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Together, the two heroes stopped her bomb, but the explosion created a hole in the building allowing Sportsmaster and League of Shadows assassins to join the fray.

He activated the sprinkler system by shooting an explosive arrow at the ceiling, allowing Aqualad to clear the room with his Atlantean magic. Although his water dragon took out numerous assassins, Cheshire obscured her and Sportsmaster's escape with a smoke bomb. When the smoke cleared, a sole assassin leapt over the two heroes, straight for the Rhelasian leaders.

They were saved when Mercy shot at the killer with her cybernetic arm. Awed at the technology involved, both Rhelasian leaders signed the peace treaty. Upon reflecting on their successful mission, Red Arrow and Aqualad discussed what had transpired. During his battle against Aqualad, Sportsmaster had revealed that he had a "very inside" source that told him the Team was in Bialya. Aqualad wanted to investigate the matter quietly, over Red Arrow's objections.

However, Red Arrow left it at that, and admitted to his friend that the Team now deserves his respect—that was why he called the Cave instead of Green Arrow or the Justice League. He also did not trust Miss Martian. The meeting proved inconclusive, however. Red Arrow's arrival at the Cave was met with enthusiasm from Kid Flash, but not so much from Artemis. At a time where she already felt insecure about her position in the Team, she felt another archer would make her unneeded.

Artemis volunteered to go too, despite Green Arrow's concern. On their way to New Orleans, Red Arrow made it clear to Aqualad that Artemis was still his top suspect as the mole, as she continued to lie about her past. Red Arrow took the lead in the mission, scouting ahead and following Sportsmaster as he rented a boat and made it to a railroad.

He ordered the others to stay at a discreet distance, but Artemis got in close and encountered Cheshire. Red Arrow helped her with the fight, and seeing them together made Cheshire decide to play them against each other. She flirted with Red Arrow as she had before, referring to their encounters as "dates" again. Red Arrow denied that he and Cheshire were dating to Artemis. When she knocked him to the ground, she even kissed him passionately to further upset her sister.

Sportsmaster had been listening in on Cheshire's comm link, and made his getaway with a suitcase he was after. Red Arrow planted a tracer on the boat and pursued on his jet ski, but Sportsmaster took him down with explosives and removed the tracker. Artemis claimed to have put a tracer on Cheshire, and Aqualad and Kid Flash followed that trail.

Red Arrow did not trust her, and secretly planted a tracer on Artemis's quiver. Red Arrow traced the signal on Artemis to a warehouse in the docks of New Orleans. While he investigated the premises, Sportsmaster got ready to ambush him. Luckily for him, Artemis shot an explosive arrow at the door, giving away Sportsmaster's presence.

He berated her for not alerting the rest of the Team, and took on Sportsmaster. After Kid Flash joined the fight, Sportsmaster, Cheshire and other villains at the scene turned to ice, allowing their escape. Red Arrow was not happy the mission was a failure, and knew who to blame: Artemis.

He confronted her about the tracer she claimed to have put on Cheshire; it was found on a train wagon. Kid Flash did not take it well, and accused her of envying Red Arrow.

As the others left, Red Arrow reminded Artemis he suspected her of being the mole, and this was not over. Still intent on exposing the mole, Red Arrow joined Robin and his three main suspects—Artemis, Superboyand Miss Martian —investigating a string of robberies in Europe. They went undercover as "The Daring Dangers" in the Haly International Traveling Circusas robberies coincided with their tour dates. Robin was right; there was a thief in the circus.

He used athletic skills to break in a warehouse, and fire-breathing skills to ward off the Team. Red Arrow noted the warehouse was full of ammunition, and made sure everyone evacuated before it collapsed.

As the circus left Bruges, Red Arrow's bossy and accusatory behavior made him clash with the others. Superboy made it clear he did not like Red Arrow's attitude, Miss Martian tried to mend the fences and Artemis urged her fellow archer to keep an open mind. In a showdown on top of the train, they discovered the thief was Parasite. He took off with his stolen equipment, and now that he had Kryptonian and Martian powers, made off for Geneva 's Large Boson Collider ahead of the train.

At the particle accelerator, Superboy charged into Parasite ahead of plans. After Miss Martian went in too, Red Arrow chose a high position to shoot a foam arrow at their opponent. It didn't work as planned; Parasite used his stolen telekinesis to take away Red Arrow's bow, lift him in the air, and slowly crush him. Parasite lost his grip on Red Arrow when Artemis shot a gas arrow at him.

After it exploded, Roy was free, but since he was in the air, he fell. Though he was out of danger, the fall also took him out of the fight. When all was over and Parasite arrested, Red Arrow thanked Artemis for saving his life. Working with the Team, he realized Sportsmaster had sent him on a wild goose chase all those months ago: there was no mole in the Team.

