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There is a murder at a nursing home, and racial tensions nearly reach a boiling point in town when a white man is robbed and killed in The Bottoms, and a black man visiting a relative in Sparta is the prime suspect. The case puts Gillespie and Tibbs at odds with one another. An unexpected visit from Althea's high school girlfriend from Philadelphia has a hidden motive. There is an instant attraction between her and young Officer Sweet, but the secrets she's brought along with her contribute to bringing things to an ill-fated end.

RoyceHarriet DeLong's sister Natalie is murdered by order of her secret lover and the married father of her nine-year-old son, millionaire businessman V. The situation causes Harriet a tremendous amount of anguish, rage, and frustration, not only because of Natalie's murder but because Chief Gillespie is reluctant to pursue the powerful Trundel as a suspect. That causes conflict between Harriet and Gillespie, because Gillespie and Detective Tibbs are not able to implicate Trundel in the crime, much less charge him for it.

They are only able to arrest Natalie's assassin, who miraculously is released on bail - but is later killed himself. However, Harriet wants Trundel himself apprehended, but Gillespie refuses to act upon it, which infuriates her and she tries to get Gillespie removed from the case. In Part Two, it is discovered that Norman Luft and Jessica Franks, two of Trundel's most trusted employees, facilitated not only Natalie's murder — but also the murder of the man they hired to kill her.

Trundel's wife finds out about the son Natalie had with her husband from Gillespie and Tibbs, and after that, everything seems to fall apart. Jessica Franks is arrested, and Luft is apprehended attempting to leave Sparta by private plane with Trundel.

Gillespie confronts Trundel with the knowledge that even though he has escaped a murder charge, he will still have to live with the burden of having his lover and the mother of his son, Eric DeLong, murdered and having to live with the risk that Eric would one day confront him over it. Unable to bear the weight of his guilt, Trundel commits suicide by deliberately crashing his plane only minutes after taking off. These are the first episodes in which we see Bill and Harriet's relationship begin to blossom.

During this period, he is able to see beyond her hardened exterior and finds a vulnerable and sensitive woman behind it; she discovers his compassionate side. From this point on, a camaraderie is formed between the two. This story arc was of special significance to series co-star Denise Nicholas, who played Harriet DeLong.

Ten years before, her real-life sister had been murdered and the culprit had never been caught. When Carroll O'Connor approached Nicholas about the storyline, it had upset her greatly and she had to write him a note explaining the situation, as he was unaware of the circumstances. He offered to have her not appear in the episode, but she chose to do so to bring closure for her and her family.

She was able to channel her unresolved grief into the role. Only O'Connor and director Leo Penn knew the truth during filming. Althea announces that she is pregnant to an overjoyed Virgil, and later to Gillespie, LP, whom she asks to be the godfather of her unborn child at the end of the episode, and he cheerfully accepts. During the back half of season 3, Howard Rollins took six weeks off when he entered a drug and alcohol rehab program to battle his addiction issues.

MGM worked around his rehab schedule. Episodes were not necessarily aired in the order they were filmed, which explains why Tibbs was present one week and not the next. He considered suicide shortly before Christmasprompting his stay in rehab. If he liked you, he really liked you and would be there for you. Cynthia Deming and William J. Royce were made main story editor s. The season opens with a two-hour movie entitled "Brotherly Love" and the birth of Virgil and Althea's twins.

While Althea is waiting to go into labor, Tibbs' friend and ex-colleague from the Philadelphia P. Tibbs heads up to the big city to attend his funeral, only to learn his friend's death was not by his own hand, but murder.

Tibbs soon recognizes there is corruption going on within the police department, and his friend was framed for the murder of a drug dealer. In the process of trying to clear his friend's name, he first becomes a target, then framed for murder himself. Chief Gillespie travels to Philly to get Virgil out of jail, help him solve the mystery of what happened to his friend and seek justice for him, expose the corrupt officers and make it back home to Sparta in time for the twins' birth.

William and Sarah Tibbs were welcomed into the world on September 18, Other stories include a visit from Althea's parents; Virgil's Aunt Etta moves in to help care for the twins; a heartbreaking episode about a mild-mannered teacher being accused of child molestation by a neglected student; and a remorseful parolee's recent discharge from prison upsets many in Sparta.

