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The Ministry presented itself before the Chambers on 24th January, and an almost unanimous Order of the Day was passed expressing Obey - Krieg Destino - In Silence I Will Go (CD) in the Government.

The Estimates of Expenditure foralready two months late, were disposed of not without difficulty on i6th February, and the consideration of Estimates of Revenue begun. The inauguration of M. In the evening of this very successful day M. Briand tendered the resignation of the Ministry, which the new Chief of the State promptly refused, and the Cabinet remained in office.

Two days later a message from the President was read in both the Chambers and the Senate. Poincar 4 thus showed he intended to exercise the prerogative of his office, which his predecessors had, perhaps mistakenly, neglected : the right to address the Parliament directly by a message.

Briand's Cabinet was differently composed from that over which I had presided. I could not but regret that L4on Bourgeois was no more in it and, at Briand's request, I had begged him to stay.

Loubet and M. FalliSres were kind enough to come and see me, and while giving me kindly and valuable advice, let me see that the chief magistracy with which I was about to be charged would by no means be " roses all the way M. Kiderlen, who had httle affection for Baron Marschall and less faith in the future of Turkey, was disposed to coquette with the young Balkan states.

Regarding Austria, as he did, rather coldly, he was secretly a little inclined towards the Triple Entente, so that during his life, despite Herr Hollweg's resounding professions of friendship, the Dual Monarchy had been by no means sure of her Ally. The war was to be re- newed. He added that if the Powers told the new Turkish Government that they would stick to the terms of their last note, the Turkish Ministers would undoubtedly bow to the behest of Europe.

What was more serious, he ended up his message by sajdng that the Imperial Govern- ment considered the renewal of hostilities to be fraught with grave complications ; that it would do its best to prevent it, and that should the results of the war be put in doubt, public opinion in Russia would place the Govern- ment in a very serious situation.

Our Ambassador met with a rather evasive answer when he handed in this message to Sazonoff, and it was as evident as ever that no love was lost between them, and that whether through Isvolsky or Louis, Paris had difficulty in making herself heard in St.

The fog was thickening when Russia, deaf to our advice and entreaties, thought well to interfere again, this time at Bucharest, where she said that the concessions made by Sofia were satisfactory and that Roumania should accept them. The suggestion of Roumanian support in taking Adrianople has been rejected by Sofia for reasons of legitimate national pride.

An act Of aggression by Roumania or an armed occupation of Bulgarian territory whilst this State is still at war with Turkey would provoke an explosion of public feeling in Russia to which the Government could not remain indifferent. If, however, Roumania accepts the Bulgarian offer, Russia would be prepared to guarantee her the Dobrudja against any Bulgarian attempts.

To tell Roumania that Russia cannot countenance seizure of Bulgarian territory is to announce armed intervention. We should have been first consulted. It were equally in place to confer with us as to the guarantee offered to Roumania regarding the Dobrudja. Russia's initiative gravely compromises the peace of Europe. There seems to be no doubt that if Russia attempts armed coercion of Roumania, Austria will take up arms and intervene.

This would threaten a general conflagration ; Germany would probably take sides with her Ally without waiting to find out who is the aggressor. The Government of the Republic maintains, therefore, every reservation as to Russia's dimarche at Bucharest. I should like to confer with the Russian and British Governments as to urging a policy of moderation on Roumania.

As I was President elected but not yet installed, Jonnart has been quite erroneously alluded to as my mouthpiece. Jonnart first consulted Briand and the two then consulted their colleagues under Fallidres' Presidency ; the new Cabinet, faced with the same difficulties at St.

Petersburg, was as plain spoken as I had been ; it was not a matter of Louis being too harsh, it was rather a matter of having to ginger him to do the needful. Just now the Emperor Francis Joseph, who was sadly worried by the military expenses he was incurring, gave Prince Hohenlohe-Schillingsfiirst a letter for the Czar, with peace in every line of it ; Nicholas replied on the same note.

The Prince explained that they had mobilised two Army Corps in Bosnia- Herzegovina, and reinforced five others on the Danube and in Galicia ; with peace Austria would be able to demobilise. Sazonoff retorted that until Austria demobilised, Russia must retain under the colours the class due to leave. Hohen- lohe fervently disclaimed any idea of attacking Russia ; the thing was unthinkable. Sazonoff equally disclaimed any fear that Austria would attack Russia herself, but Russia could not be indifferent to an Austrian blow at Serbia.

There issued from the interview that Russia would not let Serbia be squashed, and that Austria would not tolerate an unduly swollen Serbia : a via media must be found.