Even though he had previously defected from the League on Independence Day, he was just as excited to be a member of the League as he was six months ago. He was led into the Hall of Justice to meet the rest of the Team, only to find the room empty.

During the League's induction party, Red Arrow placed pieces of biologically engineered Starro fragments on each member of the Justice League, making them all slaves of the Light 's mind control. As he forced Batman to grant security clearance to Vandal Savagehe was released from the Light's control, and realized that all along, he was the mole and Vandal confirmed it to him. From the Hall, he headed to the subway under the National Mall.

AquamanFlash and Green Arrow pursued him, and were his better. His former mentor knocked him off his feet with an explosive arrow and Flash punched him in the face. In an attempt to hit Aquaman, Red Arrow only broke his bow. He used the diversion of a passing train to slip away in a drainage pipe. From there, he headed to one of his equipment caches, where he laid low. Over seven hours later, Aqualad found him there. Red Arrow did not trust anyone, and wanted to make sure his old friend was not working for the Light.

Aqualad put him at ease by telling him something he had told Red Arrow, his love for Tula. With Red Arrow, the Team began to reconvene. Red Arrow learned he was a clone like Superboy, he realized from this information of why he didn't know he was the mole and revealed the truth of his mission. Red Arrow realized he accused Artemis, Superboy, and Miss Martian was because of his programming and apologizes for his behavior.

Soon the Team used their contacts with AtlantisCadmusand Serling Roquette to come up with a cure for the Starro-tech. Red Arrow was vaccinated so further exposure would not affect him. Klarion saw through it straight away, and ordered Hal Jordan to constrain them.

They were given a new chip, but played possum again. Red Arrow managed to take down Martian Manhunter with an incendiary arrow, but was beaten by Batman and knocked unconscious. At Ollie's advice, Roy stayed with his former mentor in Star City to collect his thoughts. Roy's feelings and thoughts continued to haunt him. He felt he had to do something for Speedyand did not believe he was dead.

Roy and Jim Harper swept Cadmusall 52 levels and the remains of Genomorph Citywhich they had done before several times. But even with the newest Wayne Tech ecogram unit, they could find no trace of Speedy. Roy commented on the previous day's search in his journal. He was not surprised when the test results came back and Jim was revealed to be a clone as well.

Unhappy with the progress in the research, Roy contemplates more extreme measures to look for Speedy. In ten months, even Batman couldn't uncover anything and shadowing Lex Luthor was unfruitful.

Red Arrow became more and more adamant to continue the search. Tracking Luthor's operations led him to Greece, and on the way, he repeatedly encountered Cheshire. Noting the pleasure she took in their meetings, he felt she could be his best shot at infiltrating the Light. His cover blown, Red Arrow had to flee the island and retreat to Martinique.

Cheshire helped him, though he was still not sure if she actually betrayed the Shadows or if she was playing him again. Still on the trail of Luthor, Roy shadowed him to a meeting with Riddler at the Museum of Antiquities.

He was unable to learn what they were after, or how it was connected to Speedy. Roy learned Speedy Girl an alien attack on Metropolisand Superboy 's role in the battle.

The contradictions between himself and the other clone didn't help Roy with his self-esteem. After learning the plans Luthor and Riddler were working on had nothing to do with Speedy, Roy felt all hope leaving him, Speedy Girl.

He was all alone, and though he was out of leads and money, he still wanted to continue. Red Arrow foiled a robbery in progress. The grateful shopkeeper offered him a reward, but Red Arrow declined, claiming that his gratitude was reward enough. Unbeknownst to him, Red Arrow had surreptitiously kept a stack of money. This act was witnessed by Green Arrowwho had been looking for his former sidekick. Green Arrow accused him of stealing money from the people he saved, but he countered that searching for Speedy was expensive.

Black Canary was aghast at how Red Arrow allowed his previously muscular body and well-honed skills to atrophy, but he brushed off her concerns as well.

The assembled group then attempted to convince Red Arrow to abandon his fruitless search for Speedy. They had searched for years, but finally concluded that the Light didn't keep him alive. Red Arrow would have none of that—he was Speedy Girl on continuing his search, and suggested that they try to rehabilitate Aqualad instead. He then left for home. Red Arrow arrived at his derelict hideout, and was accosted by his estranged wife, Cheshire. She wanted him to stop his all-consuming search for Speedy as well.

He refused, saying that she lost her right to backseat drive his life when she left him to return to criminal activities. Cheshire then laid down all her cards.

