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There is no proof, however, so Phillips lets Whit and Connie go. Connie is escorted upstairs by a bellhop, while Whit checks things out and examines the computer. Sure enough, it belongs to the Department of Defense! Whit immediately calls Agent Phillips, who warns Whit that he could be in great danger. Whit suddenly remembers Connie. But it's too late. The evil doctor kidnapped her. Blackgaard arranges a meeting place with Whitunder a clock tower, to swap Connie for the computer.

Whit coordinates with Agent Frank Phillipswho insists that his squad be there to capture the doctor. So, under the clock tower, Whit waits. The agents watch him closely through their surveillance equipment.

Suddenly, Whit disappears! Richard insists that he's out to get revenge against Blackgaard. Richard claims he's there to help Whit, but Whit is unsure of what to believe.

Since Richard also claims to know where Blackgaard is holding Connie, Whit decides to trust him and go along. Our story comes to a climax in a warehouse owned by Blackgaard.

But there are a few more twists left in the story. Richard pulls a gun out on Blackgarrd, forces him to his knees, and tells him to beg for his life. Whit intercedes, and there's at least one character who isn't who he pretends to be. Along the way, we learn important lessons about the folly of revenge, deception, and greed. And Blackgaard, who never seems to learn anything from his experiences, vows that he will have his own revenge against John Avery Whittaker. Richard Maxwell is back in town, and immediately everyone is on guard, especially Tom Riley and Lucy Cunningham-Schultz, Album).

Tom is instantly suspicious of Maxwell, while Lucy just wants to steer clear of him. Richard asks to talk with Whit. Whit is happy to hear it, but he clarifies the difference between merely apologizing and asking for forgiveness.

Richard says he wants to ask forgiveness. Richard moves on, asking ConnieEugeneLucy, and Tom for forgiveness.

Connie forgives Richard almost instantly. Eugene grants him conditional forgiveness. When it comes to Lucy and Tom, however, Richard runs into large and painful brick walls. Tom refuses to trust Richard any further than Tom can throw him. Richard decides to leave town. Richard thanks her and leaves. Only Tom is left holding his grudge A new business is going up on the old site of Blackgaard's Castle. First, he hires Rodney to take care of the promotion.

Rodney hires Lucy to write fliers, but he never bothers to pay her. But Bart insists, so Eugene ends up giving it a try. But before he can, the building inspector comes. He okays everything in the structure but notices that the place is still operating off a generator. Bart says they were just about to switch over to city power. He orders Eugene to throw the switch. Everything seems fine for a moment. Then the place goes haywire, nearly blowing up! The Electric Palace doesn't get passed by the inspector — Album) Bart has plenty of time to dwell on the folly of taking shortcuts.

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz goes to the local dinner theater to interview its new owner for The Odyssey Times. There, she gets one of the biggest shocks of her young life. The new owner is Blackgaard; Edwin Blackgaard. He is the identical twin of the infamous Dr. Regis Blackgaardalthough no one really believes this at first.

Everyone is suspicious of poor Edwin, thanks to his notorious brother. Edwin goes out of his way to prove himself. He puts up posters, does a newspaper interview, attempts conversation, and finally puts on a free performance at the gazebo in McAlister Park.

Later that night, Edwin comes to the back door of Whit's End to thank Whit for his support. Whit says that he believes Edwin is really Edwin, not Regis trying to pull a fast one. Edwin thanks Whit and asks for advice on how to win over the people of Odyssey. He can only say that it will take time for people to get over their bad feelings for his brother. Perhaps Edwin will make it in Odyssey after all. Tom Riley is surprised to find Philip Glossman knocking on his front door at six in the morning.

Glossman, representing the state government and accompanied by agents Burt Ferder and Frank Ernesthas come to inspect Tom's farm for residual chemicals supposedly left behind by the Edgebiter Chemical Company spill from four years ago.

Tom, who insists his farm is clean of any pollution, is helpless to stop their incursion on his land since they have a court order. Tom's first course of action is to plead for help from Mayor Bill Jenkinswho suggests that Tom allow the agents to perform their inspection.

Tom continues to protest until Bill finally agrees to make a call afterward. Once Tom has left the room, Bill calls an unknown person and demands to know what "he" is "trying to pull" with Tom Riley, claiming that this was never "part of the deal. As Tom and Bernard Walton discuss the problem later at Whit's End later that day with Jack AllenConnie and Eugene — as Sam video tapes with a camcorder for fun — they are shocked to hear a breaking radio news announcement about Bill Jenkins's sudden decision to retire.

