Rasta Run Bout Yah (Version) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Dung- Down. Come dung. Sidung Come down. Sit down. Duppy dup-pee - Ghost. Dutty- Dirty; also a popular slang expression, as in Dutty yo. Dutty gal- Tin mackerel. This is common food for the poor. Dween- Doing. Dweet- Do it. E Ease-up- To relax. Ease up uno self. Relax yourselves. Eat unda sheet- Expression of performing oral sex. Eaz haad- Ears hard. Yu rass claat haad eaz. You are damn stubborn.

Eff- If Ends- A place. Mi a go pon one ends still. I am going to one place. Eveling- Evening Everything cook and curry- Everything is just fine. F Fa- For. Wa mek yu dweet fa? Why did you do it for? Faas- Fast. Tap drive faas. Stop driving fast.

Facety fe-ast-ee - Bad mannered and nasty; acting fresh. Fambly- Family. Fass- Nosey. Favor fa-va - Looks like; resembles. He resembles the size of a pig. She fava har mudda. She looks like her mother. Feel no way- Not taken in offense; not to worry or care. Fi fee - To. This is the main Jamaican prepostion. Mi naa waan fi do it. Shows possession. A fi mi cyar.

My car. Fi dem. Fiah fi-ah - Fire; also used to designate the smoking of ganja. More fiah! More weed! Fit- when used of fruits and vegetables, it means that fruit is ready to pick and is fully grown, though not necessarily fully ripe to eat. Flim- Film; mostly camera film. I need to buy film because there is no film in the camera. Flex- To chill and hang out having a time; to plan an activity.

Follow- To Rasta Run Bout Yah (Version) close to, to follow or seek. Follow back a mi. Follow me. Di fly a follow yu head. The fly is seeking your head. Foot- Any part of the entire leg. Forward- Future; to go or to move. Frock- Dress. Also an expression, e. Fram- From; since. Mi dehya fram I have been here since Fram when mi a pickney mi a dweet. I have been doing it since I was a kid. Fresh- Not ready; still bitter or sour. Di juice a fresh still. The juice is still raw tasting. Fuckery fuk-ree - A maljustice, something wrong and unfair; this is not considered a bad word.

A fuckery dat. That was a messed up thing. G Gaan- Literally means gone. He is gone. Gaan to bed- An expression of loving something very much.

She fought against me. Galang- Go along. Ganja- Marijuana. Gansey- T-shirt. Gates- Home. Many homes in JA have gates. Get- To have, to have had, got, gotten. Mi get fi realize. I realize or I have realized. General- A cool and smooth operator. Ginnal- Trickster, con-person. He is a tricky person. Ginnygog- An influential person—derogative. Gimme- Give me. Give tanks- A expression of gratitude; a Rasta expression. Gleena- Newspaper; the Jamaican Gleener.

Godeh- Go there. Mi no go deh. Mi see har di Monday gone. I saw her the passed Monday. Gorgon- Outstanding person and very well respected. He is a master of situations. Greetings- An opening greeting used heavily by Rastas. Grindsman- One who is great in bed. Grow- To raise. She grow mi. She raised me. Gwaan- Go on. Wa a gwaan?

Gwine gween - Going. Wi gwine adoor. We are going outside. Gweh- Go away. H Hab- Have Haffi- Have to. Half eediat af ee-dee-at - A very stupid person. Hanga- Closet; hanger. Hangle- Handle. Har- Her Haste hee-ase - To be in a hurry. Mek haste. Hol ih dung- Hold it down. Means keep it steady; make a secret; not to be told. Honor hon-nah - A Rasta word; greeting or good-bye. Hose- Penis. Mi kyaan lock mi hose off. Hot steppa- Hot stepper, which is a criminal; fugitive; escapee from jail.

Hush- Sorry. Yu hut mi! I I an I- Rasta speech for me. Me, myself, and I. I-man waan dat. I want that. Rasta for: Me or you. I-ney- A classic Rasta greeting. Most commonly Rasta food that is pure, unprocessed, and unsalted. This word is also used as a greeting. Ih ih or ee -It. One who narcs or tells on others—usually to the police.

Informers are not respected. Inna- In the. Inna di lights- Expression to say tomorrow. See you inna di lights. See you tomorrow. Irie I-ree - Means everything is alright. Expression of feeling great and cool. Iron bird Irun-buud - An Iron bird is an airplane. Yu jus come off di ironbud. Is- This means it is, it was, or was it?

