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Ilm al-Sarf: al-Tasrif al-Mushtarak Ilzam fi al-Tasarrufat al-Maliyah fi al-Fiqh al-Islami. Imagined Masculinities. Imam Abu Hanifa: Life and Work. Imam Sa'eed bin al-Musayyab. Since its inception, the SPLM declared its intent to create a New Sudan that is at peace with itself, its neighbors and the international community. Hence, we called for a balanced and purposeful foreign policy. Sudan, the SPLM thought, is in dire need for good neighborly relations within the region and cooperation with the international community to further the interest of its people.

For this reason, I call all the Sudanese political forces to join the SPLM in highlighting that policy in their political programs and in our joint position. Contrived enmity with some countries of the world must stop.

Adventurism in foreign relations which does not serve our national interests in most case. With the nearing of the CPA expiration date inthe Sudan is truly at historical crossroads. So, in principle the occurrence of any one of the two choices should not be a matter of surprise to any fair-minded person.

However, let me recall that, alongside the recognition of the right to self-determination to the people of South Sudan, the two parties to the Agreement pledged themselves to work towards making unity attractive, especially to the people of Southern Sudan. By that pledge we still stand. It is the people of South Sudan who shall make the decision. To us in the SPLM unity is noble cause, but not any unity.

That phrase was our battle cry around which Sudanese from the North, South, East and West joined together. Article 2 : Accordingly, the determinants of unity are embodied in that Article.

We do not need look elsewhere for what makes unity attractive. Surprisingly, some local media commentators, national political leaders and even same party spokespersons, sing and dance about unity with total oblivion to the requirements of that unity in the CPA as well as in the constitution that governs the land. Let me tell you that those requirements are cast in stone in both documents. This time, however, the stakes shall be much higher.

Those who believe that unity can be achieved through patriotic urging or gestures are missing the point. If there are any impediments to unity, it is those ones. So rather than pleading to the SPLM about the virtue of unity, pleaders should address the factors that made many Southerners despondent about it.

Failure to do this manifests a high degree of political, if not moral, evasion. Dear Brothers and Sisters, The two probabilities of unity and secession, without speculating the results of the referendum, are real. Consequently, wisdom dictates that we prepare ourselves to both eventualities. However, both decisions involve certain measures and give rise to certain requirements.

The cornerstone of attractive unity is CPA and failure to deliver an of the CPA promises, let alone major ones, wouldin all probability, dissuade southerners from unity. For example, unity that does not generate a value added to the present status of South Sudan does not attract anybody. What is the value added in a unity within a system that steers clear of universally acknowledged principles of human rights and good governance; a system that tolerates, for whatever reason, fomenting of religious intolerance; in a system that cherishes exclusivist governance, indeed in a system that seeks to manipulate the census of Southerners both in the South and the North, only to downsize their number should never expect to win over people of the South.

Those requirements for unity among others, are not impossible to achieve, so whoever is responsible for their nonimplementation must be assumed to have put off Southern Sudanese unity. On the other hand, both Southerners and Northerners must realize that even, if the two entities become separate, the North shall be the only Northern neighbor of the south, and the South shall be the only Southern neighbor of the North.

Historical familial, social, economic, faith-based and cultural ties and interconnections cannot be erased by any political decision. Accordingly, the two parties to the Agreement and all enlightened patriots are expected to find ways and means to maintain those interconnections. The North and South may, for example, agree on non-aggression arrangement to remove mutual fears, create mechanisms for ensuring that rights to employment, trade and business for the citizens of both states are guaranteed, securing the religious and cultural rights of non-Muslim Sudanese in the North and Muslim Sudanese in the South,and, uppermost, guarantying that a stable Sudan or two Sudans are firmly founded on democracy, the rule of law and the principle of live and let live.

This is a task we took upon ourselves in the CPA. And this is a responsibility that we shall never abdicate. Dear Brothers and Sisters, the tasks ahead are enormous and challenging but they are not insurmountable. I wish you all the best in your discussions.

Software Version 1. President Kiir in White House. Salva Kiir inaugurated. Interview with South Sudan President - Part 4. Intterview with South Sudan President - Part 1. Interview with South Sudan President -Part 2. Interview with South Sudan President -Part 3. Interview with South Sudan President - Part 5. Interview with South Sudan President - Part 6. Interview with South Sudan President - Part 7. Inv with salva of sudan with nadia bilbassy.

