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In he filed a lawsuit to enjoin distribution of the movie against John Beck, as well as Toho and Universal the film's U. Cooper's executive assistant, Charles B.

FitzSimons, stated that these companies should be negotiating through him and Cooper for such licensed products and not RKO. In a letter to Robert Bendick, Cooper stated:. My hassle is about King Kong. I created the character long before I came to RKO and have always believed I retained subsequent picture rights and other rights.

Cooper and his legal team offered up various documents to bolster the case that Cooper owned King Kong and had only licensed the character to RKO for two films, rather than selling him outright. Many people vouched for Cooper's claims, including David O. Selznick, who had written a letter to Mr. Without these letters, it seemed Cooper's rights were relegated to the Lovelace novelization that he had copyrighted he was able to make a deal for a Bantam Books paperback reprint and a Gold Key comic adaptation of the novel, but that 8th Wonder (Vocal) all that he could do.

Cooper's lawyer had received a letter from John Beck's lawyer, Gordon E. Youngman, that stated:. For the sake of the record, I wish to state that I am not in negotiation with you or Mr. Cooper or anyone else to define Mr. Cooper's rights in respect of King Kong.

His rights are well defined, and they are non-existent, except for certain limited publication rights. It seems my hassle over King Kong is destined to be a protracted one. They'd make me sorry I ever invented the beast, if I weren't so fond of him! Makes me feel like Macbeth : "Bloody instructions which being taught return to plague the inventor.

The rights over the character did not flare up again untilwhen Universal Studios and Dino De Laurentiis were fighting over who would be able to do a King Kong remake for release the following year. During the legal battles that followed, which eventually included RKO countersuing Universal, as well as De Laurentiis filing a lawsuit claiming interference, Colonel Richard Cooper Merian's son and now head of the Cooper estate jumped into the fray. During the battles, Universal discovered that the copyright of the Lovelace novelization had expired without renewal, thus making the King Kong story a public domain one.

Universal argued that they should be able to make a movie based on the novel without infringing on anyone's copyright because the characters in the story were in the public domain within the context of the public domain story. In a four-day bench trial in Los Angeles, Judge Manuel Real made the final decision and gave his verdict on November 24,affirming that the King Kong novelization and serialization were indeed in the public domain, and Universal could make its movie as long as it did not infringe on original elements in the RKO film, [54] which had not passed into the public domain [55] Universal postponed their plans to film a King Kong movie, called The Legend of King Kongfor at least 18 months, after cutting a deal with Dino De Laurentiis that included a percentage of box office profits from his remake.

However, on December 6,Judge Real made a subsequent ruling, which held that all the rights in the name, character, and story of King Kong outside of the original film and its sequel belonged to Merian C. Cooper's estate. This ruling, which became known as the "Cooper judgment", expressly stated that it would not change the previous ruling that publishing rights of the novel and serialization were in the public domain. It was a huge victory that affirmed the position Merian C.

Cooper had maintained for years. In Judge Real dismissed the claims that were brought forth by RKO and Universal four years earlier and reinstated the Cooper judgement. In Universal filed a lawsuit against Nintendowhich had created an impish ape character called Donkey Kong in and was reaping huge profits over the video game machines. Universal claimed that Nintendo was infringing on its copyright because Donkey Kong was a blatant rip-off of King Kong.

The courts ruled that trademark was not among the rights Cooper had sold to Universal, indicating that "Cooper plainly did not obtain any trademark rights in his judgment against RKO, since the California district court specifically found that King Kong had no secondary meaning.

First, Universal knew that it did not have trademark rights to King Kong, yet it proceeded to broadly assert such rights anyway. This amounted to a wanton and reckless disregard of Nintendo's rights. Second, Universal did not stop after it asserted its rights to Nintendo. It embarked on a deliberate, systematic campaign to coerce all of Nintendo's third party licensees to either stop marketing Donkey Kong products or pay Universal royalties.

Finally, Universal's conduct amounted to an abuse of judicial process, and in that sense caused a longer harm to the public as a whole. Depending on the commercial results, Universal alternatively argued to the courts, first, that King Kong was a part of the public domain, and then second, that King Kong was not part of the public domain, and that Universal possessed exclusive trademark rights in it.