This is can be used to repace the word it; and can also pose a question if it comes first in the sentence. It was him that did it or can mean.

Was it him that did it? Jacket- Bastard; a child that is raised by another father. Usually from the wife cheating on someone else and the father never knowing. Jah- Lord. Jah Bless. God Bless. Jah guide- A Rasta farewell and good-bye. Hey Jake! Jesum Piece- A soft expresson of aggrivation. Jester- To joke; kidding. Mi naa jesta. Jook- To pierce or poke; to have sex.

Jus begin fi dead- Expression saying that people were really shocked or amazed, like they could have dropped dead. Dem jus begin fi dead when wi did wi ting. They almost dropped dead when we did our thing. K Ketch- To ketch; to get, to achieve. Key- Slang for good friend. This word also means the normal key we are used to for opening doors.

Mi muss a go kill mi dead. Kiss teet- A facial expression when the lips are pressed together kissing and the eyebrows up. Makes a hiss. Also is a very rude jesture and sound of the face and mouth.

Ku- Look. Ku pon dis. Look at this. Kya Key-a Care. Mi nuh kya. Mi lub yu kyaan done. Kyarri key-ah-ree - Carry. L Laas- Last; or lose. Labba-Labba- Talking to much. Labba mout. A chatter mouth. Lambsbread- A Rasta term for high-grade ganja. Lang- Long. Lang time mi a wait. Large laaj - Very well respected. Dat large. Lef- Leave, left, passed.

She leggo har numba. She gave out her number. Legsus- A spoof on the luxury car, Lexus, but expresses the walking power of the legs. Liad li-ad - Liar. Yu a liad. You are a liar. Lickle- Little. Lickle more- A saying of goodbye. Light- Power; electricity.

Likky-Likky- One who is greedy about eating everything seen. Yu too likky-likky. Lilly- Little, tiny. Mi link yu up layta. Lock up- Closed. Di store dem a lock up. The stores are closed. M Machet- A machete.

Maga- Skinny and slender. Man juice- Sperm. Mantell- Male gigolo; a real player and whore of a man. Marina- A sleeveless wifebeater T-shirt, commonly netted. Mas- An old and wise master; a old-timer who deserves respect. Mascot- Someone who is lame, inferior; can mean gay.

Mek- Let; make. Mek wi dweet. Let us do it. Mek up yu mind. Make up your mind. Dat di best eva mek. Memba- Remember. Mi- Me, I, mine. Mi soon come. Yes mon! Yes man, woman, or child! This must be said with power and voice.

More time! Mos def- Most definitely. An expression meaning, of course, yes, sure, ECT. Mention- A real ladies man who is the talk of the town so to speak. Mudda- Mother. Muss- Must. Mussi- Must be. My yute- My youth. Friendly expression of calling a friend or youger one. Hey my yute. Hey my friend. N Naa- A variation of the word No. Neba- Never Negga neh-gah - Negro. See Nyega. Neegle- needle. Has reference to something very small. Also refers to the female sexual organ.

Nuh- No, now, or know. Nuh true? Nuh easy- A very popular expression saying one is acting a bit off the wall or uneasy, or when ones manners are not in order. Yu nuh easy!

Nutten- Nothen. Nyabinghi- The traditional and orthodox Rastafarian movement of black supremacy and visions of the Ethiopian Zion; a Rasta spiritual gathering with drumming and chanting.

Nyam nee-ahm - To eat. Mek wi nyam. Nyami-Nyami- Expression of one who eats too much. Nyega nee-yeg-ah - term for black person; nigger.

Dutty Nyega. Poor and trashy person—same as white trash in the U. White nyega. Jamaican born white person, Rasta Run Bout Yah (Version). O Obeah- The withcraft or spiritual science native of Africa. It is the type of voodoo in Jamaica. She a put Obeah pon ya. She cast a spell on you. Odda ud-dah - Other. Ongle- Only. Ooman- Woman. Ooo- Who. Is fi ooo? Whose is it? Ova- Over.

P Pear peer - Avocado. Peas- Beans. Rice an peas. Rice and beans. Pickney- Child, children, kids. Rasta Run Bout Yah (Version) Post; to mail. Priors- Prayers. Pull- To open. Pull di can a peas. Open the can of beans. Pum, Punash, Punaani- Female genitals. Pussyclot- Curse word. Pussyhole pus-swhol - Curse word. Pyur peer - Only; used in conjunction with things in large quantities.