Inv with salva kiir sudan with nadi bilbassy part 2. Inv with salva kiir of with nadia bilbassy part3. President Kiir's Speech. South Sudan readies for referendum. Kiir: The South won't accept any delays. Salva Kiir installed as Luo Elder. President Kiir's inaugural speech GEN. Today is the end of an era and the beginning of a new page in the history of Southern Sudan.

By the oath I have just solemnly taken I shall, first and foremost, rededicate myself to the ideals that inspired our struggle from its inception in the early s.

Those who made believe that those ideals were dead and buried were up to a big surprise when the people of Southern Sudan came out in droves to endorse and give credence to them. The spirit of our struggle is, therefore, to stay. It was a struggle guided by clarity of vision, coherence of mission statement and robustness of modes of delivery.

We were not, not at all, fighting for the requirements of the hour but also for the demands of the future. In the course of that struggle we lost thousands of heroes and heroines, not least among them was my dear brother, John Garang de Mabior, who has been immortalized by his accomplishments and the ultimate sacrifice he paid in the quest for a dignified life for our masses.

Our martyrs did not fall in vain, for they made our past heroic, our present great and our future full of promise. It now remains for us — the living — to complete the magnificent work they had commenced. May I ask you all to stand for a minute of solemn silence in proud memory of all our fallen heroes and heroines.

Fellow Citizens, The leadership of nations is a relay race in which the baton of power moves from one leader to another. Leaders are not perpetual; only the people remain to the end of time. The supreme duty of leaders is to serve their people and not just to rule. As the man whose destiny is to carry the standard in this relay, I wish to assure our people that I shall entirely dedicate myself to that supreme duty and deliver to them what they expect from their leader.

What do our people expect from a leader whom they charge with trust? Our people want their leaders to keep them united, for united we stand, divided we fall. That I promise to do.

Our people want peace for without peace there shall neither be good governance nor development. That I commit myself to do.

Our people want freedom so that every citizen walks tall in his or her own country. That I undertake to do. Our people want better living for themselves and better future for their children. That I shall endeavour to do in earnest. A government that is not capable of ensuring those basic needs to its people brings disrepute to itself and shall be a disgrace to the country and people. That I shall not allow to happen under my watch. That was why I enumerated a score of goals without whose achievement the future our people are worthy of shall not be realized.

Those were not empty and vain promises; to me, they are firm engagements. It is, therefore, appropriate and fitting to restate those goals and reaffirm my commitment to engage all my energies to achieve them.

Rural Transformation: I promised you that I shall allocate a percentage of oil revenues to rural transformation. One of the first tasks to be undertaken by my government will be to seriously explore the feasibility of such an action against the backdrop of available financial resources as well as extra financial demands that the preparation for the Referendum early next year will inevitably impose upon us.

Regrettably, for the last five years, our achievement in this regard was, if at all, minimal. I do not need to elaborate on the reasons, suffice it to say that the demands of security, which is an indispensable pre-requisite to keeping the CPA on track, have deprived us of the financial resources required to expedite the process of translating the goal of Taking Towns to Rural Areas into concrete reality.

As a result our rural populace kept gravitating to urban centers and thus putting more pressures on the limited urban and suburban services and amenities. The migration from rural to urban areas also divested the rural areas of a relatively able workforce.

From now on, Fellow Citizens, that trend shall be stopped. Rural transformation with a view to taking towns to the rural areas shall be the number one priority in my economic agenda. Government officers who do not know enough to know that our real wealth is in the renewable natural resources of South Sudan: land, water and forests and in the industry of our people: farmers, herdsmen and fishermen, shall have a short life in my government.

We also have to wean ourselves away of the habit of depending on the bonanza of oil revenues. Nations cannot be built on windfall profits. Consequently, the portion of oil revenues that may be dedicated to rural transformation shall be devoted, in real terms, to that transformation. When I say in real terms, be sure that I do not expect those resources to go for building bureaucratic empires, travel abroad or air conditioned vehicles.

They are to be utilized for uplifting the life of the rural populace and raising their capacity to better till the land, upgrading agriculture and animal husbandry practices, ensuring better marketing and distribution facilities for rural produce. Education: Training and Scientific Research: In this day and age an uneducated society is a doomed society.

