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JP: But you have to take everything George says with a grain of salt. He's a master of spin, and he's managed to talk himself and his sport into the big leagues. And until relatively recently they were just for fun. JF: You can see these in newspaper accounts going back as far as you want. Blueberry pie eating contests on the fourth of July in hundreds of small towns.

Political leagues in New York would have beefsteak eating contests to raise money. This was a very kind of neighborhood, local event. JP: And for its first two decades in the '70s and '80s, the Nathan's contest fit that bill.

JF: You know a local guy from Queens was absolutely the typical competitor in those years. I think a lot of them found out for the first time about the contest that day when they happened to go to Coney Island, right?

They weren't planning their year around it. They weren't training for it, they weren't looking forward to it. JP: These were people who did not take themselves too seriously. It was all in good fun when it came to watching your friends and neighbors stuff their faces with hot dogs or blueberry pie for that matter. JF: Competitive eating was kind of a joke, it was done for laughs, and everybody who was participating in it, they were in on the joke, right?

They'd show up to a contest in a silly costume. They had ridiculous nicknames. A guy who was a competitor in those days called himself Frank "Large" della Rosa. JP: When George first started doing PR for Nathan's injust two years out of college, that's the contest he found.

GS: So it was a tiny, tiny little alley, very tight. So when you held an event there it Talk Them A Talk - Various - One Bright Morning (CD) sort of like an illegal dog fight. But it was very, very simple. There were three folding tables and you'd grab people off of the street, the boardwalk to do the contest and you might have 10 or 15, 20 bystanders sort of watching this event.

But I remember it to this day, Jay Green, an out of work taxi cab driver, uh, won with 13 hot dogs. JP: Three years later, George was put in charge of the contest. And he thought it might be fun to kick things up a notch or two, and just embrace the ridiculousness of it all.

GS: When I took over, I had zero plans. I've always been great at having zero plans JP: That started with going full carnival barker—I'm talking straw hat, fancy speeches to hype up the competitors and the audience. George was an English major in college, and in each contestant, he saw a great story waiting to be told: the underdog, the champion fighting against the odds, even an international rivalry. GS: A cynic would say that we, my buddy Kevin created a championship belt that was a symbol of the rivalry between Japan and the US that had been lost for decades in Japan.

JP: No one had ever heard of this "mustard belt" before. But it didn't really matter if George's story about it was real or not, because the rivalry between the two countries was.

So when a Japanese eater lost to the reigning American champion and the mustard belt mysteriously appeared in George's office, well, only a cynic would say George's buddy Kevin created it. George went on a press circuit, talking about a victory that had reclaimed America's honor in the sport of competitive eating, and that story stuck. GS: It went worldwide, the story. And as a result, the Japanese said, 'Holy cow, we lost the belt. We got to get the belt back. JP: Ina pound Japanese man flew to New York to reclaim the belt that no Talk Them A Talk - Various - One Bright Morning (CD) in Japan had ever actually owned.

He beat the pound American champ, Ed "the animal" Krachie. This wasn't a loss for George, it was another opportunity. He wrote up what he calls a scholarly journal article proposing a "belt of fat" theory—the idea that having more stomach fat can prevent expansion, making it harder to eat more. He submitted it to the New England Journal of Medicine.

GS: And the letter of rejection came and it was like Christmas, right? Like, Oh my God, they've, they've rejected our study. And of course, bang, out to the media. We have a major event.

You're not saying I'm calling from Nathan's. You got the story. JP: He wasn't exactly lying when he said his federation organized all the eating contests at the time.

The fact was, Nathan's was pretty much the only real game in town. But as George hyped up this silly, made-up league, it started turning into something real. GS: The International Federation of Competitive Eating, you know, organizing competitions all over the globe and providing guidance and rules, et cetera, et cetera. And everyone's going, yeah, I love it. And then that's exactly what we did, right?

That's exactly what we do. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy. JP: Soon, George was running a national circuit, recruiting competitors for the Nathan's contest through qualifying events across the US. Mind you, there was no one registered for these events in advance, George was convincing people to sign up on the fly. GS: You know, you'd say you sir, or you know, don't turn your back on America.