Universal's assertions in court were based not on any good faith belief in their truth, but on the mistaken belief that it could use the courts to turn a profit. Because Universal misrepresented their degree of ownership of King Kong claiming they had exclusive trademark rights when they knew that they did not and tried to have it both ways in court regarding the "public domain" claims, the courts ruled that Universal acted in bad faith see Universal City Studios, Inc.

Nintendo Co. They were ordered to pay fines and all of Nintendo's legal costs from the lawsuit. That, along with the fact that the courts ruled that there was simply no likelihood of people confusing Donkey Kong with King Kong, [58] caused Universal to lose the case and the subsequent appeal. Since the court case, Universal still retains the majority of the character rights. In they opened a King Kong ride called King Kong Encounter at their Universal Studios Tour theme park in Hollywood which was destroyed in by a backlot fireand followed it up with the Kongfrontation ride at their Orlando park in which was closed down in due to maintenance issues.

They also finally made a King Kong film of their own, King Kong As noted above, Richard Cooper, through the Merian C. Cooper Estate, retained publishing rights for the content that Judge Real had ruled on December 6,belonged to Richard Cooper.

Inthey licensed a six-issue comic book adaptation of the novelization of the film to Monster Comicsand commissioned an illustrated novel in called Anthony Browne's King Kong. Inthey became involved with a musical stage play based on the story, called King Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World which premiered in June in Australia [68] [69] and then on Broadway in November Studios[72] an expanded rewrite of the original Lovelace novelization, Merian C.

Cooper's King Kong, the original novelization's publishing rights are still in the public domainand various crossovers with other franchises such as Doc SavageTarzan [73] and Planet of the Apes. RKO whose rights consisted of only the original film and its sequel had its film library acquired by Ted Turner in via his company Turner Entertainment. InWarner Bros. Family Entertainment released the direct-to-video animated musical film The Mighty Kongwhich re-tells the plot of the original film.

Kongafter Legendary Pictures brought the projects from Universal to their company to build up the MonsterVerse. DDL whose rights were limited to only their remake did a sequel in called King Kong Lives but they still needed Universal's permission to do so. Toho's interpretation differed greatly from the original in size and abilities. Among kaijuKing Kong was suggested to be among the most powerful in terms of raw physical force, possessing strength and durability that rivaled that of Godzilla.

As one of the few mammal-based kaiju, Kong's most distinctive feature was his intelligence. He demonstrated the ability to learn and adapt to an opponent's fighting style, identify and exploit weaknesses in an enemy, and utilize his environment to stage ambushes and traps. In King Kong vs. This version of Kong was given the ability to harvest electricity as a weapon and draw strength from electrical voltage.

This version was more similar to the original, where he relied on strength and intelligence to fight and survive. Elements of King Kong's character remained in the film, reflected in Godzilla's uncharacteristic behavior and attraction to the female character Daiyo.

Toho Studios wanted to remake King Kong vs. Godzillawhich was the most successful of the entire Godzilla series of films, in to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film, as well as to celebrate Godzilla's upcoming 40th anniversary. However, they were unable to obtain the rights to use Kong, and initially intended to use Mechani-Kong as Godzilla's next adversary.

But it was soon learned that even using a mechanical creature who resembled Kong would be just as problematic legally and financially for them. As a result, the film became Godzilla vs. King Ghidorahwith no further attempts to use Kong in any way.

Both Kong and Skull Island were referenced and made multiple appearances in the film Godzilla: King of the Monsters. King Kong, as well as the series of films featuring him, have been featured many times in popular culture outside of the films themselves, in forms ranging from straight copies to parodies and joke references, and in media from comic books to video games. The Beatles ' animated film Yellow Submarine includes a scene of the characters opening a door to reveal King Kong abducting a woman from her bed.

It ends with King Homer marrying Marge and eating her father [ citation needed ]. The animated film Chicken Little features a scene parodying King Kong, as Fish out of Water starts stacking magazines thrown in a pile, eventually becoming a model of the Empire State Building and some plane models, as he imitates King Kong in the iconic scene from the original film.

