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Chorale From Traccia Theme : First a bit ominous spacey atmosphere, then a lush vintage keyboards by the obviously classically trained Nocenzi brothers. L'Albero Del Pane The Bread Tree : A fluent rhythm in which Banco LP elements of rock, classical and folk, topped with the excellent Italian vocals by Francesco Di Giacomo, one of my favorite progrock singers. The duo-keyboard work delivers a wide range of sounds, from sparkling Grand piano and the warm string-ensemble to powerful Hammond organ runs and fat synthesizer flights, obviously ELP inspired.

The acoustic rhythm-guitar and the adventurous rhythm- section are wonderfully blended in the lush keyboard sound, the interplay is awesome!

Metamorphosis : In my opinion the final composition on side I is one of the highlights in Classic Italian Progrock, here "classical meets symphonic rock" in a very exciting and captivating way.

The first parts delivers the distinctive early Banco sound with great interplay, ELP organ and synthesizers sounds and rock guitar. Then a sumptuous church organ sound as a bridge to a long part featuring virtuosic solo Grand piano in the vein of the first ELP albumwhen the drums and bass join it culminates mighty close to "ELP goes avant-garde" before Banco returns to a carat symphonic rock atmosphere with sensational Moog synthesizer outbursts.

The music slows down to warm Grand piano runs, then spectucaluar interplay between fat Moog and sparkling Grand piano, soon Hammond and fiery electric guitar join and again we can enjoy the splendid and exciting Bacno interplay. After a bit experimental interlude with clarinet evoking the avant-garde side of King Crimson Banco delivers a breathtaking build-up and grand finale: first soaring strings, fragile electric guitar and warm piano, then a compelling climate with emotional vocals and sparkling Grand piano, culminating in an accellaration with bombastic keyboards and a propulsive rhythm-section, Album) a power and dynamics and how many goose bumps moments I had during this mindblowing final part!

Side 2: 4. Outside : In this track the guitarplayer is more omnipresent, he adds a 'rock element' to Banco that fits perfect with the classical sounding keyboards. In a swinging rhythm we can enjoy great interplay, warm vocals, solos on guitar "rock meets jazz"Fender Rhodes electric piano jazzy and Hammond organ Emerson-oriented.

The second part starts mellow with emotional vocals, beautiful Grand piano and warm acoustic guitar, gradually the atmosphere turns into more compelling with a pleasant string-ensemble sound and strong vocals.

Leave Me Alone : This composition contains wonderful duo-classical guitarplay and the emotional voice of Francesco, halfway blended with cheerful acoustic rhythm-guitar and in the end a sparkling Moog synthesizer solo, very tastefully arranged.

Nothing's The Same : Along powerful electric guitar, here the Moog synthesizer sound with echoes of Larry Fast is very important, to me it often sounds or Banco has invited a certain JS Bach because of the very classical way of playing.

Again singer Francesco adds an extra dimension to the Banco sound, a bit more theatrical than usual but that's part of the Italian tradition! Traccia II : The final track delivers outstanding duo-keyboard work, from warm Grand piano to fat Moog synthesizer runs in a classical atmosphere, gradually turning into bombastic, a perfect goodbey! The dual keyboards of the Nocenzi brothers take over the rest of the song to create an interesting soundscape to say the least.

A nice variety of keyboards on this one as well. Fantastic track! It's uptempo to start and and so impressive instrumentally. It settles before 2 minutes with some great sounding piano melodies. Drums go wild 4 minutes in and then piano is back leading the way as synths join in. A calm 11 minutes in. The sound is so majestic 13 minutes in as Fransesco comes in vocally.

It settles after 5 minutes. I really like the melancholic synths 3 minutes in and later before 9 minutes. Some Howe-like guitar after 4 minutes when it kicks back in. This is my first Banco record, I won't compensate for possible lack of importance due to the fact this record consist of songs from other records, re-recorded in English. Thanks to Erik Neuteboom, who was willing to sell me his old vinyls, I was able to get my first two Italian sympho records, one of them Banco.

From the records I got from him, this might the best addition to my progressive collection. I can't think of one record that is so extremely good as this one. Banco's sound is a hodgepodge of different styels. The symphonic music of Genesis must have had an influence, the piano virtuosity of Keith Emerson seems to appear and the Italian artistic vocal style is something new alongside the original music influences.

This brings me to my frist point. Such great vocals, I can't even be bothered by the bad English pronounciation, such devotion, such a great combination of strong rock vocals with classical opera techniques.

