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He has had others share where their anger has taken them. Even though I'll never listen to his music again, it seems Brown is remorseful. Its one thing to get in a bad argument with your girlfriend or spouse, but you can't be beating her up and punching her in the face. I truly hope he learned his lesson now while he is still young. How about walking it for the rest of your life? Look at how they dressed him up in a preppy collegiate sweater outfit with a little bow tie — Who dresses like that?

I'm still baffled by the fact that the media continues to show any interest in this story — much less a Larry King appearance. While I don't condone what Chris Brown did. Let us not forget in the two previous incidents Rihanna was the agressor. While we need to talk to our sons about violence, we also need to talk to our daughters as well.

Everyone makes mistakes, we must learn from them. That is why this world is as crazy as it is. This is a young man made a mistake and should be given a second chance. People are so willing to judge him and call him names, instead we should all be praying for this young man and all the young people who are living in this crazy world today.

If we all could just lend a helping hand to someone who is having a difficult time, the world would be different. Instead, we judge and want to make it seem like My Baby And I - Surgious-Halo - Incantation Side One: In Heaven You Wait Now (CDr are so perfect. If this was your child you would want him to be given a second chance and you would want people to try to help him.

Let's not judge Chris, he too had been a victim. Treat him as you would treat your own child. Chris Brown is an animal and a piece of crud. He should be locked up and treated like the piece of filth he is. To those who would comment that "we all make mistakes" — bull-crud!!! Smacking around a woman is not a "mistake" — you dont accidentally do an "ooops" and beat the tar out of a woman so drop the "mistake" ploy.

This was not only no "accident", the animal has done this before — its on record. I am also sick and tired of hearing the "if this were a white man" — thats total bull — it does not matter what color the animal is at all, what matters is that he is a piece of dung and should be locked up like the out of control animal he is. The very worst thing about this piece of filth is that he has the audacity to appear in public and offer an 'apology' — what a load of bull!!!

If it were my choice Chris Brown would be locked away for good — he deserves no less. I for one, am sick of all of these "tough guy" musicians and rappers who dont have the slightest clue about what being tough is really all about — they are serving as a LOUSY example to millions of young people and its amazing to me that we cannot find some more decent young musicians to represent good things in a time where we really need them.

These "tough guys" are a bunch of pansies as Chris Brown demonstrates so skillfully by beating the crap out of a woman. I'm pretty sure if we looked into her background we could find some things So we must ask ourselves was any of this self defense [gone to far] did she strike him first Chris Brown's mother never remembers him being violent because Chris Brown is not a violent man.

This incident happened between "two" people. Rihanna is a making off like the innocent little girl who did no wrong and got beat up. She; like thousands of boisterous, angry, American women wanted to push her man as far as she could and hope he doesn't explode. Well dear; you played with fire and got burned. I have no sympathy for Rihanna Chris Brown should have never hooked up with her. I hope he stays away from her. He is obviously the most talented of the two and has the most to loose never seen Rihanna in a movie or hosting an award show, her CD's don't sell as much as Mr.

Brown's as well. Brown and would give him little to no trouble. Why is he settling? She can sing; so what Actually; she can't sing I will watch, I guess non white men need a second chance also. Hopefully he wont kidnap and rape a woman and father their children in his backyard with his 2nd chance. Chris is dealing with an illness. In his head and most times he knows that battery is wrong. However, in a state of rage he lost control.

The socialization of a child is very important. Children internalize and process information differently. The same can be said for a sexually abused child. Their perception of what is right and wrong in society may be correct at times, but they still may have difficulty in other areas at different times.

I love how society gangs up on him. Yes, he's wrong for putting his hands on her This happens eveyday but of course his story comes to light.

Society portrays males to be the worse when it comes to domestic violence. Yet a female can provoke and hit a man all she wants and nothing happens to her. I'm not making up an excuse for Chris Brown but I'm pretty sure there was more to this story and more incidents than what we've been hearing that may have helped bring out his anger Brown is "willing" to do community work Well, thank you Mr.

Frankly had you been less of a 'star' you would have been in prison and that is where you belong. I believe in rehabilitation, and I believe you pay the price of going to prison when you commit a violent crime. She got away — she is alive. You tell us you 'blacked out'- that is rather scary you know. You need help — lots of it. And you need to understand that you are a criminal above being a superstar. Spare the " I am willing" and be seriously humiliated.

What a bunch of hypocritical, judgmental, morons here. Hope ALL of your closets are clean! None of us is perfect. He made a mistake and is and will continue to pay for it. Only GOD can judge him Hope all of your kids are freakin' saints! At the end of the day the group here doesn't represent the people who bought or listened to his music anyway. God bless them both in the future and hopefully this experience is a lesson learned for both of them. We need to stop judging him as an artist and start judging him as an human being just like the rest of us.

No one is perfect, and I agree that his emotion took the best of him that night. I've always respect Brown for his talent and his love for school. He's still a teenager must of us dont remember that.

I love the hypocrisy of a lot of these comments about how this man is untrustworthy, angry, bitter, and insincere, despite the remorse he has shown and the consequences he is recieving. Yeah right, like I'm to assume that these very same commentors are trustworthy, happy, optimistic, and morally-upright angels.

It takes a bitter person indeed to not forgive another. He's a piece of crap and if he were a regular citizen, his butt would be in jail where he belongs. What the heck does that mean? People can't change? People change all of the time. This guy who wrote this — he is apparently from Texas — does not understand human character very well, and he is certainly not a Christian, which is based on the idea that people, well, change.

I think chris brown has serious issues. He will need to deal with them day by day. He has lost rhianna,though his sentence was light i wish our court system would give the same treatment to all citizens in this country,Im tired of seeing celebs get off easy they should be punished at the same level as anyone else or even harsher being that most people look up to them.

Chris brown should never get another cd out. Our society is so messed up. We are so judgemental of each other. We dont want to give people a second chance. Its so sad. This is suppose to be a great country which it is, its the people who make it bad. Okay yours wasnt hitting a woman, but I'm sure it was something and you would want a chance to redeem yourself. I would like to meet you perfect people, because I'm sure I can find something wrong. Chris Brown keep your head up.

Learn from your mistakes and make better choices from this point on. If you do these things, it doesnt matter what ignorant people say because what God says will prevail and is what matters. Good example Michael Vick. The ignorant people tried to keep him down but God gave him a second chance and he will do the same for you.

Good Luck! How about therapy? If you don't know or can't understand the reasons behind your actions you need help. Forgetting or not remembering is BS. I believe that women should be held accountable for putting there hands on men too. So what does that make her?

Either way, both have payed a big price. I still support rihanna and I still support chris. Im 21 and I've done some things that rihanna has done to chris, and Ive dealt with the consequences of it. You grow up, maybe now he will. But for everyone saying he is a monster, lets look at your teenage or younger years, i bet you were angels! Hopefully he can be a good role model and show that he has changed and prove that through his actions the rest of his life.