We began saying that it was a litmus test for patriotism and that these are the greatest athletes in the world. And so you have a lot of people who were bemused and it was just absurd. JP: He talked about this unique subculture of competitive eaters across the country vying for their chance to make it to Nathan's, and he pitched the idea to an LA Times reporter. It was front page LA times.

JP: I looked it up. That really happened. That was in But behind all the front page stories and international rivalries and fancy Latin mottos, competitive eating hadn't actually changed all that much since its blueberry pie days. Author Jason Fagone, again. JF: Was there actually an international rivalry that you know that people were getting emotional about?

I don't know. Probably not. This is the art of publicity, this is the art of trying to sell something and trying to create something out of nothing. JP: But George was in luck. Because that year, someone would step into the Nathan's ring who was the living embodiment of the very things George had been making up. His name was Takeru Kobayashi. JF: It really can't be overstated how important that hot dog eating contest was to everything that came after because, before then it really was stuff like this kind of mustard belt and you know it was this invented world that was being done for a laugh.

It was all a giant, fun, clever in-joke. JP: George could talk a big game about the sport of competitive eating, but it was all just talk until Kobayashi showed up.

When this eater took to the stage, it was like watching a carefully choreographed routine — he ate the hot dogs two at a time, using his empty hands to dip the buns in water and wiggling his body in what became known as the "Kobayashi shake" to help digestion.

But don't tell that to 23 year old, pound Takeru Kobayashi. JP: Do you remember what was going through your head when you're watching him halfway through the contest break the existing record? GS: I do. I was saying this is not necessary.

I don't even get this. It's not possible. And I remember telling his translator slash ring man, he doesn't have to eat anymore. He can stop. JF: Other competitors actually stopped eating just to watch him because what was happening on stage was so astounding.

The clear cut wiener: Kobayashi. Who inhaled 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes, shattering the world record. JP: Kobayashi may seem like a dark horse, but he'd won eating contests before in Japan, which already had its own competitive eating scene. In other words, while Americans were still figuring this whole thing out, Kobayashi had been training for this.

JF: What was happening before your eyes when you watched Kobayashi eat was something that obviously took an extraordinary amount of training of some kind. I think for the first time, you know people could seriously view it as, however you might think of it, some kind of undeniable athletic activity. And it didn't necessarily need to stay a joke. And that was when everything changed. JP: If Kobayashi was an athlete, his arena was the Nathan's stage. His equipment was the humble hot dog, and his sport was competitive eating.

ESPN started airing the Nathan's contest, and sports columnists compared baseball upsets to Kobayashi's historic sweep. ByGeorge's federation had launched a league with eating events — there was an Entenmann's Thanksgiving pie eating contest, and a waffle eating contest sponsored by Waffle House. Brands across the country were realizing that this wasn't just a good marketing opportunity, this had become an American pastime.

JF: This is a country that loves to be entertained, and that loves to turn spectacle into you know profitable entertainment. And I think in America a lot of us have our own sort of hangups with food, right? We have anxiety about what we eat and when we eat it and how we eat it and how much of it we eat.

I think we also have this idea of ourselves as this country with a kind of insatiable appetite for whatever, for resources, for food, for power. And when you watch an eating contest, the eaters are providing this kind of performance of that appetite. And it completely throws all of the anxieties and taboos out the window JP: Kobayashi and his 50 hot dogs had turned competitive eating into an American tradition.

If the fourth of July needed a sport to match the mood—think fireworks exploding, chests painted in red, white and blue—this was it. But it also meant that every year, a non-American was winning an American sports contest on the Fourth of July. For George, that was another opportunity. He wanted to win the mustard belt back. Kobayashi was the king of competitive eating.

He'd popularized a sport that was the perfect match for that all-American love of excess, food, and spectacle. But is a sport even really a sport if there's no real competition? As Julia found out, Kobayashi needed a rival. JP: And the audience needed an underdog. Just like we love a good rags to riches American dream story, we love to believe in the normal guy who, out of nowhere, gives the reigning champ a run for his money.

JP: This is Joey Chestnut. The first two talks were Texans ideas. Rock The Vote was a league mandate, but the Texans supported it. But the point gets made. Those days are over. Now the assistants will run special teams, offensive and defensive meetings for the next 90 minutes or so. This is the kind of meeting that reinforces normalcy in the most bizarre training camp any of them will ever experience. Later, Easterby frames the task they all share. The Massachusetts native is a single man this week; his family always stays at their summer spot on Cape Cod through the early days of training camp before coming home because of his hour days.

