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Imperial forces were left in tatters, giving the Alliance the opportunity to form the New Republic and forge a new future free of the Sith and the rule of the Empire, thus allowing Breath Bueno - Tore Honoré Bøe - Baunoten / Endgame (CDr) Jedi Order to be restored.

Unlike the Battle of Yavin[28] the last major battle between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empirewhich had taken place on the ice world of Hothhad resulted in a disastrous defeat for the Alliance. The loss of the recently established Echo Base [29] forced the Alliance High Command to break the Alliance Fleet into small task forces that would constantly jump from one star system to another to prevent another defeat for Imperial propagandists to celebrate.

Several months later, the Bothan spynet intercepted information that revealed the Empire was building a second Death Star in orbit over the forest moon of Endor. Thanks to the Bothan spiesthe Alliance also learned that the Emperor himself was to oversee the completion of the Death Star, the construction of which was being overseen by Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod.

Unbeknownst to the Alliance, the Emperor, secretly a Dark Lord of the Sith known as Darth Sidioushad foreseen the Alliance's plan and used this to his advantage.

The Emperor would allow the Alliance to obtain incomplete information, tricking the Alliance into thinking that the battle station 's superlaser was inoperative when in fact the battle station would be fully operational. In addition, the Emperor would hide a large fleet of Star Destroyers on the far side of Endor.

A week after the intelligence report reached Rebel Command, its leader, Chancellor Mon Mothmaorganized a top-clearance meeting on Zastiga to relay this information to the other Rebel leaders.

After swearing all the Rebel leaders to secrecy, Mothma adjourned the meeting for the next day. The group of leaders devised a plan whereby Alliance warships would engage the battle station's defenses, buying time for starfighters to enter the unfinished Death Star's superstructure to destroy its exposed reactor core.

Prior to the arrival of the Alliance Fleet, a strike team of commandos from Madine's Special Forces would be sent to the forest moon to destroy the deflector shield generator protecting the superweapon —though they had yet to secure an Imperial transport to do so.

They also decided to use the Sanctuary Pipelinea hyperspace route that would allow them to go from Sullust directly into the Endor system. Organa and a crew of rebels placed hyper-transceivers in the Corva sector as a part of Operation Yellow Moon. The hyper-transceivers would attract Imperial attention to Organa, deflecting the Empire's attention away from the fleet's gathering at Sullust.

The operation was a success. In addition to successfully placing the hyper-transceivers, Organa and her team were able to destroy the Imperial -class Star Destroyer Shieldmaiden and steal the Lambda -class T-4a shuttle Tydirium[30] which would prove essential to the infiltration mission to the Endor moon. An Imperial fleet consisting of Star Destroyers, attack cruiserslight cruisersand more gathered in the Hudalla system as a display of the Emperor's power. Their mission was to attract the Rebels' attention and confirm the Emperor's arrival to Endor.

In response, Ackbar sent Corona Squadron to observe the Imperial ships and obtain as much information as possible. Imperial forces allowed Corona Squadron to escape, hoping that the resulting counterintelligence would lead the Rebels to believe that the Imperial Starfleet was dispersed. With the Alliance Fleet nearly assembled, wing leaders and other major players were briefed on plans for the upcoming battle by Mothma, Ackbar, and Madine.

Ackbar would command the Alliance Fleet, providing cover for the starfighter attack. General Lando Calrissian would lead Gold Squadron and the rest of the starfighter groups in the attack against the Death Star's main reactor. General Han Solohaving recently been rescued from Jabba Desilijic Tiure on Tatooine[4] would take over command of the ground assault team from the recently deceased Major Lokmarcha.

After his arrival at the Death Star, and in spite of reports about the Rebel fleet massing near Sullust, the Emperor had his apprentice and servant, Darth Vadersend the Imperial fleet protecting his project to the far side of Endor, to stay there until called for. He also had Vader go to their main command shipVader's own Executor -class Star DreadnoughtExecutorto await further orders.

As the Rebels awaited Breath Bueno - Tore Honoré Bøe - Baunoten / Endgame (CDr) the codes to be worth the price they had paid, Vader sensed the presence of his son, Skywalker, aboard the shuttle and allowed them to land on the moon. Agreeing to use comlinks only as a last resort to avoid alerting the Empire to their presence, [7] the Rebel landing party made their way through the forest, but they were soon spotted by four Imperial scout trooperswho made use of Z speeder bikes.