As many have said, everyone makes mistake, but if we learn from them that makes us a stronger and better person. No one should condone violence against women, but I hope he becomes a better person from the incident and make a real difference in the world. No one's bitter Nick.

Why would we be? I used to be a fan, but he's not sorry for what he did and his 'apology' is a joke. There's nothing hypocritical about us not supporting this guy when he's defending himself, saying he's not a monster, and that we're all just hatin'. Just find that video of him on youtube. And yes Carly, Rihanna wasn't right in this, but isn't beating, choking, and biting a bit Eddie, Nick etc.

This is not a mistake that Mr. Brown has made. And my one issue is exactly that he is not naming what he is guilty of and that people like you then continue to talk about the "mistake. Brown committed a serious crime. He can most likely be rehabilitated — does that mean he whether or not he is also a famous artist should not be imprisoned for his crimes?

Well, I happen to believe a shorter jail sentence would probably serve him well, for him to grasp at age 20 the serious consequences from society for what he has done. And that it is not a matter of what he is "wiling" to do. And I guess I now question if jail sentence is also not absolutely necessary for other people, like 'Eddie, Nick etc.

I will forgive any crime once prison time is done — that is the reason we have prisons though in this society we do not treat prisoners as humans — so all for human rehabilitation. Violence is not gender specific todays young woman are just as violent as men, and in a great deal of cases they are the aggressor. We need to teach our daughters as well as our sons to keep their hands to themselves. There have been several instances since the Chris Brown and Rihannia incident where woman have stabbed boyfriends in the neck with scissor, woman have killed husbands, etc because they are mad.

The media barely talks about these incidents, but they want to continue to beat this child up for a stupid stupid mistake. So many of the people who make ugly comments about Chris Brown have you own skeletons to deal with. If you spent half the time dealing with your own shortcomings that you spend judging others this world would be a bette place.

Okay; if that IS really your You have soooo many fans, please believe that!! But remember we DO need the Haters because they motivate us!!! And most of the folks on this blog are not immuned to what has happened to you. They have a lost of mess going on in their lives and they aren't saints Perhaps the act was a calculated attempt to build more fame? Every rap artist artist? Maybe Mr. Brown say it that way? Sad commentary on the people who listen to, and buy this crap.

Time will tell if this attack will earn him 'mo money. I like the part about Botton line here I'm sure he can buy a "shrink for hire" who will support that By the way Would make Louis Farrakan proud!

I don't think there is any excuse for raising a hand to a woman and I certainly don't think that anyone should take it lightly by any means. On the other hand, if a person does something wrong, they should be reprimanded and then given the opportunity to right their wrongs. As silly as it may seem, growing up in a violent environment could psychologically affect children in ways no one is aware off until they begin to act out.

If he realizes he is wrong and wants to fix it, I think we need to give him the chance to do that. There is a popular proverb where I come from that says, when a child is wrong, you use one hand to discipline him, and the other to bring him close. While we should not condone misbehaviour, we should also not alienate the offender. I am sure that no one on this DL can boast of a completely perfect life and if that person exist, especially given CB's apology and repentance for his action, let that person be the first to birate him, if not, please live and let live.

I believe people can change, Chris is young Perhaps he'll now get help on how to control anger. My question is to Rhianna, if there were 2 previous incidents of "abuse" WHY did she choose to stay with him? If this is the case, it sounds like they are BOTH guilty of making bad choices. Obviously what Chris Brown did was wrong. But, it's also obvious that Rihanna is an instigator. She went through his cell phone and accused him of cheating until she got him so mad that he doesn't even remember what happened.

And maybe there was alcohol involved too! She's not an abused woman, why would she tell the judge that she doesn't need a restraining order from her "agressor", if she was????? Everyone deserves a 2nd chance. This is a personal matter for him and he should not be judged by the rest of bitter nasty America. This guy was pestering my gf at a bar. He thought since he is a star we did not even hear of him till then he could sleep with anyone. Is there a "father" anywhere in this story??? None of us can judge within the confines of our living rooms.

This was a horrible situation where two very young people's lives have been affected. While I personally will not buy any of Mr. Brown's music I do believe he should suffer consequences for his actionsI'm not qualified to say whether he's sincere or whether he deserves another chance.

I'm sure there are a lot of things we did in our past that we would want to remain in the past and that we would hate to be defined by. This loser like all "men" who hit women, will NEVER get any better, if he even wants too, until they accept responsibility and know they have a problem. Every time I hear him talk he has an excuse. Chris is not an animal he is a good kid who made a big mistake.

None of you know him personally you are taking just what the media says and reacting. If you knew Chris you would know that he is sincere in his appolgy.

Everyone makes mistakes, I do agree this is a horrible incident but everyone deserves a second chance. Nothing wrong with that. Just a black man beating on his woman.

Ain't you ever beat on your woman before? Now my girlfriend I don't beat on, but my woman, that's different.

She know that I mean business when she don't listen. Maybe I don't remember doing that because I was high. My lawyer said for me to say that. After reading the Chris Brown article I read some of the comments and was utterly amazed at the bitterness and venom that was expressed by many.

It seemed to me that many of the vitriol comments were made by people with LOGS in their own eye. Sure, you may not have struck a woman but I'm certain you've done things in your past that were just as digusting.

You just did not have to live them out in the public eye. How can you judge the sincereity of a person that you don't even know? How can you question what's in the heart of another? How can you be so pious and sanctimonious? It's a very dangerous thing when we become very harsh with and unforgiving of others. It's very disgusting how some people blame Rihanna, did you not see the picture of her face?!?!? Chris beat her badly. Look at the picture. Isn't it possible that someone can actually be sorry for past actions?

Maybe this was a complete wake up call for him. If this didn't happen when it did, perhaps the outcome would have been a complete disaster and much, much worse for Rhianna. Its very easy to say that he's damaged forever and will never change, but lets not jump to any conclusions people And for all those who say he deserves a second chance, read the court transcripts, this is like his FOURTH or more chance.

If he was not "famous" he would be in jail. And seeing as how he under the age of 21 was in a bar within hours of court when he cannot be in one A-because of his age, and B-as a term of his probation, I'm certain that's where he will end up unless he takes this seriously. People are so hypocritical. Like we all haven't done things we regret. And it's interesting how no one is talking about how Rhianna was busy slapping, scratching and biting him.

IMHO they both need help!!! Talk to your young girls too!!! What a crock. How convienient that he doesn't remember anything. You don't do something that violent out of the blue. He'd done it his whole life. Typical batterer That is such a bunch of garbage!! He is so into himself as batterers are. And the lack of punishment and villification of her l ike noted by Cristy below is why batterers get away with their actions.

You don't know what it feels like unless it happens to you and it can crumble the most successful, intelligent woman. You don't know how batterers twist your mind up with their philandering, deviant behaviors, and manipulations. Don't be stupid and be sucked by him Has he found God too? Sorry, not buying it. Spend a few years in therapy, anger management go to schools and talk to kids about the wrongs of being an abuser and to stay away from people who abuse you too!

