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Dusty Springfield is a cultural icon of the Swinging Sixties where she "was an instantly recognisable celebrity". Springfield borrowed elements of her look from blonde glamour queens such as Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve and pasted them together according to her own taste. In the s she topped a number of popularity polls, including Melody Maker ' s Best International Vocalist for ; in she was the first British singer to top the New Musical Express readers' polls for Female Singer, and topped that poll again in, and as well as gaining the most votes in the British Singer category from to She died on the day that she would otherwise have collected her award from the Palace.

Various films and stage musicals have been created or proposed to commemorate her life. Another reported candidate for a role as Springfield was Madonna in a TV film project.

The production starred Kirsten Holly Smith as Springfield. Smith also co-wrote the book of the musical. LP) died in a nursing home there in of lung cancer. Some of Springfield's biographers and journalists have speculated that she had two personalities: shy, quiet, Mary O'Brien, and the public face she had created as Dusty Springfield. An editorial review at Publishers Weekly of Valentine and Wickham's biography, Dancing with Demonsfinds that "the confidence [Springfield] exuded on vinyl was a facade masking severe insecurities, addictions to drink and drugs, bouts of self-harm and fear of losing her career if exposed as a lesbian".

Dusty was most definitely Dusty right to the end. In her early career, much of her odd behaviour was seen as more or less in fun, described as a "wicked" sense of humour, including her food fights and hurling crockery down stairs. Springfield had a great love for animals, particularly cats, and became an advocate for animal protection groups.

She enjoyed reading maps and would intentionally get lost to navigate her way out. Springfield was never reported to be in a heterosexual relationship, and this meant that the issue of her sexual orientation was raised frequently during her life. Many other people say I'm bent, and I've heard it so many times that I've almost learned to accept it I know I'm perfectly as capable of being swayed by a girl as by a boy.

More and more people feel that way and I don't see why I shouldn't. By the standards ofthat was a bold statement. I mean, people say that I'm gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay. I'm not anything. I'm just People are people I basically want to be straight I go from men to women; I don't give a shit. The catchphrase is: I can't love a man. Now, that's my hang-up. To love, to go to bed, fantastic; but to love a man is my prime ambition They frighten me. In the s and s, Springfield became involved in several romantic relationships with women in Canada and the US that were not kept secret from the gay and lesbian community.

From late toSpringfield had an "off and on" domestic relationship with Faye Harris, a US photojournalist. In Springfield met an American actress, Teda Bracci, at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting; the pair moved in together in Apriland seven months later, they exchanged vows at a wedding ceremony which was not legally recognised under California law. Produced by Stanley Dorfman. Produced by ATV. Produced by Mel Cornish. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vocals guitar piano percussion. Sample from "The Look of Love" single versionreleased in April Main article: Dusty in Memphis.

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Mojo Martin Kelner. Full Circle Documentary film. Archived from the original on 15 July Retrieved 30 June The Queer Sixties. London: Routledge. Archived from the original on 6 January Retrieved 27 September Levels have a variety of themes such as cities, jungles, desert pyramids and outer space[2] with some followed by boss fights.

The two campaigns' stories occur in parallel; completing both campaigns unlocks a Last Story with all six characters, culminating in a final boss fight. Sonic and Shadow play fast-paced levels, emphasizing platforming.

Tails' and Eggman's levels are slower and oriented towards multi-directional shooting ; they are confined to mechs in which they can jump short heights, hover and shoot enemies. Knuckles' and Rouge's levels are open and feature action-adventure gameplay with treasure hunting; in each level, they must find three shards of the Master Emerald.

Their search is guided by radar and puzzle -based clues from harmless robots. Adventure 2 has the health system found in many other Sonic games. The player collects rings scattered throughout the levels; being hit by an enemy while holding rings causes the player to drop them all, while being hit without rings causes them to lose a life.

Tails and Eggman have the customary health bar, which is slowly refilled by collecting rings. Dying with no lives results in a game over screen. Separate from the main campaigns, the player can raise Chao as virtual pets. From the moment they hatch their stats can be increased with Chaos Drives or small animals, empowering them to compete in karate [9] and racing minigames. Playing with Chao increases affection, and when a Chao becomes fully Hero or Dark it assumes that form permanently.

Adventure 2 has emblems, earned for a variety of tasks. The player earns emblems by completing missions and other Mission Io Must Not Fail - Bearsuit - Oh:Io (Vinyl, many related to Chao raising. The game has several two-player modes. Players may race on foot through new or altered levels, have shoot-'em-up battles in mechs, [4] hunt for Master Emerald shards [14] or race in go-karts. Learning of a secret weapon from the diary of his deceased grandfather, Professor Gerald RobotnikEggman infiltrates a high-security G.

Shadow goes to Central City, encountering G. Shadow has vowed to fulfill a promise to a girl, Mariawhich he interprets as one of revenge. After a brief confrontation, Shadow escapes and G. He stops them by shattering the Emerald and searches for the scattered shards.

Rouge appears, offering them a Chaos Emerald to gain their trust. Tails and Amy infiltrate G. They infiltrate Eggman's base, [26] boarding his shuttle shortly before it launches into space. Knuckles' Master Emerald shards are spilled along the way, and he leaves to collect them. As Sonic is about to use it, Eggman tells him that he has captured Tails and Amy, forcing him to return and rescue them.