He was dealt a great hand with his mother though, an unbelievable mother. Bedtime for Watt. I ask him how he feels about the strangest training camp of his high school, college or pro career. And you got a whole bunch of meetings. Now, we are very efficient in our meetings. We get things done. Just purely being in the comfort of your home doing your Zoom meetings, and not having to rush into the stadium early in the morning.

It is a nice feature. The shuttle dropped Reid and the rookies back at their hotel around He says he never left the room before going to bed at For Reid, no nighttime sneaking out after curfew, apparently. The coaches like Reid—24 and mature for a rookie. The Houston corner situation is in flux, and Reid could be on the field as the last line of defense against the most dangerous passing game in football on Sept.

Seven months ago, Kansas City put up 51 on Houston. Looking forward to maybe playing against Patrick Mahomes and that offense? The Matthew Stafford Clause changes the game. Now a new clause in the testing rules. If a player who has consistently tested negative tests positive once, he can have two tests the morning of the positive test: a point-of-care POC instant test and a regular test. If both come back negative, he resumes his regular role with the team.

That would take no more than 24 hours, and perhaps less. The upshot: Say a player who had been consistently negative tests positive on the Friday before a game. The team gets the negative result Saturday morning. The player would get a point-of-care test and another regular test that morning. If the POC test is negative, and the regular test comes back negative sometime before the game, this player can play in his Sunday game. Because players are likely to be tested either daily or three-plus times during the week, a false positive the regular NFL tests are believed to be better than percent accurate without a POC test could knock a player testing positive on Saturday out of the game.

The regular test would still have to go to a lab, and in most cases, the team would have the result back early the next morning. Lots of team execs and coaches want the POC test to be used now. Thus the mistake on Ohio Gov. After a league-run meeting Thursday with football and medical people, there is some sentiment for Goodell to use a panel of three, four or five football people not working for any team for advice on the issue.

Friday to consider all such competitive issues, so he could decide and inform the teams and networks involved that evening whether any action would be taken to postpone or call the game.

Daily testing could continue, regardless of the positive results in the first two weeks. Lots of team support for this on the Thursday call with the league. The officials make a deal. In a deal with the league announced Sundaythe NFL officials union got significant protection for its members. Any of the NFL officials has until Thursday to opt-out of the Seems sensible. If there are many opt-outs, it may not hurt the NFL much if some or all of the major-college football leagues decide not to play this season.

The NFL would have to hustle, but the league routinely has a pipeline of top college officials when the need arises for new officials in the NFL. But certainly there are adjustments, none of which are, I would say, particularly inhibiting. Mosleyin an event staged for Wounded Warrior Project, on his mindset entering a season where he has chosen to opt out.

I covered some of this above, but think of this: When the results of the 11th day of COVID testing for the Houston Texans were reported Sunday morning, the 80 players and staff members coaches and staff who have contact with the players all tested negative.

Kudos, too, to the Chargers, Cardinals, Panthers, Patriots and Seahawks for not having a player test positive yet, as of Saturday. At p. ET Wednesday, this is what you could see had you wanted to binge on sports and had a good cable package in the middle of the afternoon:.

Executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby, who works for Houston and lives in Houston, has a daughter named Houston. Houston, not a Houston native, was born prior to Houston hiring Easterby. Prominent industry source: "I think by the end of the week the fall sports will be postponed in all conferences.

Players will all be sent home to their own communities where social distancing is highly unlikely and medical care and expenses will be placed on the families if they were to contract covid19 1. Lawrence is the Clemson quarterback. Be sure to click the tweet and read the full three-part thread.

The first few days of chargers camp have taken some getting used to. No you guys are selfish for thinking that football is bigger than life.

U understand now? Buffalo cornerback White, as he pondered whether to opt out for the season. White chose to play. Four summers ago I was playing town ball in rural Minnesota after posting a 7. A lot can happen in four years. Gerber, a Seattle Mariners reliever, whose major-league debut against the Angels was a sixth inning Tuesday night. I got about responses to my query at peterkingfmia gmail. Thanks for the response.