Countries which had made it through the life time of a generation were only able to do that by giving the pride of place to job— oriented education, to domestication of technological innovation and to ensuring the right balance between academic and technical education, on the one hand, and vocational training, on the other.

Truly, our society needs engineers, doctors, agronomists but it also needs competent mechanics, masons, plumbers and farm technicians. The cult of work and principles of good citizenship must be ingrained in the minds of our youth from early age and there is no better way to do this than through education. In the meantime, our on—going programmes for the rejuvenation of education in Southern Sudan shall be accelerated with a view to ensuring free universal basic education to all children, closing the gender gap in our schools bybuilding capacity of our teachers and physical and technical rehabilitation of our universities.

Child mortality rates in Southern Sudan are among the highest in the world maternal deaths perdeliveries and child deaths per If this does not shame us, nothing else will. Serious efforts, therefore, shall be made to ensure drastic curtailment, if not elimination, of those afflictions. We shall also continue with our efforts to enhance curative medicine facilities in urban and suburban areas, while stepping up the implementation of our programmes on primary health care and sanitation.

To this end I shall do my utmost to enlarge primary health care to cover the whole of Southern Sudan in the coming five years and endeavour to guarantee universal access to clean water within the coming ten years. To achieve our ambitious programmes on health and education we must endeavour to double our expenditure in the two areas as a percentage of the GDP.

South Sudan, whose area is the size of that of France and Belgium combined, did not have a single asphalted road when we took over government, save for few roads in Juba. That surely was the way it was since time immemorial. Our plan is ambitious. It is to achieve multiple road connectivity: interstate in Southern Sudan; between North and South Sudan and between Southern Sudan and its neighbours to the East and South.

In this respect South Sudan may be the hub of the transafrica road network linking the North of the continent to its South and East to West. This road network, however, shall not be meaningful to the majority of our people if it is not accompanied by feeder roads that link our hinterland to markets both within and outside Sudan. Our Ministry of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development has been engaged, with the help of development partners, in a public service reform that aims at downsizing the service and vertically enhancing its capacity and efficiency.

The civil service we inherited has been packed with ghost employees. That alone makes it neither civil, nor a service. Service demands competence while civility entails awareness of the public good.

Drastic measures are, therefore, needed to exorcise the ghosts and build capacity of our public service at all levels. Consequently, I shall see to it that in no more than one year that the reform be completed. GoSS cannot afford to continue being a provider of sustenance to ineligible, and often non—existent recipients. Peace, Security and the Rule of Law: As I alluded to in the beginning, our people need peace: peace in their homes and luaks; peace in their communities and within communities, peace in the work place and peace in the streets.

In the last five years peace was often disturbed in Southern Sudan, الموعد (Part 1) - محمد الأمين - الموعد (Vinyl) a result of intrigues from without, and plots from within. In effect, Southern Sudan was besieged from without by elements who wanted to see our land rent asunder and, from within, by greedy politicians whose only purpose in life became the fomentation of conflict between one ethnic group and the other or setting up one community against another.

Now that the dust is settled after the elections, I hope that both have learned that Southern Sudanese know who their leaders are and the high place they reserve for their unity.

Nevertheless, our people had never lowered their guard. Traditional leaders, law—enforcement agencies and the people at large stood firm against the fomenters of trouble.

In this respect, they have shown the same resilience which they have exhibited during the struggle to thwart all attempts to divide them or disturb peace and disrupt tranquillity in their communities. I would also like to applaud their cooperation during the disarmament and I take this opportunity to inform you of the government efforts to collect light arms from the population as per CPA provisions. The prevalence of arms in the hands of unauthorized persons poses an imminent threat to peace.

I shall see to it that the SPLA continue with those efforts until the whole of Southern Sudan is free of illegal weapons. The Government of Southern Sudan shall continue to provide our traditional leaders with all the support and means they need to ensure peace in their communities. It shall guarantee that our regular forces are furnished with the best training; tools and equipment that shall enable them carry out their sacred duty. As far as relations between Southern Sudanese living adjacent to the Misseriya and Reizeigat Arab tribes are concerned, I would seize this opportunity to reiterate the commitment of GoSS to the principles of inter—communal peace and unhindered access to pastures and water points in Southern Sudan for their livestock.

