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On Feb. There was a discussion to give Mrs. Membership cards were discussed and the members passed a motion that they be issued again this year, good for Saturday nights only, and that they be good from Jan. The board minutes of their last meeting were read.

They reported that Gene Ives is to have the ceiling work for our hall; hopefully finished by Jan. Charles Solomon Caine to speak on how the ceiling will help our speaking system and what he has planned in fixing our speaking system.

A silent moment of prayer was given for Brother Emil Krejci, who died Dec. A motion was made that a good record be kept of all ticket sales during the coming year, which was seconded and passed. Brother Otto Hanus said he would make us -a sign with the names of all the new officers. The birthday cake for. January was baked by Debra Galler. A motion was made and approved that we adjourn.

The meeting was adjourned at 5 p. Dear Members: First of all, I wish all our members, officers, and our youth leader a Happy and Prosperous ! Many thanks to the youth members and the leaders of Lodge No.

It really made me feel happy. Thank you all! Thanks also to the lodge for the nice Christmas gift they gave me. I certainly appreciated it! Congratulations to Bro. Ervin Holy on their new son born Jan. I am sure his sisters are proud of him.

Congratulations also to our son Allen Ray and wife Judy on their first-born on Jan. This makes us grandparents for the eighth time. We're getting older than we think! We didn't make the last lodge meeting, but I heard the attendance was good. Our next meeting is set for Feb. That is usually the biggest birthday meeting of the year since so many of our members have birthdays in February and we're all looking forward to this meeting.

We're having nice weather right now, but it sure was rough early in the month. First it was cold and then it was raining for so long.

There is a lot of flu going around, brit I hope it doesn't find us. See all of you on Feb. Fraternally, Mrs. The youth presented me with a charm bracelet and charm inscribed "Youth Club 25" as a retirement present. I appreciate the gift and the thought very much and I want to thank all the youth club members and my assistant, Frances. I enj oyed working with the youth the past four years and I wish Margaret every success in her new position as youth leader.

As usual, President Ben Jarma kept the meeting going at a lively pace. I guess he just couldn't wait to enjoy the Mexican dinner being prepared by his wife Lillie and helpers. He boasted of his assisting by peeling the onions; I'll bet the tears flowed! Bill Gaiser have the dinner following our February meeting, which will be held on the 11th. Yes, that is the second Sunday, but do you know what is being celebrated at Lodge 84 on the third Sunday, the 18th? We are really excited about the activities planned for our 58th anniversary.

Dinner will be served starting at 12 noon, with turkey and dressing heading the menu. Sister Wanda Kopecky is sure working hard to see that this food is prepared exactly, to your taste. The honorable mayor, Eric Jonsson, of Dallas will visit with us that day. Our youth will present a program, as will our choral group, and if that isn't enough, the scenery about you will be enjoyable — those pretty ladies in their kroje. Aren't they beautiful? Invite your friends to come with you to spend a few hours surrounded by familiar faces that have made the afternoon complete with their presence.

By the way, pastry will sure be appreciated by the kitchen committee. Ladies, start heating the oven and make some of those delicious deli. We observed a minute of silence for two of our departed members, Bro. Harry R. Stone and Sister Jean Martin. May they have eternal peace, and to the families we extend our deepest sympathy. Sister Mildred Baleja gave the yearly entertainment report for in the absence of her husband, Leonard, who is our chairman.

She really surprised all with the efficient way she handled all the facts and figures. We again wish to thank Bro. Baleja for a great job and hope we can again serve under his leadership in the future. Our audit committee had nothing but praise for the way our books are being handled.

Kallich has a way with words to make those responsible feel they are doing a spectacular job. Emil Petr reported that the Dallas Fraternal Council adjourned their last meeting without selecting a project they wish to support during He felt the group wants to find an organization that works with children. Do you have any suggestions to offer? Charlie Adamcik is the newly-elected president.

Our Sunshine Committee reported many members still nursing the flu but improving; also Bro. Hamusek is able to be back home after his stay in the hospital. We missed you at our last two meetings. Good news from the Jurciks: Bro. Julius is now also able to be home and feeling better, we hope. And it was just great to see Bro. Janecka at the meeting. His leg is all mended after a fall he suffered many weeks ago.