Always remember to say this like peer. Pure gal waan mi. Many girls want me. R Radda- Rather. Ragga- The current name of popular regae music.

Ragga music relies heavily on a digital equipment. Raggamuffin- A Jamaican ghetto dweller. Naa mess wit no raggamuffin. Rakstone- Rocks, stones. Rakstone inna mi shoe. I have rocks in my shoes. Ending a word with clot makes it a curse word. Ray Ray- This is a term used when someone is talking too much or telling a story. Similar to saying blah blah. Ready- A person, usually always a woman, who is sexually attractive.

Red- High or drunk. Also is the color of a Rasta Run Bout Yah (Version) who is not fully Black. Red Rat. Red yeye- One who is covetous and jelous of things. Yu yeye too red. Reespek- Respect. A very popular Rasta greeting that shows courtesy. Renk- Foul; smelling bad; very rude. Response- Responsible. Response fi ooo? Responsible for whom? Rest- To relax and settle down.

Rest mon! Calm down! Rhaatid rah-tid - A mild exclamation of surprise or irritation. Similar to gosh, heck, and damn. Righted- Correct and with sense. Dat nuh righted. That Rasta Run Bout Yah (Version) with out sense. Slang for music and enjoying such. Romp- To mess with or play. Yu wanna romp wit me? Do you want to mess with me?

Rope een- To join in or come in on an activity going on. Rude bwoy rood bwhy - A basic slang term. Can be a common greeting to a cool friend or it can describe a tough guy, rebel, or criminal. He runs the criminal business. Run a boat- A saying where many people will cook and eat a big dinner. S Sa sah - Sir. Mi get salt. I was unlucky. Samfi sam-fi - A trickster and conman out to get money. He is a conman. Sapps- A man who is controlled by a woman. Satday, Satnight- Saturday and Saturday night.

Sciecne- A term for the following of the Obeah witchcraft cult practice. She a scientist becaa she follow di Science people dem.

She is an occult practitioner [Obeah] because she follows people of that cult. Scenty sent-tee - Smelling good; a good scent.

Mi put mi turn on perfume an mi scenty. Screw- To be angry. Screw face. An angry face. Shot- To shoot, shot, to have been shot. They shot him dead. Sidung- Sit down. Hi sistren! Hi ladies! Mi a go get dat sinting. I am going to get that thing. Skettle- A ho girl or slut; also means anything really cheap. A skettle name brand dat. Those are cheap brand clothes. Sket is a shortened version; also a cheap boxed drink. Skin teet- Smile. Check yourself befor you smile. Slump- The slums or ghetto.

Dis a di slump. This is the slum. Rasta Run Bout Yah (Version) Like that; such as that, like such, ECT. This is just a common expression used to decribed anything. Almost always comes at the end of the sentence. Wa mek yu galaan so? Why are you behaving like such? Wa mek yu sweet so? Why are you so sweet? Soon come- Term used for general replies in saying that one will be back. However, it does not mean necessarily that one will actually come promptly.

Mi a soon come. Spliff- A very large cone-shaped marijuana cigarette. Usually when a Jamaican returns from a vacation overseas he or she will carry over an accent and a friend will say, Wa mek you so speaky spokey?

Why are you trying to speak like an foreigner? Stamina- Sexual endurance. Di ooman dem wanna stamina daddy, ya hear. Women want a man with pleanty of sexual endurance. Yu mus star dem threads. You have to sport and wear those clothes like you are the king. Stay- To leave alone or let be; to wait; the way someone is. Mek it stay. Let it be.