Telegram, -George Louis, gth and loth February, Nos. He had sent one or two feverish messages to Sazonoff from his sick-room, but unfortunately his first day out was just after Jonnart had heard of Russia's address to Berlin, and his first call at the Quai d'Orsay was to find Jonnart much incensed by what had taken place, and to be told so pretty plainly.

Moreover, the Ambassador had just received a letter, omitted from the Black Book, from his Chief to which he thus alludes : I received your last letter whilst ill. It seemed to be — perhaps because of my condition — unduly sharp.

It is my duty to advise you exactly as to existing conditions here, even at the risk of displeasing you, as on them may depend this or that decision of the French Government at the critical moment ; I cannot conceal from you the impression made here by some of the things you have done.

Stung by the rebuke of his Chief, he throws himself upon me. What hurts me most is your reproach that I want to deprive Russia of her freedom of action. He recounts a long conversation with me, 29th January, a day when I was rushed from morning till night ; so that when I received Isvolsky, I was, though perfectly courteous, perforce rather hurried. But he tells Sazonoff that I gave up all other things so as to have the pleasure of seeing his Ambassador, and that I had some sensational proposals to put forward.

Petersburg a voluminous cable and two long despatches! Isvolsky gives just the colour which he wants to what I say. I told him that, as President of the Republic, I could still influence French foreign policy, that Russia must confer with us before doing anything likely to lead to war, and that her demarche at Berlin was unsatis- factory.

Isvolsky recited my remonstrances faithfully enough, but wishing to do so without getting a counterblast for himself, he accentuated them. What I really said to Isvolsky is quite obvious, but he presents things suo modo, and the Black Book gives further flourishes. I have a more serious account against Isvolsky, which recent publications compel me to comment on.

It will be remembered how he repeatedly complained to St. Petersburg that he had insufiicient cash to influence certain French papers, and that his predecessors and other Ambas- sadors were much better treated in this respect. These persons were beyond the arm of the law. We were at peace, and it was no crime to take foreign money, and, indeed, since the war, we have witnessed some renaissance of the process.

Petersburg : that some of the minor French papers were subsidised by the Triple AUiance, that he was about to ask for funds to neutralise them, and that he would Uke me to know about it first. My advice was against any such thing, but as he evidently intended to go his own way, I added that I expected Russia as a friend and Ally to do nothing outside the control of the French Government ; a control which I had neither the means nor the wish to exercise.

How did Isvolsky report this conversation to St. Peters- burg, and what did he say to the Financial Councillor at his Embassy? In I could not know this definitely, but one thing struck me. I protested strongly to him and by letter to Kokovtzoff against any such idea. Davidoff rather aroused my sus- picions. I urged on him not to open at the moment a credit for that purpose, for I hoped that if postponed the scheme would subside.

Those who know me would know how I disliked being mixed up in such matters; I was wise to keep aloof as much as possible. To read the papers dispassionately and in their full context is only to confirm my own statements. Boris Souvarine, a naturalised Russian, whose real name is Lifchitz.

It is a little odd that a Communist writer should so blindly confide in Isvolsky and Raffalovitch. Needless to say that Ernest Rejnauld has never spoken in the Chamber, and for good reason. Three days later M. Souvarine recognised his error, but promptly made another : Pybie ", he wrote, " is not Poincare but Rouvier, formerly President du Conseil.

I became Finance Minister in Sarrien's Cabinet, At this date letters sent by Raffalovitch to his Government miscarried and were published in French papers. In these the Financial Councillor to the Embassy complains of the embarrassment caused by my austerity. According to U HumaniUy the sums distributed — with M. Lenoir as inter- mediary — by the Russian Embassy rose fromfrancs in to 2, in In March and during my Ministry, complete silence! The Councillor came to me only once to protest against certain placards, which he thought might hurt Russia's credit ; I could only say there was nothing in them with which we could interfere.

In I had to be just as careful as in In Lenoir — with whom hitherto I had not even a bowing acquaintance — asked for an audience in order to defend himself against the charge of being a henchman either of Caillaux or of Clemenceau. He wanted to assure me that he had done nothing to oppose my election, and he flattered himself that he could bring Clemenceau and myself together. I saw him for a few minutes as a matter of courtesy, and neither saw nor heard more of him tillwhen he sent me.

Such was the beginning and end of our relations! On the 23rd OctoberIsvolsky warns Sazonoff of subsidies which some of the Paris papers are getting from the Triple Alliance. It is not I who am concerned, but the Ministry. Isvolsky does not say that I want something done, but that he is compelled to the conclusion that I want it. Raffalovitch hurried to reassure the Minister as to this. Nothing could be further from the truth : the French Government has never said, nor thought of, anything so indiscreet, and on the contrary, it was the Russian Ambassador who expressed the view that a credit for this purpose would be useful.

