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Vanity Fair. Retrieved December 26, Retrieved May 4, September 25, Elverum And Sun. Retrieved October 27, Retrieved November 21, Archived from the original on Retrieved Retrieved 29 October Retrieved 12 January Retrieved November 12, Consequence of Sound.

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Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description with empty Wikidata description Articles with hAudio microformats Album articles lacking alt text for covers. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Could you please be so kind and disclose some of your sources? I have read in many different books, papers and articles that Ustasha was an SS linked force composed mainly of croats.

Your statement surprised me. In general your assessment of the Serbian culture does not match my experience with serbs. It looks more to me like you are confusing Serbian with Albanian. Croatianized Serbs. A few people here have mentioned this phenomenon to me, your google search is as good as mine. As a generalization, there are naturally exceptions.

I had the same reaction. Is Ingrian a woman trying to pick up a Serbian woman? Many of the phenomena which you mention in your assessment of the social circumstances in Serbia are but a sign of the deterioration and degradation of Serbian society through long years of indoctrination under the government of Josip Broz Tito and the Yugoslav Communist Party.

Unfortunately, as the older generations which had grown up and were disciplined under the old Royal tradition died out during this period, this created fertile ground for the advent of the irresponsible and narcissist generations that inhabit my country.

One of the common occurrences which you point out in your comment is the inability of people here to talk about ideas without denigrating others to raise their own worth. It is widespread, to be sure, but also something that is present in the Western countries. To long have we been denied the joy of going to church and we were even punished for doing so, which for many of the more feeble of heart was too much. I trust that with faith in God and hard work on ourselves, those of us who are religiously and nationally self-aware will be able to resurrect this poor land.

Sure, Serbs had it together more in the past. A lot of the degradation has clearly come since the end of the SFRY. The other, less boldly named -isms prominent now are causing as much detriment as that of the SFRY. Buying into a set of values is really just endorsing the leadership of the people who had those values formulated. Societies built on abstractions are inherently unstable, especially when the money runs out, as it is in the west.

The Russian peasant villages had that too. Compare what kind of personal relationship Remininscence - Sorrow (6) - Broken Moments E.P (File) subject has with a Tsar or Kaiser and politicians today. The former is, if not perfect, at least an honest, straightforward, constant relationship of hierachy, protection, and duty. The latter is a passing relationship of manipulation.

Almost like marriage vs a one night stand or even rape. The significant thing in life is the quality of our personal relationships and that they are permeated by love, which is like a river we can ride well or badly, but not a force we can master. All the isms, the founding values of America, Leninism, Libertarianism, Nationalism, Nazism, etc etc are built on abstractions, products of the rational consciousness which warp and disintegrate on the slightest pressure.

Still, there is an interesting theory from Marx called commodity fetishism. We see commodities as objects, but they are really relationships we form by buying the labour that went into making them, and accepting how much of the value of that labor was appropriated by the employers. So following your heart applies to navigating politics and ideology.

Buying products and buying into value systems is at heart the formation of a personal relationship. I read an article on why White Nationalism has failed in America. Seems to me, You or me live in some another Serbia, my dear Ingrian! Where did You found such a data, please?! For a citizen who owns a hunting rifle or carbine, it is a certificate of passing the hunting exam or a copy of the hunting card.

All this is followed in parallel by a field inspection by the police before they approve the issuance of the permit. There are many unnecessary and expensive obligations. And believe me, Remininscence - Sorrow (6) - Broken Moments E.P (File), it is not only about handguns, but much, much bigger ones; remember rebellion twenty years ago.

I leave it to You and other readers to draw conclusion Yourself: Why Vucic disarms his own nation?! What is he afraid of?! My best regards. Faced with criticism, Vucic and his govt. Believe me, these people can be encountered on many blogs and internet sites in Serbia. Ha ha ha ha ha. What a load of nonsense. And no, I am not a payed internet spin master. He did not answer, as obviously he did not dare tell the truth. Perhaps you can explain why those football hooligans in front of the Parliament never received support from the citizens of Belgrade.

Football hooligans?! You have to watch for them protests Remininscence - Sorrow (6) - Broken Moments E.P (File) many other smaller towns, not only in Belgrade. They protested against Milosovic because of a blockade by Europe? After a few days, the teenagers backed off, seeing they were being used as stooges. Remember when Vucic led the demonstrations which ended up inflicting damage on private property unlike with the recent protests and accusing the regime of hiring paid provocateurs to infiltrate the protests?