It is simply having too much influence and impact on the sport. If we have a season, [Covid] may make things even more entertaining since I think it will make things much more unpredictable, setting aside the incredibly unfortunate fact that it means people are getting sick and potentially suffering mightily.

If teams generally have a lot more third and fourth-stringers in the lineup, who knows what could happen? Brad Sher, Omaha, Neb. It is touching everything in society and our normal lives. Besides that, write about whatever football story makes sense. However, even the most conscientious of us, supporters of mask-wearing and government intervention, are now at the point of exhaustion.

Seeing your story with Lamar Jackson was a temporary balm amidst a wave of the almost-unavoidable Covid narrative. The players, the personalities, are often what make a sport interesting at a human level. More of this please! Greg Romine, Morgantown, W. I think right now many of us also want to find in your columns leadership, truth, honesty, ideas, life examples like some of the articles or books that you have recommendedboth sides of a story.

And bring some stories or examples from other sports from foreign countries. Sean Gross, Ellensburg, Wash. Jon Asher, Glorieta, N. I am worn down by all the other coverage, most having nothing to do with football or other sports. Similarly, I find myself skipping many parts of your column recently. Social justice and Covid events are camels in the tent. You would be remiss not to address them fully especially given the lack of any national plan or willpower to address eitherforcefully.

How the NFL is affected by both and responds as well as other institutions is important considering what we can learn to do or not to do to be successful on a wide social scale. The national government has abrogated its responsibilities in those areas so what institutions like colleges, schools, the NFL learn the hard way is critical to us to move forward successfully.

My life has been coronavirus filed over the last 5 months. I work in the [British National Health Service] and am tested weekly. NFL coverage is my escape from all things pandemic. Thanks to all for writing. I just felt the chance in such a different training-camp season to show you how a team is actually doing camp was too good of an opportunity to pass up. I think that was a good first move, and the only move, Ron Rivera. In this climate, it was impossible for Washington to allow the legal system to run its course.

This was the right call. I think these are the opt-outs whose absences will hurt their teams the most, in order:. I get that there are three young linebackers watch for third-rounder Anfernee Jennings of Alabama ready for quality snaps, but Hightower is the best player who opted out this summer, a top-five defensive centerpiece in the league.

Bad blow. This will affect how much the Giants do with Daniel Jones in year two. This one came out of the blue, and the Jets now have the double-barrel blow of losing their two best defensive players, including Jamal Adamsso soon before the season. Two straight seasons of sub 4. Unassuming but very solid.

The best tackle on the roster leaves a hole in front of the inexperienced Drew Lock and an overall neophyte skill group on offense. This puts more pressure on the other starting tackle, Garett Bolleswho has significantly underachieved.

Kudos to them. For the sake of cities that were loving the XFL, like St. Louis, and for the players chasing the dream, I truly hope it works. But spring football, kicking off one week after the Super Bowl, is such an uphill climb. Two pieces of advice: Continue to embrace the cool new rules the XFL had love the second clock and maybe even go further. Are they in cahoots? Hard to believe this is all happening.

Glenn Beck, our friend has been watching all of this for the past four years. He is of course an author, founder of "TheBlaze," you know, Talk Them A Talk - Various - One Bright Morning (CD), Glenn Beck and we're happy to have him on tonight. If I eat something I get larger.

Nancy Pelosi eat me. This is a completely upside down world, Tucker, where what they're saying his shocking. Russia might try to interfere in our election, which is weird, because that's what I was reporting in and nobody would listen.

Then in,and they're not alone, like, China is this pious little country over there that, well, sure, we would rather have the guy that we have already purchased in Joe Biden, but we would never do it. We would never do anything nefarious at all. We spent three years hearing this. Who do they hope to sway by resurrecting this nonsense? BECK: Morons? Really morons.

They have all been bought and purchased in the media. If you want to talk about swinging the election, let me just ask you a couple of questions. Why would we listen to a group of people who I think in Iowa are still counting the ballots for the primary, who are literally still counting the ballots in the New York City primary or the New York primary.

You have 84, incorrect ballots sent to the New York voters, incorrect ballot absentee ballots, 84, You have half a million sent in in just Virginia.

