the tracks, Misshaped and Does the Body Know?

It consists of early singles released between and Reissued on gram vinyl, remastered and with all original artwork including die cut sleeve. K7 says "AKASE is steeped in the lush, intricate and textured sound of Midland an artist I've worked with for his entire career - so fitting its my first singing to! K7 but Robbie Redway brings a whole other dimension to this project with his thought provoking songs and rich vocals.

RUST HTH consists of four tracks of much darker, moodier sounds, blending their sonic bass lines with razor-sharp production. The whole EP is centered around clammy, ominous atmospheres, underpinned by stomping beats, breaks and descending bass lines, placing greater emphasis on the space in-between, and textured over with a doomsday ambience.

The lyrics are suggestive, imploring, shady and loving, some original and some re-recorded material from Grindr chats, online drag and femme comedy skits. This is gritty urban techno reflecting on street life in Gotham City. Latin flavoured techno. Limited to copies worldwide. Fresh and dynamic, the four-track release tickles the limbic system with gravity-distorting bass and inspired hooks. CRUST The results could be described as a UK Funky Lorde.

The 'Distorted Air' EP forthcoming on Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings, is full of Victoria's songwriting on fractious romance, ever the well-spring of transcendent pop with sweet female attitude.

One of the most spectacular and critically lauded artists in the world, the Collapse EP is one surely not to be missed! Extending the flamboyant paths that Aphex Twin has consistently managed to forge through his dizzying career. MTI T The terrifying thrash of the infamous Pappy Mix of 'Come To Daddy' is a difficult track to surpass, yet make it through and there's another world inside. From the playful melodies and door-creak percussion of 'Flim' and 'Bucephalus Bouncing Ball', right through to the stirring melodies of 'IZ-US', it's an essential collection for any Aphex fan.

FLIM Total runtime of over 28 mins. SNAR2 HAT 2B B It will be out on white label 12" with hand stamp on 7th of April Includes download code. This Peel Session comprised of all original material at the time. Presented as a complete session and on vinyl for the first time.

Released to much acclaim earlier this year after an exhaustive search for the musician, Unreleased And Remixes (Vinyl), the tape has reached left-field music fans worldwide via the Awesome Tapes From Africa LP and CD. With this limited edition 12" for DJ's and other nerds, the songs Obaa Sima and Adagya jump off the wax, inviting deeper examination. The two Ghana-by-way-of-Toronto dance tracks whip themselves into an unabashed frenzy, and sound like nothing else.

As well, they capture some of the beautiful mystery behind the elusive auteur who'd been living quietly back in Kumasi Ghana the last several years since leaving Canada, where the album was recorded. Packaging includes plastic LP jacket, custom obi-insert, and a free digital download card.

Quantities are limited, and this will not be available again! Y7 REW 1. Limited edition of copies. From to they released six maxi 12" singles. Kucho remixes. The album is pressed on clear vinyl with custom packaging that includes vinyl inner sleeves with the album artwork and a double-sided insert featuring single artwork from "Fantasy" and "Maybe. CAN I DRIFT MAYBE Unknown producer.

Oct 17,  · Almost 20 years after its initial release, here's a reissue of Nightstalker's legendary and long out of print album 'Use'. An exceptional heavy rock album, once again released on double vinyl, completely re-mastered from the original tapes and on smokey grey vinyl in a gatefold cover. METAL/STONER/HARDROCK 10/02/ EUR: LP. green balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo3 green day-macys day balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo3 01 Please forgive balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo3 02 balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo3 03 My oh balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo3 05 balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo3 04 Were not balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo3 06 Silver balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo3 07 White balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo3 08 This years balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo3 09 Sail balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo3 10 Say hello wave balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo3 DMX - 18 - Problem balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo3. EDICION MUY LIMITADA. ¡DISPONIBLE DESDE EL 25 DE MARZO! Ed DMX, más conocido como DMX. Could not find album 'dmx_krew-ionospheric_exploration-(kust_)-vinyldps' Does it offend you, yeah No albums in either subsonic or LastFM for artist Does it offend you, yeah. Cobraside Distribution San Fernando Road Glendale, CA Phone () Fax () [email protected] Musiker sind ja auch nur Menschen. Das heißt in unserer Welt, sie sind Musikliebhaber, Plattensammler, euphorische Jäger des immer neuen Sounds. Welche das genau sind, das fragen wir in dieser Top 10 nach: Welche Musik liegt aktuell auf den Plattenspielern von Musikern, DJs, Produzenten? '96 (*) (Warp,wap72) Autechre - EP "Envane" '97 (*) (Warp,wap89) (IDM Poll: best single '97) Autechre - EP "Chichli Suite" '97 (*) (Warp,wap96) Autechre - EP "Ten-Day Interval (remixes of tortoise)" '98 Autechre - EP 7 '99 (*) (Warp,wap) Autechre - EP "Splitrmx" '99 (Warp,wap) Autechre - EP "Gantz_graf" '02 (*) (Warp,wap) Autechre. Oct 03,  · [Re: forever] # At_the_Gate_(Produced_by_Bobby_Tinsley)eXe 31Knots-Talk_Like_BloodRTB Ad_Astra_Per_Aspera-An_Introduction_to-(EP. DMX Krew - - 20 Years: Classics, Unreleased & Remixes [11 Vinyl Limited Edition] () 20 Years: Classics, Unreleased and Remixes contains a wealth of material that will be sure to plug a lot of holes in the avid collectors' collections while also acting as an open and easily accessible and utterly vital entry into the world of Author: DMX Krew. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon.


Various - Wet-Works Sound Sampler Vol. 1 (File, MP3), Chanel, Dont You Know - Devo - Oh No Its Devo / Freedom Of Choice (CD), Way Of Life (Sanderland Mix), Bambu - Supersax - Dynamite !! (Vinyl, LP), Mi Tierra - Gloria Estefan - Mi Tierra (Cassette, Album), Serge Gainsbourg - Serge Gainsbourg Vol.1 (CD), Chiquita - Pino DAngio* - Gente Si & Gente No (Vinyl, LP)

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    Oct 17,  · Almost 20 years after its initial release, here's a reissue of Nightstalker's legendary and long out of print album 'Use'. An exceptional heavy rock album, once again released on double vinyl, completely re-mastered from the original tapes and on smokey grey vinyl in a gatefold cover. METAL/STONER/HARDROCK 10/02/ EUR: LP.
  4. Containing a wealth of music from records released on labels including Rephlex, Ghostly International, Sonic Groove, Power Vacuum, Super Rhythm Trax and his own Breakin' Records and Fresh Up imprints. - 20 Years: Classics, Unreleased and Remixes contains a wealth of material that will be sure to plug a lot of holes in the avid.

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