I added, however : I told M. Davidoff that I did not want to have anything to do with the matter, but that if you were giving Isvolsky a credit of Frs. On receipt of this letter Kokovtzoff sent a confidential note to Sazonoff December 3,UHumanite, January 10, showing that he was no dupe of Isvolsky. As a result of later pourparlers between Poincar6 and Isvolsky, it is agreed that there is no immediate necessity for distributing money, but that it might be useful to have a reserve fund of Frs.

Knowing that these funds had already been allotted, I said that nothing justified immediate expenditure, and that nothing should be done even later without the knowledge of the French Government, and only under the supervision of its agents. Klotz had no objection to Lenoir, and as I knew nothing about him, I had no preference for him over anyone else ; it emerges from the Isvolsky-Raffalovitch letters that Lenoir, against my advice, asked for an immediate advance of Frs.

My only recollection, which is confirmed by records, is that from the ist to the 27th January I had not spent a centime of the special funds, and left to my successor a surplus of Frs. If I had wanted to give Frs.

It is equally untrue to say that my Government angled for Russian money to support the Radical, of which M. Perchot, a Senator, was then editor. We only represented that some millions were due in Russia to the French company of the Port of Touapse in which M. Perchot was the chief shareholder, and that so far he could not get justice done to him ; as a matter of fact, the settlement did not begin till the end ofwhilst it was obviously the duty of the French Government to support a French industrial under- taking.

So much for what the Fichte Bund calls the preparation for the world-war by corruption of the Press! One of the very few Frenchmen who associated themselves with this sordid campaign was Victor Margueritte, who was perhaps better qualified than anyone else to speak as to Press sub- sidies.

The son of a General, this officer who, during the war, was first on the staff of the Military Governor — when he asked me to let him accompany me on one of my visits to the Army — and then attached to the Military Press Bureau, wrote to me on War Office paper on 7th May :" I have not been able to see M. Delcass 4 again, and M. Piccioni says that the Minister showed some hesitation when he asked him to continue the monthly subsidy of Frs.

Delcassd may well have thought that Frs. The Black Book — if he had taken the trouble to read it — would have told him that I did what I could to prevent any distribution, and that up to my election less than Frs. This impertinence reminds one that during the war the Germans and the Chancellor himself were pleased to say that after a visit to Berlin, General Soukhomlinoff came to Paris in January to work for my election ; Souk- homlinoff, who was tried and condemned for treason, died a refugee in Germany, the land of his choice, February Another American goes even further.

No one has seen the original of this remarkable telegram ; no one says from where it was taken, nor was it published by Stieve or the Black Book. It is mutilated, bears neither number nor series, and the passage quoted has every sign of being a forgery.

Isvolsky is supposed to have had an interview with me, Julyand to have written in Russian to Sazonoff. Langer, New Republic, April 15, This article has been reproduced, also a French trans- lation of what I published in Foreign Office, by M. Mathias Morhardt's review. Poincar 4 agrees with me that we must make a big Obey - Krieg Destino - In Silence I Will Go (CD).

I scarcely dare to suggest Frs. If Isvolsky had invented the whole thing and had founded on it a demand for tenfold the amount allotted to him, and which I had prevented his squandering, he would surely have carried cynicism a little too far and might have been locked up as a pickpocket. And if the Ambassador had penned this telegram, he must have knovra that it would reach Kokovtzoff, to whom I had shown him up, and he would scarcely have exposed himself to a second snub.

I can suggest no explanation for finding my own name among the Radical- Socialist leaders. I may mention that the Isvolsky-Raffalovitch correspondence was offered to me for a sum of money by a rather dubious personage before being published in U HumanitS. An event of some importance occurred between my leaving the Quai d'Orsay and taking up my residence at the Elysee.

It occurred irresistibly both to Briand and Jonnart that the moment was fully ripe to replace George Louis, and that they might match a man with an opportunity by appointing M. To say that France, at the beginning ofas the result of recent alarms, was under a wave of patriotism would be true ; it was as untrue to suggest that there was any sort of fermentation of chauvinism.

Thus the Belgian Minister in Paris, Baron Guillaume, blundered psychologically in the reflections he conveyed to his Foreign Minister in a letter which the Germans found in the archives at Brussels and which they published with a great flourish of trumpets. Baron Beyens, who represented Belgium at Berlin, saw the situation in a much clearer light when he wrote to his Government on the i8th October : The first effect of the Balkan crisis has been to bring about closer relations between the German Government and that of the French Republic.