He'd be more believable if he actually did something about it and used it to teach others about his mistakes and that just because you may have some talent doesn't give you free reign. First of all I don't think this is the crime that people are "sorry they got caught" for. For most it is a shameful act and they are sorry that it happened.

And secondly people are talking about how they believe he got off 'light' because he's a celebrity That's why it's always repeated and so many women and even men end up dead because the courts don't or won't put the perps in jail.

Most of the time domestic violence is treated like DUI, you get slaps on the wrist until you really cause some serious damage. His sentence is very typical and considering it was his first offense, it was to me just. Because now if he does do something else, because he is famous, he won't get off lightly at all. And this will follow him until he's 25 years old.

I just hope they both grow up from this experience. And don't forget it's not just about HIM. Women play a part in these cases as well, and they are not always just the helpless victim.

They do instigate and throw the first punches too. The problem is the men tend to hit harder and cause marks He claims not to remember assaulting her, but also says he has to live up and own this? Yeah OK. Did anyone ask him why he doesn't supposedly remember beating her to a pulp? Was he under the influence of anything while under age? Were any tests conducted? Chris Brown's apology leaves a lot to be desired, but I do want to point some things out.

Most sentences for domestic violence are relatively light, both because of the nature of the crime and the legal system. Most victims don't report because they get sucked into the cycle of violence and psychological abuse, so in this case, I think it was extremely fortunate for Rihanna that she was famous enough to get this story out into the open. Usually it's not until there is a long list of documented abuse that the victim can obtain the legal help necessary in the form of a restraining order or a sentence of any kind against the abuser to get away from the abusive relationship.

And while I don't defend at all what Chris Brown did, I will say that abusiveness in relationships seems to be contagious—children who have seen or experienced abuse in their homes are likely to learn to interact with their own partners the same way and who can blame them? Children model behavior and may come to believe such behavior is actually ordinary and normaland partners who have been abused in the past may even turn around and abuse their own new partners once they escape the relationship in which they were the victim.

I'm glad that Chris Brown is getting therapy because I really believe people have to be trained out of being abusive, but I hope Rihanna is getting therapy too, so she can make sense of what happened and not fall into blaming herself, as victims often do, or fall into another abusive relationship after this because along with physical abuse usually comes emotional abuse—telling the victim they deserve what's happening, so they don't report the violence As sad as this whole story is, I'm glad that it's brought so much attention to the issue of domestic violence—it just goes to show that anyone can be an abuser even if they wear a bow-tie and anyone can be a victim, regardless of wealth, social status, or attractiveness.

The one thing I don't really get is Carly's comment I don't think that warrants her getting shoved up against a wall, having windows broken on her, or getting punched in the face and choked. Your use of the word "aggressor" is misleading at best.

She may have helped initiate some of the fights, but that does not put her at fault for what happened to her. Only Chris Brown is responsible for what Chris Brown did. I find it amusing how most of you are unwilling to forgive him. Yes his actions were wrong, but I am SURE all of you have made mistakes in the past and asked for forgiveness. Also, why are you so upset? I do not see ANY of you addressing this issue.

Furthermore, the judge should have sent her to council because she also has an angry issue. I guess you have short memories of the article she did last year admitting that she broke a glass over her brother's head. Also did you skip the police report in which she admitted that she slapped him. I guess that is okay to do, because she is female. This country truly needs to learn about forgiveness. I am a woman and I feel the terrible pain for Rihanna, but let's put this thing in perspective.

You all keep referring to the two other incidents, well the fact is, in at least one of the incidents Rihanna slapped Chris first, in which he returned with a push. The second incident, according to reports, Chris did not hit Rihanna but smashed a car window. I say this to say, a real man should never hit a woman, but a real woman should never hit a man. I think they are both volatile young people and they both need to seek professional help for their anger issues.

Let's not lay this all on Chris because I'm sure Rihanna has some guilt that can be placed on her. Yeah, it's weird how things like "hitting a girl" can have bad consequences, huh Why is it that some people always seem to forget the act i. Coming out of a abusive relationship myself, I admire Rihanna for being able to get involved and trust again.

He's already violated the terms of his parol that were handed down by the judge. How does that help him lift himself out of the hole he is in? I agree he got off light. I also believe he will offend again.

Exactly how many chances are you supposed to get to beat up girls? Who does he think that he fooling with this crap? The best thing you can do now for everyone is to go some where and hide Its funny how we glorify a family filled with womanizing drug abusing men who let their girlfriends drown in the car but can't accept that this boy made a mistake.

I've never tried to justify what took place that night, however those were his action that he's been held accountable for. It's called Blind Rage and believe me when I say there are stupid people out there that like to see how far they can push others into anger until the game goes to far and someone gets hurt. I am sorry the woman didn't learn her lessons and received the worst.

I would not have stayed around for seconds. When a person reaches the point of blind rage they loose all perspective and may not remember the incident. Chris just doesn't need some jail time, he needs anger management and his girl friend needs some lessons also. It takes 2 to argue it takes 2 to fight. In my lifetime I've seen more females fist fighting than men. I grew up in NY and TX suburbs. It's not totally Chris' fault, I believe he was provoked to a level of frustration he had not experienced before, and reacted poorly due to insufficient home training.

Brown will and should bear full responsiblity for his actions — as every man should. If that male does not have the proper coping mechanisms to deal with being "verbally demasculated"then testosterone kicks in and he regains his male position, "by any means necessary". I believe an instigating woman, lack of home training, elavated alcohol and testosterone levels are what led Mr.

Brown into this predicament. Marta-batterers react with violence when they are exposed. This is very common. Many cheating batteres will batter their partner when they catch them cheating. In a batterers mind, using the cheating scenario, they believe it is their right to sleep around that the victim has no right to question it or be upset. Batterers do not allow you to be angry You don't ask for it and you don't seek it.

These batterers are charming and adept at showing one face to you and another to the public. Please get educated I guarantee everybody that posted a "negative" comment on this post has some "skeletons" in their closet It's easier to forget when you don't have the physical and emotional scars as a reminder.

Beating the person closest to you is not love. Chris Brown is a role model of what women should walk away from. Hopefully others who have been beaten will leave the relationship before they end up in a suitcase, in a dumpster like Jasmine Fiore. There's no doubt Chrissy Boy has a lot of growing up to do. People should hate him and not support his music, just a small price to pay for his stupid actions. Maybe in five years down the road he will be a different person, but for now he screwed himself.

Brown is just another sociopath. What he did was wrong. What he did was crime. The law and moral codes are made so the stronger are prohibited from beating up on the weaker whenever they feel like it. Too bad Brown is "confused" about what a terrible person he is. The rest of society should not be. I am still amazed at how people are still trying to defend him on this. It doesn't matter that Rihanna was the instigator, and in this particular instance, the previous occurrences don't matter.