She had given birth to a daughter, Lianand Roy needed to be a part of her life. He was visibly shocked when she presented the sleeping Lian to him. To help him exorcise Speedy's ghost, Cheshire had called in all her chips. She had a lead—one last chance for Red Arrow to find the original Speedy. Cheshire's tip brought them all to a Tibetan monastery. After fighting themselves past the guards, Lian laughed; this attracted the attention of every guard in the monastery.

Red Arrow stated his original feelings about not bringing her; he thought it would be better to have left Lian with Artemis. But even all the guards were not enough to stop them. They defeated them, but Red Arrow voiced his concerns about the obvious delight Lian took in watching them beat up the guards. Red Arrow blasted open the door the guards were protecting and found a cryogenic pod.

They opened it, and Red Arrow caught Speedy as he fell out of the pod. Roy and Oliver sat at the real Roy 's bedside at Royal Memorial Hospital to explain his capture, and the events of the eight years during which he was in captivity.

Roy was also informed that his clone spent years searching for him, he thanks his clone but snapped at his former mentor for giving up the search for him. Red Arrow left shortly after Ollie, who had gone to the chapel to ponder his errors. As Ollie questioned his ability as a mentor, listing all three of his prior sidekicks as examples of his failure, Red Arrow disagreed with Ollie, and told him the real Roy would eventually realize that too.

They returned to the hospital room, only to find the original Roy had escaped the hospital by jumping out a window. Red Arrow and Green Arrow tracked the original Roy to a weapons cache. The computer at first would not recognize Red Arrow's retina scan, as the real Roy was already inside. After Green Arrow overrode it, they entered, but too late.

Roy used the Zeta-Tubes to escape, and left a grenade behind, destroying the tubes. Harper also became an early member of the Teen Titans. After the original Titans disbanded, he joined a band called Great Frog and became a drug addict, a first in DC comics, in an award-winning story in Green Lantern Sept.

Roy spent some time in the Suicide Squad before returning to the Titans. He fathered a daughter named Lian by the villainess Cheshireand eventually took the name Arsenal in New Teen Titans 99 After his daughter is killed, and he has one of his arms cut off by the villain Prometheus in Justice League: Cry for JusticeRoy starred in the mini-series Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal during which he retook the name of "Arsenal".

Mia Dearden was introduced in Green Arrow Vol. Mia was a teenaged girl who ran from her home after being abused by her father and fell into child prostitution. Mia was rescued from one of her clients by Oliver Queen, who had just recently returned from the dead.

Mia began to secretly train with Connor Hawke in archery and combat. Mia continually petitioned Green Arrow to allow her to serve as his sidekick, but Oliver continually demurred, not wanting to put another youngster at risk. Mia redoubled her efforts and Green Arrow finally allowed her to become the new Speedy. Shortly thereafter, she joined the Teen Titans. She has since left the team. Speedy like their mentor has a wide variety of trick arrows, most famously his punching glove arrow which is capable of knocking out villains.

Speedy also has several other arrows ranging from sleeping gas arrows, exploding arrows, and regular arrows. Roy Harper got his superhero name Speedy by being able to shoot more arrows quicker than the Green Arrow.

His speed and accuracy of his arrows was recognized by the Green Arrow while training with him. Speedy's name is often confused with Kid Flash's superhero name. Along with his excellent archery skills, Speedy has mastered several different types of hand-to-hand combat including judo, kickboxing, and karate.

As Arsenal, Roy Harper displayed proficiency with a greater range of weapons, such as guns, truncheons, and boomerangs. He also became a master of Moo Gi Gong, allowing him to use virtually any handheld object as a makeshift weapon. Roy Harper can speak Japanese [1] and can understand Russian.

Aside from their origin, having been trained on a mesa top together, their history nearly parallels the history of the Earth-One version up until the point Speedy Girl Speedy and Green Arrow, along with their teammates, were thrown into various periods of time during a battle with the Nebula Man. He and his teammates were later retrieved by the Justice Society and the Justice League in order to assist them in saving Earth-Two from the machinations of their old foe the Iron Hand.

Speedy had been sent to the island of Circe in the past and turned into a centaur controlled by Circe, but was restored. Years after returning to the present, Speedy came out of retirement, along with his mentor who died during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. This Speedy and his Green Arrow were retroactively wiped from existence by the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. In addition to sporting a robotic left arm as opposed to his right onethe Bizarro Arsenal is shown wearing a quiver filled with dead cats, which he uses as weapons.

In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, Roy Harper is a member of mercenary squad working for industrialist Oliver Queen. Very early in the story, however, Roy and his fellow mercenaries were killed by an unshown explosion set off by Vixen and a group of anti-Queen activists. The explosion actually kills everyone in the facility save for Vixen and Oliver Queen, who is remarkably unscathed even though he had been standing right next to Roy, discussing the possibility of becoming a group of actual heroes rather than mercenaries, at the time the explosion went off.

