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Read this one right now. To see my full review and likeness of my book boyfriend, check out my blog post. Rocked my socks right off. I received an ARC from A. Hargrove in exchange for a honest review. This book was SO great I really love how this book mashes up so many genres together into this little harmonious, entertaining package. Those that have shied away f Rocked my socks right off. Those that have shied away from A.

It's spicy enough to turn up the heat on any reader. It was just the perfect balance of instant attraction, alpha males, fights, and the romance remains this roaring fire underneath it all. There is no fear in this book of insta-love, rather the romance is more organic and passionate. Any concerns about not being familiar with the series are not a problem as well.

While you won't have the full background, previous books are not required to still love and understand the book. It's a futuristic and darker world with aliens and other dark creatures that go bump in the night. Anyone who would enjoy something a little different, a little spicy will find a gem with this first book of the Praestani series. Favorite Bit: "Be glad you're not in my pants right now. That's exactly where I want to be. Nov 05, Sheri rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed.

Dark Waltz is the first book in a spinoff of A. Hargrove's The Guardians of Vesturon series. This book takes the characters from the YA series and brings them into a whole new light in this adult series, set a few years in the future. Don't worry…if you have not read The Guardians of Vesturon books, you do not absolutely need to in order to understand Dark Waltz. However, you will get a lot of background understanding by reading those books first.

That all being said, one of the reasons I loved Dark Waltz is the first book in a spinoff of A. That all being said, one of the reasons I loved this book so much was Jurek. I absolutely fell in love with him in Determinant, and here he is again, all hot and sexy. Now, at first Jurek is kind of…a jerk. But, can you really blame him? Look what he's fighting against and everything he has to deal with.

He pretty much has the weight of the world on his shoulders. So I will forgive him if he acts a bit defensive, protective, and untrusting at first. He certainly redeems himself. As for the rest of the characters, they were a lot of fun. I really loved Jurek's group of friends and can only hope the series continues with them. Liasare is a great lead. She's a bit naive about some things, but she's tough and does not back down to anyone.

She's fighting for something she believes in and is willing to take risks to get there. Liasare's stubbornness and Jurek's demand for control do not go well together. Their relationship is hot and heavy and definitely explosive until they learn to trust each other. Overall, a great sexy sci-fi story.

View 2 comments. Nov 25, A. He is a complex character that has been burdened by tragedy and is troubled by a horrific act he committed that has weighed heavily on his conscience for years. Everything he does has an ulterior motive I hope you enjoy the ride! Nov 29, Flora Smith rated it it was ok Shelves: sci-fireligious-ficteroticadystopiaparanormal-romance. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. After glancing at some of the other reviews for this book it looks like my opinion is in the minority.

It may have something to do with the fact that this is apparently a continuation of a YA series that I hadn't read. But then again maybe this just wasn't a read for me.

There was so much I didn't like about this one it was hard for me to even give it two stars. It was difficult for me to even place it in a specific genre, it was all ov I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. It was difficult for me to even place it in a specific genre, it was all over the board. There were aspects from dystopias and paranormal romance, which paring those together isn't all that unusual, then lets throw in erotica.

Ok, I can see that. Now how about some religious fiction Yes, you read that right. I won't elaborate, don't want to spoil it for you, but its in there. My next issue was the timeframe. I just see that its plausible to see that many changes in 15 years.

A plague? But the earth taken completely over by reptilian aliens and we are living on other planets within the next 15 years when we can't even make it to Mars now? I just don't see that as plausible. Now lets talk about the characters, Liasare and Jurek Jerk is more like it. I can see that probably fans of The Shades of Gray series probably like these characters, sorry I didn't like that series either. Liasare is a strong female character in many ways.

She puts a lot on the line to find her brother but when it comes to Jurek it just doesn't make any sense to me. Jurek is a hot guy definitely, but he's a jerk, Gothic Waltz. No one is allowed to hurt Liasare but him Yep, its ok when he does it. She gets all mad about it but then he kisses her and then its all better Can you say "unhealthy relationship"? How can it be ok to physically hurt someone you love? If you love them you don't push them up against the wall and choke them because you don't like their answers.