According to the police report, he literally beat the crap out of Rihanna that night. There is absolutely no excuse for that, whatsoever. If it were up to me, he would have had some jail time. In this day and age of sophisticated public relations and crisis management, I am very suspicious of the 20 year olds handling of the media. I think he's been well advised and can manipulate the publics view back into his favor. I hope Rihanna realizes she needs to move on He's a man who cannot control his temper and no amount of public relations is going to change that.

An interesting note in the interview is him saying no one showed him how to love Is the father the Album) one who can teach that? I'm surprised his mother didn't dispute that a bit Everyone is so critical of him!!! I really do like Chris Brown he's young and yes he made a mistake but he needs encouragement. Young people have so much going on these days and instead of more people being in their corner they just discard them as if they were nothing.

These keeds need help they need attention and support. I have faith in and I will contiune to support his music. It is too late for this loser to be a good role model for young men!!!

He is an embarassment to his gender and to his race!!!! The more he stays in the public eye and receives any notoriety or income in the entertainment industry, the more he is showing young men that you can still be rewarded after you beat the crap out of your girlfriend.

If he were a real man, he would step down from his platform, and go on with his life outside of the public eye. He should use the money he has made and go to college. I want to echo what Carly and Charlotte were so brave to say, made especially poignant in that they are females.

We are a culture that insists on seeing human conflict as being one sided, polarized, black and white, with one absolute bad guy and one good. Human interaction is almost never so simple. Polarized thinkers insist on hearing this as an apology for C Brown's actions — it is not. He was not justified in doing what he did no matter how retaliatory it may have been.

There are two documented reports of her slapping him, with witnesses. This is no more excusable simply because she is a female than his actions were. Let's just please always strive to see the whole picture instead of rushing to judgement. It is an exortation to see both sides of a nuanced situation.

I read once that the most humiliating thing that a human can do to another is to slap their face. Brown was not justified in what he did, but neither was she. He is an abuser and will always be one. The only thing he learned is how NOT to get caught in the future, he is not willing to change nor does he want to.

He is now saying he does not remember the beating he gave her????? Give me a damn break, he remembers very well and always will. He abused her before making the last attack beating number three. Anger management will not help him, he is a batterer, these are different than other abusers, anyone with education in the mental health field will tell you that.

He will be a repeat offender, I just hope his next victim is strong enough to press charges. See the post by "RAGS" RAGS' belief slates the female as needing to fulfill a particular role. I would guess that by "home training," RAGS means being submissive, knowing her place, etc. That mentality does not allow room for angry emotions by a female for mistreatment and twists her assertions to stand up for herself as manipulation and demasculinizing He becomes angry because "she" is offending his belief of entitlement.

If RAGS is this outspoken off of this blog, it would be easy to know to stay away from him. He may have never physically abused someone, but his beliefs are at the center of battering.

Actually I don't beat women. Everyone has their own issues, but I doubt many people that post on a CNN website beat women. He admitted his mistake and has taken the appropriate steps to attone for it. And as far as his previous incidences Rihanna hit him first. No one should be putting their hands on anybody. Let's start teaching our daughters domestic violence counts towards them too!

They are both young and need the chance to live and learn, Album). I first would like to say "Chris Brown" was wrong, and he made the biggest mistake he could in this century, every since the Nicole Brown-Simpson murder. People came out of the woods to talk about 'battered women'. What did they do to James Brown, Terrence Howard, etc? They should of been sitting examples for these young kids of today. I never heard talk shows, the media, mention them like they did Chris Brown.

Oh well that is how it rolls That is where help comes into play. For all of the negative comments about Chris Brown, u are not going to tell me you never did something wrong, and didn't get caught He isn't an 'animal', he is a human being just like the rest of us. It is two sides to every story. I am like this if a 'lady hits a man, he should defend himself, and the same goes for the woman, if u can but don't take it overboard.

I know women that hit men, why? A man should never strike a woman, never, never!! I call 'animals', rapists of young and old, that is an animal. She had bruises, if she was beat so bad, what happen to the broken nose, fracture skull, broken jaw, black eyes Oh yeah he was wrong everytime he touched her, they need help both of them, she is violent too, quite as it is kept. How many talk shows did they have on Chris, now how many of you went to him one on one and spoke with him? Christ tell it all, don't hold back nothing.

Do what u have to do, and move on with your life. What really amazes me about this guy is how much he wants to save his career That and the fact that he claims that he can be a role model. Sorry, dude, you had your chance and you blew it. Now, take that money you made and go get yourself an education and then a job. Or start a business. Or whatever. Cause obviously, people are not buying your half hearted apologies and they're not gonna buy your records anymore These comments are a sickening Learning Experience of "modern" Life in America.

Chris Brown is young enough to changebut he needs help. I hope before he even thinks about another relationship he undergoes extensive theraphy and psychological evaluation. The entire episode points to the desparate need for black men everywhere to stepup and be examples for our male children.

Someone should have taught him a long time ago that you don't punch and choke someone you love! To young ladies everywhere, if your significant other is verbally abusive, posessive, jealous, or physically violent, tell someone and get as far away from them as you can. As in the case of Chris Brown, they can change be why risk it. It could cost a life! I fear for Chris Brown! I have lived for 5 decades and there are numerous people who have crossed my path who irritated me so much that I would have liked to strangle them, but I never have physically hurt anyone.

My point is that most normal people have feelings of aggression, but most normal people are able to CONTROL their emotions so that they do not translate into acts of battery on another human being. GEEZ, I can't believe you people. Did he make a mistake? Does that excuse his actions? But just as you expect Christ to forgive you of your many transgressions, don't you think he should at least be given a chance? My God he learned from the best! His own dad was abusive, so I am sure he grew up thinking it was normal to last out and hurt someone when your angry.

Do you really think him being to prison would have "helped" him become a better person? At least as it stands now, he has a chance to learn from his mistake. He will be in counseling for FIVE years. Thats a long time. He may learn to understand WHY he did what he did.

And as for you doubters that say it was BS that he couldnt remember the attack, apparently you have never taken a psychology class. It is a proven fact, that the human mind stores away traumatic events, sometimes never to be recalled. It was horrible for Rhihanna, but I am sure it hasn't been a walk in the park for him either. He is paying for his actions daily.

If he really does have an anger problem then he probably really does not remember the incident, but the couseling should help him remember and come to terms with it. They both are very young and both have made mistakes. Hopefully, this ordeal will be a slap in the face for Chris and teach him a valuable lesson.

I think its so funny on her that people can judge so quickly. Trust me I don't agree with what Chris Brown did, especially since I have seen my mother go thru the same thing. But I do feel people can change, and I hope Chris has learned from this. So as I stated before everyone on here who has said Chris is an animal and Chris is this and that, seriously who are you too judge. There is only one person to judge me and that is the big guy upstairs to you Thank you, Ms.