The controversial World War II Dutch resistance fighter Christiaan Lindemans —eventually arrested on suspicion of having betrayed secrets to the Nazis—was nicknamed "King Kong" due to his being exceptionally tall. The song is an a cappella narrative of the original movie's story line.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Megaprimatus. Fictional character, a giant movie monster resembling a colossal gorilla.

This article is about the character. For the film franchise, see King Kong franchise. For other uses, see King Kong disambiguation. Main article: King Kong franchise. Main article: King Kong in popular culture. This section appears to contain trivial, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture. Please reorganize this content to explain the subject's impact on popular culture, providing citations to reliable, secondary sourcesrather than simply listing appearances.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. October Den of Geek. Retrieved March 28, Archived from the original on January 31, The Liverpool Mercury has the following regarding her. Since the days when the Siamese twins arrived in this country and occasioned so much excitement in medical circles, no illustration of the freaks of nature has been found at all approaching in its remarkable character to that given in the person of Christine Millie, a native of North Carolina, who arrived at this port on Tuesday, per City of Brussels, from New York.

The young person who is about to proceed to London for exhibition, is the child of parents formerly slaves in North Carolina, still living, and having several other children, and was herself born a slave. It is scarcely possible by a written description to convey anything like an adequate idea of the marvelous physical organization of this extraordinary being. In figure, Christine Millie, who is 19 years of age, is rather short, and possesses two heads upon one body, with two well-developed chests and four arms.

This portion of the frame is as perfectly distinct in each figure as if the upper part were the heads of two persons; but at the lateral posterior portion of the pelvis there is but one body, with one spine, the lower parts of which gradually incline outwards from each side, and terminate with four legs.

The faces are of the African type, with thick lips and large mouth, denoting the race from which the girl has descended; but in conversation the countenances brighten with intelligence, and those who have had the opportunity of seeing the girl could not fail to be pleased with the geniality of her manner and with the store of information which she has at her command. The question which naturally arises, and which it seems difficult to solve, is, whether this is one being, or whether, in some extraordinary manner, two persons have thus marvelously joined together.

A very careful anatomical examination, made by the professors at Jefferson Medical College, America, has led to the discovery that the lungs, heart, and functions of digestion are those of two persons, apparently perfect and healthy in each, but that the whole of the lower organization of the body is that of one female, with the exception of the four legs. Each head is said to possess separate intellectual faculties, as entirely distinct as the brain power of two different individuals, and the volitions of the will are independent, but very much in harmony with each other.

In proof of this the two months will at the same time converse with different persons upon topics of a widely different character, and will join in singing a duet, one taking the soprano and the other the contralto part. Experiments have been tried with a view to demonstrate the nervous system, which showed that whilst above the junction the sense of feeling was separate and distinct in each, below the point of union it was common.

Thus, a hand placed upon the shoulder of either was noticed only by the one touched, but a pressure of the foot was instantly felt by each. Yesterday a private party of ladies and gentlemen had an interview with this extraordinary person at the Washington Hotel, and were both astonished and pleased. She seems remarkably cheerful, suffers no inconvenience or pain from peculiar physical organization, dances with freedom, and, for one of her race, sings with considerable taste and expression. The editor of the Liverpool Daily Post says:.

A numerous party assembled yesterday at the Washington Hotel to "interview" a most extraordinary natural Phenomena who is about to be exhibited in London as the "Two-Headed Nightingale. Christine Millie is a phenomenon of the Siamese twin order, but far more wonderful, for instead of two bodies connected with a ligature, there is only one torso, the body separating a little above the waist. There are two distinct busts and pairs of shoulders, two heads, four arms, and four legs.

Anatomical examination has proved that the young lady--she is nineteen years of age--has two sets of lungs, and two digestions. It is certain there are mentally two perfect individualities, for conversations may be carried on with each of the two persons so mysteriously blended in one; and, each having a very pretty gift of singing, they perform duets in parts.

Christine Millie also dances very gracefully, and appears to have no difficulty in moving about, and in no way differs in appearance from two animated and engaging young negresses, who for sport have agreed to pass an hour tied together nearly back to back.

The exceedingly amiable and merry disposition of the mysterious pair deprives the exhibition altogether of that painful element which was present even in the case of those practical philosophers, the Siamese Twins. Christine Millie "first saw the light" as a slave in North Carolina, and the lady on whose estate she was born, and by whom she has been most affectionately and successfully educated, accompanied her to England. All who met Chrirtine Millie yesterday must have felt interested in her fortunes, and well disposed to meet her again.