By now everyone knows that Bro. Lodge 84 sends congratulations to the parents and welcomes her as one of our latest new members. And how about Bro. We share their happiness and hope they will bring her to the hall and introduce her; after all, she has just become a member.

Well, it looks like that kitchen remodeling job is just around the corner and once again the kitchen group is talking like "sixty" about the situation. The building committee will meet this week, so watch for big.

Youth Leader Bessie Petr announced her new assistants for the youth club. Elsie Mandak sure must enjoy her job! Lewis is not one to deny his wife the privilege; after all, he has been a member for years and so have Karen and Sharon, so right then and there he had Pro. Emil Petr get busy and secure a policy. This is one example of people working together to make sure our youth club is a success.

Are you doing your share? Our teen club will again see Sis. Carlyn Ondrusek assisting Sis. What would we ever do without this member? Sister Dessie thanked Sis. Lillie Jarma, Carol Rejeek, Bro. Oldrich Horak, Sir. Wanda Petr, Bro. Angela Athas and wife, Sis. Carlyn Ondrusek and of course. Emil Pete for their help during It couldn't have been a successful year without them. The speaker presently 1. George Feznik. After our remodeling is completed it will be installed in the hall so that all of us can enjoy that wonderful piece of equipment.

I know it was bard for President Jarma to keep his mind on the business at hand after Bro. COnnie Brennan walked into the meeting with the baseball trophy to be presented and displayed at our lodge. We con gratulate the team again and hope to see all the fellows and their wives at the annual baseball dance on April 20th.

While we're on the subject, the entertainment committee wants you to remember Feb. You don't need a reservation, as our lodge is spacious and the dance floor second to none. See you Saturday, Feb. As you know, the convention is in Dallas, June Lodge 81 members are supporting a page in the souvenir program. If you are interesed in having your name included, please contact.

Wanda Kopecky. Have you been to our Floyd Street address lately? Do come! Dear Members and Friends: This weekend we will have the orchestra that has had the most popularity growth of any orchestra in the Houston area and this is Norman Barnes and his Lamplighters. This new and versatile orchestra will be playing for your listening comfort from 9 p.

Don't miss this one! Make plans for another wonderful event in February when Jimmy Brosch and his Happy Country Boys will be playing for our first country and western polka dance on the 17th of February. Put on your western tongs and Cesta Domů - Various - 40 Let S Trampskou Písničkou (Reel-To-Reel) something different — a western atmosphere in the Czech tradition.

For something new we have installed a tap bar for your summer and yearround enjoyment. Visit us and see that something special you receive at the Sokol Club. This bar is styled in the same decor as the regular bar — padded sides, with a beautiful wide, white top accentuated with bits of gold and silver. Every month something is being added for your pleasure and comfort. Plans are presently being made for a new barbecue pit, a children's recreation room, a possible beer garden and other confidential projects.

The new board of directors is hard at work for something different to be added every few months. This is to create new interest and a continuous plan of growth and innovations. Sokol has acquired a new customer in the use of our facilities and this is the Slavonic Mutual Fire Insurance Association. Monthly meetings will be held the last Wednesday of every month and all members of this organization are invited to attend the event.

Attend regularly the Falcon Ballroom for wholesome and friendly enjoyment. Emil Kuropata. CT Dear Organizers: I want to express roy thanks to you for your good work in the past year. We did not reach our quota; however, if all the organizers of District 6 would have worked and secured some new members we could have made our quota.

Below is a record of the insurance written and members secured in Holy 8 20, Method Dorak 15 18, Eddie Vrana. Bucek, Jr. Krutilek 11 11, 2 Mrs. Sabrsula 7, 7 Frank Sablatura 7, 3 A. Dusek 4, 4 Stanley Bartos 4, Mrs. Again, I say thank you for your good work. Let's all start working from the start of the year, so we can make the quota for In case you need any help, let.

Best regards to all of you. Fraternall y yours, Leo Krause, Jr. District 6 Organizer Certain areas of the ocean can produce about 1, pounds of shrimp per acre, annually. Host lodge will be Lodge 48, Beyersville. Host lodge is Lodge 66, Waco Linden Hall. Host lodge will be Lodge No. The spring meeting of District V will be held on March 17, The tine: and place will be announced later. Host; lodge will be LodgeFloresville. The attendance of the year members in the district meetings in most districts has been very low.

