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West explains that he can create real people by stating a description into his dictaphone -- that's when the fun really begins. Matheson -- who was usually a master of plot, rather than character or situation -- switches gears here. His novel story lends itself remarkably well to a sort of s screwball style, with gentle gags that flow from the characters' personalities -- West's combination of omnipotence and humility; his wife's jealousy and haughtiness she'd have fit perfectly as the other woman in a Cary Grant comedy ; and Mary's gentleness and dignity.

All this, and perhaps the funniest final joke in the series' history. Who could ask for anything more? Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. I loved this episode where Keenan Wynn plays a playwright who can make his characters come to life.

His shrewish wife sees him with another lady and doesn't believe him even when he tries to explain it to her. I loved Rod Serling's cameo at the end his first onscreen appearance in a Twilight Zone episode and the ending and episode altogether, especially the scene with the elephant!

This is one of very few TZ episodes that succeeds at comedy. Keenan Wynn was great in it. AaronCapenBanner 26 October Kennan Wynn plays a professional writer named Gregory West, who has a clinging and jealous wife named Victoria played by Phyllis Kirk who is certain that her husband is having an affair right in their house; turns out she is right, as Gregory prefers the company of the beautiful and pleasant Mary, but Gregory has a secret involving his dictation machine that threatens the existence of both women, and forces him to choose between them Last episode of the first season is likable enough, though rather lightweight.

Still, it was a fitting end to the season, with a most amusing in-episode cameo by Rod Serling himself a rare event. MartinHafer 9 September Keenan Wynn plays a writer who has an amazing ability to create characters using a tape recorder. When he describes them, they magically appear and only disappear when he burns the portion of tape on which he describes them. Unfortunately, this wonderful ability comes to life when Keenan's pesky wife is told about it by him but she just thinks he's a nut!

Even when he creates people before her very eyes, this annoying woman refuses to believe it. This leads to a wonderful twist at the end. Be sure to watch all of it--particularly when Rod Serling himself tries to provide an epilogue.

Hitchcoc 20 October I've always enjoyed this episode. The gift that Keenan Wynn has is remarkable. He can create or destroy characters when he wishes. Whatever he writes on a page comes to fruition. His wife isn't so accepting and pays a price for her actions. This is one of those powers that each of us would love to have. Think of the possibilities. The scriptwriter in the story is arrogant and self centered. He whimsically creates what he wishes.

Now, the psychologist in me makes me wonder if these are fantasies that he is living strictly in his mind, but there is nothing in here to suggest that. The episode concludes with a wonderful bit featuring Rod Serling and his writing staff. An apt way to put the first season to bed.

This episode is the only one to feature Rod Serling as a character, rather than as simply the narrator. The story revolves around an author who can create things and people by dictating descriptions of them into a tape recorder. He creates and destroys two characters during the episode, along with an elephant, which he created while trying to convince his wife that he had this ability.

During what would normally be the final monologue, the author takes offense to what Serling is saying about him and his lady. He removes a section of tape labeled "Rod Serling" from his wall safe and destroys it, apparently destroying Serling as well.

The "KICKER" here, though, "for me," is that my little Son, who is and always has had many problems with his mom my estranged and deranged 'ex'is the person who sent this to me on YouTube to watch!?!? Unfortunately, neither of us have her on any kind of 'tape,' for if we did, 'any' judge would make her 'go away' for good. Scarecrow 18 May Keenan Wynn fans will not want to miss this episode of The Twilight Zone the exceptional ending featuring Rod Serling—playing on narrative appearances—is brilliant in how it ties into the characters, and, in essence, breaking the fourth wall of the show starring as a playwright whose belief in his characters is so inherently strong those he creates literally come to life when he speaks into his tape recorder.

His wife is played by Phyllis Kirk I know her from House of Wax, with Vincent Pricea real refined and exquisite just well put together and elegant woman who had been suspecting her husband of infidelity. A creation of his, Mary Mary LaRoche; she might be a bit more recognized for her other Twilight Zone episode, The Living Doll as the wife of a hostile Telly Savaleshas been keeping Wynn company while Kirk's Victoria has been sent out by her husband using various excuses.