Both of them equally anxious to see the conflict localised in the peninsula and to avoid European war, they agreed to give the same advice to their respective Allies, Russia and Austria, and at the same time they took part in the rather belated action at Constantinople and in the Balkan capitals. On this point German policy sees eye to eye with that of England and France, who both are resolutely bent on peace.

Davignon was not completely produced and was wrongly dated. This popularity is made up of various ingredients ; his election was carefully engineered ; one knows in the course of his administration he manoeuvred very skilfully for France to be prominent in the European concert ; he has expressed himself in some very happy phrases that have caught on.

But primarily one must see in all this signs of the oldFrench chauvinism which for many years was away from view, but which has come to the fore again with the Agadir incidents. Under these conditions, and thanks to his outstanding qualities, he may render great services to his country, but he is too clever not to know that reactions are frequent in public opinion here, and that there is no country where the Tarpeian Rock is so near to the Capitol.

Delcass6 to St. Petersburg : VOL. The circumstances of his being obliged to leave the Quai d'Orsay are in everyone's memory, but when a few years later he became Minister of Marine, his return to power was not looked askance at in Germany. Last month the friends of this statesman repeated this with an idea that M.

It was an open secret that he would have liked it, but many people feared that his selection would have an anti -German appearance. Is his appointment to St. Petersburg open to the same interpretation? I don't think so, but I know that M. Poincar 4 was pleased to affirm his intention to hold high his country's colours. In these troublous times for Europe this is the one danger of having M. It was under his Ministry that militarist feelings were re-awakened, and one can only hope that his practical mind, cold and purely political, will prevent him from any exaggerated notions in this respect.

The very notable increase in German armaments which has taken place just when M. Like some Belgians before the war, Baron Guillaume would have willingly accepted that, in face of the German armaments, France should have re- mained inert, and he dubbed as militarist and chauvinist a purely precautionary measure on our part.

But he recognised that it was the Agadir coup which had really excited French susceptibilities, as it was the German armaments which had rendered us anxious. Nor did he ignore that at the same moment the Belgian Government was equally anxious, and in the Grey Book which Belgium published inthere is another letter in which M.

Guillaume describes his explaining to M. Margerie that his country intended to have an army sufficiently strong to protect its independence and neutrality. He was mistaken in attributing to me M. Briand and M.

Jonnart who conceived the idea, and told M. Delcass6 had not voted for me at Ver- sailles, it would have been bad taste on my part to have shown any grudge in this respect, and, as Baron Guillaume said himself, any bad feelings as to the Ambassador-elect no longer existed in Berlin. After all, on 3rd MarchBaron Guillaume, in alluding again to the state of opinion in France, reported to his Minister : " The German Ambassador has just said to me that the political situation is much improved in the last 48 hours.

But what does not improve is the state of public opinion in France and Germany with regard to the relations between the two countries. With us people think that a revival of chauvinism means an attack on the part of the Republic ; in France the same fear is entertained as regards ourselves. The consequence of this misunderstanding is to min us both, and I do not know where this dangerous path may lead us.

Is there no one with sufficient goodwill and sufficient prestige to bring everybody back to their senses? All this is the more ridiculous because, during the crisis we have been through, the two Governments have given evidence of the most pacific ideas, and are in close touch with one another to prevent any conflict from arising.

Nor was Baron Guillaume ignorant of this, Obey - Krieg Destino - In Silence I Will Go (CD) he was afraid that in the general arming, of which Germany had given the first sign, inoffensive Belgium might well be crushed out of existence.

Briand tried to show that Minority Representation was a Republican idea, that M. Combes, M. Monis and M. Caillaux had included it in their programmes, and that some compromise must be found which would avoid a con- flict between the two Chambers. The Prime Minister made the matter a question of confidence, and being defeated by to votes, immediately tendered his resignation.

On 20th March, M. Barthou was charged with the formation of a Ministry, and the next day presented the President with his list.

Baudin retained their respective posts, M. Pichon returned to the Foreign Office, and M. Klotz exchanged the portfolio of Finance for that of the Interior. In Mayon the very morrow of the ratification by the Chambers of the Franco- German Convention of 4th November,a new law further raised German effectives by 37, men, while in October there was ordered an immediate application of the law ofwhich according to text was not to have been fulfilled till the end of ; in January im- mediate application was ordered of the law, which was not due for completion till four years later.

General Joffre thought the weakness of our covering forces might well become a positive danger, and urged that some measures of defence should be taken, as Germany would have a superiority of more than 35 per cent over us. While some of the newspapers cried aloud for a prompt reply to German armaments, the Socialist M.