Some of the Cesta Domů - Various - 40 Let S Trampskou Písničkou (Reel-To-Reel) were not physically able to attend, some lived too great a distance away, and others didn't attend for other reasons. Therefore, it was decided in the last meeting of the Supreme Lodge that instead of presenting.

The names of all members who will attain year membership in will appear in the convention issue of the Vestnik. Fraternally yours, R. Urbanovsky, Secretary. FRonri T! This year will be an exciting year with many new and en j oyable activities added. Make your plans now to be in on all the fun. Support your youth club and your SPJST; they are yours and what you make of the opportunities are your benefits. District III — Aug. District IV — Aug. District V: Aug.

Pictures of these camps and a schedule of activities will be forthcoming in the Vestnik in a few months, but now is the time to get active and be where the action is. District V — July 21st. Organizer Frank C.

Sacky J. Beran Willie Dusek Amelia. Pokorny en Pavelka Jerry r. John iiiaeabas Chas. Ilejny, Vice President. All of these dates seem so far off, but time will pass quickly, so be wise and start your preparations early.

Together we can make stand out as the largest and best, but it will take your participation, enthusiasm, support, and most important — good fraternal sportsmanship. Fraternally, James J. Janousek, State Youth Director. Dear Girls and Boys, Thank youall you wonderful girls and boys of Lodge 81, 83,andfor agreeing to put on the comedy. Since many had expressed the hope that the wedding would be put on again, I think it was fraternal on your part to do so, knowing it would involve extra work!

We will have a practice at Lodge 88 on Saturday, Feb. I hope you girls are thinking about. Ti's 'erould be a wonderful experience ter you; I hope every lodge will be represented in cur district contest at Dec' district meeting! Get-well greetings go to our great SYD James Janousek, who has been ill; I hope you are improving and getting stronger every day!

Fraternally, Tillie lefelmcamp, Dist. This dinner will be cooled and served by our teens and juniors. We will have our youth meeting Sunday, February 4 at 3 p. Bi-3 sure and be there so you can go to camp this summer and the socials in February. The junior group will have a Valentine party following the meeting. The youth club would like to start collecting items for their "White Elephant" booth at our Anniversary Celebrotion on Sunday, February If anyone has something to donate, they.

Wednesday, January 31, can bring it to the lodge anytime from now through the 18th. Also, mothers, don't forget our junior club project --the cake walk. I am sure they will accept your donations of cakes for this event. The junior group went to see "The Pied Piper of Hamlin" on January 20 and from the reports I have heard, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and had a real good time.

I understand that only one little boy was disappointed and that was because "they didn't use real live rats. It seems that the old flu bug has bitten quite a few of our members and we hope that those who have had it are on the road to recovery and those who haven't had it won't get it.

February The deadline for entering is near. Please let me know before February 2 if you wish to participate. Of course, there are acceptable excuses for not attending. Our next meeting is set for Sunday, Feb. After the meeting we will have a Valentine Party. Naturally, the group is looking forward to the anniversary at the lodge on Sunday, Feb.

And last but not least, we are excited about going to the rodeo on Saturday, Feb. Agnes Petrusek, W. Miller St. We urge all members to be present. Following the meeting, refreshments will be served and games will be played. We are grateful to the fine boys and girls who are enrolled as members of our club; for their good behavior and their regular attendance.

We are grateful to the parents for their Cesta Domů - Various - 40 Let S Trampskou Písničkou (Reel-To-Reel) and their visits. With a half a year of school behind up and mid-term exams in the past, we look forward to new interest in our club and our projects.

Our next regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 6, at We look forward to Cesta Domů - Various - 40 Let S Trampskou Písničkou (Reel-To-Reel) meeting and we hope it will be interesting to those who attend.

We urge parents to attend and we certainly appreciate their support. A word of appreciation to Lodge for their contribution to our club's treasury. We are also grateful for their allowance to our club's activity. We appreciate your help and support and your many kindnesses.

Everyone should bring one valentine; with his name signed. These will be exchanged. Also bring some cookies. I hope everyone can attend. Fraternally, Michael Ptachyl We have a new youth leader, Mrs. Margaret Krajca. We are glad she will be our leader.

I would like to thank our past youth leader, Mrs. Dorothy Kudrna, for all the things she has done for our youth. In these past, years that I have been in the youth club I have learned many things, such as meeting important people, also going many places I had never been before and most of all, you have fun!

