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Then let that part of you shine right now… This is how we fight. Hold up that flag; give the starter smile… rally to the standard you create and spread fellowship again.

Gulf coast of Louisiana. Covid is a bad situation here. Friends lost a 17 yo in past few days. Lost a gentleman I went to school with last week, 60 years old.

Know many that had it and recovered at home, including a relative. They said it was like an intense flu. Sundance, you may not want to come anywhere near here. Word is John Bel Edwards is getting ready to place restrictions again. No idea. Do have a lot of migrant farm workers. Very stressful for sure.

Like Liked by 11 people. Like Liked by 7 people. Like Liked by 2 people. Quercetin is a polyphenol anti-oxidant that helps with general health and heart health. I mail-ordered a quercetin-zinc supplement t so I list out how much of each I get; One pill of the supplement gets me enough quercitin but not enough zinc so I add to the tally the zinc I get from my multi-vitamin and a separate zinc supplement, which is a cheaper source than taking more of the quercitin-zinc supplement.

All of these cost money so I strategize a bit to get what I need from the cheapest sources. You also get some of each from diet, esp meats and nuts. Vitmn C 60 mg multi recommended Querctn mg quercetin-zinc, Jail Lord - Oxidant - Deconstruct (Vinyl), 1 cap 2 caps mg is standard serving Zinc 11 mg multi Zinc 11 mg quercetin-zinc, 1 cap 2 caps 22 mg is standard serving Zinc 50 mg zinc supplement 50 mg full tab Vitmn D IU multi Vitmn D IU D3 supplement, 1 cap Melaton 1.

Like Liked by 6 people. Like Liked by 3 people. Like Liked by 1 person. Thank you for this in-depth sharing. I had read about this elsewhere but nothing to the extent of your analysis. I am in the over 70 category and wonder if you would share your your age-range. I certainly understand if you do not wish to.

I get the sense there are sevearl working groups under an umbrella organization. A matter of hours can make a huge difference and early intervention is key. The other good thing about this web page is that it explains in detail how each of the components of these protocols work at the cellular level — vitamins C and D, quercetin, zinc, melatonin … each of them alone stymies covid at cell walls and cell receptors in one way or another, and a couple of them in combination.

There also are warnings about drug interactions, with specific mention of quercetin. I followed a link to another page and was able to check quercetin against 2 cholesterol drugs I take, simvastatin Jail Lord - Oxidant - Deconstruct (Vinyl) fenofibrate. There were no conflicts but there was emphatic warning against having grapefruit or grapefruit juice with simvastatin, I think it was.

In the hospital phase they iintroduce anti-inflammatory steroids like methylprednisone, heparin, and put you on vitamin C drip at much higher dosage than can be taken orally.

Learned a lot from it AND you nimrod! Way back when all this began, someone here posted that Elderberry helps ward off covid thanks to whoever that was. Like Like. I researched and found the link I posted. Best wishes to you! Thank you for the info nimrod. Every individual has to do what they feel is the best route for maintaining their health. Your list seems doable and makes sense.

I will look into ordering supplements in morning. We have to help ourselves, for sure. Thanks, nimrodman! Very informative. Green-tea extract EGCG also is an ionophore. Also saw a study saying selenium Se helps prevent viruses of many types from entering cells in the first place.

Study referenced Ebola and others. Se also supports thyroid. Everything works in synergy. Certain mushroom extracts can balance immune response. These can get a bit more pricey. Anyone middle-age or so begins getting reduced thymus function. I believe in the shotgun approach, do all or as much as you can handle or afford — many of the above are low-cost.

And standard healthy lifestyle, vit D outside sun, and cut sugar, which suppresses immunity among other things, and de-stress, pray, etc.

Lol intense flu. Nice added touch. Show a link to hospital numbers please otherwise apologize…or leave We need proof for such dramatic talk. I myself have had death and job loss in last 9 months. Like Liked by 8 people.

Like Liked by 5 people. My area of IL has suddenly seen a hit, too. Word is Guv. Prickster is about to go back into lockdown again here, too. The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 1, new cases of the Wuhan virus yesterday as well as 43 new deaths.

The virus has caused 1, deaths. There are 30, recoveries. The numbers are bad and predictable for the least healthy state in the nation. Diabetes, heart disease, kidney issues are rampant in over 45 age groups.