The War Office had under consideration a half-way measure, such as the three years being applied only for the cavalry and the horse artillery, but the General Staff insisted on a universal application of the term, while on the 27th February Etienne and Klotz annoimced to their colleagues a proposed credit of Frs.

I, of course, exercised no sort of pressure on the Council, only recommending the Generals to study the political, financial and moral, as well as the military consequences of the decision they would register.

The German frontier forces would have thirty men per company more than ours, and our cavalry was proportionately even weaker than our infantry. The centenary of was trotted out as an occasion for glorifying Prussia and disparaging France. The Kaiser, of course, was vocal. The Balkan War, it was explained, had upset the balance of power and had necessitated readjustments, and with no guarantee for permanent peace Germany must envisage having to defend simultaneously from many sides her far-flung frontiers when it would be a matter of fighting for her existence.

So, at the moment when Germany is about to take such steps as will further increase the disproportion between her troops and ours, she does not deny — as she does a week later — that she is the first to swell her armies.

The Balkan Crisis, the European changes which have intervened, the anxieties of her Ally — are the plea for her decision. She does not suggest that France has gone ahead of her in increasing armed forces. The Imperial Authorities were never tired of exalting patriotic feelings. The Kaiser delighted in recalling to memory, and inflamed public opinion was hkely to be reflected in the Reichstag next month.

It was an abuse of history, the writer suggested, to compare with ; if the movement which then fired the German people to oppose the man who aspired to the hegemony of the world could find a parallel, it was in France that this might be looked for. Some days later our War Office got hold of a report of March 19th, drawn up by Colonel Ludendorff, an important member of the General Staff. The Germans seem to be carrying out their plan precisely.

Our ancestors made very great sacrifices in ; it is our sacred duty to sharpen the sword which has been put into our hand and have it ready to defend ourselves and strike at an enemy. We must saturate our people with the idea that our armaments are a reply to those of France.

They must be trained to the idea that a great offensive on our part is necessary to deal with the provo- cations of the enemy. Trouble must be stirred up in Russia and in Northern Africa, and we must aim at taking the offensive in overwhelming strength the first days.

For this we shall need a great army strongly backed by Landwehr which will either bring the small States to our side or cause them to be neutral, or enable us to squash them if they resist. By the end of we shall have upwards ofmen under the colours, and the companies of the Frontier Corps will be raised from to men.

We shall thus secure the most favourable conditions for a strategic surprise, as well as for the conduct of — and a rapid conclusion to — the campaign undertaken. Briand's Cabinet, M. In the Near East grave questions were at issue ; the Porte had accepted European mediation, but the Balkan Allies would only agree under conditions which Austria might not accept.

Besides the crucial question of the iEgean Isles, the Allies demanded an indemnity from Turkey : whereas the Powers insisted that they should take over a proportionate share of the Ottoman Debt.

Austria must have known that she was thus adding fuel to fire, and at the same time she made a pretext of the Montenegrin bombardment of Scutari for an independent protest at Cettigne and for a despatch of warships. Russia rather excitedly urged a counter-demonstration by French and British, a suggestion which did not appeal to Paul Cambon. Pichon was wise enough to remonstrate quietly with Count Szecsen as to any isolated action, and at the same time to support Austria in her demands that the bombardment of Scutari should cease and the civilian population be evacuated.

Do you want us to look as if we were coercing a Slav population? Baron de Schoen told Pichon that if trouble came over Scutari Germany would willingly suggest that Austria and Italy should act on behalf of Europe ; did we agree?

Pichon said : " Yes, if all the Powers would say the same, anything except isolated action. Grey merely answered that Serbia was being advised to withdraw her troops and that Montenegro could not do very much by herself. But it was not only Montenegro whose appetite grew with Balkan victories. Sazonofi wanted Bulgaria to have a larger slice of the good things than the Powers had allotted her ; Russia, if only to prevent Montenegro doing violence to Scutari, would not object to some such naval demonstra- tion as a blockade of Antivari, but she could take no active part in this as she had no warships in the Mediterranean.

The French Government on the ist April decided we could only act in concert with the other Powers. Many of the French papers asserted that under no con- ditions should we make any demonstration at all, and could not see why we should hold Montenegro off Scutari. They did not see that with Diakovo and Prizrend being given by the London Conference to the Allies, Vienna had come to the end of her concessions.

Auguste Gauvain, Les Origines de la guerre europienne. We had to walk warily. The Austrian Ambassador had been told to suggest to Italy that the two countries should, without the knowledge of the Powers, compel Montenegro to raise the siege of Scutari.