And if you are the one being abused you are not gonna just let it go that easy. This book does fall into the erotica genre. There are some steamy sex scenes. But if you are reading this one for the sex scenes start at about the middle of the book. The scenes in the first half are steamy but sexually frustrating. They never finish anything til about half way thru. Overall, I didn't care for this one at all. But, having said that, I am apparently in the minority.

I saw many positive reviews for it, I just don't share the same opinion. View all 3 comments. Nov 05, Tana rated it it was amazing. Dark Waltz, a Praestani Novel 1 by A. Since I am a huge fan of A. Hargrove I was really excited about reading this book to see how she crossed over to the adult genre. I have to say her writing of course is fantastic, character are developed well that you immediately have an interested in what is going on and I have to say I sort of have a crush on Jurek, plus in Dark Waltz, a Praestani Novel 1 by A.

I have to say her writing of course is fantastic, character are developed well that you immediately have an interested in what is going on and I have to say I sort of have a crush on Jurek, Gothic Waltz, plus in my head I can picture him tall, dark, long hair, muscles and very sexy. So this novel is about Liasare who is searching for her brother and she meets up with Jurek and the chemistry between these two is off the chart hot.

Their story is full of mystery; adventure a tad bit of suspense and of course a sizzling romance. But of course Liasare is here to find her brother and has an uphill battle to conquer. She has to dig deep to find the strength to overcome her new abilities and to continue on in her search for her brother.

M Hargrove has written a fantastic story and I for one will recommend this book to all of my friends and followers. I cannot wait for the next novel in this series to see what will happen next.

Nov 05, Fiona Titch Hunt rated it it was amazing Shelves: titch-sbooks-kindle-tree-boo. WOW what a book. I have loved reading A. Hargrove 's books. This is her 1st book into the adult genre which I found really intriguing and was surprised at her insight. The characters carry on from her Guardians of Vesturon series. I loved the way she has portrayed Jurek and Lissare Davidson January's sister.

How these 2 come together with their fierce natures. Keep them coming Annie and can't wait til the next installment comes out in both series x WOW what a book. Keep them coming Annie and can't wait til the next installment comes out in both series x Nov 17, Meghan rated it really liked it Shelves: first-readse-booksauthor-review-requestreviewed. To start with I am incredibly grateful to Hargrove for sharing her book with me! I've been a big fan of her work ever since I signed up to read Survival about a year ago.

I've been absorbing her books ever since. So when Dark Waltz came out, which is a spin off of sorts for the Guardians of Vesturon Series, I was so incredibly excited!

A new series by Hargrove, involving characters I already know and love? Yes Please! I was also pretty excited because this one was to be adult themed. If you've r To start with I am incredibly grateful to Hargrove for sharing her book with me! If you've read any of her books, you know she can write up some incredibly drool worthy men. So I was definitely looking forward to expanding in that area.

So now that I have finally finished the book, I know that I have a new series to love and follow. Dark Waltz takes us on an adventure with the new race we discovered in Determinant, the Praestani. They are considered to be the most powerful race alive, and darn near indestructible. We met Jurek in Determinant, but in Dark Waltz we get to know him on a seriously deeper level. He has a soft intimate side that I just did not see coming, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Although he can be a little to violent for my tastes at times, Liasare can push back just as hard. Which brings us to Liasare. She is also another character pulled from Determinant. But not one we payed much attention to at all. I absolutely love how Hargrove does this.

All her characters and stories interweave together so awesomely. It ends up that you get to Gothic Waltz almost every single character at a very intimate level. I don't want to give away who she is, so I'm not going to tell you. It is so much more fun to discover it on your own. I know I love watching all these pieces come together to create this wonderful story. I also love that we get little peeks at the characters we met in previous books.

Glimpses of what has been going on for them since we left them last. So when Liasare leaves Vesturon to save her brother from the Xanthians she encounters Jurek, and the rest is, a very steamy, history. Hargrove did an extremely good job writing the more adult romantic scenes. They were romantic and intimate and perfectly detailed, without being to over the top or lewd.