Back in March the Weather Underground added a coronavirus box to their page, right next to the summarizing boxes for today, tonight, and tomorrow.

After Abbott reopened the state, numbers started to climb, as expected, peaking at aboutand ish, I think. The authority actually reduced both POSI and death stats. Not by a lot, but tonight they stand at and Thank you. If not u need to leave this place…simple. Like Liked by 21 people. Was just about to call out jimmy2 myself. We know our peeps around here! Bam Bam — Thanks for looking out for our Sundance.

Ad Rem is a lifter of our spirits for sure — it was getting intense — then the boot. Alabama total deaths, 15 new. Texas, with new deaths. I trust them if they say their area is bad. Excellent job, jimmy!! I and my husband who is only 41 without comorbidities had it and he was hospitalized for just over a week. Your reaction sounds callous and out of touch.

There are ways to express skepticism with compassion. Grow up. You sound as insensitive as a leftist. Jl, glad you and husband recovered. So sorry for your co worker and your patients. Lots of misery and sadness. This is a cold type virus that is easily caught. Many areas of the US have now reached a level where the peak has been reached and things will improve.

With treatment options now Jail Lord - Oxidant - Deconstruct (Vinyl) to include Zinc, Hydroxychloroquine, and Vitamin C for early onset treatment and other treatment steps such as seen by the protocol at EVMS Eastern Virginia Medical School we should fine our death rates to continue to decline to levels associated with the seasonal flu. Slowing the spread isolation was an attempt to make sure Hospitals could keep up with treatment and effective treatments could be found.

Unfortunately the virus will not just go away until vaccines or immunity reach a level where the virus can not find a new human to reproduce in without being killed by drugs or natural or Vaccine immunity antibodies. Sweden was not exactly a free range country during the woo-flu outbreak. Got gaslight? Try Gadsden. I will not give details. I will not identify this family, not my place.

If you have not lost any friends or family and do not know anyone who has been sick with Covid, you should be counting your blessings.

Like Liked by 9 people. This is what they do, and darn it, they are pretty GOOD at it, and its very frustrating! But anthropomorhic, and destined to kill us all in 12 years,…no. In order to tell a convincing lie, you have to include SOME truths, to give it versimilatude?

Also shows how little are cloth masks prevent virus spread. These medical workers are wearing much better protection and sterilization technique but are still catching it. Obviously they are around the virus constantly which increases risk. However the virus is probably everywhere now and we are all coming into contact with it rather frequently. Like Liked by 4 people. A neighbor of mine came down with Wuhan. He was bad. He was treated with plasma that had active antibodies.

He said he started feeling better by the time the bag was three-quarters empty. And happy. I lost sight of that when the whole thing metastasized into a national economic kill switch masquerading as the only choice in public health policy. No time to debate or discuss. Wait, what? People will grow weary and then impatient with indefinite shutdowns. That includes the willingly compliant too. CNCDC, their fellow travelers. Trying to flatline the economy for sixty days is one thing.

Re-packaging that product without a use-by date is a whole nother thing. They can get pissed off too. I was reminded how bad this virus can get this week. And working from home. One teacher I know said she really wants to get back to the classroom. I wonder why? My Gadsden flag will be here by Wednesday. Maybe we can all get together soon for the biggest CTH barbecue ever!

No mask. No plexi. No problem. And no damned stickers telling us where to put our feet. I think we can work that one out for ourselves.

I hope we can all make a date soon. Yeah me too. But I care about ANY loss. It is safe for healthy kids to go back to school without masks. We must push back on the narrative that COVID is some type of plague that will come upon you and take you out. People need to grow a spine and quit hiding. Perhaps way more damaging than Covid in the long run. The whole test thing is intentionally confusing.

Could be wrong my comprehension is minimal these days. Try to stay upbeat, I know it is very hard to do with what is going on. Take a walk or other aerobic exercise every day if you can, at least for me it helps. Talk about anything with your friends. This virus and it results makes us miss a lot of the things we do to reduce stress even unknowingly, for me it was going to supermarkets talking to the fish ladies, and butcher never really knew that till it was gone.

And yes, I spent the day busy outside most of day…. Much needed. And i think it very much helped. For the past several years have been home bound due to health.

Had 2 surgeries …. Anyway my point is my stress reducer was coming to the Treehouse. Realized just how addicted I have become especially since Sundance has been absent and on his mission. But there is that excitement knowing that the Big Ugly is soon to be revealed.