Although Solo and Chewbacca took out two of them, Skywalker and Organa were forced to pursue the remaining two and two other troopers with the speeder bikes. During the pursuit, however, Organa was separated from the group and, after taking out another two scoutsbrought to Bright Tree Village by the Ewok Wicket W.

Warrickprompting Solo to split the strike team. While the Pathfinder squad made their way to the shield generator ahead of them, Solo, Skywalker, Chewbacca and the two droids searched for Organa before going to the rendezvous point.

At the time, Vader returned to his master to report the arrival of the Rebel shuttle and Skywalker's presence in it. Although suspicious of Vader's impartiality regarding his son, the Emperor allowed Vader to go to the moon, claiming Skywalker would go to him, and that then, Vader was to bring Skywalker before him so that he could turn the young man to the dark side of the Force. During their search for the princess, the group fell into an Ewok trap and was captured to become a banquet in C-3PO's honor back at Bright Tree Village, as the primitive species believed the protocol droid to be a god.

Organa, already a guest of the Ewoks, was unable to talk them out of this plan. However, skillful use of the Force allowed Skywalker to trick the Ewoks into believing C-3PO would unleash his " magic " over them if they did not release them at once. The Ewoks Breath Bueno - Tore Honoré Bøe - Baunoten / Endgame (CDr) complied. Now considering the Rebel team their guests, the village in full listened to C-3PO, who used his translator skills to speak Ewokese and tell the tribe [4] of all that had led to their presence in their forest—his and R2-D2's service to the Galactic RepublicR2-D2's work during the Clone Warsthe Jedi Order 's demise at the betrayal of the clone armythe birth of Palpatine's Empire and the end of freedom, the gradual birth of the Alliance and the message of a boy across the worlds that ignited a spark of rebellion, Organa's mission to Tatooine, the droids' purchase by Skywalker, their encounter with Obi-Wan Kenobi and meeting with Solo and Chewbacca, the destruction of Alderaan by the first Death Starthe princess' rescue and the Battle of Yavinthe Rebel defeat at Hoth, the Millennium Falcon ' s escape to Cloud City and Skywalker's fateful duel against Vader.

Finally, C-3PO told the Ewoks that the Emperor had constructed another planet-killing "metal moon" above them. After finishing the story at night, the head of the Council of EldersChief Chirpadiscussed with his two best huntersTeebo and Asha Fahnwith input from their shamanLogray.

Though Logray believed they should not interfere for the safety of the tribe, Chirpa decided to aid the rebels, and thanks to Teebo and Asha's support, he was able to overrule Logray and announce that they would help the Rebel group, [7] now members of their tribe. At the same time, Skywalker chose to leave the village, as he had sensed during C-3PO's narration that Vader had landed on the moon.

Aware that he could not hide from his father[7] he revealed to Organa that he was her brother, and Vader was their father. Skywalker then left her to face the Sith Lord in combat alone. They proceeded to transport their prisoner on an All Terrain Armored Transport to the shield generator base, [7] where he was greeted by Vader after his landing with the shuttle ST After a short conversation in which Skywalker attempted to turn Vader to the light sidethe Sith Lord had Skywalker sent to the Death Star above.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Commander Igar went on to conduct a further search of the area for other rebels. Unbeknownst to both the Rebel team and the Empire, in the middle of the night, the Ewoks held a council of war in Bright Tree Village.

Recalling the tribe members killed and the villages that were destroyed by the Empire, Chirpa convinced the village to take arms against the Empire, as did Asha, whereas Romba said it involved all Ewok tribes. In the end, Chirpa sent messengers through the forest to explain it all to the leaders of other tribes, and ask for their help.

The morning after, when the Rebels awoke, they found the village nearly deserted, as those who were able to fight had left to prepare the battlefield under the leadership of Chirpa, Teebo and Asha. A few Ewoks—Romba, Wicket, and Paploo —remained there to help them find the easiest way to the rendezvous point, where Solo presented the Ewoks to the Pathfinders before going to a bit of high ground to get a first look at the military base and shield generator that he had promised to destroy, [7] just as ST departed, transporting Skywalker and Vader to the Death Star, Breath Bueno - Tore Honoré Bøe - Baunoten / Endgame (CDr).