Remininscence - Sorrow (6) - Broken Moments E.P (File) police arbitrarily arresting people and detaining them under various pretexts also speaks volumes.

Mairon No, you did not mention any names, as you applied the indirect approach. You better try something original. The notorious fact is: Vucic never even thought of solving problem of hooligans! The real question should be: Why?! Well, such a question could only be asked by someone very ignorant or very distant from here. And I do not see You as one those. It sounds like Mr. Vucic is a NATO puppet to me. The West tried a color revolution.

It failed. Even Cedomir Jovanovic of the liberal party says Vucic is implementing his liberal policies and handling the Kosovo issue in ways Cedomir Jovanovic advocated for. Enough said. I believe the first day of protest achieved what it could and that is Vucic backing off from the forced flu vaccination and the lock-down he intended to introduce again blaming the citizens for the uptick in the covid cases. I think the issue here is that Serbia in reality is a matriarchy due to the fact that for over years men went to wars to defend the country never to return.

It seems those wars and mass murder of Serbs everywhere took an irreparable toll on the nation. Here is a stereotype but I have to say it nonetheless: Women are pillars of families and without them we would not exist and I have deep respect for them but modern women are not good at raising fighters and fighters we desperately need not tattooed thugs or manicured metrosexuals.

We need polite men in green of Novorusia type. Hence their frustration towards those that dare to challenge the current narrative of the current traitor in power and his system. So they get bogged down in the type of personal slur used by the traitors in Serbia who often resort to ad hominem fallacy. Your facts about public debt of Serbia are misleading, because they are not expressed correctly.

Public debt is expressed as percentage of debt to GDP:. And the GDP is artificially inflated. They use the same mechanisms of calculating GDPs as the EU which takes into account the profits made by cartels in drug dealing, prostitution and people smuggling. Exactly like that! Have you ever watched american serie Ozark? Same for gas stations.

This guy Radovan, in youtube video, is an accountant. He talks about how almost Remininscence - Sorrow (6) - Broken Moments E.P (File) company in Serbia manipulates books on levels you cannot imagine and how drug money is involved in bussines. Radovic is master of numbers. He has amazing talents. Once upon a time he tried to warn the authorities of the wholesale theft of electrical energy but was sidelined and ignored as the theft and smuggling was done in cahoots with the EU as Germany is very interested in obtaining the power generating and distribution sector in Serbia.

That is the modus operandi of the EU. They corrupt the management to mismanage the assets they wish to purchase in host countries then they buy them cents on a dollar. If Vucic really was a tyrant, Johnny-come-lately and his buddies would not be on the streets. They would be disappeared.

Serbia has also been shooting down US military drones. He may be lying of course. There are strong relations between Russian and Serbian military and Vucic would not last long if there was any hint that he would sell Serbia out to the detested NATO. Unfortunately this is not correct. Vucic and his ministers usually get reminded by his Russian counterparts that the solution for Kosovo and Metohija needs to be sought within the UN Resoulution which has been under attack by Vucic for the last years.

Also Serbian government refuses to grant diplomatic status to the Russian emergency centre in Nis. So true to that. Any Serbian citizen that proudly goes to any NATO event is a traitor and a weasel personal trait and not the cute animal.

Unless, Serbia is a puppet state …. Of course Serbia is a puppet state. Has been since Before that — she did not exist, Ottomans conquered it. What can you or I do about that? French thought they did something about it in Given what we see on the streets nowadays, it definitely did not work. Oh, wait, they are puppet state too. So is everybody in Europe and beyond. Jury is still out fro China and Russia.

And everything will be well if we bring down Serbian government and hated tyrant. New government, not voted by people, will for sure declare war on NATO and send troops to Kosovo to take it back from Albanians. I assume Johnny and the Gang would be leading Serbian forces. After all, it was done in Ukraine and they are independent and proud nation today, sandwiches included.

Kindly revise your knowledge of history. Serbia as a state existed until It was again recognized as a sovereign state by the Congress of Berlin in F, you are right. I did not want to mention pre-ottoman Serbia. Very few people know that much history to understand. There is no shame in it, especially for small countries.

That does not mean people should like it or be proud of it, it is just fact of life. Member of minor nobility, named Nemanja led an uprising against Byzantium rulers. He then knelt down before the Emperor and pleaded for mercy his behavior and promised to be a loyal and good servant of the Byzantine crown. The emperor rewarded him by making him ruler of what was then Serbia, of course in the name of the Byzantine emperor. Next iteration was more successful and the Dynasty of Nemanja flourished for next years, until Kosovo It does not make him less of a national hero.