Aside from the very enjoyable love scenes between Liasare and Jurek, we also get fast paced adventure, action, and mystery! Liasare just might be the prophesied person to save everyone from the vile Xanthians. But the battles she has to fight a long the way seem impossible for her to win.

With monstrous enemies and little to no experince in this new world of abilities she finds herself in, will she be strong enough? What is not to love about a book that has all those things?! Romance, Sci-Fi Adventure, fast paced action, steamy hot male characters, and a little mystery.

You just can't complain with ingredients like that. Especially when they are so wonderfully written by a great author like A. M Hargrove. If you haven't read any of her books so far, I so very strongly recommend that you do! Once you start you will be hooked! I can't wait to see what happens next for Jurek and Liasare, we were definitely left at a high point, aching to know more.

Come on book 2, I just need to know what happens next!! Nov 08, Tee loves Kyle Jacobson rated it it was amazing Shelves: januaryblog-tour-review. Okay I have to say this because I am going to use some language that is not suitable for anyone under 18 years old.

Liasare is a woman on a mission. Her brother is missing and she is determined to do whatever she needs to to find him.

For three months she has not heard from her brother and she will do anything to find him. She Okay I have to say this because I am going to use some language that is not suitable for anyone under 18 years old.

She talks to his best friend and when she gets no answers from him she decides she will go to Earth and see what has happened to him. One thing Liasare is nervous about is going back to earth because she has not been there in 18 years. The Earth was wiped out by Small Pox and wiped out all of the humans so she is not sure what she will find.

Then she goes down to Earth and she meets the sexy but allusive man Jurek. Jurek is the only that can help her but after spending some time with him she is not sure he is the right guy. Jurek is a complete ass to her and there are times when she thinks about beating the hell out of him but she knows she needs him and he is the only one that can help her find her brother. As the time goes on Jurek and Liasare develop a fondness for each other but secrets and visions might come between them.

Will they be able to find her brother? What will happen once they do find him? Will they remain on Earth? This is such a kick ass read that you will not be able to out it down! Nov 09, Janelle Stalder rated it it was amazing. I don't normally write reviews, but I always make an exception for A. I've been lucky enough to meet some dear, dear friends here on Goodreads and she is one of them!

Having heard about this book as A. Man did it exceed all expectations. The hot parts were scorching! The tension was insane between the two main characters and when we finally got what we had been waiting for it was even better than I imagined. What surprised me the most about this novel I don't normally write reviews, but I always make an exception for A.

What surprised me the most about this novel were the dark parts. I had no idea this book would have such horrific scenes that literally had me crying for the main character.

And to top it all off the utter desperation we got to see from Jurek added such a depth to his character that I completely fell even more in love with him. She showed us the character's feelings rather than simply telling us. It was simply amazing and definitely A. I can't wait to read more of her incredible work. It was a mess that seemed to never end.

Once gain once the sex started it was on almost every page. Jan 09, Ellen rated it it was amazing Shelves: blog-toursarc. This is the first book I have read by A. Hargrove and I am now officially a big fan. I loved Dark Waltz. I have always been a fan of fantasy and science fiction, and Dark Waltz has both with some super hot romance, which makes this one great read.

Set in a futuristic world, Sarah, who with the help of her Vesturon friend Shondra, changes her identity in order to go back to Earth, to find her brother Tommy, who has disappeared.