Upon finding how heavily guarded the main entrance was, the Ewoks showed Solo an alternate entrance, guarded only by a few Imperial soldiers. At the front of the entrance, Paploo stole a speeder bike to distract most of the guards. Led by Solo, members of the Rebel strike team entered the bunker with intentions of planting the explosive charges to destroy the shield generator.

However, as planned by the Emperor, an entire legion of his best troops awaited them, and flushed the strike team out of the bunker and held them at gunpoint. With the generator still intact, the arriving Alliance Fleet above was forced to engage the Imperial forces for longer than expected. Soon, however, the Ewok forces entered the fray; as they provided a successful distraction for the Rebel strike team, they also inflicted many casualties among the Imperial ground forces. During the confrontation, the Imperial forces scattered to fight the Ewoks, leaving the strike team to take up positions on each side of the bunker.

As the door code was changed, Solo and Organa attempted to have R2-D2 open it, but a stormtrooper shot the droid, temporarily disabling him and leaving Solo to manually try and open the doors. On his mark, the entire fleet jumped into hyperspace to arrive at the Endor system—except for Mothma's ship, which after a moment, she ordered to take her to a safe hiding place to await news of the impending battle. High above the moon, the fleet reverted to realspace with Calrissian leading the charge aboard the Millennium Falconalongside his co-pilot Nien Nunb[4] and their gunners Lieutenant Blount and Cracken.

However, as Nunb realized there were no readings about the deflector shield, and their transmissions likely were being jammedCalrissian broke off the attack as he correctly surmised the shield was still up, [4] and the leading Falcon and TB X-wing fighters peeled away just before hitting the shield, followed by the other starfighters.

On the Home OneAckbar ordered the capital ship to take evasive action, and that Green Squadron sticked close to holding sector MV-Seven, when one of his controllers informed him of the appearance of enemy ships in sector After Calrissian destroyed three TIE fighters with the help of his crew and an incredibly risky maneuver, the Falcon barely avoided the stray fire from three TIE fighters chasing Antilles' X-wing across their path.

It looks like the Yak power form Andre's blade is too much for him. Andre even had a chance to annihilate Ray but he kept toying with him. Ray eventually got his revenge back and with Driger's power, he won. Max gets an early advantage, but when Waylan starts to turn up the heat, it looks like Max is toast.

And when I say, turn up the heat, I mean that literally. Waylan's Beyblade has the power of heat, so as long as it is spinning it will make the temperature hotter.

But, his Beyblade won't be spinning forever, and all Max has to do is wait for it to stop spinning. He almost doesn't make it, but when Waylan's blade slowed Breath Bueno - Tore Honoré Bøe - Baunoten / Endgame (CDr), Max gave it his all and won.

Tommy used a leg launcher to give him more speed and the power of Kickboxing. Posts 1, Reaction score 1, Tryhards need to tryless so people like myself can dominate everyone when they deign to grace the peasants with their presence. Chaos the Chaotic said:. Careful, you might summon me. I'm partial to red-heads. So long as they're not closet gingers! Is it time to summon me yet?

Hessu Internal Beta Team. Posts 61 Reaction score PuNk said:. SneakDissing said:. Posts 91 Reaction score KimmyMarin said:. Posts 1 Reaction score 2. See ya never.

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    Brea is a prostitute working at a brothel in Braavos Brea is a prostitute living in balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfoed in: "The Dance of Dragons".
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    Dragoon Storm (吹き荒れろ!ドラグーンストーム!, Sweep! Dragoon Storm!) is the sixth episode of Beyblade: The qualifiers continue as Tyson, Kai, and a mysterious Blader Ray Kon have made it to the finals. Tyson, pumped up, gets confident as Max cheers him on in the finals.
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    Summary: After Alice's loss to Shadow, Alice teleports to Marucho's house to communicate with the Resistance at Klaus' house in New Vestroia. Alice warns them of the Vexos attack on her and that Runo and Julie could be next. Dan decides to head back to Earth, even though it is likely to be a trap.
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    OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 | SEASON 3 | SEASON 4 1. A prominent Danish gender campaigner is found dead in Malmo, meaning that Swedish detective Saga Noren must once again collaborate with a counterpart in the Danish police as she investigates.

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