The second apparent element of the music seems to be the outstanding keywork. I've never seen this work: an opening with modern senthesizors working perfectly together with classical piano sounds, jazz-elements and bombastic prog melodies. There are no words to discribe how intelligent this composition is, 11 out of Futhermore the combination of a senthesizor puls and a jazzy chord progression on Outside is also the work of a genious.

The style of Gianni Nocenzi grand piano and Vittorio Nocenzi organ, senthesizor is technically high developed, still especially the grand piano parts are touching my very soul. They never lost 'the music' while noodling. The drummer of Banco is also an highly professional musician, while the bass and the guitar are not the main attraction here: they are functional, though some guitar solo's are highly rewarding. The mix of different disciplines on this album is however what makes it a masterpiece.

This is almost unbelievable, such quality of music. I'll do anything to get more records of this band! Five stars, but even that seems to be irralevant here. Just get music from Banco! Though I would rather have had their Italian albums, if this is al you can get, get it! We begin with the majesticity of "Chorale", with its ultra-symphonic swirl and grandiose pomp and circumstance.

A sassy mixture of essential classical structure, passionate local folk leanings canzone and resolutely rock foundations, a tornado of swishy synths, elegant piano, bruising bass and drum work, all spiced with numerous soloing of the loftiest variety.

You can only imagine what Keith thought about it since he was a Manticore owner! Italiano Edit links. Progressive rock. Io sono nato libero Banco Garofano rosso This s album-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Its clumsy jazz with near dissonance and fake humour is just a plain flaw.

In some ways, the following Cento Mani e Occhi is also a bit intrusive with its barbarian ELP opening, but the Hackett-like guitar and the almost tribal chants help smooth out a lot of the rougher more primitive edges. One could think that the next Anni is a cheap shot at a slow dance and radio hit, if it had not been for the middle moog section.

It would be easy to imagine a single version editing the intrusive moog bit and linking the front and closing section and have a huge hit. It's implacable and irresistible.

Just as you thought BMS had returned to the A-side's near perfection Miserere comes in with its weird and flawed madness after an arduous and uncertain start with this near-ridiculous monstrous and near laughable monologue. One thing is for sure: Banco did not have the necessary tools to go this mad, be it in the pure songwriting expertise, the recording skill and proper production techniques. The second part of the song is of course better, especially the duet between Todaro's guitar and Niocenzi's clarinet, but it cannot mend the irreparable damages done earlier on.

The closing track has the particularity to be longer time-wastage to type than its duration actually lasts. A strange and obtuse piece of madness involving merry-go-round music and local folklore including donkey raping. No thank you, thanks for asking, though!!

How can such a superb opening side so close to perfection be possibly followed by such flawed second side, starting by the awkward opener and finishing by the awful closer. Danza Tempo are two atrocious "faute de gout", an accusation aggravated by the presence of Miserere. These two three? Elsewhere you get a feeling the conceptual story they'd build was probably binding the group too tightly and forcing them to outstretch their talents, and this is certainly no more apparent than with Di Giaccomo, who finds way too little space to express his talent freely.

So with a perfect half album, and just two good songs out of five on the flipside, it's hard to call Darwin an improvement on the debut album. Yet through its trials and errors, the group has persevered and progressed. So, I expected to hear something very different. What did I heard? First of all, very professional music, as often in RPI. Attractive mix of neo-classical music with some prog-rock sound. Vocal is opera -basedreminds sometimes Povarotti, sometimes some Demis Roussoss moments.

All theatrical scenario is based on classic opera-drama construction. Plenty of sympho-rock with strong sympho-elements and some opera-style voice - is it it.

Melodies are very classical, with perfection in arrangements. How much I like it? Difficult to say. The idea of combination of real classical music with prog rock for sure isn't new or rare, but there you can hear the different technology. It like in rock and jazz combination: jazz with rock elements is fusion, and rock with jazz elements is jazz-rock. So, rock with elements of symphonic music is sympho-prog, but symphonical music with elements of rock is Will you like it or not hardly depends on you point of view to classical music and opera-based voice.

But in all cases, it's a really beautifull and high quality music. RPI is a very rich, imaginative and melodic type of symphonic prog, and as can be deducted from the ratings, fans of the classic UK sympho hegemony that know the Italian scene devour it like sweet cake.