Wednesday 4 March Thursday 5 March Friday 6 March Saturday 7 March Sunday 8 March Monday 9 March Tuesday 10 March Wednesday 11 March Thursday 12 March Friday 13 March Saturday 14 March Sunday 15 March Monday 16 March Tuesday 17 March Wednesday 18 March Thursday 19 March Friday 20 March Saturday 21 March Sunday 22 March Monday 23 March Tuesday 24 March Wednesday 25 March Thursday 26 March Friday 27 March Saturday 28 March Monday 30 March Tuesday 31 March Wednesday 1 April Thursday 2 April Friday 3 April Saturday 4 April Sunday 5 April Monday 6 April Tuesday 7 April Wednesday 8 April Thursday 9 April Friday 10 April Saturday 11 April Sunday 12 April Monday 13 April Tuesday 14 April Wednesday 15 April Friday 17 April Saturday 18 April Sunday 19 April Monday 20 April Tuesday 21 April Wednesday 22 April Thursday 23 April Friday 24 April Saturday 25 April Sunday 26 April Monday 27 April Tuesday 28 April Wednesday 29 April Thursday 30 April Friday 1 May Saturday 2 May Sunday 3 May Monday 4 May Tuesday 5 May Wednesday 6 May Thursday 7 May Friday 8 May Saturday 9 May Sunday 10 May Monday 11 May Tuesday 12 May Wednesday 13 May Thursday 14 May Edward was eating slowly, disturbed by the events of late, and Rosalie, Emmett's two-year girlfriend, was staring at him sadly.

My eldest took my plate with his own as he moved towards the kitchen sink, depositing the dirty dishes in their proper spot. When he returned, he simply offered me a gentle smile. Carlisle, Edward and Rosalie finished quickly and put their plates away as well before Rosalie went off to join Emmett. My youngest stayed behind with Carlisle and I to help with the leftovers. Edward had been with us since the tender age of five, and he was the first of our five- now six- children.

Edward had been seven years old when eight year old Jasper and nine year old Rosalie had joined our family, and not three months later, we'd taken Gothic Waltz ten year old Emmett and eight year old Alice as well.

The four eldest had been fast friends, with little Edward tagging along when he could. He had always gotten along well with the boys, even if he and Rosalie fought like cats and dogs. Both Rose and Edward had big personalities, and when two people like them got together, there was sure to be conflict.

When the dining room was cleaned up and the kitchen in order, Edward, Carlisle and I returned to the sitting room where Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and a tearful Alice were convened. Emmett, though his arm was around Rosalie, had his eyes glued to his sister. I'd keep Bella with me until she was a grown woman if I had to… she could stay here as long as she needed.

Jasper, ever calm and gentle, simply wrapped Alice up in his arms, always the comforter. Emmett fell silent, obviously trying to envision how someone who was related to him, of all people, could possibly be smaller than Alice. Emmett may have been almost twenty years old, but we all knew that he had a personality that matched Alice's in intensity. He knew what he wanted, and he was very impatient…. Alice, whose frown had alleviated somewhat, simply glanced at her brother as he disappeared into the kitchen.

The dog barked loudly, and Emmett sighed, his large mass making him the only one in the house that was able to overpower our large, unruly pet.

Jake had been a member of our family for just over a year now, and even a year of rigorous training and behavioral alterations had been unable to curb his terrible disposition. He oftentimes managed to get off his leash in the yard and tear up my flower beds, he constantly stole food from anyplace in the kitchen he could reach, he tore up bedding and pillows, chewed the furniture and was constantly tracking mud through the house and on the carpets.

Only Alice's love for him had kept him with us, since neither Carlisle or I could bear to cause one of our children such heartache. Alice had found Jake on her trip to the Port Angeles Animal Shelter, and without her hasty intervention, he would have ended up with the lethal injection.

Alice had saved her "puppy", as she'd affectionately dubbed him, brought him home and pleaded his case to Carlisle and myself, resulting in his permanence. After we'd discovered how badly he behaved, we'd been tempted to return him, but Alice had Gothic Waltz absolutely distraught at the very idea, and had begged us to keep him.

Which was why Emmett had to wrestle the massive beast away from the kitchen counter, where he was undoubtedly trying to lick our dinner dishes clean.

Although we were unsure of his exact age, he had grown significantly since he'd been with us, giving us a rough age estimate- two years old, if that. Alice obliged, and he groaned happily, pressing harder on Alice's hand as she scratched his ears absently.

Emmett very much disliked the family pet, and he wasn't afraid to show it. Alice shot him a nasty glare before she tapped Jake on the nose.

Jake, always the instigator, nipped playfully at the ends of her hair. Alice had named the dog all on her own, giving him a name which we'd all affectionately shortened to "Jake".

Jake let out a loud snort and put his head down on the armrest, stretching out his back leg. Alice simply shrugged and looked up at Emmett helplessly, a small smile on her tearstained face.