I have really enjoyed being a member of the youth club and would like to take this opportunity to urge you to join a youth club. Remember, youth club members of Lodge 48, our next meeting is Feb.

We didn't know what kind to put on it but we are thinking about ii. It would be a lot of fun if other youth clubs decided to enter. You even get a little reward if you win. We decided that we would appoint the committees and decide on the date and time. So all members, please attend the next meeting so we can finish our planning. We discussed our program for the 58th anniversary of Lodge 84, which will be on Feb.

All you actors come and practice your parts in the program. After the meeting, all the members joined in handcrafts. Our next monthly meeting will be on Feb. If there is anyone who would like to donate a cake, please contact one of our members. We will certainly appreciate it. Fraternally, Kathy Mateska NO. I think it would be rewarding and a lot of fun to try some of these things.

I know I will. I hope to see many of you there. I'm sure that every member will help make this year as much fun as they made Our next meeting will be on Feb. Be sure to come. The meeting was called to order by our vice-president, with 9 members present. After the meeting Mrs. Dorothy Ku. She talked of the youth club. I am nine years old, in the fourth grade, and in Jefferson about the history of the flag and respect for it. Elementarty School in Temple. I am also a Girl Scout.

My daddy is treasurShe gave us each a booklet to read er of Lodge 47, Seaton. It was a real interesting speech. The youth will be selling many nice Robert Holmes' house. The meeting prizes. Only those registering with started at 1 p. Osterhaus or Mrs. Caraway at the February meeting on Sunday, Feb. The crowning will be Easter Sunday, April 14th.

Our next meeting will be held in February. That day Editor's Note: Send your letters to is also Lodge 88's anniversary. All the us here in West, not to the Supreme youths from the above lodges who parLodge in Temple; that delays them. Dear Readers, Teens: Don't forget the dances comOur youth club held its first meeting ing up at the lodge: of the new year on Sunday, Jan, 14th.

The Susan Schenburn Pledge of Allegiance then was said. Dear Readers, Fraternally, This is my first letter to the Vestnik. I am seven years old, in the second Our meeting was called to order on grade in Jefferson Elementary School, Jan. The Pledge of Allegiance was said. There was no old Temple.

My aunt, Adeline Kohutek, is the business, so we went on to new business. Our youth leader told us to start youth leader at Lodge Dear Members: We have two new members, and we Come on, boys, practice on your are proud to have them. At our next meeting Our next meeting will be held on on Feb. The winners Fraternally, will be given free hamburgers. The Diane Bouska, losers will get beans. Boys, which one Reporter will we eat? Thank you! Dear Readers, We need more if you boys have any This is my first letter to the Vestnik.

I have been a member since I around. Randy Brodie 10 was one year old. I am also a member. Dear Members: Put on your thinking caps and make a cover for our Youth Communicator. Bring these to our Youth Club meeting on Feb. Bring a small school picture of yourself. We need them for a project. We welcome Charles Deaver as a new member. Charles is in my grade at school we have good time with indoor games when it is bad outside.

I like to play chess. One of these days maybe we could play some of the other club members in our district. Fraternally, Stephen Brodie Dear Readers, Our last meeting. There was a small group of youth presents since the weather was bad.

We talked about making covers for the Communicator. We are also planning a bowling party for the teenagers and a skating party for the juniors. Fraternally, Patricia Karen Stanislav 9. Dear Readers, Plans were made for a hayride at our last youth club meeting.

This hayride would be held to celebrate our birthday. We now are looking for a trailor and hay. Our club has never had a hayride before and everyone is really anxious to go.

Dear Readers, At our last youth club meeting, Mr. Ginter, our youth club assistant leader, discussed flans for a summer program for the youth club. I was real interested in the ball game he talked about. He said that the boys would play against the girls. The winners would be served hamburgers and the losers would have to eat beans. I can already taste those hamburgers! We held our meet i n g' Sunda y. Old and new business Was discussed.

Refreshments were served end they were enjoyed by all. Our next meeting will be held Feb. All Yon members remember that this month most members have birthdays and I am one of them.

We have one old member who remembers the month of his birthday. Fraternally, Alvin Mikush, Jr. The mother lodge will have its meeting first and ours will follow.

