Knights Of The Burning Hill - Thundertale - Milžinai (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

The holy fire - For the honoured fathers - Queen of slaves - Rise and fight - Dance in the wind - Knights of the burning hill - Thunder take me away - Is it worth - Rising power Rising thunder - Higher - The power - Kol matai - Why are you askin' - To live or die - No one to blame - Voices from the dark acoustic version - Floating to you Floating to you - Interlude: panama. Falling down - Giv me 1 mo' time - U right - i left - Interlude: da system she's poison - Populistai - Ji mano - Practice - Kas tu toks?

Dance on da floor - She's poison - Interlude: samogitia's floating to autumn Lt daina, 1 dalis 2 cd Mamai - Egle, mano sese - Sudie, eliza - Rytas perone - Vienas namuose - Ventukai - Margarita - Daiva - Alyvos - Berniukai - Televizorius - Xx Rudenio dievas mmx - The Lovecrave "Crisalide EP". The Loveless "Star Rover". The Machete "Regression".

The Machete "Untrue". The Magnificent "The Magnificent". The Man - Eating Tree "Vine". The Album) with the Iron Fists "". The Man with the iron fists 2 "The Man with the iron fists 2". The Mercy Kills "Paradise Motel". The Mist "Cemetary Gates". The Mist of Avalon "Dinya". The Mob "The Mob". The Model "The Model". The Moor "The Moor". The Morning After "Legacy". The most fabulous Soulshake Express "Heavy Music".

The Movement "Fools Like You". The Muggs "Born Ugly". The Muggs "Straight Up Boogaloo". The Mutants "Voodoo Blues". The Mutants "Grave Groove". The Mystery "Scars". The Mystery "Soulcatcher". The Mystery "Apocalypse ". The Nesting 2 "The Amityville Asylum". The New Dominion "Procreating the undivine". The No Mads "Demo Tape". The No Mads "Deranged". The Oath "4". The Ocean "Aeolian". The Ocean "Fluxion". The Ocean "Heliocentric".

The Ocean "Pelagial". The Offspring "Days go By". The Opium Cartel "Ardor". The Orange Man Theory "Riding a cannibal horse from here to The Orange Man Theory "Satan told me im right". The Ordeal "Kings of pain". The Ordeal "Descent From Hell". The Order "Son Of Armageddon". The Order "".

The Order Of Chaos "Sexwitch". The Outside "The Outside". The OverAlls "Suit Up". The Package - Killer games "The Package". The Pact 2 "The Pact 2". The Past Alive "Sweet Dreams". The Picturebooks "Imaginary Horse". The Pineapple Thief "Magnolia". The Poodles "Metal will stand tall". The Poodles "Sweet trade". The Poodles "No Quarter". The Poodles "Performocracy". The Poodles "Tour de Force". The Presence - Besessen von dir "The Presence".

The Pretty Things "Balboa Island". The Pretty Things Album) Eye". The Pretty Things "Silk Torpedo". The Privateer "Facing The Tempest". The Privateer "Monolith". The Prodigy "Invaders Must Die". The Prophecy "Salvation".

The Provenance "Still at arms length". The Provenance "How would you like to be spat at". The Provenance "Red Flags". The Prowlers "Devil's Bridge". The Prowlers "Re-Evolution". The Psychedelic Ensemble "The Sunstone". The Psyke Project "Apnea". The Puritan "Lithium Gates". The Pythons "Never:enough". The Quill "In Triumph". The Quill "Tiger Blood". The Quireboys "Live in London".

The Quireboys "Beautiful Curse". The Quireboys "Back Eyed Sons". The Quireboys "Twisted Love". The Raconteurs "Live At Montreux ". The Raven "One Last Time". The Raven - Prophet des Teufels "". The Ravenous "Blood Delirium". The Razed "The Razed". The Reckoning "Counterblast". The Red Chord "Fused together in revolving doors". The Red Paintings "The Revolution is never coming". The Resistance "Rise from treason".

The Resistance "Scars". The Retaliation Process "Downfall". The Returned "The Returned". The Ring "Tales from Midgard". The Ritual "Beyond the fragile horizon". The Rods "Vengeance".