Hawkins Album) doing the right thing concerning your son's then girlfriend. Too many mothers immediately jump up to defent their child but not necessarily who or what was right. Your words and compassionate actions were those I would like to hear if it were me who had been a victim on that night.

I keep reading how Brown is getting preferential treatment because he is a star. Based on what? The fact that his case is getting GLOBAL attention, the fact that his income has been directly impacted by this first reported event? And with the tones of 'disgust' in these comments, I'm sure he has received many a threat to go along with all of this. How many domestic violence cases make your local paper?

Your next door neighbors could be involved in domestic violence and you wouldn't know it; they get to go about their day without judgment. The only thing the previous events prove is that these two had a highly unhealthy, volatile relationship. I do not justify domestic violence in any way, but I am sick and tired of women not being held accountable—slapping, pushing, shoving, making threats-women do these things and expect men to just take it.

Men have emotions and I'm surprised more men don't snap on women who behave this way. And yes, I'm a woman. If you want to place blame, place it equally. Chris Brown needs to learn to control his anger AND recognize situations and people he needs to cut from his life. Rihanna needs to work on her temper, keep her hands to herself, and stop being controlling. Teach your kids that 'violence doesn't solve problems' instead of 'boys don't hit girls' and maybe we'll make a little more progress.

Geesh, as I read the comments, it makes me think that many of you have never made mistakes. Do you know how much this goes on in ALL races but because he's a celebrity, it was publicized. Heck, thank God that at his age, he has an opportunity to change some of his ways and still live a full life.

He's a 20 yrs old kid!! What 20 yr old kid doesn't make some major mistakes I'm so insulted by people nowadays, because they act as if their "stuff" don't stink. Do you really think this boy wants to be in the positon he's in?? Let it go! I think C Brown needds cousuling, which heis getting. Which she may have already done, but it is something she will never forget. People handle thing;s different. Sometime's the right way, sometimes the wrong way. He will pay the consequences.

He knew what he was getting his self into when he wanted to become "a hit". His life is ALL out there. You may not beat women but interesting to know what you have done We all have sinned and fell short of the Glory of God It's always amazing how many people scream for blood no matter what a person has or has not done and how things turned out in the judicial system. The fact is, we have all acted out badly at some point in our lives.

Perhaps not to the point that the law would get involved, or maybe we simply don't get caught; however, mistakes are made by all and we have to learn and move on. It's obvious that Chris is talented. He is also I wish I had a dime for every stupid thought or reaction I had when I was As a 51 year old white man, my opinion is that the court got it right. Chris "manned-up" to his mistake, plead guilty, and will repay society for a crime. As for his wrong to Rihanna, well, he is in hell for that right now.

He's paying the price, not because he has a "gravy train", or that he is African American. He's paying for it because he is a human who made a mistake. As society, our job now is to see that he finishes his penalty, and returns to contributing to society with his talent.

It's that simple. This has absolutely nothing to do with race. It has to do with a mindset of some that it's okay to beat up the people they supposedly love. These people both men and women are incapable of loving anyone other than themselves. They'll conveniently forget these incidents and, at the same time, say how horrible other people are who are batterers. But inside they feel entitled to do it and entitled to lie to appease the masses or think.

I've seen lots of excuses for Chris and other batterers, generally blaming the victim she was probably just as abusive as he wassaying that we all have skeletons in our closets but being a batterer is not a little oops, it is something the batterers LIKE to do, much like serial killers like to kill. Those who would try to justify Chris's actions in this way are enablers — they excuse batterers and drunks and probably even child molesters.

Being an enabler is a very sick behavior — please get help if you feel so inclined. It is no longer EVEN a possibility that Chris just had a one-time loss of temper — he'd done it at least two times before. Most likely he has no conscience and a very good lawyer who is training him to say just the right thing to get people to forgive him.

How do I feel justified in saying all this — I was the battered woman for almost 33 years if you count the years he continued to sue me.

This needs to go here. Made it to the UK! This guy absolutely lost no nut november. The subtle details in the game really up the realism factor. Ah yes a 50 year old man putting His Pp between a 9 year old's thighs. How beautiful. Hahah just had to share this. That's how they get'cha. Lana Del Rey at the beginning of the Decade vs at the end of the Decade! A little late, but congrats, "YouTube Brothers". A look for convincing the pizza guy they're not both for me.

World War I. Who You Is??? To the person who asked if shotguns were worth it, this ones for you. Context: she had her knee broken with a lead pipe. I don't know which comment is worse tbh. Thankful neko [Original]. Witcher fans rn. Thanks chaos. Super fan gets a Bikini Bottom Tattoo from me!

You are awesome mr. This episode was the Avengers: Endgame of the Minecraft series. Defusing with a Shotgun hole is the new meta. Business Casual Hunter. Interesting piece of art in Bratislava. Eye finally saw it! Just watch. I don't know if this belongs here but I am coming out of a weeks-long depressive episode and today is the first day I'm feeling good about….

TIL of Tyra Winters, a Highschool cheerleader who saved the life of a choking toddler during a homecoming parade. She was on a float and…. Are You A Noose. Noelle's thoughts on the Cats movie.

Mathew the boy who stood up to gods. The ability to synthesize Vitamin C has been lost in some mammals, including humans, guinea pigs, bats, and capybaras.

Oddly specific, but I'm sorry to tell you all that none of you have ever struggled. Red flag laws are a danger to an average gun owners rights. New strategy in Robo Rumble. Dynamike supers into the walls straight up from the middle at the top, Nita throws her bear into it and…. Garlicpool shutting down - It was great mining with you all! I don't think his right leg is supposed to do that Reason: Weight loss". First watercolor painting ever! EA still struggling with realistic tables.

First season after 12 match days, Tottenham is 8th, City is 10th, Liverpool 13th, and Chelsea…. Would you rather live forever in your current body or die but be able to reincarnate every time you die but you have no control over….

Especially since Madara specifically stated he would…. My Turniphead Tattoo. A mother takes her baby inside her tenement block in Glasgow, Scotland This is what peak human performance looks like.

Switch back 12 from the other day in Stubai! Prime park sessions. Not my set up but I am going to do this in Best Space Moments of ! Four faces of Legosi-kun [Deygira-Blood]. As a gay man trans people are a terroristic community. To the greatest boy who has ever lived. I loved you so much. The House of Stewards has failed! Grabbed this pic from the game today! The struggle of Fridays.

The end of maths is near. Has been banned for 8 months according to team officials. Just doing octopus stuff Man survives in Alaskan wilderness after his cabin burns down. Shamans need more Voodoo stuff. Was requested to put someone a bit more wholesome up so its Rebecca! I know pythons aren't venemous and all, but I'd still not want a close encounter with those pearly whites. A portable toilet seat. Still processing what happened.