You don't have trustworthy machines to do it. Now, you want to expand and make sure that everybody is voting by mail, and you also know, we all know that Russia and China, hell, I think England might be a part of this at this point, they're all trying to create chaos. We're not serious about fixing this at all. No one is. That's like beyond belief. Glenn Beck, who always states it as clearly as anybody does and adds back I really do. I think you are the only Talk Them A Talk - Various - One Bright Morning (CD) in mainstream media that is on it every night and people can trust and I thank you for all of your hard work and research and the guts that it takes to do this every single day.

Thank you. I appreciate that. Not a setup. Great to see you. Thanks a million. Well, schools are set to reopen this month, the media don't want that because if the country returns to normal, maybe we won't elect Joe Biden.

Details ahead. Plus, Andrew Cuomo should be apologizing for his worst in the nation coronavirus response putting COVID positive people inside nursing homes. But as you can imagine, he is not apologizing. He has found someone else to blame. We'll tell you who. CARLSON: Nothing helps the Joe Biden for President Campaign more directly than hysteria over the coronavirus and the media, of course are doing everything they can to fan it, including to stop schools from opening up.

That is true, but this is also true. A total of 15 children in that age range have died of the virus since February. Many, many thousands have died of other causes for some perspective. Fox News medical correspondent Marc Siegel joins us tonight for a run through the numbers.

Siegel, good to see you. Child abuse, which is going unreported. Lack of vaccinations, immunizations against other diseases like measles. Not getting proper nutrition.

You're going to see starvation. You're going to see depression, you're going to see suicides, special needs not taken care of. All of that occurs if the schools don't open. Now, what are these 97, kids all have in common? All of them, almost all of them have mild cases.

The same time C. They get much milder cases. Now, what we have to do to reopen the schools of course, is to provide virtual learning for those most at risk, teachers most at risk. We have to have an infrastructure in place. We have to teach our kids about how to take proper precautions. But we need our schools to be centers for learning and centers for socialization and social skills. We have to test everyone as well, and we should have prodigious testing. Now, if you look at this pin, Tucker, you'll see this pin looks like something you might remember.

No smoking, please. Let's give our kids all of these pins. No hugs, please, sadly. But I'm going to say this, with this pin or shirts, no hugs, please. Guess what's going to happen? We're going to get 26 candidates for a vaccine coming out into clinical trials right now. Vaccines are going to emerge.

We're going to beat this thing and then this goes in the garbage and we're all going to hug each other. In the meantime, Tucker, let's show our kids courage.

They're looking to parents for leadership. Leadership says open the schools wherever we can -- Tucker. I'm a hugger. Siegel, thank you for that. I appreciate it.

That's more than Germany and Canada combined. The Governor of New York is a man called Andrew Cuomo and a policy he put in place is heavily responsible for this. His nursing home policy had directed coronavirus positive patients back into the homes and prevented nursing homes from making them go to hospitals.

Now, an honest leader would admit that and take responsibility for his poor decisions. But Governor Cuomo is not doing that. He is needless to say, blaming everyone, but himself. It's because the state followed President Trump's C. I think it is all politically motivated. If anybody looked at the facts, they would know that it was wholly absurd on its face. She lost both of her in-laws in facilities licensed by New York State due to coronavirus. She knows a lot about this topic and she joins us tonight.

Janice, thanks so much for coming on. I don't Talk Them A Talk - Various - One Bright Morning (CD) to rub salt in this very fresh wound, but to hear the Governor of New York pass the buck on to the President for his decision. How do you respond to that? He signed the order. At the very beginning, he said, listen, if you have a problem with what happens in New York, you blame me The buck stops at my desk. He has never taken any responsibility or accountability, and as you just played, he has blamed everyone except himself.

God, Mother Nature, he's blamed Fox News. And today, he continued to blame Fox News and says there doesn't need to be an independent investigation because the last investigation was done by himself into his administration, and of course, he came up clean. The people to blame were the nursing care workers and the visitors.

And by the way, we weren't allowed to visit my in-laws before they died. So I don't believe that one. You work in New York. Your family was devastated by this decision. Have you had a chance to tell Governor Cuomo that? I filled out all the paperwork and I sent letters to assemblymen and lawmakers, New York state lawmakers for the hearings today. They were actually August the 3rd, last Monday.