The Room Colored Charlatans "Primitive". The Roomsounds "Elm St. The Rotted "Get dead or die trying". The Safety Fire "Grind the Ocean". The Sandsacks "Far Away". The Scourger "Hatehead". The sea of trees "The Sea of Trees". The second coming - Die Wiederkehr "Chong Sheng".

The Senseless "In the realm of the senseless". The Senton Bombs "Mass Vendetta". The Setup "This thing of ours". The Seven Seals "Deutsche Welle 2. The Seventh Power "Seventh Power". The Seventh Seal " And Darkness Descends". The Shanes "Road Worrier". The Shanks "Prisons Of Ecstasy". The Shiver "Inside". The Shiver "A New Horizon". The Shiver "The Darkest Hour". The Showdown "A chorus of obliteration". The Showdown "Temptation Album) my way". The Silent Comedy "Friends Divide".

The Sinful Saints "This is it". The Sixpounder "The sixpounder". The Sixth Incubator "Inphonoir". The SixxiS "Hollow Shrine". The Sleeper "Aurora". The Smoking Hearts "Victory! The Souls "The Grand Confusion". The Sound Ex "Palomino". The Southern Oracle "Hellwakening". The Specials Live". The Steepwater Band "Clava". The Stompcrash "Directions". The Stone "Nekroza". The Storyteller "Sacred Fire". The Stranded "Survivalism boulevard". The Summit "Higher Ground".

The Sword "Warp Riders". The Sword "Apocryphon". The Sword Identity "". The Synthetic Dream Foundation "mechanical serpent". The Tangent "Le Sacre du Travail". The Temple "forevermourn". The Theander Expression "Strange Nostalgia". The Thing "Es ist kein Mensch Noch nicht". The Told "Sedated Solace". The Treatment "This Might Hurt". The Treatment "Running with the dogs".

The Treatment "Generation Me". The Trust "The Trust". The Ugly "Slaves to the Decay". The Ugly "Decreation". The Unchallenged "Sceneries". The Unfading Beauty "City Lights". The Unterschicht "Millionaire". The Urge "Lunch at the Lady Garden".

The V "Now Or Never". The Vagrants "Be True". The Vaine "It's A Disease". The Vegabonds "Southern Sons". The Vendetta "Ultraumatic". The Vintage Caravan "Voyage". The Vision Ablaze "Youtopia". The Vision Bleak "Promo". The Vision Bleak "The deathship has a new captain". The Vision Bleak "Carpathia". The Vision Bleak "Witching Hour". The Vision Bleak "The Unknown". The Visit "The Visit". The Voices "The Voices". The Void "Vision of the Truth".

The Wake "Death-a-holic". The Wakedead Gathering "Dark Circles". The Walkabouts "Berlin". The Wanted "The Scarcollector".

The Ward "Part of humanity". The Warriors "Beyond the noise". The Way of Purity "Crosscore". The Way of Purity "Biteback single ". The Way of Purity "Biteback". The Way of Purity "Equate". The Weight "Turning". The White Stripes "Elephant".

The Wicked Chambers "Dirty rules of lies". The Witch "The Witch ". The Witches Sabbath "The Birth". The Young Ones "Young Ones". Theatre of Tragedy "Assembly". Theatre of Tragedy "Last Curtain Call". Theatres Des Vampires "Anima Noir". Theatres Des Vampires "Moonlight Waltz". Thee Orakle "Smooth Comforts False". Them Vibes "TV". Themgoroth "Gate To The Unknown". Theo "Heart Of Soul". Theocracy "Mirror Of Souls". Theocracy "Ghost Ship". Theodor Bastard "Pustota".

Theodore Ziras "Hyperperexia". Therapiezentrum "Herz. There Will Be Blood "Horns". Therion "Celebrators of becoming". Therion "Sitra Ahra". Therion "Les Fleurs Du Mal". Thessera "Fooled Eyes". Theudho "Cult of Wuotan". Thiasos Dionysos "Satyr". Thine "The Dead City Blueprint".

Third Degree "Punk Sugar". Thirdmoon "Dimorphic Cynosure". Thirteen Stars "The White Raven". Thirteen Wars "Fire At Will". Thirteen Wars "Towards Devastation". Thirtyone Dies "Filthy Taste". This Ending "Dead Harvest". This Or The Apocalypse "Monuments". Thomas Giles "Pulse". Thor "I Am Thor". Thora "Total World Paranoia". Thorium "Feral Creation". Thorn "Somewhere". Eleven "Circles". Thornafire "Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation".