We all knew she spoiled our misbehaved dog terribly, but she loved her sister more than any dog, and she wanted Bella happy. Alice nodded quietly and simply sighed, obviously sad again at the mention of her timid little sister.

Carlisle received the same treatment, as did Jasper and Emmett before she traipsed up the stairs and disappeared into the recesses of her bedroom. As soon as she was gone, Jake jumped up into her vacated seat, relishing the warmth. Jasper was shoved over by his large backside, forcing him right into Emmett's side. He sighed heavily and stood up, letting Jake take the two cushions beside Emmett before he bid us goodnight as well, obviously deciding he'd be more comfortable in his own bedroom.

Jake's leg stretched out and hit Emmett's thigh, making him frown as he glanced quickly at the sleepy dog. I sleep like a rock. Carlisle cracked a smile as well as Emmett nodded, obviously overflowing with questions about Bella's personality. Emmett, though he could be crass and crude, cared dearly for his family, his two sisters in particular.

He had been the oldest sibling in his family as well, giving him the position of "big brother" from the get-go.

He was two years older than Alice, and four years older than Bella, giving him the right to protect and look after the two of them, even at the age of ten.

Not being able to know Bella these past years had always bothered him- something he compensated for by being even more protective of the one sister he'd been allowed to keep with him. Emmett had always had questions about his missing little sister… what was she like?

What did she like to do? Was she loud? The list was endless. He tended to plan for the worst, preferring to be happily surprised when the worst failed to play out than to be horribly shocked if he were to expect the best and be disappointed.

The living room fell silent once more as Rosalie sighed sadly, glancing up at Emmett carefully. Edward, seated in an armchair, remained stoically silent as he observed the goings-on around him. Rosalie smiled and followed, saying her soft goodnights as Edward, Carlisle and I were left alone in the sitting room.

Carlisle and Edward had a special bond together, especially considering that Carlisle was the first father Edward had ever known, and Edward had been the first of our adopted children, and the youngest. Edward wasn't the most affectionate of our children, even as a young boy, and he didn't often give Carlisle a bedtime hug, but for whatever reason, he never failed to hug me before bed. Edward had grown into quite the young man, going from the small, red-haired little boy into this strong, seventeen year old boy that would be ready to leave the nest soon enough.

Carlisle had read through that poor girl's entire file, reading over every last detail of her sad life. I had been much too nervous to glance at the details, opting to hear the cliff-notes version from Carlisle instead. Even that had saddened me, and I was almost positive that he'd left a lot out of the story for my sake. I nodded as he came over and sat next to me, letting me lean up against him.

Even twenty years after we'd began dating in high school, there was no way I could grow tired of the quiet personal Gothic Waltz I shared with my husband each night. I wanted him involved in the story, but not as someone who could possibly create the dreaded love triangle between Bella, Edward and himself.

Jake the puppy will be a sort of friend to Bella- someone solid and stoic.