Their fathers fought in Kosovo battle, as Duke Lazar — official ruler of Serbia, and Vuk Brankovic, a mighty potentate, mightier than Lazar himself. Two descendants of two most famous Serbian characters of the era, both served Ottomans. When civil war broke in Turkey, between two brothers trying to become Sultan, Stafan and Djuradj fought in Anadolia far from Serbiaon opposite sides. Then they went back to Serbia, traveled together as good friends.

I have heard that there is entire block in Istanbul where descendants of those converted Serbs live, under Muslim names, yet they remember the roots.

Hard to tell who betrayed whom, especially little guys. In 19th century, my favorite character is Karadjordje. Hi lead the rebellion, from and then left Serbia, went to Austria because Turks squashed the rebellion and were after him. The leadership was taken over by Milos.

He was tottaly different from Karadjordje. Cunning, sleazy, following self interest, bowing down before Sultan. He even had Karadjorde assassinated, then sent his severed head on a platter to the Sultan, as a proof of his loyalty.

The Sultan awarded him title of Duke, to rule semi dependent Serbia. Kosovo was not part of that Serbia, as you know. The rest is history. Lying, deceiving, sleazy Milos basically built new Serbia. Karadjordje dynasty took over inand lasted until They thugh were the first oines to bring conquer? Kodovo back to Serbia. I personally like Karadjordje, to the chagrin of my grand parents. Before Milos built his Konak in their town, he was staying in their house.

And yet I love Karadjordje. Go figure, ungrateful young generations…. So who is the traitor and which tactic worked better for Serbs?

We were vasals back then, we are vassals now. What matters is how little guy is faring. My parents tell me thet things under Vuchich are better than before. I do not like him, but I do respect their opinion and experience.

After all, it was them who voted and still live there. It was not. Personal power, nothing to do with people. Sometimes, people benefit a little, when rulers believe that giving little something to people will be beneficial to them, rulers. That is irritating, since it wastes energy and time. To our great sorrow, with Sakers support.

Idea for Saker: why not give Russian 5th and 6th column some space, I am sure they would offer Remininscence - Sorrow (6) - Broken Moments E.P (File) view on Russia and Putin and all, I am positive it would be very nicely crafted article, with very clear points, for all of us to see. Little off topic sry, but great Serbian nation must have special karma.

How can you not love these people? Regards from Ljubljana bratja! That is ok that you asked him for opinion, that is your right of course, this is your place. I would have expected that discussions would be much more than an expression of personal frustration.

Unfortunately my tangible questions concerning economy and any alternative solution that would perform better than the one implemented right now stayed at the level of incoherent denial of facts without engaging in any constructive discussion this including the articles themselves. I am not quite sure why I got back, for this last time as it seems now, but just in time to give you some feedback. Hi Naughty Serbian Thanks for your feedback. In fact, I would summarize that just took place like this: Vucic opponents did a great job presenting their arguments.

Vucic supporters only bitched and engaged in ad hominems. For me, this is very telling. YMMV of course. Cheers, The Saker. And he can raelly repeat that many, many, many times. They have no facts to present their arguments with. What this tells us? Stekicar It tells us that the arguments have been cancelled by the moderators, and not that they do not exist. For my own self, I have been appreciative of the on-the-spot reports.

As a typical American, I am mostly ignorant of the issues in that area of the world, I have been pleasantly surprised at the even-handed discussion here. I had actually expected that you would support the Serbian side of the troubles. When I say worse, I am talking that Trump stands left of Biden on many issues. Biden is openly racist and against universal health care. But, his supporters are blind for anything else that comes as a valid fact. So, back to serbians.

Meanwhile, they are filling their pockets with stolen money when time come to flee. I hope this explains a little bit better. Fair enough. I am Serb but I would not nave been so nice. Same rules for all.

This was published on serbian TV station web site. So, these two cities are the only place where they should have been seen. But, they were seen also in Vienna, Austria. Fast forward. He did not say that he will make decision after he talk to his party members, but to foreign ambassador! Election was still on, until 8PM that day. I have realized that they are serbian traitors, and tried to convince all of my relatives and friends not to vote for them inbut I only succeeded to convince two of my brothers.

No-one else! The hate against DS party was so big that it blind them to see what is really going on. The chronology you posted should be sufficient for any sane person to come to the only possible conclusion that the current and so are the past ones government are a bunch of traitors. You are avoidong an answer. We are all for Serbia. It is just the fact that your Serbia and my Serbia have very few things in common.