Thorngoth "Thelema Of Destruction". Thorngoth "Leere". Thornium "Mushroom Clouds and Dusk". Thornium "Fides Luciferius". Thorns of Cognition "Synergy". Thorondir "Aus jenen Tagen". Thorshammer "Heimsuchung". Thorshammer "Inspektor K. Thou Art Lord "Orgia Daemonicum". Thought Chamber "Psykerion". Thoughts Factory "Lost". Thrash Bombz "Dawn". Threat Signal "Under reprisal". Three "Revisions". Three Headed Monster "3 HM".

Three Lions "Three Lions". Throneum "Total Regression! Split mit Revelation Of Doom ". Throneum "Deathcult Conspiracy". Through the Ashes "The end of evolution". Throwdown "Vendetta". Throwdown "Venom and tears". Thrudvangar "Walhall". Thrudvangar "Ahnenthron". Thrudvangar ""Zwischen Asgard und Midgard"".

Thrudvangar "Tiwaz". Thulcandra "Fallen Angel's Dominion". Thulcandra "Ascension Lost". Thulr "The Seafarer". Thunder "The EP Sessions ". Thunder "All I Want". Thunder And Lightning "Written in stone". Thunder And Lightning "Purity". Thunder And Lightning "Dimension".

Thunder Lord "Heavy Metal Rage". Thunder Tibe "War Chant". Thunderblast "Invaders From Another World". Thunderkraft "Totentanz". Thunderstone "The Burning". Thunderstorm "Faithless Soul". Thunderstorm "As we die alone". Thunderstorm "Nero Enigma". Thundertale "Milzinai". Thundra "Worshipped By Chaos". Thundra "Angstens Salt". Thurisaz "Scent of a dream". Thy Art Is Murder "Hate", Album). Thy Disease "Anshur ZA".

Thy Final Pain "Epitaph". Thy Flesh "Thymiama Mannan". Thy Light "Suici. Thy Majestie "Hastings ". Thy Majestie "Jeanne D'Arc". Thy Majestie "Dawn". Thy Wicked "Hoffnung und Zuversicht". Thy Worshiper "Czarna Dzika Czerwien". Thyrane "Hypnotic". Thyrane "Travesty Of Heavenly Essence". Thyreos "Sound of Destruction". Thyrfing "Farsotstider". Thyrfing "Hels Vite". Thyrgrim "Winterhall". Thyrgrim "Niedergang". Thyruz "Northern Blasphemy".

Thyruz "Diseblot". Tiamat "Judas Christ". Tiamat "Prey". Tiamat "The Church of Tiamat". Tiamat "The Scarred People". Ticket to Hell "Man made Paradise". Ticket to Hell "Operation: Crash course". Tieflader "Schneller als du denkst". Tieflader "Steht unter Strom". Tieflader "Tieflader geht durch die Wand". Tierra Santa "Tierras de leyenda".

Tierra Santa "Indomable". Tigertailz "Bezerk 2. Tigertailz "Knives". Tiles "Window dressing". Tiles "Fly Paper". Tiles "Pretending 2 Run". Till we drop "The summer triangle". Tim Bowness "Abandoned Dancehall Dreams". Time Has Come "White Fuzz". Time Requiem "The inner circle of reality". Time Requiem "Optical Illusion". Timecode "Live In Confinement". Timeless Rage "Forecast". Timemage "Shadow Realm". Timemage "Nightmares".

Timemage "Witchcraft". Timemage "Rebirth". Timemage "Black Invocation". Timemage "Conquistadors". Timesbold "ill seen ill sung". Timesword "Chains Of Sin". Timor "Demo The First Chapter". Timor et Tremor "The Winding Path". Tina Dico "Where do you go to disappear". Tinituz "Es reicht". Tirill "Um Himinjodur". Titan Steele "The force". Titanic "Full Steam Ahead". Titans Eve "The Divine Equal". Tjolgtjar "The Tjolgtjarian Mass".

TME "Worlds Collide". TNT "Atlantis". To-Mera "Transcendental". To-Mera "Delusions". Toc "Loss Angeles". Tocotronic "Live Rockpalast". Today Forever "Profound Measures".

