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The cradle of European civilisationhas given the western world so much in the way of Destroy To Create - Agathocles - Mincemania In Greece (Cassette), culture and lifestyle. It is hard to believe that Crete had been lost to myth until the last decade of the 19th century.

Considering the Cretans had a lifestyle equal to the 20th century, this makes Cretan history that much more interesting. Let us explore what little we know about these elegant and culturally rich people. Let us try to unravel the puzzle of myths, theories and references from sources such as Homer, Plato and the findings of researchers such as Sir Arthur Evans picturedWace, Pendlebury and Mackenzie.

May I begin by pointing out that we, lovers of Greece and Crete, are deeply indebted to the ancient Egyptians, the Egyptian climate and the excavators and archaeologists of Egypt. If it was not for the well-preserved artefacts found at these intriguing sites, and the in-depth writings of those who annotated so thoroughly their histories; we would not have been able to date Cretan findings until modern carbon-dating c.

We could not comprehend the weight of these discoveries until these developments in technology. It was the cross-referencing of earthen wares, seals and various arts that had been buried in Egyptian pyramids, that allowed us to date the findings of the ancient history of Crete. These finds buried with the treasures of the Egyptian Kings and Queens, had long been identified as non-Egyptian; yet we had not been able to identify their creators. All we knew was that they were of the same age as the artefacts they had been buried with.

It was not until the Cretan finds came to surface that we could finally piece the riddle together and identify who the master artisans were, and thus when and where they where made. The Neolithic Age - circa - BC To this day we still have not found human remains from before this period. We find a myriad of animal remains, including pygmy hippo, pygmy elephants, wild goats, deer, Destroy To Create - Agathocles - Mincemania In Greece (Cassette), and beech martin.

Aceramic Neolithic - - BC The early inhabitants of ancient Crete have lived on the island since BC as shown from archaeological evidence. Findings show that in these early days they had far more contact with the lands of Egypt, Libya and Syria than they did with the mainland of Greece, and may have possibly originated from these lands.

Authors of the ancient history of Crete hypothesise that these people came to live on the island from neighbouring lands based on the limited finds from before this time. This is based on the fact that the earliest findings we have, indicate a population that is reasonably evolved for this time.

This belief is founded on a lack of evidence to prove otherwise. We have found that Knossos was the first area to have been habitated. Initial habitation was in caves, semi-permanent huts, and then quite sophisticated dwellings made of sun-dried mud brick set on stone settings were developed.

There were in fact two separate races at this point in the ancient Crete history, indicated by two different body types and different styles of dwelling. The remains of both these distinctly different races had a skeletal frame that was slender and indicated that they were not overly muscular in build.

There was a race existing at Knossos that had longer skulls and who built huts made of wattle that were plastered with mud.

Later sun-dried mud brick was used set on stone foundations. Though these dwellings were simpler than their cousins, they produced a larger number of artefacts that were quite advanced in style. The second race were settled at Magasa. They had a broader shaped head, and their artefacts were cruder and simpler in design. One of the great masterpieces of portaiture in the entire Hellenistic series. Note how Agathocles, just like Pantaleon, features Zeus holding Hecate on the reverse, although standing rather than seated.

This example has an unusual, Destroy To Create - Agathocles - Mincemania In Greece (Cassette), and very beautiful, style. For some reason, many Agathocles tetradrachms have a die flaw that results in the king's face having a broken nose, but this and the previous coin have escaped that fate.

Bactria: Agathocles, Silver drachm, c. Bactria: Agathocles, Silver hemidrachm, c. Bactria: Agathocles, Nickel dichalkon or double unit, c. The crude style and inexact die axis at 2 o'clock on this unpublished coin type suggest that this coin was not an official issue.

It may have been an imitation of some kind. Bactria: Agathocles, Cupro-nickel dichalkon or double unit, c. The panther was the animal associated with Dionysos and the grape vine was sacred to this god.

Bactria: Agathocles, Cupro-nickel chalkous or single unit, c. Bactria: Agathocles, AE double karshapana, c. This coin parallels the similar issue of Pantaleon, and so has a claim to being the first Greek coin aimed at an Indian audience since we are not sure whose coins were issued earlier, Agathocles's or Pantaleon's.