Austria for the moment had won her way. Obey - Krieg Destino - In Silence I Will Go (CD) naval demonstration before Antivari had been agreed upon in principle, and the Ballplatz had been very forward with a naval division for Antivari. The Czar had telegraphed in strong terms to King Nicholas that he must give way ; Nicholas, according to Sazonoff, did not mind setting the world ablaze so as to boil his egg.

It was high time, for Austria had already sent a regiment to the spot, and if the soldiers disembarked, the Breslau would surely land men to prove how loyal Germany was to her Ally. Austria pressed her advantage ; she asked for an ultimatum to Montenegro, and this, for the sake of a united front, was agreed on, but with qualified terms respecting the proposed blockade.

Petersburg on ist April. The blockade was to be pacific, i. Buchanan stoutly opposed this. If Roumania claims any part of Bulgarian gain it is because she thinks she is strong enough to impose such claim. England cannot admit that Might is Right ; Roumania must be content with strategic advantages. Delcass6 would not hear of Salonika being wrested from Greece, and Sazonoff thought Roumania should be satisfied with what she would gain strategically.

One difficulty after another cropped up. The Balkan Allies went stubbornly on with their impossible conditions as regards Turkey. Russia shook her head, but agreed to a categorical warning being sent by the Triple Entente to Bulgaria — Sazonoff giving fresh proof of loyalty by telling the German Ambassador that even if the Montenegrins took Scutari, Russia would not depart from the European decision to give the place to Albania. Montenegro would never agree to abandon Scutari in exchange for the only compensations available, t.

Petersburg which the Russian Government had been obliged to suppress. Cosi mi sposo all'uso giapponese per novecento novantanove anni, Salvo a prosciogliermi ogni mese. Goro che ha udito, si avanza premuroso cd insinuante Una ghirlanda di fior freschi, Una Stella dai raggi d'oro. E per nulla ; sol cento yen.

Sharpless That's an easy-going gospel Which makes life very pleasant, But is fatal in the end — Pinkerton continuing Fate cannot crush him, he tries again undaunted, No one and nothing Breaks his plucky spirit.

And so I'm marrying in Japanese fashion, Tied for nine hundred And ninety-nine years, Free, though, to annul the marriage monthly. America forever! Goro who has overheard, approaches the terrace officiously Fair as a garland Of fragrant flowers! Brighter Than a star in the heavens! And for nothing: one hundred Yen. Goro corre in fondo e scompare discendendo il colle: i due servi rieacrano in casa Pinkerton e Sharpless siedono.

Sharpless Quale smania vi prende! Sareste addirittura cotto? Pinkerton Non so! Amore o grillo — donna o gingilo dir non saprei — Certo colei m'ha colle ingenue — arti invescato. Lieve qual tenue — vetro soffiato alia statura — al portamento sembra figura — da paravento. Ma dal suo lucido — fondo di lacca come con subito — moto si stacca, qual f arfalletta — svolazza e posa con tal grazietta — silenzioza che di rincorrerla — furor m'assale se pure inf rangerne — dovessi Tale.

Sharpless seriamente e bonario Ier Taltro, il Consolato sen' venne a visitar! Io non la vidi, ma Tudii parlar. Di sua voce il mistero l'anima mi colpi. Certo quando e sincero Tamor parla cosi. Sarebbe gran peccato le lievi ali strappar e desolar forse un credulo cuor. Quella — divina mite — vocina non dovrebbe dar note di dolor. Goro runs to the back and disappears down the hill Sharpless What folly has seized you!

D' you think you are Intoxicated? Pinkerton rises impatiently. Sharpless rises also May be! Depends On what you call intoxication! Is't love or fancy, maid or myth — I cannot tell you — all that I know is She, with her innocent charm, has entrancVl me. Almost transparently fragile and slender. Dainty in stature, quaint little figure, Seems to have stepped down Straight from a screen.

Sharpless seriously and kindly The other day, she came up To call at the Consulate! I did not see her, but I heard her speak. And the mystery of her voice Touched my very soul. Surety love that is pure and true speaks like that.

It were indeed sad pity To tear those dainty wings, And perchance to torment a trusting heart. No cry of anguish should e'er be uttered By that gentle and trusting little voice. Si sa, la vostra eta e di flebile umor. Sharpless Un altro bicchiere. Pinkerton colma anche il proprio bicchiere Bevo alia vostra famiglia lontana. Pinkerton levail calice E al giorno in cui mi sposero con vere nozze, Obey - Krieg Destino - In Silence I Will Go (CD), a una vera sposa Goro riappare correndo, venendo dal basso della collina Ecco!