Culture Lion - Rasta Run Bout Yah Coco Tea (Cocoa Tea & Johnny P) - Fling It Gi Mi Prezident Brown - Power Of The Sound Silver Cat (Silva Cat) & Zippa Ras - Shy Empress ""Fire Ball Productions, Crystal Ball Productions | Leroy Moore, W. Morris"" "Also Called Good Cop Riddim or Can't Tan Yah Riddim or Wanga Riddim" ''. Jan 24,  · Category Music; Song Caan Tan Yah; Artist Capleton; Album Bad Boy Roots Reggae Songs; Licensed to YouTube by WMG, ONErpm (on behalf of Boulevard Records GMBH); SODRAC, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc. Rasta Lives – On and On (balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo Lisa & Mr. Peck) By Mista Savona featuring Mona Lisa & Mr. Peck I Love Reggae Playlist Stream on Apple Music @ #item_artistName #item_trackName During these unprecedented times, the DRA team would like to take a moment to wish all of you the best as we collectively navigate the challenging road ahead. Glossary of Jamaican Reggae-Rasta words, expressions, and slang. This is a one of a kind glossary that is complimented by an audio version as well. The audio version is available EXCLUSIVELY with The Rastaman Vibration. Look below to find out how to download your copy today! A A (ah)- Means many things from: a, to, is, it, the, will, ECT. Sep 13,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - I-Octane - Jah A Run Bout Yah - September YouTube Reggae Classic Hits Mix Old School 70s 80s 90s Popular DjSonki - Duration: Voapd faypal Recommended for you. Come Around (B-Real Remix) Lyrics: A Buddz weh mi seh!!! / Yuh know this a di ganja remix! / From Bermuda, to Jamaica, to Cali, to Texas, back out . Konsequence Muzik presenta este nuevo single de I-Octane titulado "Jah A Run Bout Yah". Distribuido por 21st Hapilos podéis escucharlo a continuación y Singles balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo Written By: Cleo. T itled: New Year/New Me, New Year/New Tea itled: New Year/New Me, New Year/New Tea. Seh RASTA still deh bout Look safety yes dem a run but dem cyaah hide Now dem realize RASTA still deh bout Who have sight to see let dem see manifestation of the Almighty Well some people lack of knowledge some confuse yeah So they will always disagree Coo-yah now Hey ghetto yutes nuh bow to di works weh dem performing. Jan 24,  · culture lion- rasta run bout yah(African Beat Riddim) djandy.


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  1. Glossary of Jamaican Reggae-Rasta words, expressions, and slang. This is a one of a kind glossary that is complimented by an audio version as well. The audio version is available EXCLUSIVELY with The Rastaman Vibration. Look below to find out how to download your copy today! A A (ah)- Means many things from: a, to, is, it, the, will, ECT.
  2. Puppa general a Rasta so a straight ganja plant No coca, no coca, no coca inna mi brain Mi no talk bout angola from balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfoeth to Pola at di best ganja bout yah No coca, no coca, no coca.
  3. Jan 24,  · Category Music; Song Caan Tan Yah; Artist Capleton; Album Bad Boy Roots Reggae Songs; Licensed to YouTube by WMG, ONErpm (on behalf of Boulevard Records GMBH); SODRAC, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc.
  4. Feb 26,  · None a dem cyaa handle deh judgement yah Mi give dem % a The fire weh a burn from mi pissenta The whole a Babylon army get turn ova A Selassie high a him run bout yah Dem haffi give up, when dem si live up Tell dem the youth dem cup full an it a run ova (Repeat Chorus).
  5. Brakazahn says: Reply
    Rasta children run them 'way Drive them 'way When them come, come talk 'bout election Iahbingi run them 'way Drive them 'way When them come come talk 'bout election I wonder why the old tief dem won't go 'way Can't get no peace inna yard I wonder why old PJ him won't go 'way Can't go no peace down a yard, A two a dem Run them 'way Run them 'way.
  6. Glossary of Jamaican Reggae-Rasta words, expressions, and slang. This is a one of a kind glossary that is complimented by an audio version as well. The audio version is available EXCLUSIVELY with The Rastaman Vibration. Look below to find out how to download your copy today! A A (ah)- Means many things from: a, to, is, it, the, will, ECT.
  7. Voodoosar says: Reply
    / Jah I Ras I Selassie I Jah Jah Yah Yhwh Yahweh Jehovah Army Rasta Reggae Jamaica Cornell Campbell - Jah Jah Me Horn Yah Jah Jah Me Horn Yah / My Baby Just Care Bracelet Jah & Yah Dem Gal Yah Want A Man End Of The Road (Cover Pascal's Music Jah Jah Train / The Groove Master Single (Explicit, Single) By Jah Vinci Deh Yah By Jah Version On MP3.
  8. Mezizahn says: Reply
    Jun 13,  · VIDEO: Sizzla – Mamma Mek Mi Deh Yah So Sizzla also take shots at Natural Black, who recently shocked the Rastafarian community when he cut his locks. “The next one cut him locks, bout him gone a dancehall, no want Rasta blessing, see the vanity and wall all, a gallivant, but wait till him start fall, a straight back to Rasta him ago run.

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