But it hasn't been easy for me, not at all. When I started listening to that other acclaimed band PFM, my first reaction was very strong and decidedly negative: way too mellow, sweet and tame for someone adhering to the dark side of the force for the biggest part of the last 10 years. But I'm stubborn in these matters and continued to give them a spin. PFM gradually grew on me but it wasn't till I heard Banco's Darwin that this music really struck a chord with me. Maybe it is because they are more dramatic, slightly moody and more powerful then PFM.

Banco's music relates to VDGG in many ways, it's very theatrical, emotional, playful, virtuosic, dramatic, original and absolutely free, meaning almost anything can happen in the course of a song.

Still it remains coherent and tasteful. Other main influences would be ELP, a bit of Yes, pre-modernistic classical music and something I'm confusing with the glass of wine I'm having now. Whatever I try do to describe the actual songs will not do them justice. There are so many things going on here that my English vocabulary feels largely insufficient to describe them. The opening track L'Evoluzione starts with a sinister minor chord melody, quickly evolving into a delightful madrigal, featuring DiGiacomo's superb emotive vocals.

The middle section is cascade of different themes that go in all possible directions. Lots of keyboards are applied through this 14 minute adventure, something that is usually not my cup of tea in the early 70's era of mosquito-buzzing synth tones, but the Nocenzi brothers play with a flair and tastefulness that easily surpasses my misgivings with supposed keyboard masters like Wakeman and Emerson. The remaining half hour of the album LP distributed over 6 tracks that are for the most part as compelling as the opener.

La Conquista has an even higher VDGG-wit meets ELP-wizardry, but it is ELP with a purpose, no soulless parade but rich melodious keys with a great balance between virtuosity and a feel to play just the right notes, something that Emerson only achieved on occasion.

Cento Mani starts with a 15 seconds fanfare that reveals the sonic limitations of those early keyboards, but the agitated section that follows is amazing.

I never would have thought getting so lyrical about a album with 2 keyboard players. My usual opinion is that even one of them is already one too much. But it leads to plenty of fun here. As a song, this one feels less coherent though then the previous ones. Even though his voice doesn't remind me of Peter Hammill, his affecting tone and tune are on a par with Hammill's qualities in that area. Beautiful piano work rounds it off. Miserere Alla Storia and Ed Ora explore theatrical tendencies that provide for many interesting and charming moments, but these tracks haven't entirely convinced me yet.

There's really no excuse not to spend your time and hard-earned cash on discovering this creative - and as I've come to understand very productive - scene. Edit, oh yes 5 stars obviously! I do not claim to be an expert in this realm of music, and I certainly don't consider myself even a little bit knowledgeable in the genre's roots, origins or influences. And since I haven't really heard many other bands of this type as of this writing MarchI clearly wouldn't know what else I could compare this album to, but all I can say is that I immensely enjoy this band's music, and this album in particular a whole helluva lot.

So despite my ignorance in the matter, I find myself compelled to review this because it truly is so good. Plenty of originality is present on Darwin! I found myself grinning widely whenever I would hear a musical flourish or effect that I didn't expect, and on this album that happened quite a lot. For it to be the year that it is, and for me to have listened to so many different bands from all sorts of various musical genres, getting completely shocked by my music are cherished moments.

Perhaps that is why I like what I hear on this album so much; the surprises. Francesco DiGiacomo's vocals are quite striking and memorable. Since the first Banco album I listened to was the instrumental Garofano RossoI had yet to hear the voice of the band when I listened to this one.

There is beauty and complexity here, married very successfully with quirkiness and fun-loving performances that make this album soar. Apparently there was a remake of this in the nineties by the same band. I'll probably listen to that one Album) day too, but I can't imagine why they would even want to dive into past material, especially when it is so wonderful and well-executed as this album is. There was probably a specific reason for re- recording it, but I'm just unaware.

At any rate, this album is just gorgeous, and one of the most interesting listens from this band, hands down. It's also one of the group's best. If you're still very much in the dark about Rock Progressivo Italiano like I am, I would say you could certainly do worse than picking this album up as one of your first ventures into the genre. Banco have certainly peaked my interest, and twice they delivered big for me when first discovering their music.

This album is just as good if not better than Garofano Rossoand I recommend it highly for those curious about this side of Prog, but have yet to take the plunge. Great stuff. Very happy listening. One of the most important RPI bands of all time managed to follow their incredible self-titled debut with another masterpiece. And of their ridiculously strong opening trilogy of albums, "Darwin" in my book is their most challenging, and perhaps their strongest, most rewarding title.