Tails, thinking Sonic is dead, defeats Eggman. Sonic uses the power of the fake Emerald to escape; [29] Shadow is sent to intercept him, but Sonic defeats him and destroys the Eclipse Cannon. LP) entire colony suddenly starts falling and a prerecorded message from Gerald is broadcast globally: he programmed the ARK to collide with Earth if the Emeralds were used, destroying it in revenge for the government condemning his research and killing his colleagues, including his granddaughter Maria.

When Shadow refuses to participate, Amy pleads for his help, allowing him to remember what Maria really requested of Shadow: for him to help mankind. Shadow catches up with Sonic and Knuckles in the core as they encounter the Biolizard, a prototype Ultimate Life Form. Sonic and Shadow use the Emeralds to transform into their super formsdefeating the Finalhazard and using Chaos Control to teleport the ARK back into stable orbit.

This depletes Shadow's energy and he plummets to Earth, content in fulfilling his promise to Maria. The people on Earth celebrate as the heroes return home and Sonic bids Shadow farewell. The game was directed and produced by longtime series contributors Takashi Iizuka and Yuji Nakarespectively, [32] [33] and was developed over an month period beginning shortly after the release of the American version of Sonic Adventure.

It was designed to be more action -oriented than the slower-paced, more story-based Adventure. The development team ran the game at 60 frames per second with "tempo", giving Sonic a variety of actions rather than focusing on speed alone.

Its levels facilitated this flow, making Sonic seem faster than he was. For the game's levels and environments the developers were inspired by San Francisco their headquarters and other American locations, such as Yosemite National Park where they vacationed during its development and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Compared to Adventurethe sequel was intended to have "more of an American flavor". Iizuka described the Chao as a "relative neutral entity" in Sonic Adventure. In the sequel the developers expanded the creatures' presence, adding the ability to raise "Hero" and "Dark" Chao to reflect the conflict between good and evil. For the same reason, all six playable characters have roughly equal gameplay time unlike Adventurewhere Big the Cat 's and E Gamma's stories were short.

Sega announced a follow-up to Sonic Adventure and a spinoff which would become Sonic Shuffle on October 4, As with Sonic AdventureJun Senoue served as sound director and lead composer. The soundtrack is primarily melodic rockwith some hip-hop and orchestral tracks. The team wanted Sonic Adventure 2 's audio to stand out, rather than merely serving as background music.

Senoue felt that some of Sonic Adventure 's tracks were not as memorable as others. He and the Wave Master musicians made a pact with them "to write songs that promoted the game's speed and situations while keeping the best tempo of the stage". He edited tracks using a Macintosh. After Sonic Team approved the music, Senoue finished sequencing it and sent it to the other musicians for production. Several soundtrack albums for the game were released. InSega departed the console business to be a software publisher.

This version also introduces the Chao Karate feature. Sonic Adventure 2 received generally favorable reviews. According to Edge and reviewer Four-Eyed Dragon of GameProthe core game's three styles and bonus features such as Chao gardens made the game engaging. Shahed Ahmed of GameSpot criticized the camera for the "cardinal sin" of 3D platformers: forcing a player to jump to an out-of-frame platform. Ahmed wrote that although a player can re-orient the camera with the trigger buttons, it reverts when the character moves.

Liu called the graphics "sweet, sweet eye-crack". According to Ahmed, the game's music was an improvement over Adventure 's "campy glam-rock and J-pop soundtrack", with less emphasis on lyrics, [4] and Liu appreciated its more "understated" approach.

Ahmed criticized the plot: "Throughout the game the plot becomes more and more scattered and lackluster", not focusing long enough on one element to execute it meaningfully.

Despite high review scores for the Dreamcast version, the GameCube version released six months later received poorer reviews: respective Metacritic and GameRankings scores of 73 percent and Next Generation ranked it as the 42nd highest-selling game launched for the PlayStation 2Xbox or GameCube between January and July in that country.

Shadow and Rouge, who debuted in Adventure 2have become recurring characters in the Sonic franchise. Both appeared along with new character E Omega as "Team Dark", one of the playable character teams, in Sonic Heroesthe follow-up to Adventure 2. With a few modifications, the plots of Adventure and Adventure 2 were reprised during the second season of the anime Sonic X — Mission Io Must Not Fail - Bearsuit - Oh:Io (Vinyl licensing corporation 4Kids Entertainment hired an entirely new voice cast for the English dub, but the Japanese cast from the games reprised their roles in the original version of the show.

Sonic Generationsreleased to mark the series' twentieth anniversary, contains gameplay elements and levels from various Sonic games, including Adventure 2. Media related to Sonic Adventure at Wikimedia Commons, Mission Io Must Not Fail - Bearsuit - Oh:Io (Vinyl. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kazuyuki Hoshino Yuji Uekawa. WW : June 23, [1]. WW : October 2, The game's scenery was inspired by the streets of San Francisco left and Yosemite National Park right.

Sonic Team. June 1, Archived from the original on December 11, Retrieved March 17, Push Square. Retrieved Retrieved November 2, Archived from the original on May 18, Retrieved December 27, Sonic Adventure 2. Chao Doctor: Rules of Chao Karate are simple. If your Chao starts crying or falls out of the ring, your Chao loses.

Chao Doctor: Only pet your Chao when it's good and don't spoil your Chao or it may turn out to be naughty.

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