Our brothers in those tribes will certainly recall that I have never passed up an opportunity without repeating to them these assurances.

Unfortunately, some misguided elements believe that the sole means to securing pastures and water for their livestock in Southern Sudan is violence. Such an approach is totally unnecessary and dangerous. It is, therefore, high time that those who cherish peace among our neighbour to the North accept our assurances of free and unhindered access for their livestock into Southern Sudan.

The SPLM and GoSS shall remain uncompromising in their stance to shun all forms of violence in the management of relations between the South and those two tribes.

Instead all should opt for dialogue and peaceful co — existence along the North — South border. Fellow Citizens, There is another aspect to peace. Peace, in the end, is a state of mind. Our constitution has embedded within it inalienable rights to citizens and other persons who live in our land. Those rights cannot — and should not — be infringed upon by any individual or government authority.

They are part and parcel of the ideals for which we struggled. High up the ladder of those ideals is respect for the rights of all. Consequently, I want to say loud and clear that I shall not tolerate any infringement on the Bill of Rights.

I shall also guarantee the independence of the Judiciary of Southern Sudan so that it jealously protects those rights.

And I call upon Southern Sudan Human Rights Commission and all appropriate civil society organizations to be wide awake to such infringements, if they ever take place.

They rear our infants. They care for our children. They maintain cohesion in our families. In the launch of my elections campaign, Fellow Citizens, I said that this was a very small recompense to women who still continue to be the marginalized of the marginalized.

That may sound to some an overly ambitious target, but by that promise I stand. In addition, I call upon the cabinet to ensure that this ratio is progressively attained in positions of departmental undersecretaries and directors general before the end of my term in office.

Furthermore, I shall not settle for less than the full implementation of, and compliance with, all international and regional conventions relating to women. Youth, on the other hand, had throughout the struggle animated our strife for liberty. Today they are at the forefront of a different war: the war for consolidating peace, building party structures from scratch and contributing to the development of our country.

Their spirit of entrepreneurship is there to see in the market place. Youth of Southern Sudan, I shall never abandon you. Relevant government departments are hereby called upon to ensure to you what you have been denied through years of suffering and destitution.

You were denied education and training. That shall no longer be the case. You were denied recreational facilities. That shall not continue to be the case. You were denied employment opportunities and despite the lack of a robust private sector which is the key generator of jobs, the government will ensure that youth are employed. Within our new economic development plans, employment opportunities shall be open to you in major and middle—size agricultural and industrial schemes, in local and foreign private businesses and in specifically tailored projects to be funded by mini—finance arrangements.

I, therefore, dare our youths to seek employment in those sectors, not only in government offices. Nations are built by its enterprising sons and daughters and not by those who sit aback waiting for remunerations doled out by government.

Reconciliation: Our people, Fellow Citizens, have suffered throughout decades the pains of dissension and antagonism. Some of those pains were self—inflicted. During my last five years in office I left no stone unturned to reconcile our people so that Southern Sudan be a better place for all of us to live in and for future generations to be proud of. That spirit shall continue to guide me in my new term of office. I shall never allow myself to go into history as the leader who missed a chance to keep Southern Sudanese united and at peace with themselves.

Let us preach harmony and peaceful co—existence. I, therefore, call upon all our society leaders: political, traditional and faith — based to join me in this noble endeavour.

With the elections over, let us not be dominated by the elation of victory. For while democracy dictates that the will of the majority prevails, wisdom and charity of spirit counsel us that a minority, however small, should not be banished or taken for granted. That is why I have decided to have a place in my government for other parties that share the broad principles and values that guide us. War Veterans, Heroes, Heroines and Victims: Fellow Citizens, if we are here today, relishing a moment of glory that could not have been the case without the sacrifices of our martyrs, war veterans, heroes, heroines, and the thousands of our men and women who had the courage to offer their lives for a larger cause: the cause of our people.

No material recompense shall be big enough to pay back for the sacrifices of those noble men and women. However, we are under duty to show minimum appreciation to the sacrifices of those priceless heroes and heroines. Thanklessness is discreditable.

I expect the Ministry to come up with well—thought plans that shall cater for the needs of our veterans. I also instruct the two ministries, alongside the Commission on War-disabled, Widows and Orphans, to formulate and implement policies for upgrading the capacity of those of the above groups who lack education or training to make them fit for the labour market. I appeal to our development partners to contribute to this effort. For those of them who are no longer with us, الموعد (Part 1) - محمد الأمين - الموعد (Vinyl), their families shall be entitled to the same benefits.