In "Family Matters", Virgil's cousin is a suspect in a string of robberies. Virgil promises his Aunt Ruda that he wants to bring the family back together again and that her son Tyrell will not get hurt.

When the boy ends up shooting himself while fighting with Virgil for the gun used in the robberies, Ruda angrily cuts herself off from the rest of the family. There is a Christmas clip show, a show about a bounty hunter, a storyline in which the Sparta P. Bubba goes to Los Angeles to extradite a Sparta resident responsible for a fire that killed two people, which was actually the first of two backdoor pilots for a series that featured Alan Autry, but neither were picked up by the network.

On a misty Sunday morning, three men break into the Lambry Industries plant with the intent to steal the payroll waiting to be paid out on Monday morning. They succeed, but a security guard is shot and killed in the process. Two of the men, one of them Glendon, are apprehended by Parker and Sweet.

The other gets away and in the confusion, Sweet sustains a gunshot wound to his leg. Harriet is worried about how the news will affect her teenage son, Eugene, who runs track at Sparta High. The case brings her and Bill closer together, while it drives a wedge between her and Eugene.

Eugene, who is observant of the growing friendship between his mother and the chief, reminds his mother that "Aunt Natalie was killed by a white man", while Bill brushes off the boy's not-so-foolish notions about him and his mama for now. He is uncharacteristically neutral in this case, as he doesn't want to appear to have a personal stake in what happens to Vic because of his friendship with Harriet. Virgil, on the other hand, isn't fooled and can see that there is an unmistakable but unspoken attraction between the two of them.

Later Eugene, who is aware of what his father and his friends' plans were, tries to help out the guy who escaped but nearly loses his life behind it and ends up in the hospital. Towards the end of the season, Vic Glendon goes on trial as the main conspirator of the robbery and murder of the security guard at the Lambry plant "No Other Road". The story is retold in flashbacks.

The suspect that got away is later found and shot down by Virgil when the suspect fires at him. Later the third man, who was shot during the robbery, dies from his gunshot wound, leaving Vic to take sole responsibility for what has happened.

Harriet is uncertain of the position she is supposed to take in all of this. After quick deliberation by the jury, Vic is found guilty on all charges and is sentenced to death by lethal injection. He is later imprisoned at Parchman. Eugene, overwhelmed by everything happening to his father, loses hope for a normal life and wants to give up on everything and leave Sparta.

Virgil and Sergeant Jamison, who has been mentoring Eugene, both try to convince him that he can still achieve his goals for the future in spite of what is going on.

With Jamison vouching for the boy, he ends up on parole for being in possession of some of the stolen Lambry money and being an accessory after the fact to the robbery. The season closes with Althea upset over the stress of Virgil's job on the police force after he is almost killed by a stray bullet which he does not tell her about. She is worried that her children will grow up Album) their father.

She begs him to try something different. Chief Gillespie burns up the wires to get Virgil on his way to law school, and Althea apologizes for not being more understanding as she, Virgil, and Chief Gillespie share a glass of non-alcoholic champagne together.

The fifth season begins with the revelation that Chief Gillespie has a year-old daughter by the name of Lana Farren, played by Christine Elise formerly of Beverly Hills, The chief is now good friends with her mother, Georgia Farren, played by legendary actress Stella Stevens. Lana was conceived during a period where her mother was separated from her husband, and she and Gillespie had an affair.

However, she was never divorced from her husband, Ken Farren. Georgia asks Bill to help her put some of her affairs in order and to keep all of her "boyfriends" as well as her estranged spouse away from her assets, which she intends to leave to Lana.

Bill immediately puts Ted Marcus on the case to assist Lana in obtaining the property meant to be given to her by her mother. In the meantime, Georgia returns to Gulfport and is murdered. The chief, who still cared about Georgia, is devastated and takes this very personally. He sets out to find her killer, who turns out to be Ken, who has returned to Sparta. He evidently learns that Bill Gillespie is Lana's real father, which is his motive for the murder. While the Sparta P. By the end of the episode, Lana figures out who Bill really is, but does not want to have anything to do with him because he never took responsibility or attempted to have a relationship with her while she was growing up.

This hurts Bill deeply, and he has a hard time dealing with it. Ruda is the only witness to a struggle that ends in the death of a young robbery suspect, and Bubba is blamed.