But we have an Indian style deity thought by some to represent Lakshmi holding a lotus blossoma square flan recall that Mauryan coins were typically squarea legend in Brahmi, and a weight-standard that seems to be associated with an Indian standard.

Bactria: Agathocles, AE one and a half karshapana, c. Bactria: Agathocles, AE dichalkon, c. Agathocles issued this enigmatic coin, thought to have been minted in Taxila. The significance of this type is still not properly understood. Agathocles starts his pedigree with no less than Alexander the Great!

The coin follows the obverse and reverse images of the coins of Alexanderbut adding an Alexander legend on the obverse, while preserving the Agathocles legend on the Destroy To Create - Agathocles - Mincemania In Greece (Cassette).

This coin Destroy To Create - Agathocles - Mincemania In Greece (Cassette) incredibly important in unlocking the mystery of the pedigree coins. Until its discovery, numismatists were having a hard time figuring out what these coins signified, and most thought they meant that Agathocles had been co-ruler with all Destroy To Create - Agathocles - Mincemania In Greece (Cassette) different kings.

Agamemnon, in Greek legend, king of Mycenae or Argos. When the Trojan prince Paris carried off Helen, wife of his brother Menelaus, Agamemnon called for revenge and led the Greek forces to victory during the Trojan War. On his return home he was murdered by his wife and her lover. Belgian grindcore, Type: Group, Founded: in Geel, Area: Belgium. Agathocles may have been Pantaleon's brother, as both ruled at around the same time. Agathocles is dated to c. BCE. We are not sure which of the two ruled first, but I have elected to present the coins of Agathocles second because he issued a coin commemorating Pantaleon, indicating he came "after" Pantaleon in some sense. Agathocles (Greek: Ἀγαθοκλῆς) is a Greek name, the most famous of which is Agathocles of Syracuse, the tyrant of balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo name is derived from ἀγαθός, agathos, i.e. "good" and κλέος, kleos, i.e. "glory".. Other personalities named Agathocles: Agathocles, a sophist, teacher of Damon; Agathocles (writers), was the name of a number of ancient writers, including an. Sep 06,  · 01 – Agathocles - Razor Sharp Daggers 02 – Agathocles - Cheers Mankind Cheers 03 – Agathocles - Lay Off Me 04 – Agathocles - A For Arrogance 05 – Agathocles - Thy. Agathocles (Belgium) - - Mincemania in Bulgaria Compilation Agathocles (Belgium) - - Bloodred Bacteria Split Agathocles (Belgium) - - Dios Hastio Split. Mincemania in Greece Agathocles. Type: Compilation Release date: Catalog ID: # Label: D.I.Y. Productions Format: Destroy to Create (loading lyrics) Intro/A Start at Least There are no reviews for Mincemania in Greece yet. You can write one. Added by: Caliginosity: Modified by. Life. Agathocles through his father was a distant relation of the Ptolemaic balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfocles was the son born to Oenanthe of Egypt from her first husband Agathocles and also had two unnamed sisters. His paternal grandmother Theoxena of Egypt, was a Syracusan princess and Theoxena’s mother, also named Theoxena was a Macedonian noblewoman, who was the second older maternal half-sister of. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Agathocles - Mincer at Discogs. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your Agathocles collection/5(62). Feb 02,  · The very fact that Crete is an island limited its role in Greek regional affairs during the Classical period ( BCE), but Cretan towns did provide warriors – Cretan mercenary slingers and archers being especially highly esteemed – for such conflicts as the Peloponnesian Wars and the campaigns of Alexander the Great and his successors. From the 3rd to 1st century BCE, the .


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    Moler – Split – Agathocles Litrin - voice and backing vocals. Francisco - guitar and backing vocals. Andrey - drummer. Special [email protected][Noise Grinder] from @[Picha-Banda]-choirs (We are a shitty, full of hate, (intro vomit) Recorded by Gabriel Morales Villagra Tarkuus audio labs at cavan studio july
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    Agathocles is a Belgian political grindcore band that began in They are mainly known for producing a large quantity of split seven-inch EPs. They play.
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