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Hazel Martin - Southern Ocean Sunshine (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Cape Denison holds a special place in the history of Antarctic exploration. A small outcrop of rocks on the remote East Antarctic coastline, Cape Denison is forever associated with one of the most spectacular and often forgotten tales of survival.

A century ago it was the main base of operations for one of the great explorers of the south: the Australian scientist Sir Douglas Mawson.

Privately funded, three bases and one research ship supported a science team that explored a region the size of t. The data revea. That's logic. Even when the need is a pressing one. Our planet is experiencing a frightening number of environmental cr. DNA evidence proves climate change killed off prehistoric megafaunaChris Turney, UNSW Australia and Alan Cooper Imagine a world populated by woolly mammoths, giant sloths and car-sized armadillos Hazel Martin - Southern Ocean Sunshine (Vinyl) 50, years ago more than types of these mysterious large-bodied mammals roamed our planet.

But by 10, years ago, two-thirds of them had disappeared. Inthe famous French palaeontolo. Just a century ago a voyage to the subantarctic islands was a journey into the unknown. Tales of archipelagos home to thriving seal and penguin colonies and surrounded by vast numbers of whales promised riches to those who dared head south.

But getting there was an entirely different matter. Ships literally sailed off the edge off the map in their quest for profit. Carbonscape and The Snowball Hazel Martin - Southern Ocean Sunshine (Vinyl). But there is an environmental cost. Carbon is a key ingredient and coking coal the go to source.

When the world started making steel half a millennia ago, the nascent technolo. Return to the Home of the Blizzard. Interview with Captain Scott. He is surprised I am not just coming to enlist with him.

I ask him has he thought of the coast W. He said that he had not. Turning the British leader Scott down, Mawson was determined to explore the region south of Australia.

There wer. Leaving the Antarctic base Casey for Hobart: We are heading home! The last few days we have been staying on the icebreaker Aurora australis just off the the Antarctic coast near the Australian base of Casey.

For the operations team on the vessel, it has been a busy time, resupplying the station, bringing gear and waste offshore, balancing logistical needs against the ever changing weather. For those on the AAE, it has been a time for rest, work and reflection.

Everyone seems to have slept — a lot. Afternoon naps are a common occurrence, and during lectures, no. On board the wonderful Australian icebreaker Aurora australis. It has been an intense last 24 hours. Yesterday we woke to brilliant sunshine and calm on the Akademik Shokalskiy with no immediate news of evacuation. One week on. It has been a sobering week. Now the sea ice distance has become even greater with the continued winds from the east, putting our nearest point of exit at some 16 nautical miles.

The international effort has been extraordinary and we are incredibly grateful for all the hard work and effort everyone has provided to assist the Australasian Antarctic Expedition in es. The AAE has met heavy ice. Following our successful visit to Cape Denison, sea ice remained clear, allowing our science expedition to proceed to the Mertz Glacier and open water polynya on the other side of Commonwealth Bay.

We managed to collect a range of samples for three of the science teams on these rarely visited islands; a fantastic result.

The distance from the l. Return to Mawson's Hut The last time I wrote was in the early hours of the 19th making final preparations for our attempt to reach Cape Denison. Over the next 12 hours, two reconnaissance trips were made using an eclectic choice of transport: quad bikes, all terrain veh.

Exploring the sea ice edge. Adelie penguins watching our arrival Apologies for the short blog entry. The last 24 hours have been frantically busy. We have managed to get the team on the ice and started work exploring our environment and making scientific observations.

Tracey has led her team to collect biopsy samples of Weddell Seas to get a better handle on diet for comparison to material collected a century ago while Erik has been leading the charge collecting ocean data off and on the sea ice edge.

I hosted a Hang. We've reached Antarctica! After a fraught morning ploughing our way through the sea ice, the Shokalskiy finally broke into a huge area of open water. Over the past few days we have become surprisingly comfortable with crashing and shaking our way through sea ice. Southward ho! It is a fascinating experience going through the same decision making process as the expedition of years ago. Using just observations from their vessel the Aurora, the original AAE explored thousands of kilometres of ocean, much of it by working their way through the pack, probing for gaps and hoping they did not close up behind them.

It takes incredible courage to do this. One mistake and the ship could be trapped in the. Going with the floe. Punching your way through sea ice is a bit like being in a bombardment. One moment all is calm, the next silence is shattered by a crushing, grinding sound which reverberates throughout the ship.

The duration of this assault on the senses can be fleeting or sustained, depending on the ice being negotiated by the vessel. First ice, Hazel Martin - Southern Ocean Sunshine (Vinyl). Today I experienced an entirely sensation: travelling through sea ice. After days of rolling on the high seas, we have entered a world of absolute silence and calm. The chaotic high seas have been replaced by tranquil, millpond conditions. Flat, low lying chunks of ice lie scattered across the surface, separated by narrow leads of water, which the Shokalskiy resolutely tries to follow as it works its way across.