Darnelle wants to prosecute, but only Ruda can clear Bubba since the young man shot himself in the struggle, the same way Tyrell Gibson, her son, did. Her prejudice against the police and against Virgil clouds her memory of the incident. But after visiting Tyrell in prison, whereupon he tells her that the shooting that left him wheelchair-bound was not Virgil's fault, her memory of the incident returns, and the episode ends with Virgil and Ruda happily reconciled.

In the episode "The More Things Change", Gillespie and Harriet share their first kiss after he drives her home after attending a party, and he finally reveals his affections for her.

They both lament the very likely possibility that a relationship between Album) two of them would not be accepted by most in Sparta. Their time alone together is initially interrupted by Harriet's son, Eugene, who harbors a deep dislike for the Chief, whom he blames for his father's imprisonment, and doesn't want him around his mother. In "Moseley's Lot", one brother plots the death of his irresponsible alcoholic and compulsive gambling younger brother after two thugs from New Orleans follow him home to Sparta, looking for repayment for debts owed to a gangster.

Other storylines include a taxidermist who is obsessed with a flirtatious schoolteacher; a game of high-stakes poker that ends in murder; D. Darnelle's daughter is kidnapped; Bubba's finding out that Sheriff McComb's deputy is growing pot on the side; Althea's preoccupation with a college-bound student whose unstable mother is dating a drug dealer causes division between her and Virgil; Sweet is determined to discover the truth about the murder of his grandfather in and those responsible for it a story loosely based on the murder of Medgar Evers" Sweet, Sweet Blues " [6] and the widow of V.

Trundel returns, trying to get custody of the son that her husband had with Harriet's murdered sister, who has been living with his aunt since the murder occurred. The recap of the Season 3 season finale, "Citizen Trundel", is shown in flashbacks.

Two teens vandalizing mailboxes in Sparta for fun somehow become entwined in a murder investigation; Lonnie discovers that an old high school crush is not only an alcoholic but also a negligent single mom. Racists sabotage a celebration honoring a Sparta civil rights pioneer in "Odessa", the first of six scripts that Denise Nicholas wrote.

She enjoyed her role as Harriet, but was bothered about the lack of black writers on the show. She complained to Carroll O'Connor about it, and he had to admit she was right. He asked her to write a script, which she did. When she submitted it to him, he liked it so much that he encouraged her to write others for the series. In the two-part season finale "Sanctuary" and "The Law on Trial", Sheriff McComb has Gillespie and Tibbs brought up on obstruction charges and harboring a fugitive after an escaped prisoner, who is an El Salvadoran immigrant seeking asylum, is given sanctuary in a monastery and the two don't arrest him when he refuses to give himself up.

The prisoner is later shot to death in a standoff with the sheriff's department. Althea fears that if Virgil is convicted, it will be the end of his career as a cop and will hinder his chances of being an attorney. Judge Sims presides over the case, and a reluctant D. Darnelle has to prosecute his two friends. Ted Marcus represents Gillespie and Tibbs in the trial, and Father DiMarco Cesare Danovathe abbot who harbored the fugitive, represents himself at trial.

Father DiMarco's heartfelt summation to the jury contributes to the case being dismissed though that is not revealed until the start of Season 6. In between court appearances, Harriet pays Gillespie an inconspicuous visit and the two share a tender and romantic moment.

The conflict between Sheriff McComb and Chief Gillespie lingers on throughout the following season, and that conflict affects every crossover dealing with subsequent interactions between McComb's deputies and Gillespie's officers. The episode and the season end with both Gillespie and Tibbs awaiting the verdict in their respective residences the evening the case is given to the jury.

At the end of the original and final broadcast on NBCit was revealed that the jury couldn't reach a verdict, a mistrial is declared and the two men are freed.

Bill and Harriet spend the night together for the first time. It was not publicly known at the time when Season 5 ended whether or not the show would continue.

NBC had decided not to renew the series, although the ratings were still respectable and there were still some open ended plots that hadn't been resolved. A deal was made with rival network CBS to keep the show on the air. Originally, CBS opted to pick up the series for only a set of six two-hour movies. However, it was eventually picked up for a full episode order. The first two episodes of the season see the secret romance between Gillespie and DeLong intensify.

They frequently meet in a studio apartment that doubles as Harriet's art studio. Their relationship is temporarily interrupted by a crack war involving Eugene Glendon, Harriet's son. Eugene witnesses the death of his best friend and a small-time Sparta drug dealer in a drive-by shooting by other dealers from Jackson.