Shocked to see this stuff is real Made 6 of these guys for the house. Metcalf at 6'3" and lbs kg ran a 4. I'm a dude trying to get my waves back, looking for help! Sweats or mechs? What does this even mean.?! Taysom Hill signing autographs at Saints training camp. Tell my why tell me why tell me what you want.

Med school app be like Bill that would ban foam containers and plastics used for serving food on Oahu passed out of Honolulu City Council Thursday, buoying hopes…. It's Yasnah. In Stranger than Fiction when Harold is thinking of Ana during his visit to HR, the cloud painting behind him begins to move…. No Words Were Needed. Not gonna spam the sub with progress pics, but I'm super stoked on this so far. My bike I just finished building.

This comic seemed meme-able. Shout-out to Armed Equality and Pink Pistols. Was your car hit around 11am at price at and wall st short north? I swear if I have to hear that same song one more time. Getting to that level of trust where both the players and DM are comfortable just winging it is a magical thing! Kill Bill x Royal Rumble. Cartoon: Alex Bowman finally wins a Cup race.

Steambats loaf is cooling well. Eevee cosplay [Pokemon x Hololive]. My Baby And I - Surgious-Halo - Incantation Side One: In Heaven You Wait Now (CDr let these animals in?

Behind a frozen waterfall. He was a great presence in that QB room last year and key for…. With Sophie Turner. What Books got OfBooks for her bday Victor Mete played his best game of the year against the Kings. This will forever be my favourite picture of Steven.

Dear kulaks. And because Avery ate the pomegranate seeds, she had to stay in Syria for three months out of the year and the rest of the year she would…. Researchers have revealed that one quarter of suicide attempts are associated with dysfunction in how the brain interprets basic perceptual…. After months of laziness, I'm back at it and wondering why I ever quit. I'll take this over traffic any day! Lost in coding.

Maisie and Fin, 10 years old, partially sighted, and adopted a week ago. I am the man of shadows. I decorated my room :. This is one of the coolest Easter Eggs I've ever seen in a game. Harry didn't think the cupboard under the stairs could get any smaller Drakuseth, Maw of Flames by Greg Rutkowski.

What a great price. Stunning Ibex. My fiance runs a paint your own pottery studio, one of her customers made this. My cat has wrecked the underside of this chair and claimed it as her own. She has become a lurking terror now. How to date Dutch boys? When stance is life, but you have family. How do I turn early advantages into lane wins and game wins.

Hi guys! My name is Jake! Im scared. Across the sea they have a saying. Quit screwing around and show us your true face CG. Grandpa, making streams fun and kids happy since or so!

But he lined up on the wrong side. Seibert corrected him instead of…. First time out and single after breaking up with my first gf of 3 years. Would you hit on me at a bar? Remember that fashy Sanders campaigner who spoke of putting all the enemies of the revolution in gulags?

Apparently he considers himself a…. I'm not kidding I have a platypus controlling me. Like he's reeeeally advocating for him, even to his Bernie-supporting guest! I love it! Finally got a worthy battlestation to put up some of my collectibles. Besides a few upgrades it makes me happy. I just got vaccinated yesterday. The voice in your head can mimic anybody's voice and is an exceptional singer.

Let us use syndicate rep to buy the syndicate operatives' outfits as suits for our operator! You had a bad day Blues [Mamiya RB 67, mm, Portra ]. Vegan charcuterie. Such a good girl. Let it Happen. White Whale finally caught! Day 1 of playing and I managed to get Blake and upgrade her to 6 stars. Thought the…. It technically counts Looks familiar. About the shebagging meme. Human main attempts to mimic a Zebra main with terrible results.

Some of Metallica's songs contain suicidal themes and imagery, but the emotion their music invokes makes me want to do the exact opposite…. Punk Girls. Best episode. Be safe! Just a nice photo of Radiohead in the 90's Circa The Bends era. I call top bunk! Can you find my kitten, Oliver? There will be punishments. Tried to mod Leon's classic polygon model into Devil May Cry 5, and here's the result.

So close. More quality content from this Cats review. My setup after 2 years so far. TIL Bugs Bunny is a god amongst men. But I have a strong…. There was once "A Tale of Three Brothers". How to Clean the Flat-top Grill. I finally decided on the Manix 2! Found the perfect website for this subreddit today! After giving up a yard TD run to start the 2nd half, the Vikings allowed just 10 yards on 26 plays the rest of the game.

I found a relic of the past today. I drew this on my sketchbook. Hey son, you like to travel? It's spreading. My attempt at an artsy State Fair picture. Found on my University Campus! Spreading the good word of Worm to all. Rest in peace time masters. Apparently this still drives HMBkr while I do this bottle-cap challenge. He confirmed it…. I have been really happy lately.

Am I posting this in the correct sub? Yes yes and yes! God my dress is everything and saying yes today was beyond exciting! We need a third season. My Wii U collection so Far. Here's Johnny! I had a YMS review of my nightmare in my dream last night. Fastest rabbits in the west. I made a thing. I made a pixel Pearl for this final Splatfest. The moment baby crawled in, the big boys moved to cuddle him. Upgraded my setup with some posters and a new monitor. Staircase Terminology.

All the Feh players watching their banner trailer get delayed but Dragalias still get posted. Unexpected scp Trying to conquer the slide. I thought I recognized you. I gave you a plate of corn muffins back in to paint my chicken coop and you never did it. It feels good to beat a boss on the first go. Do rollypolly bellies count?

Trans girl feeling in place for once because this community! I thought I'd share my lovely vanity table I made today with you guys. NGL Raptor Engine is looking damn fine He fights with the burning power of Gracious Professionalism. Alison Glass bee quilt, two years in the making, 25 people made blocks. Klobuchar Supporter and Iowan Considering Yang.

Drank too much again, miss my daughter. H-Hey back up. My pal Jim, who was my comfort through some of the hardest years of my life, died today. He was a small animal with a large heart, and will…. Got this guy when he was the size of a betta. Now he's beating 10 inches! Ambuluwawa Tower, Sri Lanka. Soundtracks in Warhammer games have always a big impact on me. The composers deserve a great appreciation for real.

Greetings from sunny Merredin. Excuse me, WTF? Now this is a cosplay done on a whole new level! Darceys Vision Board. Ontario starts tracking firearms seizures after failing to follow own law for years. Wasn't expecting that. American Hero Story: LubeMan. Both the cat and his face. A pen monster I drew. He carries a small city on his head, he likes patterns, and Autumn. Thanks KF, it's perfect now. Everyone here is posting beautiful shawls, hats etc and I'm over here excited I managed to do my first double crochet.

She looked adorable in that outfit. We had a funeral for a bird. Oil, my rainy glowing deck. Jess Phillips has just told me a man has just been arrested trying to get into her Parliamentary office, shouting that she was a fascist. This guy got gassed up Hold up. It's worth the wait. Nemu teori cocoklogi di twitter. Oh no. Don't lose your head. My wife got me this for my birthday. Already learning.