Today Forever "Relationshipwrecks". Todd Rundgren "State". Todd Sharpville "Twighlight Theater". Todesbonden "Sleep Now, Quiet Forest". Todesfalle Irak "Purple Heart". Todeskult "Apathy". Todtgelichter " Was bleibt Todtgelichter "Was bleibt Todtgelichter "Schemen". Todtgelichter "Angst". Todtgelichter "Apnoe". ToJa " Sad Songs of hope". Tokarev "Tokarev". Tokyo Blade "Thousand men Strong". Tokyo Dragons "Give me the fear". Tokyo Dragons "Come on baby".

Tokyo Dragons "Hot nuts". Tomas Bodin "Pinup Guru". Tomas Bodin "I Am". Tomb "Mask Of Disgrace". Tombs "Winter Hours". Tombs "Savage Gold". Tombstoned "Tombstoned". Tombstones "Volume II". Tombthroat "Blood Red History". Tombthroat "Eden Apocalypse".

Tommy Talamanca "Na Zapad". Tomorrow's Eve "The Tower". Tomorrow's Eve "Tales From Serpentia". Tomydeepestego "Chronophage". Toner Low "II". Too Pure To Die "Confess". Tool "Schism". Tool "Parabola". Tool "10, Days". Torben Enevoldsen "Flying Solo". Torch "Dark Sinner".

Torch Bearer "Yersinia Pestis". Torch Bearer "Warnaments". Torch Bearer "Death Mediations". Torchia "oNe". Torchure "Beyond the veil". Torian "Into The Winter". Torian "Dreams Under Ice". Torian "Thunder Times". Torian "Dawn". Torment "Tormentation". Torment of Souls "Zombie barbecue". Torment Tool "Under Friendly Attack".

Tormentor "Dystopia". Tormentor Guben "Violent World". Tornado "Amsterdamn Hellsinki". Torpedohead "Greetings From Heartbreak Key". Torture "Winter".

Torture "Storm Alert". Torture "Eisenknecht". Torture Chamber "Der Folterkeller". Torture Killer "Swarm! Torture Killer "Sewers". Torture Killer "Phobia". Torture Pit "Torture Pit". Torture Slave "Metal Fairytale". Torture Squad "Hellbound". Torture Squad "AEquilibrium". Torturer "The Flames Of Purification". Total Annihilation "84". Total Hate "Depopulating Planet Earth". Total Hate "Necare Humanum Est". Total Terror "Total Terror". Totalselfhatred "Totalselfhatred".

Totem "Totem". Totem "Day Before The End". Totenmond "Unter Knochen". Totenmond "TonbergUrtod". Toto "Live in Amsterdam". Toto "Bottom of your Soul". Toto "Live at Montreux ". Touch the Spider! Touchstone "The City Sleeps". Toundra "IV". Tourettes Album) "Sick Sense". Towards Darkness "Solemn". Towersound "Towersound". Toxic Bonkers "Progress". Toxic Inc. Toxic Loon "Phoenix". Toxic Smile "7". Toxic Smile "Farewell". Toxic Toy "Playground". Toxocara "Atmosfear". Toxon "Tunnel". Toyz "House of Cards".

Tracedawn "Tracedawn". Tracedawn "Egoanthem". Tracedawn "Lizard dusk". Tracenine "Breaking Silence". Tracer "El Pistolero". Tragedian "Dreamscape". Tragic Cause "Planet Thrash". Tragic Cause "Dead Man Walking". Tragodia "The Promethean legacy". Tragodia "Mythmaker". Trail Of Blood "Dead Again". Trail of Tears "Existentia". Trail of Tears "Bloodstained Endurance". Trail of Tears "Oscillation".

Trancemission "Naked Flames". Trancemission "Paranoia". Transatlantic "Live in Europe". Transatlantic "The Whirlwind". Transatlantic "More Never Is Enough". Transatlantic "Kaleidoscope".

Transcend "The Mind". Transcending Bizarre? Transcending Mortality "The last horizon". Transgression "Guilty Rotten Flesh". Transilvanian Beat Club "Willkommen im Club". Transit "Decent Man on a Desperate Moon". Transnight "Demo ".