Banco is perhaps their most challenging on "Darwin", pushing limits more than they did on the debut. Here things feel more complex, baroque, intense, perhaps losing a bit of the warmth and sentimental aspects I noted in the melodies of the debut. But the consistency and excitment for the listener are at least equal if not a bit ramped up here.

Again I mention the creeping baroque feel here presented with dramatic, bold vocals, thunderous keyboard crashes, and a very unique electric lead guitar style. Marcello Todaro plays without obvious influence, completely original in the way he bathes the compositions in an expressive, nimble, "flittering" note picking style.

Sometimes he reminds me of the punchy leads Howe gave us in the wilder sections of Topographic Oceans and Relayer. The band is fantastically energetic, brash, and tightthis band features superb playing with little sloppiness that I can detect.

The tracks consistently deliver a high level of composition with grand keyboard experimentation and thick gutsy bass playing.

There are wandering, playful meditations on piano that veer into the jazzy realms. Later in the album another standout track is ", Anni Fa He can literally break your heart singing about an unfulfilled love. The piano melodies behind him are just drop-dead gorgeous, the epitome of a beautiful Italian musical vibe, and likely the album's calmest, most directly emotional moment.

I wouldn't call the album instantly accessible for every progger, it has depths to it that require several listens to fully appreciatebut the rewards are there for the willing. It rounds out my personal "suggested sampler" of the Italian "big 3" along with "Felona e Sorona" and "Storia di un Minuto. But if you wish to start with the more widely known bands, you can't go wrong with Banco's masterpiece "Darwin.

Is a real curio from these giants of RPI, their third album following two incredible albums that helped to put Italian prog on the map. Is a full blown concept album that centres on the Darwinist belief system or theories of life on the planet, how we came to be here, disregarding creationism, and wholly encompassing ideologies of evolution.

Banco thankfully do not attack God as such but take on this evolutionary ideology as a theory of how the earth, the universe was created? Darwin refuted these ideas on his death bed, nevertheless it is an enticing idea, and I guess an irresistible one that many bands hold to for content. In the case of Banco they feature some interesting lyrical notions on the idea.

Translated they state: Try, try to think a little different, nothing was made by the great Gods but Creation had been created by itself: cells, fibers, energy and heat. The earth is rolling into a cloud swelling, spreading in the heat its limbs the Mother is ready, she will bear she's already bowing her womb, she wants another son and she will have it, son of earth and electricity.

Grey coats of lava and coral moist and without colors skies, here comes the world breathing musks and lichens, green earth-made sponges are the hothouse for the sprout that will come.

The music is as usual very accomplished ranging from ambient keyboard section and falsetto soft vocals to all out frenetic drumming and erratic keyboards and bass.

It is an ambient synth soaked piece and very animalistic in texture and tone, in fact I thought I was hearing animal effects at times. The piece captures a feeling of being lost in a jungle surrounded by primates and only Banco can produce this type of music which is absolutely mesmerising. Indeed it is a soundscape capturing the imagination of when dinosaurs ruled the earth. The dynamic interplay of keyboards and drums makes for some compelling listening.

Francesco Di Giacomo adds his own interpretation of singing, which may be understood as more of a howling sound than actual words but it suits it perfectly. The tribal chanting and African drumming is enough to drag you out of this reality into the warped landscape of Darwin!

Indescribable music certainly but it will convert you if you allow it. It is a love song of sorts, being a lot more balladic than other tracks and in fact Francesco Di Giacomo tries his hand at some romantic crooning.

It is so different than what we have already heard that it comes as a shock to suddenly hear this style, and therefore it is perfectly balancing the frenetic material; chaos has become order for a term at least and we needed it. On this track the words are half spoken and half sung by Francesco Di Giacomo. Not my favourite track but still a worthy addition to the album and a very similar style to King Crimson. Self explanatory really. The track begins with a donkey noise, a violin being dragged across with a bow very slow and creaky, I guess like the creaking floorboards of an ancient house.

It is unsettling but once again draws you in patiently. The piccolo chimes in beautifully and Francesco Di Giacomo croons along in a low key style. And thus ends this incredible album. This album is one of the master works of RPI without a doubt and deserves a place in history as one of Banco del Mutuo Soccorso's best albums. The artistry of the band, the virtuoso musicianship is second to none, though this is not my favourite Banco album.

That honour has to go to their debut album. However this is highly recommended among the best of the RPI genre. I definitely prefer the A side--the one with two extended tracks, L'Evoluzione and Album) Conquista--although the material is solid throughout.

