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Total Time: 0 hours 5 mins. Green apple slices, for serving. This ingredient shopping module is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page.

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content on their web site. Place martini glass in freezer to chill. He died before completing the patent papers. Fruit was later rediscovered and renamed. Very crispy and keeps texture in baking. One of parents believed to be Ben Davis, but very tart unlike parent.

Dark red skin underlaid with stripes. D'Arcy Spice. A medium-sized apple with yellow-green skin, a red blush where exposed to the sun and covered with an spotty ochre russet. White flesh is aromatic, firm and crisp with noticeable hints of anise and clove.

Delcorf agm [15]. Devonshire Quarreden. Discovery agm [16]. Sharp, sweet flavour. Fruits are sold commercially in the UK. Grown from chance seedling of Golden Delicious. One of the most southerly apples grown in North America.

Duchess of Oldenburg. Dudley Winter. A medium-sized oblate apple with greenish-yellow skin covered with red stripes over a solid red blush. Flesh is firm but tender, juicy, aromatic and quite tart, becoming milder as it ages. Good for fresh eating and cooking; rated by many as one of the best for apple pies and sauces.

Tree is a natural semi-dwarf, very hardy and bears heavily annually. Dummellor's Seedling agm [17] also known as Dumelow's Seedling [18]. Large, roundish-oblate apple with pale greenish-yellow skin strewn with large russet dots, occasionally covered with a delicate pinkish-orange blush. Yellow-tinted white flesh is aromatic, firm, crisp, tart, and very juicy.

One of the most widely grown culinary apples of Victorian Englandesteemed for its fine flavour and good keeping qualities. Early Victoria. Also called Emmeth Early. Ripens in late July. Pale yellow fruit. Edward VII agm [19].

A large oblate-round apple with yellow-green skin and pinkish-brown blush. Suitable for more northerly, cold, wet climates. White flesh is sharp and pleasant. Extraordinary keeper; apple ripens in autumn and will keep until Easter. Egremont Russet agm [20]. Ein Shemer. This variety ripens in June. Tastes tart, does not do well in cold weather. Not the same as Anna apple. Ellison's Orange agm [21]. Elstar agm [22]. Medium-sized, mostly red with yellow showing.

Often used in desserts due to its intense honey flavour. Emneth Early agm [23]. Grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. Named for creek near which first seedling found.

Heirloom variety still available at farmstands in Northeast and portions of Virginia. Difficult to grow for inexperienced planters. Described as Fuji x Honeycrisp. Falstaff agm [24]. Fiesta agm [25]. Sometimes called Red Pippin. Has flavour similar to the former but storage, colouring, and cold tolerance of the latter. This is the variety that inspired Sir Isaac Newton to consider gravity.

Fortune agm [26] Laxton's Fortune. Fuji [27]. Dark red, conic apple. Sweet, crisp, dense flesh is very mildly flavoured. Keeps very well. One of the most widely grown apple varieties in the world.

GalaRoyal Gala agm [28]. A small to medium-sized conic apple. Thin, tannic skin is yellow-green with a red blush overlaid with reddish-orange streaks. Flesh is yellowish-white, crisp and grainy with a mild flavour. One of the most widely available commercial fruit. Garden Royal. A medium-sized roundish-oblate, sometimes slightly conical apple. Greenish-yellow skin is striped and splashed with bright red, dull or grayish toward the stem; dots few, light and gray; cavity deep, basin shallow, slightly uneven.

Flesh yellow, very tender, juicy, rich, mildly subacid and aromatic. Poor keeper. Upright habit, productive bearer, some biennial tendency. Geheimrat Dr. George Cave. George Neal agm [29]. A medium-sized green-yellow elongate bell-shaped apple, sometimes takes on a reddish blush. Tart and juicy, stores Apple Green (Original Mix) - Andres Fernandez aka Knario - Frutis (File), taste improves with age.

Excellent culinary variety; renowned for its use in Strudel. Gloster aka Gloster Conical shape. Somewhat tart, ruby red colour like parent Red Delicious. Good choice for backyard gardening.

Tangy flavour, crunchy texture, pale green-yellow colour. Golden Delicious agm [30]. One of the most popular varieties in the world. Due to its regular size, even colour and storage qualities the fruit is widely sold commercially.

Uniform light green-yellow coloration, very sweet. A good pollinator. Golden Noble agm [31]. Ripens some days after Golden Delicious; fruit is very attractive; large, good storage ability. A medium-sized heavily russeted light green apple, occasionally with a reddish blush.

