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This is equivalent to an average population density of about 3 inhabitants per square kilometre 7. If it were a country by itself, it would still be the largest country by area, but in population it would be the world's 35th-largest and Asia's 14th-largest.

Slavic influences, especially Russianare strong in the southwestern and central part of the region, due to its high Russian population which began to settle the area in the 18th-century CE. The origin of the name is unknown. The Sirtya people were later assimilated into the Siberian Tatars. The modern usage of the name was recorded in the Russian language after the Empire's conquest of the Siberian Khanate.

A further variant claims that the region was named after the Xibe people. Anatole Baikaloff has dismissed this explanation.

He said that the neighbouring Chinese, Turks, and Mongolians, who have similar names for the region, would not have known Russian. He suggests that the name might be a combination of two words with Turkic origin, "su" water and "bir" wild land. The region has paleontological significance, as it contains bodies of prehistoric animals from the Pleistocene Epochpreserved in ice or in permafrost. Specimens of Goldfuss cave lion cubsYuka the mammoth and another woolly mammoth from OymyakonCosmic Union (Taiga remix), a woolly rhinoceros from the Kolymaand bison and horses from Yukagir have been found.

At least three species of human lived in Southern Siberia around 40, years ago: H. During past millennia different groups of nomads — such as the Enetsthe Nenetsthe Hunsthe Xiongnuthe Scythians and the Uyghurs inhabited various parts of Siberia. The proto-Mongol Khitan people also occupied parts of the region.

In the Khan of Sibir in the vicinity of modern Tobolsk was known as a prominent figure [ citation needed ] who endorsed Kubrat as Khagan of Old Great Bulgaria. In the 13th century, during the period of the Mongol Empirethe Mongols conquered a large part of this area.

With the breakup of the Golden Hordethe autonomous Khanate of Sibir formed in the lateth century. Turkic-speaking Yakut migrated north from the Lake Baikal region under pressure from the Mongol tribes during the 13th to 15th century. Historian John F. Richards wrote: " The growing power of Russia in the West began to undermine the Siberian Khanate in the 16th century.

First, groups of traders and Cossacks began to enter the area. The Russian Army was directed to establish forts farther and farther east to protect new settlers who migrated from European Russia. Towns such as MangazeyaTaraYeniseysk and Tobolsk developed, the last becoming the de facto capital of Siberia from At this time, Sibir was the name of a fortress at Qashlik, near Tobolsk. Gerardus Mercatorin a map published inmarks Sibier both as the name of a settlement and of the surrounding territory along a left tributary of the Ob.

Some suggest that the term "Siberia" is a russification of their ethnonym. By the midth century Russia had established areas of control that extended to the Pacific. SomeRussians had settled in Siberia by The first great modern change in Siberia was the Trans-Siberian Railwayconstructed during — Around seven million people moved to Siberia from European Russia between and Most scientists believe this resulted from the air burst of a meteor or a comet.

Even though no crater has ever been found, the landscape in the sparsely inhabited area still bears the scars of this event. In the early decades of the Soviet Union especially in the s and sthe government used the Gulag state agency to administer a system of penal labour campsreplacing the previous katorga system.

Another seven to eight million people were internally deported to remote areas of the Soviet Union including entire nationalities or ethnicities in several cases. Half a millionprisoners died in camps from to [27] due to food shortages caused by World War II. Many Gulag camps operated in extremely remote areas of northeastern Siberia. The best-known clusters included Sevvostlag the North-East Camps along the Kolyma and Norillag near Norilskwhere 69, prisoners lived in Eastern and central Sakha comprises numerous north—south mountain ranges of various ages.

The Verkhoyansk Range was extensively glaciated in the Pleistocene, but the climate was too dry for glaciation to extend to low elevations. At these low elevations are numerous valleys, many of them deep and covered with larch forest, except in the extreme north where the tundra dominates. Soils are mainly turbels a type of gelisol. The active layer tends to be less than one metre deep, except near rivers.

The West Siberian Plain consists mostly of Cenozoic alluvial deposits and is somewhat flat. Many deposits on this plain result from ice dams which produced a large glacial lake. This mid- to late- Pleistocene lake blocked the northward flow of the Ob and Yenisey rivers, resulting in a redirection southwest into the Caspian and Aral seas via the Turgai Valley. In the south of the plain, where permafrost is largely absent, rich grasslands that are an extension of the Kazakh Steppe formed the original vegetation, most of which is no longer visible.