Stay focused, stay safe, Sundance. South Louisiana is one of the fattest parts of the country and being obese with other health issues means your chance of dying is much higher. The reason more Blacks and Latinos have died from coronavirus is because these groups have much higher rates of obesity than the general population.

Marc: Very astute and accurate summary of the why health statistics vary by area, ethnic group, culture— obesity and weak immune systems from over stress, is a petri dish for brewing and spreading infections.

Every state where there are migrant workers from Latin America, there are spikes in cases and hospitalizations. Mississippi, Alabama, LA, all poor states. Southerners have been taught to eat carb heavy meals because of physical work requirements. Every morning her Family of 8 were required to work the fields before school.

Breakfast consisted of all the usual eggs, bacon, grits. To top it off either fried chicken or Fish. Me… I would have had to back to bed after that meal. Not necessarily true. Both the young person and the older person, not overweight. No known underlying conditions. Healthy, fit active people. Believe it or not. Its up to you. Yes overweight is a problem in Louisiana. But, not Jail Lord - Oxidant - Deconstruct (Vinyl) of us are and neither is everyone that gets very ill.

Younger or old. If you have not had to experience watching this happen, you know that is but by the grace of God. You can find the Quercetin and zinc at health food stores. Quercetin is a zinc ionophore.

Eastern Virginia Medical School Covid supplement recommendations:. I been wondering is mosquito can be a transmission vector as they do West Nile virus and malaria is anyone looking into this.

LIKE the mafia, in some ways, but not. Deals in FEAR, intimidation and manipulation,…sure. But its like the difference between an armed robber, and a con artist. And then they will ruthlessly crack down on any they percieve as being a threat to their hold on absolute power. A truth which ruling elites demand we deny,as they do. If so, is there reasonable cause to bring an indictment to those wrongdoers? I want to buy a bumper sticker and a T-shirt with the logo on it.

Are you saying that BamBam is Krisanne? Krisanne lived in Florida. BamBam seems to be in Louisiana. Have I missed something here?

For the posters asking Sundance to make a video, he stated in a previous post that he would be doing something like that. It was in the post that auto-deleted at midnight. I ran across this quote from BB Warfieldthe great theologian from Princeton recently and it seems to fit the times. But believe it, and how quickly you rush forth to shout the unpalatable truth! For if it be true, it is urgent. Be safe my friend. Great minds… Either hurricane cleanup or preparation. Did you listen to John Batchelor tonight?

Something strange happened at the break central time. Nunes was not finished with his comment. He got cut off, and my station then went to the hard break.

Was wondering if you experienced the same thing? I listen online to a Virginia station. Well, well. I was listening to the radio — a SeeBS affiliate. Never heard a professional like Batchelor dump their audio and cut off a guest early, without so much as an outro. Like Liked by 14 people. Sorry I worked in the swamp for thirty years.

It appears obvious to the casual observer that Barr and the guardians of the swamp will do all they can to delay any confrontation that is meaningful and would result in prosecution until after the elections. Having said that the strategy of the Dems is to defeat Trump and bury the investigations aided by the usual guardians of the swamp. Three years and we see zip. Not even the end of security clearances!

Who are we kidding. McConnell persues his own interests. So why is Trump allowing this to continue. This candidate has attacked conservatives and Trump consistently. Who recommended him-Kushner. Draw you own conclusions but I feel its more likely that Epstein committed suicide than our witnessing members of the Obama crime family being frog marched to Leavenworth. Jared Kushner brought up with no proof to the claims made.

MUCH of the post,above was noticed,…by many. So, how might this play out? The most hoped for way of sending large numbers of people to jail? Not gonna happen for those at the top, is it? Just consider the possibility of pardons for most of the guilty.

What is it that President Trump really wants the most? What about Barr? Long drawn-out legal battles with everyone protesting their innocence? I doubt it. What the President and Barr really want is open acknowledgment of the wrong-doing and illegality of what was done. What would be wrong with guilty pleas — and — think about this — pardons from President Trump?

Get enough of the guilty to flip — when faced with the likelihood of lengthy prison sentences — and watch all of the rest meekly fall into line. The MSM would be forced to cover this.

Everything would come out — to anyone who read a paper or watched TV. The globalists have, I think, made it clear that they not only want to drive him from office, but they want to make sure no populist ever tries this again.