We are going to discuss what we will do at our District One meeting. Fraternally, Harry J. The youth meeting as held at 1 o'clock and the adult meeting followed. The weather was real bad and raining but almost everyone was there. We didn't get to play any games but I enjoyed Mrs. Kubena's nice talk to us. Fraternally, Ronald Schielack 8 --sp. Dear Members, Mrs. Dorothy Kubena made a very good speech at our last meeting.

She spoke on the U. She told us what it means, what the colors stand for, how it got started, and about the additions made to it. When she was finished she gave each of us a little booklet to read. It is very interesting. Fraternally, Vincent Schielack, Jr. Meeting -- first Sunday of each month at 2 p. Anton Czech com poser, IA lived from to man is noted for introducnie echo form of music into Czech music. He was also accnuainted with the folk music of the American IndianS and the Negroes.

The spirit of Bohemian nationalism inspired Antonin Dvorak in his music career. From German love sonas. The "Heirs Cesta Domů - Various - 40 Let S Trampskou Písničkou (Reel-To-Reel) the White Mountains" -ene! Antonin Dvorak wrote nine symphonies, but numbered them wrong and they are all confused. Many of Dvorak's songs won great, fame and popularity. Studying along with a village schoolmaster, he became a violin prodigy.

From tohe attended an organ school in Prague. Dvorak then became a viola player in the theater's orchestra. He later became a professor of composition at Prague Consarvatory. Inhe was appointed director of the conservatory. He held this position until his death. While he was serving as director of the conservatory he visited Sniliville, Iowa. This city is populated with many Czechs.

He spent a whole summer there. To show his deep interest in the American people and music, he created the Symphony in E minor "brain the New World. Antonin Dvorak also expressed his feelings for the American inclians in his "American! This was probably because he was so very popular there as well as his compositions. While he was there he gave concerts and composed some of his greatest masterpieces.

One of these works was the very famous Carnival Overture. He lived from to He tried to base all his Bohemian or Czech national music upon Czech folk songs and folk dances. This expressed mostly in "The Bartered Bride," created inwhich is one of the greatest of all comic operas. Other operas include "Two Windows," created in"The Kiss," composed inand "The Secret," composed from to Smetana also composed symphonies.

One of his best orchestral works is his cycle of six symphonic poems titled "My Country. From tohe conducted the Goteborg, Sweden Orchestra. Then he became conductor of the National Theater in Prague in After he became deaf inhe resigned from this position. A mental. Mary's Catholic Church, Praha, at 10 a. Petter, nee Amalia Kubchak, was born at Hostyn on Dec. Valentine Kubchak. In she was united in marriage at St. John's Cathter, and the couple settled in the Velehrad community.

She was a 'memolic Church, St. John, to Frank A. Petber of St. Survivors are three daughters, Mrs. Annie Fioreilea, Needville; Mrs. Carrie Michna, Schulenburg; Mrs. Francis Pekar, Mrs. Rosie Stryk, Mrs. Louise Krhovjak, Mrs. Josephine Pavlicek, Mrs. Vera Tobola; thirty-eight grandchildren and twenty great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband on Aug. Agnes Kocian and Mrs.

Marie Cunda. Frank Amelia Petter, age 81 years and 3 days, succumbed Dec. Funeral services were held from the. Brother Konecny is survived by his daughter, Mary Veselka of Baytown; five grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held at from the Earthman-Baytown Funeral Chapel, and at 10 a. Joseph's Catholic Church.

Wednesday, January 31, was recited at p. Thursday evening, with the Rev. Urbanovsky officiating. Interment was in San Jacinto Memorial Park. McRae, J. Ryan, Jr. May our departed brother rest in eternal peace. We, the undersigned Resolution Committee of Lodge No.

He was 78 years old. Services were held Saturday, Jan. Emma Urban of Rosena, Mrs. Val Knippelmier, Mrs. Martha Miller, and Mrs. Elsie Anthony, all of Pasadena; also nine grandchildren. With life's toil ended, may our departed brother rest in eternal peace, and again our sympathy to the bereaved family. Dated at Needville, Texas, this the 19th day of January, He was years of age at the time of his death, being born in Granger on June 19th, He was a member of St. Those who survive are his widow, Mrs.

Amalie Prikryl of Taylor. Other survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Joe Matl of Granger, Mrs. Further survivors are 11 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Funeral services for Brother Prikryl were held Thursday morning, Jan. Mary's Catholic Church in Taylor. Officiating were the Rev. Eugene Bearden and the Rev.