The Central Siberian Plateau is an ancient craton sometimes named Angaraland that formed an independent continent before the Permian see the Siberian continent. It is exceptionally rich in minerals, containing large deposits of golddiamondsand ores of manganeseleadzincnickelcobaltand molybdenum. Much of the area includes the Siberian Traps —a large igneous province. This massive eruptive period was approximately coincident with the Cosmic Union (Taiga remix) extinction event.

The volcanic event is said to be the largest known volcanic eruption in Earth's history. Only the extreme northwest was glaciated during the Quaternarybut almost all is under exceptionally deep permafrost, and the only tree that can thrive, despite the warm summers, is the deciduous Siberian Larch Larix sibirica with its very shallow roots. Outside the extreme northwest, the taiga is dominant, covering a significant fraction of the entirety of Siberia.

The Lena-Tunguska petroleum province includes the Central Siberian platform some authors refer to it as the Eastern Siberian platformbounded on the northeast and east by the Late Carboniferous through Jurassic Verkhoyansk foldbelton the northwest by the Paleozoic Taymr foldbelt, and on the southeast, south and southwest by the Middle Silurian to Middle Devonian Baykalian foldbelt.

The climate of Siberia varies dramatically, but it typically has short summers and long, brutally cold winters. On the north coast, north of the Arctic Circlethere is a very short about one month long summer. Almost all the population lives in the south, along the Trans-Siberian Railway. The annual average is about 0. Each town is alternately considered the Northern Hemisphere's Pole of Cold, meaning the coldest inhabited point in the Northern hemisphere.

Southwesterly winds bring warm air from Central Asia and the Middle East. Nevertheless, as far as Imperial Russian plans of settlement were concerned, cold was never viewed as an impediment. In the winter, southern Siberia sits near the center of the semi-permanent Siberian Highso winds are usually light in the winter. Precipitation is high also in most of Primorye in the extreme south where monsoonal influences can produce quite heavy summer rainfall.

The frozen peat bogs in this region may hold billions of tons of methane gaswhich may be released into the atmosphere. Methane is a greenhouse gas 22 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Pleistocene Park has been created in Siberia in order to do research in relation Siberia and global warming, including working towards possible solutions to the problem. The term "Siberia" has a long history.

Its meaning has gradually changed during ages. According to this definition, Siberia extended eastward from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific coast, and southward from the Arctic Ocean to the border of Russian Central Asia and the national borders of both Mongolia and China.

Soviet-era sources Great Soviet Encyclopedia and others [2] and modern Russian ones [59] usually define Siberia as a region extending eastward from the Ural Mountains to the watershed between Pacific and Arctic drainage basins, and southward from the Arctic Ocean to the hills of north-central Kazakhstan and the national borders of both Mongolia and China.

Geographically, this definition includes subdivisions of several other subjects of Urals and Far Eastern federal districts, but they are not included administratively. This definition excludes Sverdlovsk Oblast and Chelyabinsk Oblastboth of which are included in some wider definitions of Siberia. Other sources may use either a somewhat wider definition that states the Pacific coast, not the watershed, is the eastern boundary thus including the whole Russian Far East [60] or a somewhat narrower one that limits Siberia to the Siberian Federal District thus excluding all subjects of other districts.

The most populous city of Siberia, as well as the third most populous city of Russia, is the city of Cosmic Union (Taiga remix). Other Cosmic Union (Taiga remix) cities include:. Siberia is extraordinarily rich in mineralscontaining ores of almost all economically valuable metals. It has some of the world's largest deposits of nickelgoldleadcoalmolybdenumgypsumdiamondsdiopsidesilver and zincas well as extensive unexploited resources of oil and natural gas.

Norilsk Nickel is the world's biggest nickel and palladium producer. Siberian agriculture is severely restricted by the short growing season of most of the region. However, in the southwest where soils are exceedingly fertile black earths and the climate is a little more moderate, there is extensive cropping of wheatbarleyrye and potatoesalong with the grazing of large numbers of sheep and cattle.

Elsewhere food production, owing to the poor fertility of the podzolic soils and the extremely short growing seasons, is restricted to the herding of reindeer in the tundra—which has been practiced by natives for over 10, years. Timber remains an important source of revenue, even though many forests in the east have been logged much more rapidly than they are able to recover.