Good stuff! I'm a Jazz fan. This is how I feel when I see you guys on our subreddit. No Australian city has a long-term vision for living sustainably.

We can't go on like this. Joy con style. Heres NoName posing for a picture. Sunscreen is important. Hey all. Started as Eden with Sol. Got godhead and then sacred heart a few angel rooms later.

Took himself down with the ship. We live…. Michael Moore rallies for Bernie Sanders, urging voters to 'take a risk' in election. The relationship the Irish public has with the guards is an interesting one, to be sure. Showing off that normals are beautiful. What did you do last night? The pattern in the frost on my windshield this morning. Grown a lot in just 2 weeks!! The way he just instantly runs out and hops in! Finna make some roasted salsa. She went on to…. Thick Ass. And thus, a legend was born I just want to say this sub has opened my eyes to what was going on in childhood.

This is Sammy, my favorite loaf of tuscan sourdough and the best friend I will ever have in this life. Rest easy my little bun. Worst Cameo in history of MCU. Master Ali and student Mike. Destroyers of elementary schools. Started off my SAT journey with an long ago. With countless hours of hard work, my dream score has been achieved. If anyone needs some…. Cool af warden. Wijnaldum on his close relationship with Sissoko: When I was at Newcastle he was the first person who took me out to eat.

At the final we…. Hiked Bryce Canyon over July 4th weekend! Masters at work. Does anyone ever get tired of chasing that "best build" and simply want to just have fun and experiment? BL3 primary focus. A fresh loaf of cat in my bag. Demon papa I did for inktober :3c. Whoops another selfie because you guys are so encouraging and i'm slowly feeling more confident around my fellow enby babs. Tomoe will demonstrate her NP How many people gonna do "dream" rooms in this Bedroom event?

I had prepared a cold beer, a bowl of crisps for Pillar Talk Gyoubu Armor Stripping. In at Michigan! Just got an email. A bright and cheery pastel hat with a rainbow pom for these cold, dreary days! It's World Bee Day! When fire and sky meet. Easy Tunnels of Despair skip. Historian gets told to read a history book. Making a little progress after practicing my aerial control.

I prefer the real shield hero. We were good, but now we're bad. If only he kept recording The Multiverse is Real. We're comin for ya globalist. OMW to class. Bob, I've got a car. My friends, you bow to no one. I kind of dig the privacy tent feature. Saltines are delicious. Can't wait for Trump's redemption arc. Island Town by Martynas Latusinskas. Freehand Christmas Elves. Hey Astralis, my DM's are open - Pixel perfect cat smoke tick.

Or just long GAS? I don't understand why Twitter is so popular. Sleepy Tiger Shrimp. Before and After. Kraft opens free grocery store for unpaid workers during government shutdown. Which Pic Do You Prefer?

No matter what happens on Sunday, she will always be my Queen! When your neck is as thick as your arm. Our new 2 year old sweet girl This weekends weathering project. The green in her eyes. Every Villain is Lemons. My photo of Orion nebula. Be kind :P. Me trying to keep up with all the Yeezy releases nowadays. I present you the final boss of this species. The girl that wore contacts and later had a risky iris implant to be unique and still lies….

Makoto's shocking discovery. Early morning in Nepal. Get yourself a dash-cam, you never know when you're gonna get rear-ended. After moving into our new apt he had to inspect every inch and dook in all the rooms.

Then passed out after a job well done. Huge shoutout to these rangers who volunteer their time and safety in this case, also his retirement to help maintain our…. Since you all liked the other one so much Bypass McAfee with McAfee. High on catnip holding onto his catnip fish for dear life. Putting the baby to sleep :. My Monday. You have the ability to fix anything that's been broken either physically, emotionally,mentally, etc.

Dalwhinnie turned 1! Here's 10 weeks vs. My Top 19 from My first basic chocolate tart! Le ascended being has arrived. Weetabix minis are still vegan! When you wanted Uncharted, but got The Witcher instead. Oh, but the story makes China…. We did it guys! This colorful pigeon! Bela paisagem. Woof irl. Despite how the photo seems, her first bath went surprisingly well!

Linus is tired. Rip starbucks cup he was my fav character. Cactus puffs. Wanted to move away from the M4 platform for my second purchase. SVD Long Boi. Play that funky music right ya! Dear Klab dev. I thought you guys might like my diy denim jacket too. Just David Hasselhoff and some Hot Wheels. Greek shepherds in the peak of Mt. Parnassus, Central Greece, A past foster puppy getting comfortable with our dogs on the couch. New to Reddit and just found this subreddit!

I couldn't think of a better occasion to use this template. How to discipline your fish. No Bad Days! So, the team fired the…. Good friend of mine back squatting for 2 reps Much respect. My Deja Entendu and Daisy inspired piece!

Just needs color next month! David Tennant cross stitch. As you can see I am a very skilled operator. Here's some Alterprise Enterprise Alter. A gift to our QB from couch coaches everywhere!

VT Football. The last time I posted a photo it was 38 days to be together again. Anon goes to the gym. Come to Reddit for the Memes. Stay for the Mental Health Support. Serbian countryside. After matches I eventually got The Recluse! It is hard for me to find an appropriate title in English. Baby mlem and Mommy blep! Canadian lynxes from the Fort Children's Zoo! Protesters disrupt US panel's fossil fuels pitch at climate talks A Trump administration presentation extolling the virtues of fossil….

HanniBill Burress. The punishment for being AFK for too long. Oh, Whiskey Be Be Health Happy. Updated it folks. Celebrated world book day with my very own BFG. Mijn scheurkalender maakt gewoon memes voor me. Congrats to our newest Kerbalnauts! New player here. Can't wait to finally play this! Batgirl and SpiderGwen by Chrissie Zullo. Legal cannabis industry had a successful year. Reddit we did it!! I won by 3rd round ankle lock!!

Found this on my word search. How to take corners on stanced cars. For the first time OP isn't lying. Roster Selection. Happy New Year to this sub and this amazing show! Got a free laptop Decided to install arch linux. Sad moment in Season 4. Basilisk Team on September 16, be like.

Inside the BTR. Re uploading. Someone please find this guy! But for real. Chill bro. Girlfriend bought me my 2nd Volvo for my birthday, 06 XC Ready to cut through this Canadian winter with her.

In Toy Story 3 while in Andy's room you can see pinned on his board a post card from Carl and Ellie from the film Up Is this dried squid? No, this is Patrick. This is wholesome. Jody with the bantz about his yellow. Korra is practicing her feetsie bending. April Thought of making some The Dark Tower memes today. Here's one. Say what you will about Force Awakens, but the way they introduce Rey is phenomenal. Without her saying a single word, we understand…. Limoncello cake, lemon mascarpone filling, lemon IMBC frosting and a white chocolate drip.