Crisp, fine-grained flesh is rich, sugary and very sweet. Excellent dessert apple, keeps very well. Makes extraordinary cider, known as the "Champagne of cider apples. Golden Supreme. The fruit has a complex spicy flavor with high acidity and sweetness. Acidity moderates in cold storage, with exceptional quality after 2 to 3 months.

A low chill hour cultivar developed by Robert B. Gordon in Whittier, CA from unknown parentage. Bears mature fruit from August to October.

Fruit is green with red striped overcolor. Fruit is dual purpose, for eating and baking with sweet-tart flavor. Early dessert apple with pink blush. Ripens in September and stores well. Very productive. Valued by North Carolina growers for its fine cooking qualities, crispness and long storage ability. The conical shaped fruit is red in colour with moderately conspicuous dots. Ripens in October and is a great keeper.

Granny Smith [27]. This is the apple once used to represent Apple Records. A favourite variety, widely sold in the UK. Also noted as common pie apple. Lime green colouring. Extremely tart. A medium-sized early yellow-green apple, often with red stripes.

Crisp, sweet, tart flavour. Exceptional cooking apple, especially for applesauce and pies. Poor keeper; becomes soft quickly. German immigrants introduced this variety to California's San Joaquin Valley in the midth century. Has many sports. Green Cheese. A very old southern apple thought to have originated in North Carolina or Georgia but its true origin is uncertain. The fruit is medium to large, oblate to oblique in shape.

The skin is deep green in colour, turning pale yellow when fully ripe. The yellowish flesh is sweet, crisp, tender and juicy. Greensleeves agm [33]. Likely named for famous Renaissance era song. Grenadier agm [34]. Possibly one of the strangest of all British apples: it is ribbed and lumpy with a tough coat, looking as though it has taken a beating. Grenadier cooks down to cream-coloured puree with a superb apple flavour.

Makes an excellent apple jam. Reliably heavy annual bearer. A medium-sized roundish to slightly oblong apple. Greenish-yellow skin, ripening to a clear yellow, stem cavity sometimes russeted, covered with yellow or russet dots. The yellowish-white flesh is crisp and tender, with a rich, Apple Green (Original Mix) - Andres Fernandez aka Knario - Frutis (File), spicy, sugary-sweet flavour.

A good all-purpose dessert and cooking apple, Grimes also makes a strong single-variety cider. Grimes Golden is the parent of the ubiquitous Golden Delicious. Relatively rare among apples, Grimes Golden is self-fertile. Original tree discovered near a known orchard of John Chapman Johnny Appleseed. Red colour and large, moderately conspicuous dots.

Crisp and juicy with a tart flavour. Excellent choice for pies. Cox's Orange Pippin x Idared. Rich, aromatic flavour.

Pick early October, stores until January. Crops well. Heyer Has excellent eating and keeping qualities. Mottled red and yellow colour. Very crisp white flesh is slightly tart with a strong honey-like sweetness. Quality varies from apple to apple.

Developed by the University of Minnesota and best suited to cool climates. Howgate Wonder. Idared agm [35]. A medium-sized deep red apple. Crisp white flesh is tart and juicy, and can be somewhat bland if eaten out of hand, however, Idared is an exceptional cooking apple.

Flesh keeps is shape, and the flavour becomes much stronger with cooking. An excellent keeping apple, Idared remains hardy and durable in proper storage for as long as 8 months. Idared is a cross between Jonathan and Wagener developed at the University of Idaho. Irish Peach. Excellent for baking.

Early harvest. More difficult to find within land of origin due to primary use for export to UK. Hardy, tastes very good straight off tree. James Grieve agm [36]. Bright red round apple with subtle yellow under-striping. Tart to sweet, dense and very crunchy with effervescent texture. Widely sold commercially in the UK. Jonagold agm [37]. Popular in Europe and land of origin.

Several highly coloured strains are available. Tart taste. Mostly red apple with patches of lime green. Does well in cooler areas; some frost resistance. Once thought to be extinct but rediscovered in in rural North Carolina.

Native American origin. Named for Cherokee chief Apple Green (Original Mix) - Andres Fernandez aka Knario - Frutis (File), leader in Battle of Horseshoe Bendbelieved to have planted original tree. Extremely russeted and ugly apple but very hardy tree with superior taste to commercial varieties. A cross between Ideared and Maigold with Elstar. Beautifully round, fresh and fruity taste with a crunchy bite. Jupiter agm [38]. A large, round, slightly conic apple.

Light yellow-green skin with a red-orange blush and stripes. Strong apple flavour is well-balanced between sweet and sharp. The body is light yellow, Apple Green (Original Mix) - Andres Fernandez aka Knario - Frutis (File), and the taste is a mix of acidity and sweetness.