While the development of renewable energy in Russia is held back by the lack of a conducive government policy framework, [67] Siberia still offers special opportunities for off-grid renewable energy developments.

Remote parts of Siberia are too costly to connect to central electricity and gas grids, and have therefore historically been supplied with costly diesel, sometimes flown in by helicopter. In such cases renewable energy is often cheaper.

Russia's third most popular sport, bandy[69] is important in Siberia. In the —16 Russian Bandy Super League season Yenisey from Krasnoyarsk became champions for the third year in a row by beating Baykal-Energiya from Irkutsk in the final.

In Kemerovo got Russia's first indoor arena specifically built for bandy. In time for the World Championshipan indoor arena will be ready for use in Irkutsk. That one will also have a speed skating oval. The Winter Universiade was hosted by Krasnoyarsk. According to the Russian Census ofthe Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts, located entirely east of the Ural Mountainstogether have a population of about Tyumen and Kurgan Oblasts, which are geographically in Siberia but administratively part of the Urals Federal Districttogether have a population of about 4.

All Siberians are Russian citizens, and of these Russian citizens of Siberia, most are Slavic-origin Russians and russified Ukrainians. Among the largest non-Slavic group of Russian citizens of Siberia are the approximatelyethnic Volga Germans[77] Russified Romanians with ancestral origins from Bessarabia present-day Moldova also live in Siberia. The original indigenous groups of Siberia, including Mongol and Turkic groups such as BuryatsTuviniansYakutsand Siberian Tatars still mostly reside in Siberia, though they are minorities outnumbered by all other non-indigenous Siberians.

Indeed, Slavic-origin Russians by themselves outnumber all of the indigenous peoples combined, both in Siberia as a whole and its cities, except in the Republic of Tuva. According to the census there areTatars in Siberiabut of these,are Volga Tatars who also settled in Siberia during periods of colonization and are thus also non-indigenous Siberians, in contrast to theSiberian Tatars which are indigenous to Siberia.

Of the indigenous Siberians, the Mongol-speaking Buryatsnumbering approximately , are the most numerous group in Siberia, and they are mainly concentrated in their homeland, the Buryat Republic.

About seventy percent of Siberia's people live in cities, mainly in apartments. Many people also live in rural areas, in simple, spacious, log houses. Novosibirsk is the largest city in Siberia, with a population of about 1. There are a variety of beliefs throughout Siberia, including Orthodox Christianityother denominations of Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism and Islam.

Tradition regards Siberia the archetypal home of shamanismand polytheism is popular. There are records of Siberian tribal healing practices dating back to the 13th century. Places with sacred areas include Olkhonan island in Lake Baikal.

Many cities in northern Siberia, such as Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskycannot be reached by road, as there are virtually none connecting from other major cities in Russia or Asia. Siberia can be reached through the Trans-Siberian Railway. Stroganina is a raw fish dish of the indigenous people of northern Arctic Siberia made from raw, thin, long-sliced frozen fish.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Geographical region in Russia. For the Federal district, see Siberian Federal District. For other uses, see Siberia disambiguation and Cosmic Union (Taiga remix) disambiguation. Main article: Prehistory of Siberia. Main articles: History of Siberia and List of Russian explorers. Gulf of Ob. Novaya Zemlya. Kara Sea. Taymyr Peninsula. Severnaya Zemlya. Arctic Ocean. Central Siberian Plateau. Siberian Federal District. Sakha Republic. Laptev Sea.

New Siberian Islands. Verkhoyansk Range. Urals Federal District. Tian Shan. Syr Darya. Lake Baikal. North China Plain. Yangtze Plain. Stanovoy Range. Sea of Okhotsk. Pacific Ocean. See also: Great Russian Regions. Main article: Rivers in Russia. Shuttle Original Mix. Caravelle Original Mix. Pronoia Original Mix.

DonatelloKastis Torrau. Lillo Original Mix. Illumino Original Mix. Freedom Original Mix. Letters Capital Jeremy Olander Remix. Taiga Original Mix. Damon Original Mix. Chemistry Original Mix. Drosera Original Mix. Pinkerton Finnebassen Remix. Taiga Jamie Stevens Remix. Panorama Original Mix.

Talespin Original Mix. Impact Original Mix. Crouch Matan Caspi Remix. Rick Pier O'NeilDesaturate. Track Atlanten Original Mix. Artists Jeremy Olander. Appears on. Driver's Drive Mix Driver Official.

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