Son giunte al sommo del pendio. Voce di Butterfly Ancora un passo or via. Altre Voci Come sei tarda. Ecco la vetta. Voce di Butterfly Spira sul mare o sulla terra un primaveril soffio giocondo.

Io sono la fanciulla piu lieta del Giappone, anzi del mondo. We know Men of your age look on life with mournful eyes. No harm I reckon these wings to raise, And guide them to the tender flights of love! Sharpless Yes, mix me another. Pinkerton fills up his own glass as well Here's to your friends and relations at home.

Pinkerton raising his glass And to the day on which I'll wed In real marriage — a real American wife! Goro reappears running breathlessly up the hill See them! Pinkerton and Sharpless retire to the back of the garden, watching the path on the hill Butterfly's Voice There's one step more to climb. Other Voices How long you tarry — here is the summit — One moment — look, oh look!

Butterfly's Voice Across the earth and o'er the ocean Balmy breeze and scent of Spring are blowing — I am the happiest maiden, The happiest in Japan — In all the world. Le Amiche Gioia a te sia dolce arnica, ma pria di varcare la soglia die ti attira volgiti indietro e mira le cose tutte che ti son si care. Quanti fior! Quanto cielo! Quanto mare! Sharpless O allegro cinguettar di gioventu! Chiude subito 1'ombrello e pronta addita Pinkerton alle amiche B.

Friends, I have obeyed The summons of love, Upon the threshold standing, Where all the glory awaits me, That life or death can offer. Her Girl Friends The best of luck attend you, Gentle maiden, but ere You cross the threshold which invites you, Turn and admire the things you hold so dear. What lovely flow'rs! Sharpless O happy prattle, careless days of youth! Butterfly and her girl friends appear on the brow of the hill. They will carry large brightly coloured sunshades, open Butterfly We're there now.

She promptly closes her sunshade and introduces Pinkerton to her friends B. Pinkerton smiling The ascent Is rather trying? Pinkerton unpo' derisorio Molto raro complimento. Butterfly ingenua Dei piu belli ancor ne so Pinkerton rincalzando Dei gioielli! Butterfly volendo sfoggiare il suo repertorio di complimenti Se vi e caro sul momento Pinkerton Grazie — no. Sharpless ha osservaco prima curiosamente il gruppo delle fanciulle, poi si e avvicinato a Butterfly che lo ascolta con atcenzione Miss Butterfly.

Bel nome che vi sta a meraviglia. Siete di Nagasaki? Butterfly Signor si. Di famiglia assai prospera un tempo. Le Amiche approvando premurose Verita! Pinkerton rather sarcastically What a pretty Compliment!

Butterfly anxious to show off her stock of compliments If you care for some At present Sharpless after scanning the group of maidens with curiosity, approaches Butterfly, who listens to him attentively Miss "Butterfly" — How pretty! Are you from Nagasaki? Butterfly Sir, I am. My people Were formerly wealthy. Eppure senza millanteria conobbi la ricchezza. Ma il turbine rovescia le quercie piu robuste — e abbiam f atto la ghescia per sostentarci.

Butterfly Non lo nascondo ne mi adonto. Cose del mondo. Pinkerton ha ascoltato con interesse e si rivolge a Sharpless Con quel fare di bambola quando parla m'infiamma. Sharpless anch'esso incerossaco dalle chiacchiere di Butterfly, continua a interrogaria E ci avete sorelle? Butterfly Non signore; Ho la mamma. Goro con importanza Una nobile dama. Butterfly Ma senza farle torto povera molto anch'essa.

Sharpless E vostro padre? Butterfly si arresta sorpresa — poi secco secco risponde: Morto. But yet indeed I have known riches. But the strongest oak Must fall when the storm-wind wrecks the forest. And we had to go as geishas, to earn our living. The Friends corroborating Truly! Butterfly I frankly own it. And don't blush for it.

And why? That's how the world runs! Pinkerton has listened with interest and turns to Sharpless With her innocent baby-face, she sets my heart throbbing. Sharpless he also is interested in Butterfly's prattle, and continues to question her And have you no sisters?

Butterfly None, Augustness. I've my mother. Goro importantly A most notable lady. Butterfly But through no fault whatever, Dreadfully poor is she. Sharpless And where's your father? Butterfly stops short in surprise, then answers very shortly: Dead! Butterfly con civettexia quasi infantile Indovinate. Pinkerton Dieci. Butterfly Crescete. Sharpless Butterfly Calate. Quindici, netti, netti ; sono vecchia diggia Sharpless Quindici anni! L'eta dei giuochi Pinkerton e dei confetti ' a Goro, che batte le mani, chiamando i tre servi, i quali accorrono dalla casa: Goro im- partisce loro gli ordini, man mano che li riceve da Pinkerton Qua i tre musi.