Virgil and Lonnie are frustrated with Eugene's refusal to cooperate. Later on, he decides to comply with the police as a witness after seeing so many of his peers affected by what's going on. However, Harriet is strongly against it, which causes friction between her and Bill.

She is frightened for the life of her son, but Bill tries to assure her that Eugene will be protected. Harriet is not convinced and in her fear and frustration, she decides to put distance between herself and Bill for a while. He is hurt, but he honors her wishes and agrees to take a step back. Althea Tibbs witnesses the gruesome suicide of an obsessive and emotionally disturbed student, Garth Watkins Walton Gogginscausing her to suffer a near mental breakdown in a two part episode.

Virgil's Aunt Ruda is in the hospital, fighting cancer. Virgil worries about her safety when several terminally ill patients who share the same physician as Ruda end up dying before their time, and murder is suspected. Other highlights this season included a visit from LuAnn's ex-convict brother Designing Women ' s Meshach Taylora faded country music singer Robert Goulet who ends up committing murder; the reconciliation between Gillespie and his estranged daughter Lana; Bubba's being stalked by an obsessed admirer; Sweet's falsely accused of soliciting a bribe by two racist used car salesmen; a law school classmate of Virgil's is suspected of foul play when an ex-girlfriend of his is found dead in a river.

A friend of Althea's who is being sexually harassed by her employer takes matters into her own hands, with grave consequences. A two-part episode directed by Larry Hagman involves a white supremacist politician whose visit to Sparta has a couple of ulterior motives, including aspirations for a presidential run "The Leftover Man". In another two-part episode written by O'Connor and Cynthia Deming, titled "Even Nice People" and "Lake Winahatchie", the mob, led by their real estate connection Lewis Alvin Epp, tries to force Gillespie's daughter Lana and her odd neighbor, Randy Calhoun, off their land, as they've done with others in the area.

Burgess Meredith in one of his last acting roles appears in both episodes as an eccentric judge overseeing the case he would return for a brief cameo in Season 7.

The season ends with Bill and Harriet forced to confront the impending execution of Harriet's ex-husband and Eugene's disapproval of their relationship. Bill goes house hunting and throws out hints to Harriet that he wants her to move in with him.

A prison bishop working with Eugene trying to help Vic get his conviction commuted becomes the target of a gunman seeking revenge for his father, who was on death row and was executed. Harriet, after seeking advice from Gillespie, reluctantly goes to visit Vic at Parchman Prison.

But the visit isn't what she feared it would be, and she agrees to help join the fight to save his life along with her son by securing a new lawyer for him. Rollins was dropped from the show due to health reasons plus three outstanding warrants in Rockdale County and the city of Covington, GA.

Filming began on April 28, Rollins had not been seen on the set since Januarywhen season six wrapped. Despite numerous attempts by the media to contact Rollins, who was believed to be living in New York City, only series star Carroll O'Connor was in contact with Rollins during this period. It was hoped that Rollins would get his legal and personal issues resolved and return to the series full-time as Virgil Tibbs to both to practice law and to assist the Sparta P.

Rollins would return occasionally as a guest star, while Johnson took a starring role on the final season of Fox 's sketch comedy series In Living Color. Thorne left to pursue a career as a novelist and screenwriter; his character simply vanished from the series without any explanation. Season 7 opens with Bill Gillespie being forced out of office and former Memphis, Tennessee Police Department Inspector Hampton Forbes Carl Weathers is hired as the new police chief by the city council.

After nearly three decades on the Sparta police force, Gillespie does not receive a new contract from the council because his romance with Harriet is now out in the open, although other excuses are made for his dismissal. He seems to be accepting of the outcome, while Harriet doesn't hesitate to show her fury over the decision. The transition from Gillespie being in charge to Forbes taking over is slightly uneasy at the very start, but soon things smooth out.

However, Gillespie is soon appointed as the acting Sheriff of Newton County when Nathan McComb suffers a heart attack and is too ill to continue his duties. This new appointment for Gillespie angers several on the city council. They want an investigation, which is upsetting and hurtful for Harriet. Gillespie also buys a new home, which he recruits Harriet to decorate in hopes she will move in with him, but she is hesitant. Gillespie's last case as Sparta police chief is the finding the murderer of an unstable local man—whom he learns is a nine-year-old boy who the man had threatened for repeatedly trespassing on his property.