Transnight "The Dark Half". Trapped Under Ice "Secrets of the World". Trash "Trash". Trashcanned "Key to the paradox". Trashment "Deadly Silence". Trauer "Haunting Shores". Trauer "Split mit Voluntaria". Trauma "Archetype Of Chaos". Trauma "Rapture And Wrath". Traumatic Voyage "Khiascuro". Traumatic Voyage "Cogito Ergo Sum". Traumatic Voyage "Traumaturgie". TraumeR "Avalon". Traumhaus "Die andere Seite". Traumhaus "Das Geheimnis". Travelin Jack "New World". Treachery "Treachery".

Treat "Coup De Grace". Treat "Ghost Of Graceland". Treblinka "Shrine of the Pentagram". Treibhaus "Unsterblich". Treibhaus "Feindbild". Treibhaus "Alarmstufe Rot". Treibhaus "Live In Hannover". Treibhaus "Alphatier". Treibstoff "Wer Wir Sind". Trelldom "Til Minne Trelldom "Til et Annet Tremonti "Dust". Tremors "Recurrent Creation". Tremors "Klyst". Trendkill "No longer buried".

Trendkiller "Interesting view of strange things". Trendkiller "Living In Hell". Trepan Dead "Obsessional Dysfunctions". Treponem Pal "Weird Machine". Treponem Pal "Treponem Pal". Tri State Corner "Changes". Tri State Corner "Historia". Trial "Malicious Arts". Tribal "Cardboard Heroes". Tribal "Corner Of A Circle". Tribal "I-Dentity". Tribe after Tribe "M. Tribe Of Judah "Exit Elvis".

Tribes Of Cain "Supra Absurdum". Tribes Of Cain "Retaliation". Tribulation "The Horror". Tribulation "The formulas of death". Tribune "Elder Lore - the Dark Arts". Tribuzy "Execution".

THUNDERTALE - MILŽINAI - KNIGHTS OF THE BURNING HILL. Didžiausia legalios lietuviškos muzikos duomenų bazė. Thundertale. Album Milžinai. Dance In The Wind Lyrics. The moonlight dance ­- the night isn't coming over Knights Of The Burning Hill 4. Ženklai. Album Milžinai. Thunder Take Me Away Lyrics Milžinai Thundertale. 2. Milžinai Knights Of The Burning Hill 4. Ženklai 5. Thunder Take Me Away 6. Su Vėju. Milžinai Thundertale. Type: Full-length Release date: May 1st, Catalog ID: AM Version desc.: Enhanced Label: Atra Musica Records Format: CD Reviews: None yet Songs; Lineup; Reviews; Additional notes; 1. Iš girių (Intro) Show lyrics (loading lyrics) 2. Milžinai Show lyrics (loading lyrics) 3. Knights of the Burning. Milžinai Thundertale. Milžinai Lyrics. 3. Knights Of The Burning Hill Lyrics. 4. Ženklai More Thundertale albums Warriors of Thunder. Rising Power. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Knights Of The New Thunder on Discogs. Artist Album Genre Year Rating Reviewer Date Reviewed; T.I.R. Heavy Metal: Heavy Metal: 3: Sargon the Terrible: Taak: Koerapööriöö: Doom Metal. Knights Of The Burning Hill Thundertale. Album Milžinai. Knights of the burning hill No more regrets now, no more confusion Time to step forward, time to be strong!. METALGLORY Metal Reviews Magazine, Mailorder, Reviews, Interviews, Live, MP3s, Forum, Links, Vinyl, CDs, Metal since , mit dem Buchstaben T. "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" is a Metallica cover from their album Master Of Puppets. "Diamonds And Rust" is a Joan Baez cover from her album Diamonds & Rust. "Heart Of Steel" is a Manowar cover from their album Kings Of Metal. Cat# NB printed to C.D.


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  1. THUNDERTALE - MILŽINAI - THUNDER TAKE ME AWAY. Didžiausia legalios lietuviškos muzikos duomenų bazė.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Knights Of The New Thunder on Discogs. Label: Vertigo - • Format: CD Album, Repress • Country: Europe • Genre: Rock • Style: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal.
  3. Thundertale. Album Milžinai. Dance In The Wind Lyrics. The moonlight dance ­- the night isn't coming over Knights Of The Burning Hill 4. Ženklai.
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