Much to Tom's chagrin, all his friends jump at Bernard's suggestion that Tom to run for mayor to replace Jenkins, in large part to help remove Glossman from the farm. Tom utterly refuses, claiming that it "would take something worse than Glossman" to convince him to run. That "worse" option quickly appears in the form of Bart Rathbonewho calls a press conference announcing his decision to run for mayor and cites the presence of Glossman on Tom's farm as a prime reason for fresh blood at city hall.

Bernard later visits Tom at the farm and asks him to reconsider running for mayor, especially now that Bart has entered the election.

Tom is still reluctant, wishing that he could see a few "nudges" from God toward that direction — nudges which Bernard lists as the recent events of the past few days. Bernard then pulls out a petition filled with names of local citizens interested in Tom running for office and offers to be Tom's personal campaign manager.

Stunned, Tom finally agrees — only after the two of them stop to pray about their next course of action. Glossman is curt and dismissive to Jack but seems interested to hear Jack's suggestion that the events at the farm may be helping Tom's campaign prospect rather than hurting it.

Dern suggests that the two candidates debate each other, to which Bart agrees: "Why not! The Environmental Detection guys aren't as they seemed. They want to collect evidence to try and implicate Tom in some sort of scandal. When they can't find real evidence, they make it up! Along the way, it's revealed that Glossman is not acting on his own but is on orders from a mysterious person "higher up. But even as Tom celebrates his victory, Glossman vows that Odyssey hasn't seen the last of him or his mysterious boss.

She and her assistant, Mollyare destroying everything. Their cover is blown and they must escape to a secure location. Tasha quickly helps him, then suggests that he leave immediately.

But before he can, a harsh and cruel man named Mustafa walks in the door. Mustafa immediately knocks out the Doctor. Then Mustafa knocks Tasha out as well, and one of his men carries her away. Mustafa walks over to Doctor and asks if he is all right. He rises and, in a brief conversation, reveals that he is Regis Blackgaard! While Mustafa is a member of a radical group called Red ScorpionDr. Blackgaard is carrying out an entirely separate scheme of his own. Jason is unimpressed until he learns that the kidnapped agent is Tasha, his closest friend in the Agency.

Jason springs into action. Back Album) SwitzerlandJason follows a trail left by Tasha until he arranges to rescue her.

Mustafa arrives and decides to make Jason a victim of the Rukuta virus. Blackgaard suddenly attacks Mustafa, preventing him.

Mustafa manages to jab Blackgaard with the needle. Blackgaard tells Tasha that it looks like he won't be needing the doll that he ordered from the toy shop. A few moments later everyone is shocked as Jason pronounces Dr. Blackgaard dead.

The story continues in part II We learn that the Rukuta virus is indeed a virus but is fairly harmless until it is connected to a mysterious TA formula, which makes it far more deadly.

With Mustafa in custody and the threat of world domination over, Jason says good-bye to Tasha and heads for Odyssey. He is then surprised when Tasha herself appears.

The package contains the complete formula for TA Soon, they learn that Mustafa has escaped! Before Jason can warn Tasha, she has been captured by Mustafa. Jason realizes, however, that Filby is a double-agent. Mustafa escapes by leaping through the window.

But Mustafa is only free for so long. He is captured not by the police, but by Dr. Blackgaardwho had faked his death. Blackgaard, who knows all about the power of the TA formula, murders Mustafa and leaves. Meanwhile, Jason says good-bye to Donovan and Tasha, his days as a secret agent are over. Jason is intrigued and decides to decipher it.

He asks Connie if she recognizes any of the names in the book. Jack goes to Emma. After a lot of coaxing, Emma tells Jack what she knows. Emma remembers one boy in particular: Billy MacPherson.

Jack and Jason go looking for Billy the next day. They find him working in a gas station near Connellsville. Jack encourages him to go, then hands over the Israelite Chronicles. Billy remembers that the code is "a starts with 5. Jack Allen wakes up early one morning in the middle of a nightmare and is startled by a call from Officer Phelpswho suggests Jack visit Whit's End immediately.

Once he arrives, Jack is shocked to find Whit's End vandalized. Tom Riley meets Jack at the scene and notices Jack is a bit more upset than he should be. Jack explains to Tom that the vandalism of Whit's End was in his dream that morning: in the dream, a place where Jack feels safe and secure was being destroyed. Small fires continued to pop up in the dream but were doused by little pools of water which sprang up in response.