Harvesting may begin in early October and it is typically fully ripe in early December. Crunchy, juicy, sweet, slightly tangier than Gala. Yellow ground colour when ripe, with red flush, and russet depending on the season.

Large apple, though shape can be irregular. Medium-sized early eating apple with red skin and pale cream flesh. Well suited to Northern European climate. Kerry Pippin. Pale to golden yellow flesh. Delightful spicy taste. Well suited to Ireland's moist, cool climate. Kidd's Orange Red agm [40]. King of the Pippins agm [41]. King Russet agm [42]. Medium-sized, roundish oblate with thin yellow-green skin with an orange blush and bright red stripes. Crisp yellowish-white flesh is sweet with hints of honey and almond.

While cultivating between trees, a disc from the plow hit the base of a tree. The injury caused a new shoot to grow from the rootstock likely a seedling grown from a pip. The shoot was allowed to grow and bear fruit which Mr. Emmons named for his mother, Alice. Lane's Prince Albert agm [44]. Green with orange blush. Makes a good apple crumble for Christmas: peak ripening happens in winter. Laxton's Epicure agm [45].

Aromatic sweet fruit, tendency to biennial habit, bruises easily. Laxton's Fortune See 'Fortune'. Laxton's Superb. Classic old Victorian, British apple. Green with dull red flush. Firm texture, but not very good juice producer. Very disease-resistant. Very similar appearance to McIntosh, relatively short storage life in air. Greensleeves type; abundant cropping and a compact tree. A pale green apple with a smooth finish and occasional pink blush. Crisp flesh and disease resistant tree. Liveland Raspberry apple.

Livland Governorate. Lord Derby. Lord Lambourne agm [46]. Round shape. Orange flush with hint of russet. Strong acid flavour. Good for domestic cultivation. Maiden's Blush. A thin-skinned, flattened apple. Pale yellow-green skin Apple Green (Original Mix) - Andres Fernandez aka Knario - Frutis (File) a telltale crimson blush on the side that faced the sun. White flesh is crisp with a sharp flavour that mellows with storage.

Heavy annual bearer. Good cooker. Excellent variety for drying because the flesh remains white and bright. Small, conical with sheep's nose; deep, rich yellow with red spots possible. Dry, dense, substantive flesh; mild, pear-like flavour. Tree good in climates with heavy snowfall. Small, highly flavoured apple held in very high esteem by connoisseurs. Medium to small in size, slightly conical in shape, dull green skin with an orange-red blush, some russeting. The yellow flesh is firm, crisp, sugary, and as pomologist Robert Hogg said, "with a powerful and delicious aromatic flavour.

Because it flowers early, it is susceptible to frost damage. It keeps well. May Queen. Large, oblate, often russetted yellow apple with bright red blush and stripes. Crisp, greenish-yellow flesh, rich, nutty flavour. Similar texture to Ribston Pippin, and in a good year, its equal in flavour. In bad years it can be rather dry and harsh. McIntosh [27]. Merton Charm agm. Merton Worcester. Developed at John Innes Institute. Miller's Seedling. Mollie's Delicious. Mother American Mother. Medium-sized yellow apple with crimson stripes and darker red blush.

White flesh is rich, sweet and juicy. The fruit has a balsamic aroma with a suggestion of vanilla. Cropping can be a bit irregular, if not completely biennial. A late flowering variety that avoids frost. Some resistance to scab. Muscadet de Dieppe. Commonly used in making Calvados brandy. Watsonville, California. Originated as a chance seedling, a cross between Winter Banana and Golden Delicious.

October harvest. Still used in cider blends by Martinelli's [49]. Newell-Kimzey Airlie Red Flesh. A medium to medium -large, conic apple. Light yellow-green skin with white dots, occasionally with red-orange blush on one side. Light pink to deep red flesh is crisp, sweet and moderately tart. Best known colonial apple in North America. Known favourite of Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Medium to large, often irregularly shaped apple.

Greenish-yellow, dotted, often russeted. Tough skin, flesh cream to greenish-white, very quickly browning. Texture is crisp, moderately fine-grained subacid to tart, sprightly. Biennial habit, slow to come into bearing.

Good keeper, improves with storage. Prized for its clear juice in cider making. Newton Wonder agm [50]. North CarolinaUnited States. Native American origin, believed to be originally grown by Cherokee along banks of Nickajack Creek. Only grown in Appalachians, favourite of later settlers for desserts. Rusty red colour with sweet, crisp taste. Norfolk Royal. Tart, firm, stores very well.