Trying to explain why Mary just disappears, and there's no access of escaping the study that can be found, Wynn's Gregory West has a hard time convincing Victoria of just how he does it. By snipping the audio tape where he described his characters and destroying them in the fireplace, Gregory can rid himself of them if he so chooses. Victoria seems not too amused with Gregory's explanation, considering him off his rocker.

He tries to prove to her what he says is true, even producing an elephant to keep her from leaving the house at one point! When he removes from a safe an envelope with Victoria's name on it, there's an ill-advised move by her that could have severe repercussions. Wynn is so relaxed and at ease here with this character, especially compared to characters of the past that were a bit more high strung, intense, and forceful: it was a breath of fresh air.

He attempts futilely to lead the horse to water but Victoria just won't drink. Even as her eyes see Mary just vanish away, this process of character assassination still won't wash with her. Kirk is stubborn, strong-willed, and opinionated; these character traits fly in the face of the polar opposite of Wynn's Gregory, always trying to settle her down and explain with a patience and well-composed voice the absolute truth she just won't swallow.

Woodyanders 14 July Gentle and easygoing writer Gregory West well played by Keenan Wynn has the ability to control and alter reality by simply speaking into his dictation machine. However, his shrewish wife Victoria a deliciously bitchy performance by Phyllis Kirk thinks Gregory is just crazy instead. Director Ralph Nelson keeps the enjoyable story moving along at a zippy pace and maintains a likable lighthearted tone throughout.

Richard Matheson's breezy script has a lot of fun with the concept of a writer's imagination running amuck and makes a nice point about man's Twilight Zone - Various - Maquina Total 4 (Cassette) need for compassionate companionship. Mary LaRoche's endearing portrayal of Gregory's sweet and fetching fantasy woman Mary adds an extra charming quality.

Moreover, Victoria's snarky put downs of Gregory positively bristle with sharp sarcastic bite. Better still, Rod Serling even makes an inspired cameo as himself.

A really cute and amusing show. I'm glad he was able to take a self deprecating shot at himself every now and then, it made the series that much more enjoyable. You can see the resolution of this story coming pretty early, but you have to wonder why Gregory West Keenan Wynn didn't dream up Mary Mary LaRoche in the first place.

However, it would have made for a shorter story, and most of these 'Zones' flew by pretty quickly to begin with. So keeping a shrew like Victoria Phyllis Kirk around was necessary to get to the punch line, even if they had to go the elephant route. While watching, I couldn't help drawing a visual comparison between Keenan Wynn's character and modern day's Dr.

Certainly Dr. Phil would have something to say about playwright West's manifest fantasies attempting to live themselves out in the real world. The whole 'husband trying to drive his wife crazy' theme must have had some sort of a revival Twilight Zone - Various - Maquina Total 4 (Cassette) the Twilight Zone era.

This episode is unusual in retrospect, as Gregory West didn't have to resort to driving his wife crazy, she had already written that chapter for him. This is clearly one of the best Twilight Zones! Many fiction writers report that their characters sometimes seem to adopt a will of their own and start going where the author never intended.

This script simply takes this recognized phenomenon to the next level. I generally would regard the deconstruction of Rod Serling at the end as a cheap trick, but it is not a cheap trick if you are the original! Something similar happens years later in "Blazing Saddles", where the story line "breaks out of the studio. This episode is one of the best of the best! Season one of the Twilight Zone wrapped Twilight Zone - Various - Maquina Total 4 (Cassette) with Keenan Wynn and for this one it was played light.

Meet Wynn's character Gregory West a playwright who works dictating his words into one of those old fashioned tape recorders. But it's either the machine or West himself who has a fascinating power of being able to enter the world of the characters he creates.

Wynn who was a master of all genres including comedy gets a chance to carry a lead role all his own for one of the few times and makes the most of it.

And I'm agreeing with another reviewer that the best joke and most ironical situation in the history of The Twilight Zone end this story. It should not be missed. Davey 19 October Rod Serling was a genius and had a vision of, not only his world, but of our world many centuries later.