Batman: Thrillkiller is an Elseworlds story set in the early s. Roy Harper is depicted as a biker who buys drugs in order to get friendly with schoolgirl Hayley Fitzpatrick aka Harley Quinnbut a terrifying ordeal with drug runners leads him to alert the police after being helped by Batman and Black Canary.

He Speedy Girl later shown practicing archery, though it is not clear if it is part of a rehab scheme or training for vigilantism. Still struggling with Lian's death, he has now devoted himself to helping the community to make amends Speedy Girl his time with Deathstroke.

When the Extremists attack the city, he dons his Arsenal costume and helps his former teammates from the Teen Titans fight off the villains. Dreamslayer then uses his powers to pull Lian out of the timestream shortly before her death and offers to return her to Roy in exchange for him turning on the Titans.

As the Extremists retreat, Roy stays behind with Lian, finally reunited with his daughter. Speedy has also made eight appearances in the comic book series Teen Titans Go! His first appearance in issue 10 was a cameo. He made a reappearance with the rest of Titans East in 20 and A super-deformed version of him posed as Cupid in One of the two stories in issue 30 focuses on him and Aqualad.

Thus far, he and Aqualad both have made appearances in each tenth issue. He appeared in issue 39 and after being struck by Larry's arrows falls in love with Cheshiresimilar to the comics. In issue 48 he appeared as Arsenal in alternate reality in a group called the Teen Tyrants. In the Arrow tie-in comic, Season 2.

While Oliver puts an autopilot device on plane's controls and kicks other enemies, one of the thugs fires on Roy and begins falling from the plane, but Oliver managed to rescue him and is put in hospital.

While recovering, Felicity is kidnapped by Church of Blood and mercenary group Renegades. Oliver calls Roy for help and gives him kevlar-lined suit after he recovered from injury. Heading to the Church's base of operations, they are contacted by Clinton Hoguea Church's new leader, who demands Oliver in exchange for Felicity, which Oliver accepts despite Roy's advice not to. Roy goes to Lyla Michaels for help and they, along with another backup released from prison named Huntressgo to Bludhaven where Felicity is held.

Infiltrating their base, Roy fights against Cyrus Vanch and Winnick Norton, but after taking them down, he is knocked out by Lyle Bolton electrocuting them and taking the hostages, only to be knocked out by Helena who saves them. Roy and his friends bound the mercenaries and leave for helicopter piloted by Oliver.

I play a game called animal jam. On that game my username is wolfeymagic. I act like a tomboy and love all non-violent sports. I hang out with boys a lot and I am very popular. COVID UPDATE. We take the well-being of our employees and our customers seriously. We are following our cleaning protocols and will continue to monitor CDC recommendations relating to sanitation procedures associated with the coronavirus. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo more. Speedy Girl horse page with past performances, results, pedigree, photos and videos. Speedy Girl horse rating and status. See who is a fan of Speedy Girl. Kentucky Derby Kentucky Derby Contenders - Road to the Derby schedule - Kentucky Derby Prep Replays - Kentucky Derby Radar. Speedy is the sidekick to Green Arrow and a member of Team Arrow. Originally Speedy was Roy Harper, the legal ward of Oliver Queen. As a young super-hero, he fights crime using martial arts and trick arrows. Eventually he would out-grow this position and graduate to calling himself Arsenal, then later Red Arrow. He was a member of the Teen Titans in his youth. Roy Harper was created by Mort. Born in '95 Female streamer. been gaming and streaming since An Update On Speedy Plans In Argentine Girls Torie states: All feminine cleanliness items are authorized as well as conveniently out there at close by drugstores and even large grocery shops. Being with an Argentinian lady is like a curler-coaster – it’s at all . COVID UPDATE. We take the well-being of our employees and our customers seriously. We are following our cleaning protocols and will continue to monitor CDC recommendations relating to sanitation procedures associated with the coronavirus. Mia Dearden is the second and current Speedy. She is a young girl adopted by Oliver Queen who rescued her from a life on the streets as a prostitute. Mia Dearden was created by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester, first appearing in Green Arrow (Volume 3) #2. (). See the popularity of the girl's name Speedy over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool.


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  4. Speedy is the sidekick to Green Arrow and a member of Team Arrow. Originally Speedy was Roy Harper, the legal ward of Oliver Queen. As a young super-hero, he fights crime using martial arts and trick arrows. Eventually he would out-grow this position and graduate to calling himself Arsenal, then later Red Arrow. He was a member of the Teen Titans in his youth. Roy Harper was created by Mort.
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