We're officially in the Antarctic! Three square meals a day, interspersed with science observations, equipment checks, planning meetings and lectures means days on the ocean disappear as if they had never existed. We are crossing one of the wildest seas in the world. Bobbing like a cork. It is not hard to imagine why. The only way in is by sea but steep cliffs, shallow waters, wild winds and frequently heavy surf combine to make the shore a hazard to visitors.

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Click to View: Label: Cat# Date: Format: Comments: Rating: Value: Hazel Martin A: Southern Ocean Sunshine B: Out Of My Life: Marco [North Carolina] USA UM: 7" 1. Shop out of my life / southern ocean sunshine. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfog: Hazel Martin. All good Ex copies Sy Hightower-I Know Your Leaving Me-Carmen-£ Nate Evans-Mainsqueeze-Twinight Promo-£ Carl Hall-What About You-Columbia WD-£ PnP £ Special Delivery.. Thanks for looking Matty. HAZEL Vinyl Records and CDs Portland Oregon's now defunct anthematicians Hazel slashed 'n' burned through sharp, sophisticated Noise Pop. Melodic, friendly, and assertive, Hazel enjoyed brief stardom in the '90s, climbing college charts across the country. Hazel Martin Marco - Out Of My Life / Southern Ocean Sunshine -? The Tempests (members Polydor - Georgia Woods / Jenny - Polydor - Rockin ' Pneumonia And Boogie Woogie Flu / I've Got Hope - Lp's Smash Srs - Would You Believe! - . Jean Wells - Have A Little Mercy / With My Love And What You've Got (We Could Turn The World Around) (7") Label: Calla Records Cat#: C Media Condition: Media: Very Good Plus (VG+) Very strong VG+. HAZEL MARTIN out of my life / southern ocean sunshine Label: MARCO Grade: M- Notes: North Carolina rarity! Soundclip: Download MP3. Auction Info * Note: Buyers with feedback of 2 or lower, please make arrangements with us before placing bids. Hazel Martin Out Of My Life b/w Southern Ocean Sunshine (Marco) Click below for sample audio from the actual sale copy: Update your internet browser to latest version in order to play audio clip. Update your internet browser to latest version in order to play audio balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo date: Apr 26, Sinking of AHS balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfoal ship torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. The Centaur memorial, in Point Danger, Coolangatta, Queensland, commemorates the sinking of the hospital ship AHS Centaur in , which claimed lives.: Heat wave: Southern states: Dec – Jan: There were deaths in South Australia alone (between 7 December and 8 February ). 7" Single on 45cat: Hazel Martin - Southern Ocean Sunshine / Out Of My Life - Marco [North Carolina] - USA - UM.


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    Hazel Martin - Out Of My Life Hazel Martin Discography Price Guide Recently Listed Email Alerts Refine Search Results. Artist: Title: Label: Cat Num: Barcode: Genre: Country: Seller: Price: to: No Vinyl+CDR No Vinyl+CDR 3 Listed For Sale: hazel martin.
  2. Mar 01,  · The Tempests’ lead vocalists during their later period on Smash included Hazel Martin who joined between 19and then Otis Smith who recorded one single with them. A number of their tracks on 45 received plays or are known to the northern scene, particularly “Would You Believe” (Smash S), “What You Gonna Do” (Smash S.
  3. 7" Single on 45cat: Hazel Martin - Southern Ocean Sunshine / Out Of My Life - Marco [North Carolina] - USA - UM.
  4. Artist Hazel Martin Label Murco Condition M Mint Minus 1 or 2 very light marks vinyl/label. Ex+ light marks barely audible vinyl/label. VG+ audible marks and wear vinyl/label. Defect Abbreviations. STOL sticker on label. STMOL southern ocean sunshine. Tempests Lead Singer With A Great Feelgood Midtempo Northern Dancer.
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    UK record shop selling rare vinyl & northern soul records - funk, jazz, ska & motown on 45's & CD. Recognised as world authorities on rare soul vinyl!
  6. Sep 29,  · Hazel and I (who had previously co-written “I Don't Want To Lose Her” and “Whatcha Gonna Do” on the LP) joined to create Marco Records for one recording, “Southern Ocean Sunshine” backed with “Out of My Life”.
  7. High quality Scenic inspired bags by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.
  8. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Southern Ocean Sunshine on Discogs. Label: Marco - UM • Format: Vinyl 7 Hazel Martin - Southern Ocean Sunshine (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(4).

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