Again, regardless of what we think, I doubt that the President feels the need to actually put everyone involved in prison. Same goes for Barr — he probably wants most of all to restore respect for the institutions. Anyway, just think for a bit about all of these people having to accept pardons from our President. And, think about the media having to cover all of this. Once the dominos start to fall, it might happen much quicker than anyone expects.

You have a good, merciful soul. But remember: they shot Lincoln. You seriously want him to pardon these bozos? Up until… about earlier this month, I had zero expectation for any sort of justice. I was interested but in an abstracted sort of way.

They might very well not want what many here on this site want. But I realize you people want to be civilized. It should be a reminder from this point on for every person working in DC for US in OUR government to keep on the straight and narrow or face the gallows.

I think it is apparent, certainly to the President, that his enemies can not be trusted. One does not negotiate with evil. They will jump right back into the resistance any way they can and look to sink the republic.

These people need to go sway for a verrrrry loooooong time. There are a lot of people here who are reading their own biases into what I write. I am sorry — but I dont see some of the guilty going quietly into the night accepting their punishment or pardon.

What has happened, happened historically to get us to the point, and is still happening is so serious and damaging to their fortunes and reputations and power that nothing short of hanging will stop it. Poor Seth Rich, just one of many. Seth Rich. Neither will Obama or Biden. Again, IMHO, the choice is prosecute and take years to find any closure, or, finally bring out the reality of what they did to the half of the people who watch the MSM, including NPR, of course.

If they are sent to prison — eventually — they will go insisting that it they are political prisoners, and the media will continue to paint the President and AG Barr as using the office for political purposes. The arguments never change. Also, like I said earlier, once Donald Trump leaves office, do you really think the attacks are over for him?

This is not going to be driven by that. It will be driven by what the President and Barr think is the best. More people are opening their eyes.

On every site all trades union and non union are talking about all the corruption and bulls-it going on including the plandemic. Like Liked by 17 people.

When Hillary made a small fortune in cattle futures, most folks accepted that she came to her money honestly. Anyone that was an active commodities broker back in the day could have told how simple it would be to game the system and bribe someone through commodities trading.

I did and no one apparently listened. I hope Sundance you are getting a better reception from those folks in a position to do something about the rot in our country than I did. There were people in Arkansas who were speaking up and had their livelihoods crushed because of it. Yep, Mr Tyrell was all over it. I knew it was a scam back then. All the stuff that American Spectator printed back then was true, is true. People like me were regarded as tin foil hat wearers.

But Clinton is not the source, he is just part of it. Fatigues me to think about this. I feel something is actually coming. I never seen the beast more furious, so much wailing and nashing of teeth. I think it knows that time is almost up. God bless you Sundance. I am intuitive too Bob Hope. And I see Sundance conditioning us to not expect too much and that is why the truth will have to be delivered by us. Prayers to all. John Solomon was on Hannity radio today and you can tell he feels it too from his sources.

I deeply hope this is the case, but of course remain cautious. Contact your member of congress, senator, etc. Let them know that You Know, and that you expect results. We need to put the pressure on, something that conservatives do a really poor job of, that needs to change now! Representatives like Mr.

It has killed a few young people, albeit not many. He is posting an update on his activities, hints of progress made, and future actions,…and again asking us all to be upbeat. Just totally forgot what this post was supposed the be about for a minute. I guess this whole virus thing has made us all a little crazy. Maybe the more serious virus is Whu-flu obsessivosus, makes the karens obsessed with mask wearing, and us obsessed with the scam! Heck, 1, Watergates. Rock us to the core, a coup, all the rest.

Cold Anger and all. Because in another narrative-stealing set of Ops, all the oxygen is being sucked out of the room for a Covid, and b Race riots. I hope and pray that our initiatives here now can open up enough eyes and sink into enough minds in time.

Your concerns may somewhat be addressed by Sundances phase 2. Information without action is antithetical, or something to that effect. As for the cluelessness of DC muckety-mucks, Devin Nunes just pointed out that it is highly likely that the judges that just decided to hear out Sullivan in the Flynn case get all of their information about the case from WAPO and NYT and so have no idea that Flynn was framed or anything else about the case.