L'Evoluzione reminds me of my favorite track from lo Sono Canto Nomadebased on the track length, the restrained intro section, and then up-tempo, straightforward rocking, and even a nice, Bach-ian chamber section. Banco excel at all of these styles, with enough unique pieces Francesco's voice, for example that they really hold my interest even in the moments where the actual songwriting is not terribly creative.

La Conquista is also solid throughout, though perhaps less cohesive--more a sequence of interesting musical segments than a great song, per se. Regardless, this could be an exemplar for my definition of bombastic, with a particular emphasis on blaring and blasting keys. An original album with plenty of interesting music, but nothing that particularly blows me away.

Four stars for a largely solid and creative piece. The opener 'L'evoluzione' The evolution is a long and complex track that sets the right atmosphere. It begins softly, the music is evocative and dreamy while soaring vocals seem to invite you to close your eyes and to try, try hard to think to the genesis of the universe in a different way No great Gods but just cellules, fibres, heat and energy blended together to give birth to the Creation.

Mother Earth is spinning inside a cloud, she wants a baby and she's going to have him, son of Earth and Electricity! Then rhythm goes up while primordial life blossoms in an unexpected way The music flows away like lava from a volcano, there's room for drum solos and organ rides while 'free sounds stir acoustic spirals of virgin air When rhythm calms down it's time for reflection and for a new awareness.

Observing an ancient skull you realize that Adam can't exist and that just seven days are not enough to create. Adam is dead by now and with him the genesis as told in the Bible The new awareness leads to a delicate classical inspired piano and organ passage and to the poetical image of a new light It begins with a wild ride on a frenzy rhythm Try to imagine a wild ape-like man running among rocks and rushes following the smells of other beasts, the footsteps of his preys, roaring and screaming.

Then suddenly music calms down. The apeman realizes that he can see nothing but his path and in him rises the wish to see more and far beyond the trees.

He tries to stand up Now I can look straight, far over there where the air touches the sea Bass lines underline the slow and heavy paces of dinosaurs walking on earth, surrounded by a wild nature.

Well, after Steven Spielberg's film 'Jurassic Park' it shouldn't be so difficult to get a picture of what music is about! It starts in a frenzy way while lyrics depict some hunters running after their preys. A solitary ape-like man observes the hunters wondering whether he should to get closer or to run away. Suddenly rhythm calms down and after a new rise of tension the solitary ape-like man get in touch with the hunters.

One of them gives him his pray and he's surprised The contrast underlines the clash between the instinct of freedom and the need of socialization. Well, even if the need of socialization prevails the instinct to run away looking for freedom will remain Love is far more than instinct to breed, it can stir powerful emotions.

Lyrics describe a shy ape-like man observing a beautiful woman with her tribe. Emotions and desires rise But the ape-like man can't move and can't speak, he's aware of his ugly look and fears that the woman could refuse him running away Recitative vocals seem to draw a mocking and disquieting prophecy about the destiny of Man Last track 'Ed ora io domando tempo al tempo ed egli mi risponde Men are like puppets hanging on the eternal and heavy wheel of time that keeps on spinning You can hear the wheel creaking and squeaking, munching lives and smashing bones, breaking wills and desires, slow and inexorable like an old and gloomy Waltz Well, a great album Two things make Banco stand out from other Italian bands of the time: the sometimes melodramatic vocals of Francesco di Giacomo, and the twin keyboard attack of brothers Vittorio and Gianni Nocenzi.

The guitar, bass and drums are adequate but generally don't stand out. Great use is made of the Moog synthesizer on Darwin! What they do with it is superb, just as good if not better than what any UK or US musician was doing with a Moog at the time.

Speaking of UK musicians, you don't hear any obvious influences from the UK prog bands here as you do from other Italian bands at that time. Bass and drums join in before the song becomes very classical sounding when Francesco enters. Some great symphonic rock follows. The bass playing is interesting around 3 minutes. After 4 minutes the song goes into a great upbeat, energenic part.

Later some awesome Moog playing. That whole instrumental section in the middle is just terrific. A mini drum solo before it goes back to the upbeat part again.

Later the band stops and then some lovely keys and vibes. At the end the song goes into Gentle Giant territory and Francesco comes back, Album). Some crazy and fast playing for awhile before it settles into a groove.