Tom suggests that Jack speak with Pastor Barclay about his dreams, to which Jack agrees. Officer Phelps informs the two of them that the cleanup crew will be late, since Finneman's Market was also hit last night.

Sam suggests that what Odyssey needs is a superhero. Connie relays this idea to Jack inside a few minutes later, and Jack suggests that instead of a superhero, what they need is "a lot of little pools of water.

Tom makes a public statement to the press later that day at city hall and is challenged by Bryan Dern about Tom's connection to Whit's End, and why Tom acted strongly only after Whit's End was hit; Tom flatly ignores the question. Later on his radio show, Dern and special guest Bart Rathbone ridicule Tom and suggest that new leadership for the town is needed.

Meanwhile, after a failed fishing trip, Sam and Lucy discover that their bikes have been stolen. The two walk back to Whit's End and bemoan their bad fortune; oddly, there Sam receives a strange phone call suggesting that he visit the Wonderworld Treehouse.

At the treehouse, a mysterious figure wearing a ski mask leads Sam to a cave where the bikes are being kept. Sam jumps the figure, pulls off the mask and finds that it is none other than his former friend and recent Bones of Rath member Butch! Sam pumps Butch for information, guessing the Bones must be behind all this, and urges Butch to leave the Bones and be his friend again.

Butch is clearly tempted but simply bids Sam goodbye and walks away. Suddenly, Sam is grabbed from behind by an unseen figure! Butch meets up with Sam later on, and they swap information Later, Lucy Cunningham-Schultz receives a mysterious phone call telling her to look in her driveway. Her stolen bike is sitting there. When she asks Sam about it, he acts suspiciously.

That night, the Bones show up to vandalize Odyssey Middle School. Butch notices that there is a police car parked down the street, watching them.

The Bones of Rath call off their vandalism. But not all the happenings around town are bad. Brock PetersonChannel 10 News reporter, interviews Alma Stumpwhose fence was mysteriously mended.

Mayor Tom Riley tells of an anonymous phone call the police received, warning them of planned vandalism at Odyssey Middle School. Ralph Foremana city worker, describes how bushes were mysteriously trimmed, making an intersection safe for the community. He describes it as a random act of goodness. Connie Kendall hears the news report and begins to wonder if Jack Allen has anything to do with these mysterious occurrences.

Bart Rathbone also hears the news report and yells at Rodney. Bart warns Rodney that people are beginning to think everything is all right in Odyssey. Rodney promises he has something evil planned for that night. The girls follow Sam into the woods, where they are caught by Sam and a strange man. The stranger orders Connie and Lucy to come with he and Sam.

Their leader is Billy MacPhersona member of the original Israelites. Jack has also recruited Sam Johnsonwhich explains why he has been acting so strange lately. And Sam has made Butch their informant. That night, just as the Bones are about to commit their crime, the Israelites appear, causing the Bones to scatter. To make matters worse for the Bones, a local news reporter happens to see the whole thing and writes it up for morning edition of the Odyssey Times.

The "higher up" man is furious. Rodney will have to be replaced. Because Rodney has proven inept, a new leader is sent to lead the Bones in their vandalism. His name is Jellyfish and he suspects that there is a traitor in their I Feign Death - Sound Steffen - Into Eternity (Cassette. Butch tells Sam about the plan. Unfortunately for Butch, Jellyfish changes plans at the last moment and decides to attack the Harlequin Theatre instead. When Butch tries to warn Sam and the Israelites, Jellyfish catches him and the Bones beat him up - badly.

When Jack learns about this, he is horrified. He never meant for things to get this out of hand. As a result, he disbands the Israelites. The Bones of Rath appear to have won. They talk about Katrinaand about Eugene's attempts to move on since she left.

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It experienced widespread success, peaking at number one on the Belgian, Dutch, French and Danish singles charts, the Czech airplay chart and the Eurochart Hot Inhe released a new single entitled "Frozen Teardrops". Insaw the release of a remix of the original of "Infinity" called "Infinity " by Guru Josh, with the main remix done by DJ Antoine. Walden died by suicide I Feign Death - Sound Steffen - Into Eternity (Cassette 28 December at the age of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Guru Josh. Acid house house techno. Deconstruction Sony Ministry of Sound. Retrieved 29 December Retrieved 4 September Archived from the original on 1 November Retrieved 26 December The Guardian.