Witch Hunt Rigged, a Scam! Trump realDonaldTrump July 22, Department of Justice No. The lawsuit is seeking:. Copies of all proposed and all final signed FISA applications submitted to the FISC relating to Russian interference in the election, allegations of collusion between people associated with the Trump campaign and Russia, and any known Trump associates regardless of context. Jail Lord - Oxidant - Deconstruct (Vinyl) of all FISC responses to the above-mentioned applications in which the Court notified the FBI or Justice Department that it would not grant the proposed applications or recommended changes.

Copies of all FISC orders relating to the above mentioned applications, whether denying the applications and certifications, denying the orders, modifying the orders, granting the orders, or other types of orders.

He did, however, concede discussing unclassified but non-public information with reporters in violation of Senate Intelligence Committee rules.

Wolfe and his lawyers argued that he deceived the FBI because he wanted to cover up an extramarital relationship with a reporter. He feared that its disclosure would distress his family and cost him his job, they said. Sundance, you are the best analyst ever. This is Sundance. How you have the power to stir my heart is amazing. SinceI have followed you daily. Talk about an education for me!

Big picture stuff. The roads, the empty warehouses, some buildings, etc, etc. The American people, of course, were wonderful and I loved finding out all about them. There we saw people congregated on the footpath in various degrees of sickness and incapacitation, Jail Lord - Oxidant - Deconstruct (Vinyl).

I still hold regret for not going up to them and engaging in conversation to hear as much as they wanted to tell me. I am telling you about the downside of our visit because I know that President Trump is now changing all that misery for Middle Americans by creating jobs and industry and better medical care. And I love him for it. We travel to the U. However the fabulous wealth of your political elites, politicians coming in with nothing, and leaving fabulously wealthy was difficult for me to comprehend until I started reading this site.

That just does not happen up this way. P44, no one questions the multi million dollar real estate holdings, the scam that is his Netflix position. A young girl, a follower of Jehovah, abducted from her home, becomes a servant in the household of Naaman, the Chief Commander of the enemy King of Syria. And soon Naaman arrived at the home of Elisha, along with a fortune in gold, silver, fine clothing, aides and other trapping of his office. Naaman did listen to them, did wash himself in the Jordan River, that itself a precursor to the baptism of Jesus and was in fact completely cleaned of his leprosy.

One is to illustrate how blinding Pride can be. Even Patriots, who love and honor the God of Truth, who love and would sacrifice much for their family, who may have already sacrificed much in service to their Nation, are not immune to Pride. Listen to that small whisper of a youngster or of the stranger pounding on a window, yelling his head off that the building is on fire. Thank you and may God continue to bless your work and through it, this Nation He has so richly blest.

Lots of love to you and prayers for your safety and success. Truly grateful. Their given a list of how much money they need to pull in to get on the various committees. SD — You are being used Providentially. It is a privilege to be in this fellowship — many faith driven with steely spines, righteous fury at dark betrayals, laser focus on decisive action.

Godspeed — to us all! And yes, Ben Franklin — we will keep this Republic! What we see in practice everyday is the attribution to errors for what are obviously malicious criminal intent. And we all bear some responsibility for this state of affairs. My connections are sparse at best but I will do what I can to help Sundance in his efforts. Grassroots is the the only option I see at this point unless he can get our view point to the right people.

The aforementioned institutions above are beyond redemption at this point unless people start going to jail. You are incorrect sir in your first assumption. Look it up. Poor writing on my part. I stand by the rest. Nothing to see here, move along. Hanlon, a person who submitted the idea to a joke book. Readers are debating Michael Ford's statement that architects who want to really impact the fight for racial equality should stop designing jails and prisons, and sharing their thoughts on other top stories in this week's comments update.

Architects should stop designing jails and prisons, which are representations of systemic racism in the US, if they want to really impact the fight for racial equalitysays Michael Ford.

Local Architecture Network has built a minimum security prison with a perforated metal facade of weathering steel in Nanterre that has a sports court in pastel hues. The Cell Furniture project sees product design students at London's Central Saint Martins create flexible furniture for prisonswhich will be made by the inmates.

New York's plans for replacing Rikers Island jail will require input from design's brightest minds if the buildings are to integrate with their neighbourhoods, and conditions for inmates and staff are to improve, says Aaron Betsky. An abandoned and bat-infested 18th century prison in Cornwall, Englandis being turned into a hotel and tourist attraction by Twelve Architects.

Dezeen promotion: students at the Southern California Institute of Architecture have suggested ways to transform a former jail in Los Angeles, including a park controlled by artificial intelligence and building models designed by 3D printers.