Amongst the visitors who arrived at Liverpool from New York on Tuesday in the Inma [illegible] steamer City of Brussels, was a party of ladies and gentlemen, whom the indefatigable Mr. Barnum, of showman notoriety, has nothing to do with, though here for the edification of the curious.

The most singular and physiologically interesting member of the party is a young lady, between eighteen and nineteen years of age, or rather, two young ladies rolled into one, who is certainly a rival to the famous Siamese T [illegible] ins, and very much more attractive in appearance than Messrs. Chang and Eng. Those who saw the Siamese Twins during their presence in England will have a vivid recollection of the painful look that their featurs bore, and the constrained movements of their bodies while walking in any direction.

There is a total absence of this in the young lady who bears the name of Miss Christine Millie, whose four bright black eyes and dazzling rows of pearly-white teeth light up a fair Creole complexion with an animation that is really attractive. This singular lusus naturoe is the offspring of parents who were slaves in North Carolina previous to the American civil war, and has several brothers and sisters who are like ordinary humanity.

During the strugle the family suffered considerable privations; but as a curious illustration of the changes which have taken place in Southern society, through the war and the declaration of freedom from slavery, it may be mentioned that the father of Christine Millie is now the owner of the plantation on which he was once a slave.

As to the young lady herself--for we have surgical authority for describing her--she has bodily only one person, though possessed Page 17 of two heads, two pairs of shoulders, four arms, and two pairs of legs, amalgamated curiously with one trunk.

We can only say that an hour's audience with her yesterday afternoon proved her to be a cultured, self-possessed and 8th Wonder (Vocal) person, who had a most singular attribute of being able to hold two totally distinct conversations at the same time with different persons, or the same person, can sing a duet very tastefully and tunefully in two voices, soprano and contralto, and can dance a mazourka with singular grace and facility.

There was no difficulty made in exhibiting the upper portion of the dorsal connection, and it was done without any infringement of modesty. Toole, may be termed "most extraordinary. They first saw the light nineteen years ago, and the mother is presumably the founder of that gigantic Woman's Rights Association in America, which has lately made formidable inroads upon English society.

Here we have a young lady 8th Wonder (Vocal) one body, but two distinct minds, borne by two separate heads. All the intelligent men who saw her at the Washington Hotel the other day, can 8th Wonder (Vocal) witness to the marvellous intelligence which predominates in both brains; the conversational powers of the two heads at once in communication with two different persons, upon different topics, would sufficiently testify it.

But the marvel did not stop here; some of the sweetest duets in the language of music were sung by a high soprano and a pure contralto. The notes issued from two heads, and yet but one trunk supplied the verve.

It may now be added that this extraordinary trunk has two pai [illegible] s of perfect legs, terminating in symmetrical and very pretty feet, and that, moving upon their pedal extremities, the trunk exhibits the very poetry of motion. The polka, the mazourka, the schottische, are delineated by these two pairs of pretty feet, in perfect time and harmony, and the spectator is rewarded not by one smile, as in the case of ordinary young ladies, but by two distinct smiles, winked at you by two pairs of sparkling and roguish eyes, and thrown at you by two different sets of the purest ivory that ever adorned the mouth of an Indian Sultana.

There are a lot of people here, or elsewhere, always ready to strai [illegible] at the smallest gnat and swallow the biggest camel, who will doubtless put this young lady down as outside the pale of ordinary humanity.

If this prejudice should carry one so far as to avoid her, they alone will be the losers. We can testify that no person of ordinary intelligence can be in her company for half an hour without yielding to the charm of her manner and the fascination of her double smiles. She has you on both sides. If you remove your head from one position you are immediately the victim of another pair of eyes, which fix you and, in fact, 8th Wonder (Vocal), transfix you.

We candidly admit that we were fascinated, and that we immediately lost sight of the phenomenon and became overpowered by the influence of this dual brain. The young lady will shortly hold levees in London, and the public of Liverpool may hope to see her by-and-by. The eminent medical men of the United States testify that this remarkable freak of nature is united at the lateral posterior portion of the pelvis, while above that portion they are separated, have separate chests, two pair of fully developed Page 18 arms, but only one trunk.