Jerry Smith. Dated and signed at Granger, Texas, this, the 22nd day of January, Trlica F. Mikillencak R. Holubec —Committee —s e. Mauermann, deputy director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

When speaking of exotic birds, a wildlife biologist means those that are not native such as the California, Chinese, and Korean ring-neck pheasants and the gray francolin from Pakistan and India. Production and release of such birds with exotic sounding names was begun at the game bird farm shortly after it was founded. Other experimental game birds include the red-legged partridge, native of England and France.

Fish and Wildlife Service began such a program in by carefully examining game birds in their native habitat from all over the world which might be adapted to this country. To fill the bill, a bird must be able to survive, reproduce and not replace, through habitat competition, the native species already present.

Changing land uses and the nature of the bobwhite quail dictated the change in operations for the acre game bird farm establised inMauerman said.

Our research has shown that only one out of every six birds released in good habitat shows up in the hunter's bag a year from release date. In poor release sites, only five percent of the birds released ever see the inside of a hunters's bag.

If there is satisfatory habitat — namely food, cover and water — quail will move in. If the habitat is poor, no amount of stocking is going to produce a sizable quail population even when one bird to five acres is considered a good supply.

Actual quail production at the farm reached a peak in when 50, were produced and released. Since then, demand for the birds has continued to drop and by production was only 16, quail. As the demands and ensuing production decreased, the actual cost per quail rose as is common with most production methods. Another factor which led to the decision to phase out bobwhite production was that quail are available from private game breeders found widely throughout the State.

During its year operation, a total ofSincea total of 67, exotic game birds, including coturnix quail, red-legged partridge, gray frandolin and pheasants have bee nproduced and distributed in experimental stocking efforts. Bobwhite quail are among the most adaptable game birds of the State. When the white man first came to Texas, the quail population was sparce. Numbers climbed rapidly during the period of small patch farms with the bulky split-rail fences.

In those days, brush, weeds, and grapevines were allowed to stand along. These fence rows made excellent cover and provided food from weed seeds for numerous quail. Biologists later found that surface water for drinking wasn't always necessary since the quail acquired enough water through dew, and insects for survival. These familiar favorites rate the "plentiful" tag for February, according to the Texas Agricultural EXtension Service.

Broiler marketings this month are not expected to reach the high levels of a year ago, but you will still see an unusually abundant offering at your grocer's. Although the winter potato crop is down slightly from last season, storage potatoes easily make up the difference. Supplies are so abundant that the U.

Department of Agriculture has begun a surplus purchase and diversion program. Look for attractive consumer prices. Storage stocks of American cheeSe are well above average. Also plan to utilize such abundant dairy foods as milk, cream, ice cream, yogurt and butter.

Production of dry split peas last year exceeded the generous offering. Tasty split pea soup provides a most welcome winter mealtime treat. Too — Feb. Each calls for something special on the menu. He's the same bird, but whatever the name he's just as difficult to locate and just as hard to shoot. Despite cold weather and drippy days, many Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens are reporting that interest in quail hunting is mounting since deer season closed.

The blue or scaled quail is a bird of the southern and western plains and is equally at home on mesquite patches, prickly pear areas or rough, rugged ravines. In some areas the blue and. Many hunters would like a race horse or motorcycle to keep up with the birds that had rather run than fly — and usually do.

Cold weather dipping temperatures can be unpleasant bobwhite hunting, but due to a certain amount of exercise required to chase blues most hunters begin with warmn clothes and end up wishing they'd left some of them at home.

If typical January bluebird days appear, wardens feel that many more hunters will soon be in the field peering beneath mesquites and desert plants for the wil y blues. If there is one message that comes through loud and clear on this year's income tax instructions it is: This is the year to itemize your deductions.

Even if you have never itemized your tax deductions before — settling instead for one of the flat rate allowances for your deductions — give it a good try this year. Those who have always carefully listed their deductions in the past will find a new one available to them this year for the first time. It's all because of a change in the rules for medical expenses. This means that you are assured of that much of a medical deduction even if you did not spend another dollar in for medical or dental expenses and had no prescriptions to buy.

The changed rules will help some, will penalize others. The new rules for medical deductions this year help those under 65, but they take away a tax advantage formerly enjoyed by senior citizens.