The child shot him with his mother's gun. In this Christmas episode the officers share memories with a reporter from the Sparta Herald. A bottle of spiked moonshine leads to an accident that claims the life of one teen and blinds another. A psychiatrist tells Gillespie that one of her patients has confessed to a crime that another man is about to be executed for, but she refuses to divulge his identity.

A story of two brothers as they struggle to influence a younger sibling. The first is an honor student that Althea has great plans for, the other a dangerous drug dealer. Virgil soon regrets telling an old friend that his new business partners are being investigated by the police.

Parker protects a blind woman who heard her neighbors murder. A serial rapist stalks Sparta. Carroll O'Connor. Bubba travels to Los Angeles to arrest an arsonist. When the man is murdered to keep him from talking Bubba teams up with a pretty insurance investigator to solve the crime.

Harriet tries to keep Eugene from giving up when his father faces the death penalty. Althea thinks Virgil needs a new line of work after seeing the aftermath of a deadly shooting at a roadhouse. Virgil finds himself in danger when they arrest the man who committed the crime. Gillespie's old flame returns to Sparta to settle some business matters and see Bill.

When she is murdered he travels to Gulfport and meets his daughter Lana for the first time. After Bubba's cousin adopts a baby her husband is blackmailed by the child's real parents — they want him to help them steal the payroll where he works. A flirtatious schoolteacher is stalked by a madman.

A game of high-stakes poker ends in murder. Virgil's Aunt Ruda is the only witness to a struggle between Bubba and a young robbery suspect that ends in the young man's death.

But her prejudice against the police — and Virgil clouds her memory of the incident. Follow up to "Just a Country Boy". Bubba returns to Los Angeles to testify at a murder trial and is reunited with Pat Day as they try to protect Mike from killers sent to prevent him from testifying. A man murders his business partner and frames the man's illegitimate daughter for the crime in an attempt to gain the man's business and his wife. The lyrics to a blues song recall a murder that happened 50 years earlier.

The victim — Sweet's grandfather. And the only people left with the answers are the bluesman who wrote the song and a retired sheriff. A deputy provides protection for a cotton grower who is running a pot growing operation. But the deputy makes a big mistake when he wounds Bubba's girlfriend.

The father of a man Gerard prosecuted kidnaps the DA's daughter. Lonnie makes a heartbreaking discovery about a woman he dated in high school. A drug dealing slumlord is murdered by his accomplices.

A doctor plots to eliminate his wife — and his mistress. Parkers investigation into a purse snatching reveals an abused woman. Denise Nicholas. Racists target a ceremony honoring a civil rights pioneer. Althea fears for one of her students after her mother's boyfriend is linked to a criminal operation that has resulted in the deaths of several truckers. A restaurateur and her mechanic boyfriend plot to eliminate her husband, but their scheme backfires.

Gillespie takes heat over a string of mailbox bashings. And Virgil soon regrets ignoring Parker's theory regarding where the vandals would strike next.

Trundel's widow takes Harriet to court to gain custody of Eric. But Harriet is determined that her nephew will not be raised in the home of the man who ordered the murder of her sister. Gillespie learns that the son of an old friend is a compulsive gambler. The young man wants his father to pay off his losses. But when two gangsters show up from New Orleans to collect, his jealous sibling sees the perfect opportunity to get rid of his troubled brother.

An ex-convict attempts to retrieve his loot from his wife and her new husband in this tongue-in-cheek episode. A political prisoner who entered the country illegally, seeks sanctuary in a monastery. Gillespie and Tibbs find themselves at odds with Sheriff McComb when they try to help the man.

Follow up to "Sanctuary". Gillespie, Tibbs and Father DiMarco must stand trial for harboring a fugitive and obstructing justice. Althea fears Virgil's career could suffer if he is found guilty. Meanwhile the other officers monitor the situation with Lawyer Epp and his mafia associates. Big city crack dealers invade Sparta. Eugene witnesses the drive-by shooting of a friend and his offer to help the police identify the shooters leaves Harriet frightened and angry at Bill.