And today, they couldn't fit me in last Monday, but they said that they would put me on today to give me my five minutes to talk about my in-laws and why I hold the Governor partly responsible for their deaths. That invitation was rescinded, after you know, I was told that the Chair said you will have your five minutes and I never got that today. I appreciate your coming on and I'm really sorry once again.

Well, Joe Biden, once you get underneath the man and into what he is actually proposing, has backed a series of proposals that the overwhelming majority of Americans disagree with. By the way, we are all waiting for Joe Biden to pick his running mate. That is likely to happen sometime this week. To restate, we are hearing once again what we told you last week that Susan Rice is the front runner for that job. It doesn't mean it's going to happen.

But as of right now, it looks like Susan Rice is the front runner for that job. Of course we'll tell you when we learn more. People are very worried about those two problems. But over on the Joe Biden campaign, a major focus remains transgender issues, whatever you think of that category of concerns, it doesn't apply to many Americans.

And yet a draft Democratic platform obtained by "The Washington Examiner" shows that the word "transgender" appears more often than the word "inequality" or the word "taxes. Joe Biden supports allowing biological men for example, to compete against biological women in sports. Polls show most Americans overwhelmingly oppose this idea. It hurts their daughters. So why isn't the Trump campaign mentioning this?

One campaign claims men can get pregnant, which is insane. And the other campaign doesn't say anything about it. So it goes unchallenged. He's not embarrassed by it. He thinks it matters. He joins us tonight. Terry, thanks so much for coming on. This is a question of denying Science: Biology and changing the definition of biological sex. That's the foundation of all human society. So it's not really a small issue. It's a big issue. We just got done with a poll.

We surveyed over 7, voters in the top 10 swing states across the country. We found that three quarters of Americans, including 53 percent of Joe Biden's own supporters oppose allowing transgendered boys, that's boys that identify as girls to compete in women's athletics.

This is a super majority. So, you know, first and foremost, as a political activist, I'm very concerned about their lack of willingness to take this issue on, but frankly, as a father, you know, Tucker, I've got five kids, and hopefully my wife will give me four or five more, but my two oldest are girls.

Oct 15,  · Harry Smith talks to the hosts of "The Talk," Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete, Leah Remini, and Marissa Jaret Winokur, about the new show. 22 hours ago · Glenn Beck on Democrats returning to Russia collusion narrative. Nancy Pelosi says the American people, not Vladimir Putin, should decide who the . Jun 29,  · Trying to help someone deal with a death is awkward and difficult and suicide is a million times worse matter. People who have lost loved ones not due to ordinary death, but something as painful and awful as suicide, don't just have grief weighing on their shoulders - they are experiencing anger, guilt, confusion, shock, horror and trauma that goes beyond the "normal" after emotions of a death. Stream Morning Talk free online. Listen to free internet radio, sports, music, news, talk and podcasts. Stream live events, live play-by-play NFL, NHL, college football, NCAA basketball, and . The Midatlantic rocks out their own style of progressive songs that transcend a variety of traditional Americana, Folk, & Bluegrass. The ship is captained by Jason Andre, a long time solo singer/songwriter, surfer, and world traveler whose passion for world folk music, exotic acoustic instruments, and the ocean has led to a melting pot of influences. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Talk Talk - It's My Life at Discogs. Complete your Talk Talk collection. 2 days ago · That right there is why I can’t talk to them. They’ve dealt with so much, and I feel wrong prying into this tentative peace. But I can’t shake the feeling that we’re all lying to ourselves. PureSteam Travel Steamer $20 (save 67%), 6-in-1 Pan Set by Copper Cook $37 (save 54%), Gabba Goods Bluetooth Eye Mask Headset $24 (save 60%), CordaRoy's Convertible Bean Bag Chair & Full Size Bed $ (save 39%), Palm NRG Cordless Heat Therapy Wrap $39 (save 76%), Pacific Pearls Genuine Mother of Pearl Double-Strand Necklace $24 (save 91%), Xela Premium Soy Blend Candles . View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Talk It Over In The Morning on Discogs/5(11). Stream Morning Talk free online. Listen to free internet radio, sports, music, news, talk and podcasts. Stream live events, live play-by-play NFL, NHL, college football, NCAA basketball, and .


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