For the past several years all the medical expenses of taxpayers over 65 were fully deductible without reference. As the oldsters a too are nalized by the r ft children wit. The lawrnake. According to C. Wayne 1 7 e tension agricultural engineer, tit':, handle-High Plains, the T. Texas are areas experienTh. Wednesday, January 31, to make the water go further.

Keese said special attention should be given to developing areas and areas facing adjustments caused by dwindling ground water supplies to meet the growing needs for food and fiber indicated by the population growth in the state, the nation and the world. Irrigation is necessary to Texas farmers if they are to meet the challenge cf the future.

Visual tests told that visual perception of each driver was reduced by drinking. Changes in depth perception varied with the driver with a distinct deterioration in the oldest subject, aged 45 years.

The drivers fumbled at the wheel and seemed unaware of their incompetence Each expressed confidence that he was doing better during the second driving test. In each case, he was wrong, said Miss Arrington who is advisor to the Texas Home Demonstration Association safety committee. Driver's performance after drinking seemed more casual and one became irritated more easily.

The three volunteers, two men and one woman, showed slower timing, less awareness of surrounding traffic and poor steering techniques. The blood-alcohol content of the three was safely within the law in a majority of states. The subjects were tested on a trainer simulating the behind-the-wheel appearance and operation of an automobile. Traffic events were presented on a sound film in front of the trainer for a 15 mile drive in city and suburban traffic.

According tc John G. The total number of cattle rose from a recent low of Final fig ures on numbers are not yet available, explains the economist. Beef cow numbers in the United States have increased. These amounted to about They were probably up a little on Jan.

The economist said that feed grain. VY'Ska interesti je menSi nez poeitaji nektere banky. Ptejte se na, KLM na z yla. Stni "ptedplatnY plan", Cesta Domů - Various - 40 Let S Trampskou Písničkou (Reel-To-Reel). Nejuii;i poplatky po tryskovYcla letadlech v dejinaeh. Zadna jina, letecka spoleenost nema ni81 poplatky na, tryskovYch letadlech ne2 spolehliva KLM.

Vf,STNiK prices will more than likely be on the low side for the first part of With more favorable livestock-feed price ratios in prospect, feeding per animal unit may be heavier. Fed cattle marketings in are expected to rise and market weights are likely to be heavier. Other meat will continue to give beef competition. McHaney said livestock producers are expected to produce a little more red, meat in than in He predicted that during the winter January.

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Spolu s ním zahynulo na místě nebo později cestou do nemocnice či v ní ještě dalších 29 lidí. Zraněno bylo 76 osob. 6. I v Jablonci nad Nisou si lehaly tramvaje na bok. Během let – se na zdejších tratích událo mnoho nehod, z nichž několik bylo se smrtelnými zraněními. Year*Album*Albumartist*Track*Title*Artist*Genre*Composer*Length*Filename*Publisher*Contentgroup*Web *Johnny & June*Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash*1*(I'm Proud. Co s trámy při přestavbě podkroví ve starším domě U starších menších domů, především venkovských chalup se obvykle stavěly hambalkové krovy (krokve jsou příčně svázány fošnami, kleštinami zvanými hambalky). Pod rozlehlejšími střechami bývají . Trampské hudební vykopávky II. neděle listopad, | 12 komentářů | zobrazeno × Trampské hudební vykopávky Hudba Rozhovory Možná jste již zaznamenali první díl Trampských hudebních vykopávek, ale přesto si úvodem dovolím stručně zopakovat záměr této série článků, kterým je najít a zaznamenat zapomenuté, nebo skoro zapomenuté trampské písničky. 50 let s trampskou písničkou. Uloženo v: Korporativní autor: Cesta k horám / Vítězslav Hádl, Petr Markov ; Bar "U zlaté plachty" / 40 let s trampskou písničkou Vydáno: () 50 let s trampskou písničkou Vydáno: () 50 let s. Gramofonová deska 40 let s trampskou písničkou interpreta Various Artists, cena Kč, k odeslání balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo vydání: Label: Panton. Vezl nás postarší Rakušák, který tu žije už 40 let, a když jsme byli téměř v cíli zastavil auto a řekl nám „Tady touhle cestou jsou nádherné vodopády, jestli máte čas, . CD Various - Trampské písně od Staré řeky. interpret Various. název Trampské písně od Staré řeky. EAN Nedostupný titul, který nelze objednat. Klikněte pro vyhledání jiné verze produktu v našem katalogu. This product is no longer available and cannot be ordered. Zahrada se skládá jak s užitkové části tak okrasné. Na dvoře přístřešek pro auto. Za domem pergola se zahradním krbem a posezením. Veškerá občanská vybavenost v 1 km vzdáleném Rožmitálu. Dostupnost do Prahy cca 45 min, Příbram 15 min a Plzeň 35 min. Osobní prohlídky po předchozí domluvě možné pouze o víkendu. Trampské hudební vykopávky I. čtvrtek červen, | 6 komentářů | zobrazeno × Trampské hudební vykopávky Hudba Rozhovory Vážení kamarádi, dovolte, abych vám představil tento svůj nový občasník v podobě série článků o více či méně zapomenutých trampských písničkách, který jsem nazval "Trampské hudební vykopávky".