With the double head they possess separate intellectual faculties as entirely distinct as in the brain power of two different individuals, while their faces indicate to a remarkable degree intelligence of a high order and great amiability.

On the 4th of May a reception for medical men was held at the Washington Hotel, Liverpool, and was attended by the following eminent members of that faculty: Dr. Nevins, Dr. Bickersbeth, Dr. McGregor, Dr. Greegan, Dr. Slack, Dr.

Gorst, Dr. Steele, Mr. Dickerton, F R. Edgar Browne, M. Pen Harris, Mr. Manifold, etc. Having had an opportunity of explaining the bond of union, these eminent men were unanimously of the opinion that Millie Christine is the most extraordinary phenomenon the world has ever seen.

The single-headed ones are certainly the most numerous, but the double-headed ones appear to be the most attractive. This is evident from the fact, that while we can see a single-headed girl almost any time, we have to pay in order to be introduced to the maid with the duplex cranium. We say 'maid' because the last double-headed girl we saw was not married.

There was one man who courted her successfully, as he thought, for a time, but before popping the question he kissed one face first, and could never get the consent of the other head. She is new waiting till a two-headed man comes along, and is gay with hope. Though the assurance given that she eats with both heads may tell against her with parsimonious wooers, yet the fact that she buys dresses for one only must be an immense advantage. The same with her talking.

The two-headed girl must be extremely circumspect, not only in her walk, but in her conversation. As she can never have a secret, she can have no opportunity to go around telling it. Neither will any one ever tell a secret to one head for fear that the other would split upon it. Whichever way we look at the two-headed girl we see her to advantage, though we don't mean to say the least that should be understood to disparage a girl because she happens to be born with only one head.

After an absence of eight years Christine Millie returned to her native land on October 1st, Her tour abroad was a continued ovation of success. At every point the young lady was commanded to appear before the nobility and rulers of these great countries.

Kingly presents and valuable jewels were given as tokens of appreciation not only of her as a remarkable curiosity,' but of her graceful bearing, her Page 19 contented disposition and of her artistic musical abilities. Before she had landed, upon her arrival, a representative of the New York Herald greeted her, and the next morning that journal gave forth to the whole United States the return of one of its children, who had fully established herself to be the greatest curiosity of the greatest country in the world.

Since her return she has exhibited to thousands in the cities of Boston, Philadelphia and New York. While in Philadelphia she again appeared before the professors and students of the Jefferson Medical College. Professor Pancoast for the second time examined her. A portion of his lecture is extracted from the Philadelphia Evening Telegraph.

This afternoon, at 1 o'clock, Millie and Christine were given a scientific examination by Professor W. Pancoast, at his clinic, at the Jefferson Medical College Hospital. The well-like room was crowded, and Professor Pancoast busy removing a cancer from a patient when the reporter arrived.

During the operation Baron Littlefinger and Count Rosebud, two most intelligent dwarfs--perfect little men in figure--were present, and appeared interested spectators of the operation. In introducing Millie and Christine, the Professor said that he considered them the most interesting personages that have ever come under the notice of scientific men, far more interesting than the Siamese Twins.

In the midst of his discourse the young ladies entered, clad in green silk on their two bodies, pretty little bronze boots on the four feet, white kids on their four hands. They moved forward like an expanded V, with a crab-like movement that was not ungraceful. Born back-to-back, the Professor explained that the natural desire of each to walk face forward had twisted them in their present position. Separate entities, separate individualities, each can pursue separate lines of thought and conversation independent of the other.

From habit their appetites call for food and drink at the same time. All the ills of flesh are not, however, necessarily theirs in common. One may have the toothache and the other be free from any ache.

But in the examination conducted to-day the Professor discovered a remarkable development of sensibility since his previous examination eight years ago. Touching them on any extreme of the body, on any foot for example, both in common were conscious of the touch.

Christine has been and is now the larger and stronger of the two. As children they used to have little struggles and quarrels for supremacy, but, as they could not get away from each other, they early concluded that the best way to get along in their novel path through life was to yield to each other. Their present happiness and affection for each other is an example for couples who are yoked together in marital bonds. Sometimes Christine rolls over Millie in bed without awakening her.