He imagined what we never could at the time and surprised us with his outside-the-box scenarios. To correct a previous poster's comment, this was not the first time Rod appeared on screen as he prefaced Episode 1 pilot. Also, 'A World of His Own' 36 was the one and only episode that any actor acknowledged that Rod was actually in the room.

I have all shows with 1st-showing dates plus the original interview with Mike Wallace and I watch them religiously. The only show that even came close is the original Outer Limits. This is a really weird episode because it's actually really funny! The plot is that there's a guy who can make fictional characters come to life with a magic tape recorder. Many of the stories are based on Rod Serling 's scripts from the original Twilight Zone series, and are slightly expanded and updated to reflect contemporary technology and trends e.

In addition to adapting all of the original episodes aired on the TV series, the radio series has also adapted some Twilight Zone TV scripts which were never produced, scripts from other Serling TV productions, and new stories written especially for the radio series.

Taking Serling's role as narrator is Stacy Keach. In addition, several stars who appeared on the original TV series, such as H. WynantOrson Bean and Morgan Brittanyappear, although purposely not in the roles they originated on television.

The series features a full cast, music and sound effects and is produced in the flavor of classic radio dramas but using today's technology. In addition to being an homage to the original Twilight Zone TV series in many cases using the original musicthe radio dramas pay tribute to the era of classic radio drama, including allusions to radio dramas such as Gunsmokethe presence of radio legend Stan Freberg in many episodes, and the sons of radio drama personalities Stacy Keach, Sr.

New stories by Etchison and others that are not based on the original TV series are also featured. All of the stations and airtimes are available at the series official website. Most of the stations air two episodes each week, usually on the weekends and many times back to back. The episodes are produced and directed by Carl Amari. The following episodes include stories that were adapted for radio from the original Twilight Zone television scripts, as well as original stories produced exclusively for this radio series.

The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas were initially produced in and made available for sale on-line with the launch of the Twilight Zone Radio website. They were originally available in audio cassette tape and CD "collections" of 4 episodes apiece. Eight episodes were produced inand eight more in By lateafter the first 24 episodes were released between 6 numbered collections, the series would no longer be made available on cassette and new CD "volumes" comprising 10 episodes each were introduced with the release of six additional episodes, ending the year with 14 episodes for 30 in total, which were reorganized and shuffled between these first 3 volumes.

Involumes 4 through 9 were released 60 episodesthen volumes 10 through 12 appeared in 30 episodesand volume 13 in 10 episodes would be the last volume made available on CD. The final episode is titled "Another Place in Time" with no plans for further production. By midthe website moved off the www. Inthe website went completely offline, and the latter web address now redirects to www. CDs and digital downloads of the shows can be purchased on Amazon and Audible from a variety of sources, with no real consistency in show or volume or collection composition, making it rather challenging to acquire all episodes as of Some episodes of the radio drama were included on the DVD and Blu-ray releases of the TV series as special features alongside the original episodes.

Although all episodes of the TV series were remade as radio dramas, only 30 are included on the DVD releases [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] and 82 on the Blu-rays. The radio episodes included on the Blu-rays are listed below in TV series order. Those that were previously included Twilight Zone - Various - Maquina Total 4 (Cassette) DVD releases are noted.

The Twilight Zone is an American media franchise based on the anthology television series created by Rod Serling. The episodes are in various genres, including fantasy, science fiction, suspense, horror, and psychological thriller, often concluding with a macabre or unexpected twist, and usually with a moral.

A popular and critical success, it introduced many Americans to common science fiction and fantasy tropes. The original series, shot entirely in black and white, ran on CBS for five seasons from to Hammer is a no-holds-barred private investigator who carries a. His love for his secretary Velda is outweighed only by his willingness to kill a killer. Hammer was a World War II army veteran who spent two years fighting jungle warfare in the Pacific theatre against Japan.

The title is a play on the Evelyn Waugh novel Brideshead Revisited. Stan Freberg was an American author, actor, Twilight Zone - Various - Maquina Total 4 (Cassette), recording artist, voice artist, comedian, radio personality, puppeteer and advertising creative director, whose career began in He remained active in the industry into his late 80s, more than 70 years after entering it.