東海林太郎* - 黄金の殿堂 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Blue Kind Of Grey - The Confusions - It Sure Looks Like The Confusions But It Sound More Acoustic (C, Sugarcrush - Joanna Gruesome - Weird Sister (Vinyl, LP, Album), Looking At Tomorrow, Outro - Garage Voice - Amenin (CD, Album), Iron Lotus - Architect Of Impact (File, MP3), Cementu Umongongo - Extraordinaire (Cassette), Brain Vitalizer (Melody Energy Edit) - S-Cape (2) - Brain Vitalizer (Vinyl)

8 Replies to “ Cesta Domů - Various - 40 Let S Trampskou Písničkou (Reel-To-Reel) ”

  1. Reel to Reel; Bazar; Příslušenstv B6 Cesta K Hoganový Soutěsce (The Road To Hogan Gap) B7 Zlaté Dny (The Roaring Days) Další desky interpreta Zelenáči. Zelenáči Silnice, řeky, tratě a stezky Trampsk Various Artists 40 let s trampskou písničkou Trampsk.
  2. 50 let s trampskou písničkou. Uloženo v: Korporativní autor: Cesta k horám / Vítězslav Hádl, Petr Markov ; Bar "U zlaté plachty" / 40 let s trampskou písničkou Vydáno: () 50 let s trampskou písničkou Vydáno: () 50 let s.
  3. Trampské hudební vykopávky II. neděle listopad, | 12 komentářů | zobrazeno × Trampské hudební vykopávky Hudba Rozhovory Možná jste již zaznamenali první díl Trampských hudebních vykopávek, ale přesto si úvodem dovolím stručně zopakovat záměr této série článků, kterým je najít a zaznamenat zapomenuté, nebo skoro zapomenuté trampské písničky.
  4. Trampské hudební vykopávky I. čtvrtek červen, | 6 komentářů | zobrazeno × Trampské hudební vykopávky Hudba Rozhovory Vážení kamarádi, dovolte, abych vám představil tento svůj nový občasník v podobě série článků o více či méně zapomenutých trampských písničkách, který jsem nazval "Trampské hudební vykopávky".
  5. Fektilar says: Reply
    Album 40 let s trampskou písničkou. Umělec Různí interpreti. Ke stažení ve formátu MP3 a FLAC. Obsahuje hity ♫ Cesta domů ♫ Koníčku můj. Ukázky zdarma k poslechu. Z komentáře k původnímu LP albu 11 vydanému Pantonem v roce a nyní.
  6. POTLACH - ojedinělý dobový dokument představující českou trampskou komunitu šedesátých let století (mj. dokumentace cesty na trampský potlach vlakem i autostopem, trampské svatby na osadě Zlatý klíč a rozsáhlého, ačkoliv poněkud nesourodého trampského muzikantského společenství - ve filmu se objevují mimo jiné.
  7. Trampské hudební vykopávky I. čtvrtek červen, | 6 komentářů | zobrazeno × Trampské hudební vykopávky Hudba Rozhovory Vážení kamarádi, dovolte, abych vám představil tento svůj nový občasník v podobě série článků o více či méně zapomenutých trampských písničkách, který jsem nazval "Trampské hudební vykopávky".
  8. CD Various - Trampské písně od Staré řeky. interpret Various. název Trampské písně od Staré řeky. EAN Nedostupný titul, který nelze objednat. Klikněte pro vyhledání jiné verze produktu v našem katalogu. This product is no longer available and cannot be ordered.

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