Don't Forget to Vote! People who used to Naruto run in middle school, how did you turn out? Happy 40th to our Lord and saviour! Praise be! A colorful living room I made. ShiRin Times Now that gambling is legal again, we are proud to introduce the Society for Opulence's MEn's Recreation club.

Every time man. First animal taken with my bow. Most exhilarating experience of my life. Watched him for 30 mins before taking the shot. Definitely got a…. I will keep updating this map as more come in. Singing Dark Fantasy. Not great, but also, not bad for being 47, ha! A year ago, I messaged a friend of mine and told her I wanted her to make my wedding dress.

I knew I wasn't going to be able to find one…. Before and After taken about 30 seconds apart. Genius rabbit. All the best quotes do indeed come from this channel.

A goddess. Blursed Disappointment. Interview with Masahiro Sakurai reveals he uses an IV drip to keep working while sick. The trade must flow. Controller batteries died while dropping hot. Panic ensued. Awww how cute!

I wanna hold it!! Big Mac shutout! Inktober 5: "Build". Some relaxing sport to round off the year. Striking a nerve. In Scott Pilgim Ramona talks about an ex punching a hole in the moon.

Later, during the amp to amp battle when the roof gets torn off the…. Mount Rainier in May You cant deny it. Not psycho at all. Horse blup. Experienced my first woosh :. Bernie Sanders: I am proud to unveil, with Rep. Ilhan Omar, a bill to ensure that every child in America has access to school meals. In the…. Very smol gentle tap. The Gang. Original Artist Unknown. A Dutch historian has become a social media star after an epic rant against the super-rich in front of the super-rich at the World Economic….

I made a Garou Wallpaper. Hope you guys like it! Sailor Moon by Iago Ferreira. I see this as an absolute win. Nothing on the fortnite map. The void has awakened! Drop an "F" for all the parents who will buy this for Christmas, not knowing that the game is free. Totally not overused. To control the temperature. New update allows Echo to literally kick people. Had the strong urge to cast Aard today.

So true it hurts My baby Luna. Modern Warfare Multiplayer factions. Nichijou is pure gold. Einfach mal ehrlich sein. A pun from outer space. Well it does. Who is Newton and why did I get pulled over for breaking his laws? Cyan is a delightful color. Bernie Sanders is on the attack!! You have to be a shark if you wanna win this election.

The humble start to my dorm room lab. HBO: They did the best they could.

BryanHauver uses Record Nerd to catalog their favorite vinyl records, CDs, LPs, T-shirts, zines & more. Check out BryanHauver's list now! Bob Dylan - Expecting Rain is one of the pioneer sites on the Web dealing with Bob Dylan, his music, influences, records (including unofficial ones) and the latest concert reviews. Most of the material has appeared on the Net in the balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo newsgroup. There is also a DylanChat and the BDX, an exhibition of Dylan art by Dylan fans. The Bob Dylan Who's Who contains information on. "one of the hostages was released was a sign of good faith." no doubt the second "was" has a surplus "w". "to kill the hostages.[20][19] " just checking reference order. "One was threaded through the wall alongside a hot water pipe; the second way was through a vent, after acid was dripped onto it using an eyedropper, in order to make a small hole. Jun 21,  · Welcome to the annual balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo end of year summary and awards page! The is the final word on the best releases and recommended listening for the year Read on for a list of the best albums, best songs and other recommended listening for the past year. Take a look ahead at - what to expect and what will and won't happen. And if that isn't enough - post your Top. Incantation Side One In Heaven You Wait Now, an album by Surgious Halo on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfoed on: And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead "Relative Ways/Homage" $ And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead "Source Tags & Codes" $ Andreone, Leah "Veiled" $ Angels Of Light "We Are Him" $ Animal Collective "Grass" $ Animal Collective "Hollinndagain" $ Animotion "Strange Behavior" $ (German import!). Browse top posts starting with the letter ‘X’ - Page Reddit has hundreds of thousands of interest-based communities. Johnny Cash lyrics - song lyrics sorted by album, including "I Walk The Line", "Folsom Prison Blues". May 19,  · Check out Incantation Side One in Heaven You Wait Now [Explicit] by Surgious Halo on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo May 19,  · My Baby and I. Surgious Halo. From the Album Incantation Side One in Heaven You Wait Now [Explicit] May 19, Be the first to review this item. $ Start your day free trial of Unlimited to listen to this song plus tens of millions more songs. Exclusive Prime pricing. $ to buy.


Niels W. Gade* - The Complete Symphonies, Volume 4 - No.5 In D Minor / No.6 In G Minor (CD, Album), True Believer - Kowloon Walled City - Grievances (Vinyl, LP, Album), My Open Mind - Acid Reign (2) - Obnoxious (CD, Album), Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues - Bob Dylan - Down In Every Street (CD), Dont You Worry Bout A Thing - Stevie Wonder - Innervisions (Vinyl, LP, Album), Marta - Jacek Kochan - Alberta (CD), Good Time Loving - Jake Thunder* - Determination (CD, Album), Bride Of Lucifer - Barathrum - Okkult (CD, Album)

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  1. Johnny Cash lyrics - song lyrics sorted by album, including "I Walk The Line", "Folsom Prison Blues".
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  3. BryanHauver uses Record Nerd to catalog their favorite vinyl records, CDs, LPs, T-shirts, zines & more. Check out BryanHauver's list now!
  4. Browse top posts starting with the letter ‘X’ - Page Reddit has hundreds of thousands of interest-based communities.
  5. Apr 02,  · If you are online, you are being spied on via one method or another, for one reason or another; 'nuff said. You may be able to minimize your online DNA residue by using Tor and Duck Duck Go. Vive la liberté! Vive all y'all! Ante omnia armari. To each of you, thanks for stopping by! I .
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    Bob Dylan - Expecting Rain is one of the pioneer sites on the Web dealing with Bob Dylan, his music, influences, records (including unofficial ones) and the latest concert reviews. Most of the material has appeared on the Net in the balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo newsgroup. There is also a DylanChat and the BDX, an exhibition of Dylan art by Dylan fans. The Bob Dylan Who's Who contains information on.
  7. The Van Halen album is my number one anticipated release. Eddie and Co know this has to be their best album in years, if not ever, so I am eager as hell to hear any of this. Eddie and Co know this has to be their best album in years, if not ever, so I am eager as hell to hear any of this.
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    Oct 20,  · In a new feature, SDE curates a playlist from a popular artist. This inaugural collection of tracks digs beneath the surface of Duran Duran‘s output, ignoring virtually everything on their current concert set lists (and best ofs like ’s Decade or ’s Greatest) and instead digs deep into their catalogue for a hit-free selection, spotlighting high quality album tracks, B-sides and a.
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    We're celebrating World Lion Day with these two lion cubs in the Kalahari Desert region of Botswana. The young cats may be cute and cuddly now, but they'll soon grow up to be one of the most powerful and majestic animals in the world. The predominant predator in the region, Kalahari lions cover vast territories spanning harsh shrublands and desert.

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