Jul 06,  · What movie is the song "Dark Waltz" in? I know the song Dark Waltz by Hayley Westerna is in a movie, I just can't think of what it is. does anybody know? thanks! Answer Save. 3 Answers. Apr 30,  · Hi, I was wondering if any of you knew any good websites for downloading free piano sheet music. I was looking for one in particular, "Dark Waltz" by Hayley Westenra. Please list some websites were I could find this for FREE, or a direct link to the song. Thanks! May 07,  · I do not own the video or the audio. These are nonprofit videos made for fun. The video clips are from Van Helsing and two Phantom of the Opera movies and the Song is called the Vampire Waltz. Mar 09,  · Gothic Ballroom. 2. Waltz of the Fairies. Brandon Fiechter. PREVIEW 18 Songs, 1 Hour, 5 Minutes. Released March 9, ℗ Various Artists. Also available in the iTunes Store More by Derek Fiechter & Brandon Fiechter. Dark Lullabies II Nov 10,  · Gothic piano music about a Gothic wedding in a dark cathedral during wintertime. This music is called Gothic Wedding. We hope you enjoy listening to it! *** Spooky Waltz Music - Dance of the Shadows - Duration: Fantasy & Dark . May 07,  · I do not own the video or the audio. These are nonprofit videos made for fun. The video clips are from Van Helsing and two Phantom of the Opera movies and the Song is called the Vampire Waltz. Follow/Fav Dark Waltz. By: Moonchild After being orphaned at 6, Isabella Swan was separated from her only remaining family. Ten years later, Bella is reunited with her siblings and a new foster family. With secrets in her past and a rocky road to recovery, Bella strives for normalcy, routine, and the strength only a family can give. A story. Dec 14,  · Thursday December 22nd Fantasy Gothic Waltz assembles at the Cherry Bar. Bands: Secret Secret (SF), BloodWire (Oakland), Left on Calliope (San Jose), Tesseract7 (Petaluma). DJs/MCs: Robert Blaque (San Francisco), Femme Mystique (San Francisco), Persephone (Berkeley), Rick A. . Jan 30,  · A Deadly Waltz delivers romance and spine-tingling suspense in a Gothic historical setting reminiscent of Victoria Holt's style and Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Categories: historical Gothic romantic suspense, Victorian mysteries England, Victorian murder mystery, Gothic mystery, historical Victorian mystery, Victorian romantic suspense Reviews: Nov 05,  · Dark Waltz--A sizzling legend of loss, lust and love. It’s the year and the human population has been annihilated by a virulent form of small pox. Liasare Davidson is desperately searching for her brother, who has been missing for three months. It’s been eighteen years since she was evacuated from Earth and she is horrified to see it’s/5(60).


1. [No Tempo Indication] - Bach* - Nemanja Radulović - Bach (CD, Album), Day Before Temptation - The SteelDrivers - The Muscle Shoals Recordings (CD, Album), Pega Ela De Montão - Jorge Benjor* - Benjor (Vinyl, LP, Album), Family Tree - One Time Alive - Sugar Train (CD, Album), Bobby Valentin Y Su Orq.* - Como Nunca (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ill Just Take Your Word For It, Baby, Got A Feeling - Kay-I - World Wide Mixtape (File, MP3), Making Me Wild - Wolvespirit - Dreamcatcher (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. Dec 14,  · Gothic Winter Wonderland - San Francisco, December 22nd, Thursday December 22nd Fantasy Gothic Waltz assembles at the Cherry Bar.. Bands: Secret Secret (SF), BloodWire (Oakland), Left on Calliope (San Jose), Tesseract7 (Petaluma).
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    Nov 05,  · Dark Waltz--A sizzling legend of loss, lust and love. It’s the year and the human population has been annihilated by a virulent form of small pox. Liasare Davidson is desperately searching for her brother, who has been missing for three months. It’s been eighteen years since she was evacuated from Earth and she is horrified to see it’s/5(60).
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    Watch the video for Dark Waltz from Hayley Westenra's Pure for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.
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    US version Pokarekare Ana (Come Back to Me) – Never Say Goodbye – Who Painted the Moon Black? – River of Dreams – Beat of Your Heart – Amazing Grace – Benedictus – Hine E Hine (Maiden, O Maiden) – Across the Universe of Time – .
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    Oct 05,  · Gothic Waltz by 13 Grave Society, released 05 October Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
  6. Designer: ©Veils by Elena Style: Gothic Waltz/Knee; see drop-down menu for colors Material: Bridal Illusion Tiers: 1 Dimensions: " width 58" in Length Edging: 1/4" Double-Faced Satin (Traditional colors--Whites & Ivories) Gothic colors 3/8" Double-Faced Satin Embellishments: None Attachment: Veil has been hand sewn to a 3" tulle wrapped balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo Rating: % positive.
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    rows · Hayley Dee Westenra (born 10 April in Christchurch, New Zealand) is a New .
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    Fantasy Gothic Waltz comes to San Francisco! To get a better understanding for this event please check out the photos in the Vignette section of this website. Date and Time. Gothic Winter Wonderland Thursday December 22nd, Doors open at 8pm. Ages. The FGW SF at The Cherry Bar is a 21+ with ID event.

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