Correctional facility flooring, whether in cells, shower rooms, workshops, kitchens or common areas, gets put to the test. Floor coverings have to be highly durable, safe, easy to maintain, and sanitary—finding a flooring solution that does it all while sticking to your budget can . Jail definition is - a place of confinement for persons held in lawful custody; specifically: such a place under the jurisdiction of a local government (such as a county) for the confinement of persons awaiting trial or those convicted of minor crimes. How to use jail in a sentence. Amazon's Choice for jail decorations Papery Pop Mugshot Backdrop - Photo Booth Props Height Chart Poster - Mug Shots Prison Police Lineup - 24 by 48 Inch out of 5 stars OXIDANT - Deconstruct 7" $ OXIDANT - Deconstruct tape cassette $ PIG CITY - Terminal Decline LP $ PROLETAR - Back To Hatevolution CD $ REALIZE - Demolition LP $ SAVAGE/LOATHING - split 7" $ SEASICK - Eschaton LP $ SEX PRISONER - Tannhauser Gate tape cassette $ SICK TIRED/TRIAC - split LP $Missing: Jail Lord. Full Pro Tools session from EP from Legitimate Business. Oct 20, - Explore Lori Culotta's board "Halloween jail cell decorations" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Jail cell, Jail, Halloween pins. OXIDANT - Deconstruct 7" $ OXIDANT - Deconstruct tape cassette $ PIG CITY - Terminal Decline LP $ PROLETAR - Back To Hatevolution CD $ REALIZE - Demolition LP $ SAVAGE/LOATHING - split 7" $ SEASICK - Eschaton LP $ SEX PRISONER - Tannhauser Gate tape cassette $ SICK TIRED/TRIAC - split LP $ Jul 31,  · Never attribute malice to that which can be explained by the bureaucracy of the system; perhaps that is the biggest lesson learned from my recent travels and briefings. As incredible as it might sound, those who run government investigations do not necessarily have their arms around the specifics, or the bigger picture. It is. Left for death, on day one You voted for what I’d become School to prison, a life ripped from my home The Jail Lord commands, and you will obey Motherless in a system that doesn’t care Without a net, they fall into despair Trampled, dismantled by a swift baton to the head The Jail Lord will see to your early decay I’ve made no choice in this My life is not my own Tell my visitor I was. HANDLING A PURGE. Go to the Clerk of the Civil Court at N. Orange Avenue, Monday through Friday, am to 4 pm. If you pay at the courthouse, please bring your receipt and court order to the Booking and Release Center to process the release of the individual.


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  1. - black vinyl 7" (20 of which have record release covers, #'d) - white vinyl 7" - 20 test presses (this) - 50 smokey tapes (mailorder) - 50 gold tapes (band copies) - 15 pink tapes White vinyl edition comes with a namecard CD-R with bonus material: video 5/5(1).
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    Deconstruct by Oxidant, released 07 July 1. Intro 2. The General 3. M.I.P. 4. Guillotine 5. Jail Lord 6. Third Crack 7. Peaceful Protest 8. Pressure Build 9. Intercom Water Will Rise Brick Layer Deconstruct Limited 7" on To Live A Lie Records.
  3. As the size of a jail's capacity moves beyond to inmates the applicability of indirect design diminishes. In a small jail, indirect supervision pods are often designed to house 8 to 16 inmates. In larger jails it is more practical to expand the capacity of pods to house about 40 to 50 inmates than it is to build more of the small pods.
  4. Oxidant Deconstruct 7" vinyl Tracks: Intro The General M.I.P. Guillotine Jail Lord Third Crack Peaceful Protest Pressue Build Intercom Water Will Rise Bricklayer (Hüsker Dü) Deconstruct5/5(1).
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    Jun 25,  · Prisons "A whole lot has to get built to end mass incarceration" says Deanna van Buren. Architects need to be designing new building typologies to .
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    We agree: it just sounds better on vinyl. Build or expand your collection with popular pre-orders, new releases, and best-selling vinyl. Explore our selection of records by price point, by genre & balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfog: Jail Lord.
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    Sep 22,  · In , the county of Santa Barbara, Calif., embarked on a feasibility study to renovate Santa Barbara County Main Jail’s kitchen, addressing specifically the sewer and mechanical deficiencies that historically plagued the facility with backups and health compliance citations. General Services Facilities Maintenance chased the problems.

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