Vreme, N1, Danas et al will never ever criticise the current government for their mis handling of the Kosovo issue. They and the government are all for the same thing — betrayal of Kosovo and Metohija which is the essence of what means to be a Serb. Those outlets are there just to remind the government to the debt they owe to their Western puppeteers. N1 was launched on 30 October of Vucic and Co came to power mid Do the math. Once upon a time in Belgrade: a fairy tale Once there was an was an evil, horrible, terrible dictator who was doing evil things to precious, precious Albanians.

For some reason, the terrible, horrible Serbs did not appreciate Osama and his merry band of headhunters. They bombed barracks, they bombed TV stations, they bombed bridges, they bombed the Chinese embassy. They told that bad, bad man Slobodan they would just keep bombing and bombing. When Slobodan threw in the towel, Osama and his pals built an army base, the biggest in Europe. Every day Cs flew in with tons of heroin. They all lived happily ever after, except for the Serbs, who got their organs harvested.

The end. You do know Vucic de facto recognized Kosovo through all the policies he implemented? You do know Vucic surrendered North Kosovo over to Pristina?! He approved that and agreed to that! I really would not take any notice, taking a cursory skim read of those comments that are critical or worse of the Jonny sit-rep, they are clearly sympathetic to the Vucic regime — in fact, they are not subtle or intelligent enough to hide their sympathies with Vucic personally.

That being the case, you are dealing with people who for one reason or another, have a vested interest in supporting Vucic. You put effort into your analysis and he will give you a platform for discussion. All presidents of Serbia and government officials since They speak about intrests of Serbian people but their actions are opposite. For the past 20 years their goal is to : — Destroy serbian army so now we have army in state that it can serve only for local parades… — Destroy land and domestic agricultural production.

But main players in Serbia are not Vucic and officials, but NGO, lead with children and families of former communits, who are loudest and mostly present in TV programs, newspapers etc.

Vucic won a landslide in the recent Parliamentary elections. He won because the opposition parties, without exception though I am not sure about Radulovicboycotted the vote.

Citizens could only vote for Vucic or his Socialist Party ally, Dacic. Had any opposition Party put their name on the ballot, they were sure to win seats. There are remarkable things about this election that Johnny ignores.

The government also gives these Parties money to run their Party administration. Serbian political Parties sink or swim depending on their government subsidy. Things are different in the UK where political Parties get money from their members and from donations from businesses and Trades Unions. In Serbia, Parties which do not have seats in Parliament will die a quick death. They have no members to squeeze or support from local businessmen. Why did all opposition Parties boycott the last election and commit collective hara-kiri?

My fact-free guess is that they were instructed to boycott the election to give Vucic the majority he needed to change the Constitution and thereby surrender Kosovo it is NATO occupiers. NATO is of course a mere tool of these foreign elements. If we are to believe Johnny, it was crafty Vucic who stage-managed the entire election. Politicians who have hated him for years stood aside and gave him carte blanche to do whatever wants in Serbia. The only question remaining is does it control the other half, too?

We will soon find the answer. Vucic can no longer hide behind the Constitution. He has been ordered surrender Kosovo and has been gifted the mandate to complete this task. Will he obey his orders? Johnny has no doubts. I still have a few. This concludes my evaluation of current events in Serbia. I will now address myself to current events on The Saker site itself. The level of analysis given by Johnny and his supports is not high and not worthy of this site.

We who dare to challenge them are Trolls, bots whoever they areand apparatchiks working for the Vucic propaganda machine. I have heard all of this before. I have been involved in Serbian matters for many years and I can tell you without any doubt that the Serbian government is utterly hopeless when it comes to propaganda.

I have no wish to defend Vucic. I would not vote for him if I could I am Britishand I also find things about modern Serbia unsettling. But that does not mean that Johnny should go unanswered.

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    Out of grief and sorrow, Shiva carried Sati's body reminiscing their moments as a couple, and roamed around the universe with it. Vishnu had cut her body into 51 body parts using his Sudarshana Chakra which fell on Earth to become holy spots to pray to the Goddess named Shakti Peeths, to complete this massively long task, Lord Shiva took the Consort: Shiva.
  3. To our great sorrow, with Sakers support. Idea for Saker: why not give Russian 5th and 6th column some space, I am sure they would offer refreshing view on Russia and Putin and all, I am positive it would be very nicely crafted article, with very clear points, for all of us to see.
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