But governments are as good as those who run them. For that reason I have been reminding public officers that I shall not tolerate misuse of public authority and assets.

To that end, I have wasted no opportunity to say that I shall have zero—tolerance to corruption. Zero—tolerance to corruption, however, is not only a badge to be attached to the lapels of our jackets. It is a culture. It is an ethical commitment. It is a behaviour. It is a professional conduct. No matter what I say, or what our high— minded Anti—Corruption Commission does, shall make things change. Change must come from within those who are entrusted with the custody of public assets.

We all know by now that there are some rotten eggs in our government basket. And we know what rotten eggs do to the wholesome ones. It is for this reason, Fellow Citizens, that I am determined to put the whole weight of my office behind the commendable work of the Anti— Corruption Commission.

I shall also appoint an Advisor on Integrity in Public Office to undertake regular monitoring and evaluation of performance and behaviour in government institutions. The person assigned this job shall propose to me polices that promote good governance, eliminate abuse of public authority, strengthen management standards to ensure quality service and identify loopholes in the laws and procedures that may lead to abuse authority so as to seal off these loophole.

In the meantime the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs shall, on regular basis, ensure that the decrees I have passed relating to management of public office, extravagance in use of government assets and travel abroad are complied with. Moreover, Fellow Citizens, I take advantage of this opportunity to remind all concerned about certain constitutional obligations. Article 1 requires that all executive constitutional post holders, Justices and Senior civil service officials at all levels of Government shall, upon assumption of their office, make confidential declarations of their assets and liabilities, including assets and liabilities of their spouses.

For those already in service the timelines for the submission of those declarations set by the Anti—Corruption Commission must be adhered to fully. As for new appointees to office, declarations must be submitted within a maximum of three months from the date of appointment. Furthermost, I wish to remind all of Article 2 of our Constitution that requires that none of the categories of public officers mentioned above shall practice any private profession, transact commercial business or receive emoluments from any other employer during the tenure of their employment.

أغنية الموعد لـ محمد الأمين من ألبوم إستماع و تحميل و كلمات أغنية الموعد تنزيل بروابط. محمد الأمين.. عبقري الأغنية ومكمل السلم الموسيقي. من طرف نزار الكير الخوجلابى في 22nd يونيو , Jun 04,  · الفنان محمد الأمين حمد النيل الإزيرق، أو كما يحلو لأهل ودمدني أن يطلقوا عليه كلمة(وداللمين) ومعجبيه أيضاً يقولون(أبو اللمين) ، نشأ منذ صغره متعلقاً بالفن والموسيقي في تحركات طفولته مابين أهله ودار أبيه وأعمامه في. Au alentour de 23hh00 un feu ce déclare à l'arrière du Metropolis à l'endroit ou la Première ministre de l'histoire du Québec fait sa déclaration. Des coups ont été tiré sur 2 personnes (techniciens), résultat 1 mort et 1 blessé grave. Le tireur de la cinquantaine a crié avec un accent anglais: . من أقوال سلفاكير!!! - balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo Sudaneseonline. مراجعة العملية المتضمنة في المقرر 1/ م أ المتعلقة باختيار وترشيح الأمين التنفيذي ونائبه: في الأربعاء 9 نوفمبر/ تشرين الثاني، عرض مزاور رئيس الدورة الثانية والعشرين لمؤتمر الأطراف هذا البند. محمد الأمين «وعد النوار» "ليالي دُبي " , am. كلمات: إسحاق. Jan 18,  · كلمات اغاني لي الفنان محمد وردي: ود جبرا: منتدى كلمات الاغاني: pm: اغاني مختارة::للموسيقار محمد الامين: سونيل ود النيل: منتدى الاغاني السودانية: 1: pm. Oct 21,  · محمد الأمين "غرار العبوس" أولى حفلات ود الأمين بالدوحة By mohamed abubakr, February 27, 0 replies. Rihlat Muhammad al-Kabir Bay al-Gharb al-Jaza'iri رحلة محمد الكبير بًاي الغرب الجزائري Wasitaf fi Ma'rifat Ahwal Malta الواسطة في معرفة أحوال مالطة.


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