Both can sleep separately. They can stand and walk on their outside legs, but they prefer to walk on all fours. Millie cannot lift up Christine's legs, or Christine Millie's legs. Since the Hungarian sisters, there has been no similar case reported reaching adult life for years. The bond of union between these, which is just above the bones of the spine, is chiefly cartilaginous, but the spines are so closely approximated that there is an osseous union between them.

To the question by Professor Pancoast, whether either was engaged to be married, each denied the soft impeachment with decision, though the Professor explained that physically there are no serious objections to the marriage of Her or Them; but morally there was a most decided Page 20 one. During the Professor's lecture the Misses Christine Millie and Millie Christine appeared very much interested in the diagnosis of their singular condition, and evidenced their superior intelligence by their apt and ready answers.

Always industrious, she makes her entire wardrobe, even to her dresses, for exhibition purposes. She dresses herself without trouble. Having lived thus long together, they express no desire to be parted and hope to leave this world as they came into it--together.

Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Ry. August Sundholm, P. Richie, Guy E. Thompson, Ass'ts, S. Conductors S. Bosley, D. John E. Wagner, C. Hazelwood, P. Gentlemen -- For your information, I beg to advise that the manager of Millie Christine, a dual woman, is in the habit of only purchasing one ticket for her. This custom has been adhered to and recognized by all lines. I have examined Millie Christine and consider her a more interesting anatomical curiosity than the Siamese Twins, on whose bodies I made assisted by a colleague a post-mortem examination.

I consider the union of the Carolina Twin more curious even than the famous Hungarian Sisters, who were born October 26th, Millie Christine is joined by the sacrum and coccyx.

The lower part of the spinal cords are united together. There are separate bladders, but one common vagina, one uterus to be recognized, and one perfect anus. The bond of the union at this date measures 26 inches in circumference. I have had the opportunity in conjunction with Professors Gross and Pancoast of examining very carefully the celebrated Carolina Twin. She and they are simply wonderful in their anatomical construction--far more so than the Hungarian Sisters or the Siamese Twins.

Intellectually they are separate and distinct, sexually but one. Rectum and vagina in common and possessing but one uterus. The undersigned were among those who were invited to visit Millie Christine to-day, heartily concurring in all former medical reports relative to she and they being both two and yet but one person, stamping her as the world's greatest and most interesting personage:.

The following prominent scientific men of Great Britain are among the few who vouch for the genuineness of the marvelous Two-Headed Nightingale:. And leading surgeons and medical men of Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Belgium fully concur and endorse the statements [illegible] ove given. I have this day examined Millie Christine, and find that the band of union is between 15 and 17 inches in circumference, involving at least the bones of the sacrum and coccyx immovable, uniting the sacral nerves and spinal cord, so as to constitute one individual, or two girls in one nervous system.

I also find both heads sprightly and intelligent, and deem her a much greater curiosity than the Siamese Twins. I have this day examined the "Two-Headed Girl," and find her to be a very remarkable anatomical curiosity. The spines are united, having rectum and vagina in common. Scientists can stop looking now, it was found in the O2 Arena last night. There is something so incredible about being in the presence of a living legend commanding the stage with quality and sass, especially in recent times where we have lost some of the greats, including Prince, George Michael and David Bowie.

Celine appeared on the stage apparently from nowhere as she sang the first lines of Power Of Your Love. She emerged from the dark in a glittery blazer gracing us with her signature fist pump much earlier in the night than we expected. What is a Celine performance without the fist pumps, arms stretched out wide, neck wiggles and leg shakes?

Like most legends, Celine is easily identifiable, unique and mesmerising. The year-old was accompanied on stage by a band, an orchestra and backup singers, yet the moments that stood out the most were when it was her raw singing voice escaping the speakers.

Just two songs in the Canadian singer stopped her band to chat with the audience, and these chats are where her personality really shines.

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  7. Apr 06,  · 8th Wonder stars One of the most classic Sugarhill Gang songs in their catalog, the beat incorporates Daisy Lady from 7th Wonder (hence the title 8th Wonder, perhaps to showcase that they are better than their source!). It's hard to pick between this and the original, both are quite incredible/5(8).
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