Dec 15,  · Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Eternity · If I Were You Life After Death ℗ If I Were You Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube. History First five albums. Into Eternity was formed in by founding members Tim Roth, Scott Krall and Jim Austin and later released an eponymous, independent album in , with the addition of Chris Eisler and Chris McDougall. The band signed to Century Media Records a year later and then re-released their debut album.. In , the band returned with their second album Dead or Dreaming Genres: Power metal, progressive metal, melodic death . Eternity, an Album by Eternity. Released in (catalog no. BG /; Vinyl LP). Genres: Hard Rock. Sound Of Eternity subscribed to a channel 4 years ago Sound Of Eternity Album Visions & Dreams Melodic Rock Records Video Produced and Directed by Gerson Sagastume. Apr 27,  · this blog is dedicated to showcasing material that has long since been out of print. If you are aware of any of these items being readily available from the artist or label, or take issue with these tracks being uploaded, please let me know so I can remove the balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo: Darktron. CROSSING THE THRESHOLD TO ETERNITY. PART I: DEATH • Eight Last Things • Next. Beloved and Merciful Lord, Death for Your children is the hope of the first step into Your eternal embrace. Guide us on our journey to that door of death that leads to eternity that we may be prepared in heart, mind, and spirit, to be received as children of. Worship Tutorials exists to equip and inspire worship leaders and musicians. Tutorials, reviews, song videos, loops, and more. Founded by Brian Wahl, campus worship leader at Newhope Church in North. Listen to Eternity | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. Kiev. Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Eternity . History First five albums. Into Eternity was formed in by founding members Tim Roth, Scott Krall and Jim Austin and later released an eponymous, independent album in , with the addition of Chris Eisler and Chris McDougall. The band signed to Century Media Records a year later and then re-released their debut album.. In , the band returned with their second album Dead or Dreaming Genres: Power metal, progressive metal, melodic death . May 09,  · Into Eternity Licensed to YouTube by SME, The Orchard Music (on behalf of Metal Blade Records); BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., BMG Rights Management (US), .


Le Shok - S&M (Vinyl), The Silvertone Steel Orchestra - Nobodys Business (Vinyl), Feel Me Dont You - Dada (4) - American Highway Flower (CD, Album), Its Not Over Yet, Konzert Für Orchester Und Klavier Nr. 1 B-Moll Op. 23 = Koncert Za Klavir I Orkestar Nr. 1 B-Mol Op., Dope - Amnezia (2) - Amnezia (CD), So Youll Aim Towards The Sky - Diametral - The Diametral Archives 1998-2013 Vol. 1 - Good Neid (F, Wonderland Of Love - Bobby Astor - With Love (Vinyl, LP), Bullfest - Gunnars Lion - Bullfest / Schottis På Valhall (Vinyl), Ще НВУ - ТіК - Весільний (CD, Album)

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    "From Here to Eternity" was featured in the movie Thank God It's Friday, but not included on the soundtrack album. Two re-recordings of the song were made for the various artists compilation DJ Empire Presents: A Tribute to Giorgio Moroder.
  2. INTO ETERNITY dates all the way back to in Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada's central plains region by founding members Tim Roth (vocals, guitar), Scott Krall (bass) and Jim Austin (drums) and together these guys crafted a sound that mixed progressive metal with melodic death metal and a .
  3. Eternity. likes. Founded in , Eternity brings you epic, melody- and riff-driven Power Metal from the depths of hell!!!
  4. Eternity's End guitarist Christian Muenzner playing through an instrumental version of the song Moonstruck off the first Eternity's End album The Fire Within (). All stay safe and healthy in those crazy times. We are busy writing album Nr. 3.
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of From Here To Eternity on Discogs. Label: Two Bare Feet - S A • Format: Cassette Album • Genre: Electronic, Pop • .
  6. Jun 22,  · Song Marfa Lights (1) Artist Deuter; Album East of the Full Moon; Licensed to YouTube by A Train Entertainment (Masters) (on behalf of New Earth Records); BMI - .
  7. "From Here to Eternity" was featured in the movie Thank God It's Friday, but not included on the soundtrack album. Two re-recordings of the song were made for the various artists compilation DJ Empire Presents: A Tribute to Giorgio Moroder.
  8. Sound Of Eternity Album Visions & Dreams Melodic Rock Records Video Produced and Directed by Gerson Sagastume Next Level Films.
  9. Explore releases from Eternity at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Eternity at the Discogs Marketplace.

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