The tempo picks up and some great keyboard playing. Music starts to mellow out after awhile with some bursts of energy. Tempo increases again and more great keyboard playing. Some tympani in this song. Later some great growling Moog as the band dies out and just harpsichord is present.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Gatefold Vinyl release of Banco on Discogs. Label: Manticore - MAS1 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album Gatefold • Country: US • /5(33). Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, an Album by Banco del Mutuo Soccorso. Released in May on Ricordi (catalog no. SMRL ; Vinyl LP). Genres: Symphonic Prog, Progressive Rock. Featured peformers: Francesco Di Giacomo (vocals, aka_text lyrics role_id aka_text), Vittorio Nocenzi (organ, vocals, composer, aka_text lyrics role_id aka_text), Gianni Nocenzi (piano, aka_text {e-flat . Banco del Mutuo Soccorso is the eponymous debut album by Italian progressive rock band Banco del Mutuo Soccorso. The cover of the original vinyl was shaped like a piggy bank; a slit was extracted from a strip of cardboard with the faces of the members of the group. The image on the cover is by illustrator Mimmo Mellino. Track listing. Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso biography Founded in Rome, Italy in - Between active playing Live - Reformed in One of the most important progressive rock bands to come from Italy, BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO, along with LE ORME and . Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso is a music studio album recording by BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO (Rock Progressivo Italiano/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso's: cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, free MP3 download (stream), /5(51). Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Darwin [IMPORT] by Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso (Mar, Bmg) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Shaped Die Cut Cover Vinyl release of Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso on Discogs. Label: Sony Music - • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Limited Edition Shaped Die Cut Cover • Country: Italy • Genre: Rock • Style: Prog Rock/5(15). Banco del Mutuo Soccorso is the eponymous debut album by Italian progressive rock band Banco del Mutuo Soccorso. The cover of the original vinyl was shaped like a piggy bank; a slit was extracted from a strip of cardboard with the faces of the members of the group. This record comes off like a poor attempt at mimicking ELP which, for me, is not a band that has stood the test of time well at all. Frankly, a much better progressive rock record is found with Banco's release, "Io Sono Nato Libero." Progressivo Italiano is a much revered sub-genre of Progressive Rock music/5(63). Jun 06,  · Banco (Del Mutuo Soccorso) released a pretty brilliant progressive rock LP on Mantcore in , titled BANCO. The cover art, which I will refer to as "the brown shoe cover," features a sepia toned photograph of the band's singer, Francesco Di Giacomo, throwing a shoe in the air/5(15).


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  1. L'aurora delle orme. Le Orme. As in a Last Supper. Seguendo Le Tracce. Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso. Gioia e Rivoluzione. Gioia e Rivoluzione is the third compilation of the Jazz fusion band Area and was released in This album concentrates exclusively on the albums released on the Cramps label. Jackson", the non-LP b-side of "L'internazionale".
  2. Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, one of the biggest Italian prog bands decided to do what one of their other Italian prog contemporary, PFM, did previously: sign with Manticore and re-record some of their songs in English. The result is at least this album is way better than Photos of Ghosts in my opinion. But my reaction to this album is rather mixed.4/5(18).
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    Jun 27,  · Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Banco (full album) - Duration: Black Vinyl LP - Duration: CJ's Vinyl Recommended for you.
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    Feb 22,  · "IO SONO NATO LIBERO", pubblicato nel , è il terzo album del BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO. Il primo brano è una denuncia politica del golpe avvenuto in Cile nello stesso anno di pubblicazione.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Shaped Die Cut Cover Vinyl release of Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso on Discogs. Label: Ricordi - SMRL • Format: Vinyl LP, Album Shaped Die Cut Cover • Country: Italy • Genre: Rock • Style: Prog Rock/5(49).
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    Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso is a music studio album recording by BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO (Rock Progressivo Italiano/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso's: cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, free MP3 download (stream), buy online links: amazon, ratings and /5(51).
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    Banco è il quarto album del gruppo musicale italiano Banco del Mutuo Soccorso.. Edito anche per il mercato internazionale dall'etichetta Manticore Records di Greg Lake e Keith Emerson Banco, noto anche come Banco IV ripropone una scelta di brani dal primo e dal terzo album del gruppo tradotti in inglese dalla musicista statunitense Marva Jan Marrow.
  8. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Gatefold Vinyl release of Banco on Discogs. Label: Manticore - MAS1 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album Gatefold • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Prog Rock/5(33).
  9. Get the best deals on banco del mutuo soccorso when you shop the largest online selection at balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo Free shipping on many items Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso Vinyl Album Italy. $ 0 bids. $ shipping. Ending Monday at PM PDT 13h 10m. Banco del Mutuo Soccorso-same Italian prog lp reissue brand new. $ $ shipping. Watch.

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