The police wage war against the big city In The Heat Of The Night - Nancy Martinez - Not Just The Girl Next Door (Vinyl dealers who have moved into Sparta. Eugene identifies the men who murdered his friend. And Bubba is teamed with and intrigued by a lady police lieutenant from Jackson.

Luann's ne'er-do-well brother Meshach Taylor returns home after being paroled. Althea places herself in harms way trying to help one of her students, a disturbed and violent young man, after he is implicated in a murder case. Follow up to "A Frenzied Affair". Althea has trouble dealing with the violent death of a student. Young Megan Fowler quickly finds herself yet another dangerous boyfriend and they are soon wanted by the police.

Lana Farren comes to Sparta to claim her inheritance, but is stalked by a mobster who dated her mother. Meanwhile Harriet encourages Bill to talk to his daughter, but Lana doesn't seem to be interested. Officer Randy Goode helps keep the bad guys at bay by playing them a little tune on the guitar. A secretary takes drastic measures to protect herself from sexual harassment. Virgil fears for his Aunt Ruda's safety after several killings occur in the hospital where she is being treated.

An angry man Gary Crosby insists that Eddie owes him money. And their dispute soon ends in violence. A city councilwoman becomes dangerously obsessed with Bubba. One of Virgil's classmates from law school is arrested following the death of his former girlfriend, but the man insists that her death was the result of her relationship with her psychiatrist.

A judge schemes to get rid of his wife after she tries to blackmail him into giving her a divorce and a generous settlement by revealing a secret from his past. Sweet is the target of false accusations by two corrupt and racist car salesmen. Parker's stepfather Roy Pat Hingle threatens his former employer after an altercation. When the boss is murdered Roy is arrested. A woman asks Harriet to help her get an eviction order rescinded.

The chief gives Parker a new radar gun - and soon comes to regret it. Sheriff McComb requests that Gillespie and Bubba help investigate a murder. Meanwhile Lonnie and Luann search for the boy who reported the murder. A white supremacist politician plans to have his wife's lover murdered and blame it on black radicals. A swindlers homecoming upsets his wife and the families of his victims - especially Etta.

A wealthy man plans to grant a promise made to a black sharecropper many years ago by giving land to the man's descendant. But his greedy son disapproves.

Corrupt developers set their sights on Lana's farm. When she refuses to sell they enlist the services of an arsonist to force her out.

Follow up to "Even Nice People". Bill discovers the motivation behind a crime syndicates attempt to muscle in on Sparta and the reason they are determined to get Lana's land. Eugene hopes a well known minister can save his father from Death Row. But someone runs the Reverend off the road on his way into town and the Sparta police try to protect him and track down his assailant.

Meanwhile Harriet struggles with what her part in her ex-husbands appeal should be and is even more unsettled when Eugene demands that she break up with Bill.

Chief Gillespie is fired by the city council and Sparta's new police chief Hampton Forbes arrives in town. Bill's last case with Sparta P. Former Spartan Wade Hatton returns to Sparta hoping to make sense of his life and rekindle his relationship with Sarah Hallisey. Bubba and Covey take the new chief on a tour of Sparta and Bill takes Wade to visit some distant cousins. Meanwhile two young criminals involve a mentally handicapped young man in a terrible crime.

Wade and Sarah try to keep young Henry Wayne Brady from being punished for a crime he did not commit and Forbes and his officers search for the two men who are really responsible. A night of revelry at a local pond turns deadly. Lana's ex- boyfriend comes to see her and brings a load of stolen rifles with him. Luann moonlights as a singer at a nightclub and finds romance with the club's owner.

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Add to list. Add to registry. This 34 disc collection contains episodes spanning all 8 seasons of the award-winning series that appeared on NBC from - and CBS from - Based on the Album) acclaimed novel of the same name, this series aired for eight seasons and provided a hopeful, yet honest look at life in the new South. Set in fictional southern towns, the show centers on Bill Gillespie Carroll OConnor, who played Archie Bunker in All in the Familya sheriff who tries to solve crimes and catch criminals while navigating through tricky small-town politics where racial tensions often run high.