Walter Stacy Keach Jr. He has played mainly dramatic roles throughout his career, often in law enforcement or as a private detective.

Jan 23,  · C4 – Techno-Flight 1* Fuck You! D1 – Nomad: Your Love Is Lifting Me: D2 – Prophetia: Rave Is Your Party: D3 – DJ Herbie: Come On Boy: D4 – Various: Maquina Total Megamix (Radio Edit) DJ Mix – José María Castells: D4a – K.W.S. Please Don't Go: D4b – 2 Unlimited: Twilight Zone: D4c – Patty 4/5(28). Apr 04,  · Published on Apr 4, Gran canción de una gran recopilación de principios de los 90 llamada Maquina Total, en su segundo volúmen en cassette. . 2 days ago · Far reaching comp/collage/mixtape featuring over minutes of previously unheard material from the extended Ecstatic family including Jay Glass Dubs, Dean Hurley, Abul Mogard, Maxwell Streling, The Head Technician aka Pye Corner Audio, Maria Spivak, Serpente, Not Waving and many others, including some unknown/anonymous contributions from the far side. ’Zero Is More Than . Directed by Stuart Rosenberg. With Barbara Baxley, Frank Overton, Irene Dailey, Ann Jillian. The orphaned daughter of telepathic parents must learn to speak and deal with a world she cannot communicate in. C4 – Techno-Flight 1* Fuck You! D1 – Nomad: Your Love Is Lifting Me: D2 – Prophetia: Rave Is Your Party: D3 – DJ Herbie: Come On Boy: D4 – Various: Maquina Total Megamix (Radio Edit) DJ Mix – José María Castells: D4a – K.W.S. Please Don't Go: D4b – 2 Unlimited: Twilight Zone: D4c – Patty. Other information: Total number of members who have this title in their: Collection: Wish list: There are 18 labels for this title. There are 12 compilation albums for this title. Things you can do: Update this title Add new label to this title. Vendo maquina total 4. Son 2 cd. Envío a toda espaň a o entrega en mano. Contesto email, tlf y whasap. No envío por contrareembolso. Para ver todo lo que tengo en venta escribe mi número de tlf en el buscador de milanuncios y te sale todo lo que teng. Jan 23,  · C4 – Techno-Flight 1* Fuck You! D1 – Nomad: Your Love Is Lifting Me: D2 – Prophetia: Rave Is Your Party: D3 – DJ Herbie: Come On Boy: D4 – Various: Maquina Total Megamix (Radio Edit) DJ Mix – José María Castells: D4a – K.W.S. Please Don't Go: D4b – 2 Unlimited: Twilight Zone: D4c – Patty 4/5(28). Tape Recorded with a TEAC AD cassette deck, a desktop computer with a modern SoundBlaster sound card, and the audio recording program GoldWave. Each cassette was recorded to a single WAV-format file at kHz, bit quality, to match the quality of CD-audio. Each resulting WAV file was split at the division between Side A and Side Missing: Twilight Zone. "The Twilight Zone" was the brainchild of Emmy Award-winner Rod Serling, who served as host and wrote over 80 episodes of the original show's plus episode run. It's a strange mix of horror, science-fiction, drama, comedy and superstition. Serling introduced each episode, and many of the black and white hours concluded with a surprise ending.


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    Season One of "The Twilight Zone" probably isn't the best, but watching it again, fully knowledgeable of the twists and turns the stories takes, this season still stands as a beautifully inventive and exciting season of television with numerous classic episodes, the absolute standouts for me personally being "Time Enough to Last", which is.
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    The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas were initially produced in and made available for sale on-line with the launch of the Twilight Zone Radio website. They were originally available in audio cassette tape and CD "collections" of 4 episodes apiece.
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    "When The Lady Smiles" is Golden Earring's second-greatest song, after "Twilight Zone". "Clear Nite Moonlight" is a great 80's dance/disco song with a fast, catchy beat, "I'll Make It All Up To You" has some of the most emotional guitar playing at the end, "Enough Is Enough" is typical 80's rock that feels like Billy Idol lite, and "Mission Impossible" is a rock song with a disco rythm/5(9).
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