Noted for being excellent choice for making American-style apple pie. Sometimes used as a rootstock. Firm, fine to medium grained, medium juicy, full flavoured, sweet, mild-subacid. Orleans Reinette. Ozark Gold. Pacific Rose. A medium-sized apple with a red blush. Flesh is crisp, juicy and sweet-tasting.

Peasgood's Nonsuch agm [53]. A very large yellowish-green apple, deepening to orange-yellow, flushed and striped red with some russet patches. Flesh is sweet and juicy. Good eating and superb for cooking.

Large, hardy and heavy cropping tree. Apples can weigh up to half a kilogram, and are famously large enough to make a pie from a single apple.

Noted for having bright pink flesh. Possibly has crab apple in its ancestry. Makes cider have a reddish tint if pressed. Bred in Germany over an year period. Fragrant smell, thin skin and balanced sweet and tart flavour profile.

Pitmaston Pineapple. Pitmaston Pineapple is a dessert apple known since Small oblong apples with a yellow-green russeted skin. Tender flesh is an intense nutty, honeyed flavour with, as the name suggests, tropical undertones and some balancing acidity. Trees are biennial but produce heavy crops in the 'on' year. Pixie agm [54]. Smallish, squat, deep golden yellow colour with red blush and firm, white, fine-grained aromatic sweet flesh.

Pott's Seedling. Pound Sweet. Amber coloration. Used mostly for making apple butter. Does well in moderate cold. Suitable to Apple Green (Original Mix) - Andres Fernandez aka Knario - Frutis (File) with snowy winters.

Granny Smith is a tall, crisp apple. Its bright green shiny skin sometimes shows a yellow or pink flush. Its white, firm flesh is very juicy with a delicate, sharp flavour and a refreshing aroma. Cox’s Orange Pippin. Cox's Orange Pippin is a broad, regularly shaped apple. Its initially pale green skin ripens to yellowish green with an orange. Download Knario songs, singles and albums on MP3. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. Knario. Aug 16,  · Check out Apple Green (Original Mix) by Andres Fernandez Aka Knario on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo Feb 15,  · Al Nair And El Nath – Running Away From Clouds (Original Mix) Alex Denne – Your Fate (Original Mix) Andres Fernandez Aka Knario – Capitan Ahab (Original Mix) Andres Fernandez Aka Knario – Chicago Thief (Original Mix) Andres Fernandez Aka Knario – Deeper Lover (Original Mix) Andra - Telephone (Extended Version) () Andres Fernandez aka Knario - Capitan Ahab (Original Mix) () Andres Fernandez aka Knario - Chicago Thief (Original Mix) () Andres Fernandez aka Knario - Deeper Lover (Original Mix) () Andres Fernandez aka Knario - Real Time (Original Mix) () fruitID helps identify apple cultivars and other fruit cultivars accurately as part of our efforts to conserve heritage varieties and orchards. Oct 27,  · Get the kids involved in a fall-themed apple decorating party. Dip apple slices for an interactive activity, like these Chocolate-Granola Apple Wedges. You can also go topping-heavy and put whole apples on a stick for easy decorating. Dip apples in our base caramel and top with tons of goodies like any of these 5 Craveable Caramel Apples. Bastian Vilda - Woups Bastian Vilda - Feelin Love Bastian Harper - You Drive Me Crazy [Raik B Remix] Bastian K - One of Us [Feat Gustavo Trebien] Radio Edit Bastian Harper - You D. Jun 27,  · Disappointed Frog (Original Mix) Shreddee 0cca1-bb-b97b-ffd Soulmates 0caceebdb Kabuki Whatsmyename 0ccdbde7-b49b-b9c43bde91ee Records DK When He Says Yes PSALMIST GEORGE KING 0c06efbd-ac8e-9ff52ec6b Many Compress (Sandy Beach Mix) Green Pistaches 0c08ba9e-dbf6 . File Type Create Time File Size Seeders Leechers Updated; Audio: GB: 0.


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    Apple, (Malus domestica), fruit of the domesticated tree Malus domestica (family Rosaceae), one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits. The apple is a pome (fleshy) fruit, in which the ripened ovary and surrounding tissue both become fleshy and edible. The apple flower of most varieties requires cross-pollination for fertilization. When harvested, apples are usually roundish, 5–10 cm (2.
  5. As a dessert or as a snack, baked apples are the perfect treat! Simply core an apple, bake it in the apple-shaped bakers and serve. Add cinnamon, butter, sugar, vanilla and walnuts (not included) for a traditional baked apple dessert. Oven safe to degrees. Dishwasher safe. Stoneware. 6"L .
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