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Directed by David Soul. With Carroll O'Connor, Howard E. Rollins Jr., Alan Autry, Anne-Marie Johnson. During the Christmas season, a flirtatious newspaper reporter prints an unflattering story about the Sparta Police Department. In the Heat of the Night is a American mystery drama film directed by Norman balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo is based on John Ball's novel of the same name and tells the story of Virgil Tibbs, a black police detective from Philadelphia, who becomes involved in a murder investigation in a small town in balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo stars Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger, and was produced by Walter Mirisch. In the Heat of the Night Nancy Martinez. Produced by Teneen Ali. Album Not Just the Girl Next Door. In the Heat of the Night Lyrics. Something you know . VINYL RECORDS AND CD MARKETPLACE Buy rare vinyl records, LPs and CDs from independent record sellers worldwide. When you search MusicStack you are not just searching one record store, instead you are searching over record stores and looking through the inventory of millions of vinyl records and compact discs. Feb 14,  · Sandra - In The Heat Of The Night (), Taken from "The Long Play". Directed by David Soul. With Carroll O'Connor, Howard E. Rollins Jr., Alan Autry, Anne-Marie Johnson. During the Christmas season, a flirtatious newspaper reporter prints an unflattering story about the Sparta Police Department. 05 Nancy Martinez - In The Heat Of The Night , 06 Nancy Martinez - Hurt Me Twice (Shame On You) , 07 Nancy Martinez - Crazy Love , Mar 06,  · Created by James Lee Barrett. With Carroll O'Connor, Alan Autry, David Hart, Hugh O'Connor. The cases and adventures of the police forces in and around Sparta, Mississippi. "Heat of the Night" is a song written by Canadian rock musician Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance and performed by Adams. The song became the most successful song from Adams' album Into the Fire in It was released as the first single from Into the Fire and reached number 6 on the U.S. Billboard Hot and number 2 on the U.S. Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. In the Heat of the Night (–) Series Cast & Crew. Directed by (30) Writing credits (49) Cast () Produced by (22) Music by (7) Cinematography by (5) Film Editing by (11) Casting By (5) Production Design by (2) Set Decoration by (5) Makeup Department (23) Production Management (8).


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  1. In the Heat of the Night Nancy Martinez. Produced by Teneen Ali. Album Not Just the Girl Next Door. In the Heat of the Night Lyrics. Something you know .
  2. In , she released the album Not Just the Girl Next Door on Atlantic Records in New York City. That album produced three dance hits: "For Tonight" which went to number two for two weeks on the dance charts, "Move Out" which got to #12, and "Crazy Love". "For Tonight" also crossed over to the Billboard Hot chart, peaking at #
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    Dec 04,  · Directed by Peter Levin. With Carroll O'Connor, Howard E. Rollins Jr., Alan Autry, Anne-Marie Johnson. Tension is created between Tibbs & Gillespie when Tibbs is nominated to be the new Chief of Police. The party responsible for the murder is found to be surprisingly close.
  4. Nov 14,  · S3, Ep4 14 Nov. First Girl The Sparta Police Department welcome their first female officer.\r\rS1, Ep4 22 Mar. Fate Racial tensions boil over in Sparta when a married, white woman has an extramarital affair with a black businessman.\r\rS3, Ep1 24 Oct. Rape When Althea is raped by a colleague, Gillespie and the Sparta PD must solve the case before a furious Virgil gets revenge .
  5. Feb 24,  · In the Heat of the Night. Nancy Martinez. From the Album Not Just The Girl Next Door February 24, Start your day free trial of Unlimited to listen to this song plus tens of millions more songs. Exclusive Prime pricing. $ to buy.
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    Directed by David Soul. With Carroll O'Connor, Howard E. Rollins Jr., Alan Autry, Anne-Marie Johnson. During the Christmas season, a flirtatious newspaper reporter prints an unflattering story about the Sparta Police Department.
  7. Directed by David Soul. With Carroll O'Connor, Howard E. Rollins Jr., Alan Autry, Anne-Marie Johnson. During the Christmas season, a flirtatious newspaper reporter prints an unflattering story about the Sparta Police Department.
  8. Take the Quiz: In the Heat Of the Night TV Series. It was one of my favorite shows about Southern small town life. The last question is about the film.
  9. In the Heat of the Night is an American police procedural crime drama television series based on the film and the novel of the same title. It starred Carroll O'Connor as police chief Bill Gillespie and Howard Rollins as police detective Virgil Tibbs, and was broadcast on NBC from March 6, until May 19, , then on CBS from October 28, until May 16, No. of episodes: + 4 TV movies (list of episodes).

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