Servite ragni e mosche candite. Nidi al giulebbe e quale e licor piu indigesto e piu nauseabonda leccornia della Nipponeria. Goro nel seguire i servi che rientrano in casa si accorge che altre persone saigdho il colle: osserva; poi corre ad annunciare a Pinkerton e a Sharpless: Goro con importanza U imperial Commissar io e TUfficiale del registro — i congiunti.

Pinkerton a Goro Fate presto. Butterfly with almost childish coquetry Now try to guess it! Pinkerton Ten years. Butterfly ' Guess higher, Sharpless Twenty. Butterfly Guess lower. Fifteen, exactly fifteen! I am old, am I not? Sharpless Fifteen years old! The age Of playthings — Pinkerton And of sweetmeats! To Goro, who claps his hands, summoning the three servants, who come running out from the house: Goro gives them the orders which he takes from Pinkerton Call my scarecrows to hand round Candied flies and spiders, Preserves and pastry, and all Sorts of curious liquors.

And most peculiar delicacies They fancy in Japan. Goro is just about to follow the servants into the house, when he perceives more people climbing the hill; he goes to look, then runs to announce the new arrivals to Pinkerton and to Sharpless: Goro importantly The august High Commissioner — The official Registrar — the relations.

Pinkerton to Goro Come now, hurry. Butterfly indicando Pinkerton Eccolo la! La Madre di Butterfly Mi pare un re! Lo Zio Vale un Peru. Ma s'ebbe un no! Butterfly sdegnosa Si, giusto tu! Alcuni Amici ad alcune Amiche Ecco, perche prescelta fu, vuol far con te la soprappiu. Altre Amiche La sua belta gia disfiori. Cugini e Cugine Divorziera.

Butterfly pointing to Pinkerton That is he — there! The Uncle He's worth a lot! Butterfly contemptuously To you, my dear! Male and Female Cousins She'll be divorc'd. Lo Zio Vino ce n'e?

Lo Zio Se ne berro! II Bambino E chicche? Sua Madre Si. II Bambino gongolante Curucucu! Butterfly a sua madre Mamma, vien qua. Parenti, amici guardano con molta soddisfazione i dolciumi portati. Butterfly presenta i parenti a Pinkerton. Goro For goodness sake Be silent now — Where did you get Your manners from? Goro The more fools you To bring her here.

The Uncle Is there no wine? The Mother and the Aunt Let's look about. Some Friends I've just seen some, The hue of tea — And crimson too! The Uncle I'd like a drink!

The Child And sweetmeats. His Mother Yes. The Child capering for joy Hurrah! Butterfly Mother, come here. They all bow low before Pinkerton Meanwhile, Goro has made the servants bring out some small tables, on which they place a variety of cake, sweetmeats, liquors, wines and tea-sets. The friends and relations evince great satisfaction at the refreshments. Pinkerton, perdono. Pinkerton Dove sono? Butterfly indicando le maniche Sono qui — vi displace?

Pinkerton un po' sorpreso, sorride. Butterfly a mano a mano cava dalle maniche gli oggetti e li depone sopra uno sgabello Fazzoletti. Pinkerton vedeun vasetto Quel barattolo?

Butterfly Un vaso di tintura. Pinkerton Ohibo! Butterfly Vi spiace? Butterfly moltoseria Cosa sacra e mia. Pinkerton E non si puo vedere? Butterfly supplichevole e grave Ce troppa gente. Pinkerton, forgive me — Shows her hands and arms, which are encumbered by stuffed-out sleeves I should like — a young girl's few possessions — Pinkerton But where are they? Butterfly pointing to her sleeves They are here — are you angry? Pinkerton rather astonished, smiles — then quickly and gallantly reassures her Nay, angry, Why, dear little Butterfly?

Butterfly empties her sleeves, placing their contents one by one on a stool Kerchiefs — a pipe — a buckle — A colored ribbon — A mirror — and a fan — Pinkerton sees a jar What is that little pot? Butterfly A little jar of paint. Pinkerton Oh, fie! Butterfly You mind it? Butterfly very gravely That I hold most sacred. Pinkerton And am I not to see it? Butterfly beseeching and grave Not here in public.

Pray excuse me. Pinkerton ne prende una e la esamina con curiosita Quei pupazzi? Avete detto? Butterfly Son l'anime degli avi. Pinkerton Ah! Colla nuova mia vita posso adottare nuova religione Lo zio Bonzo nol sa, ne i miei lo sanno. Io seguo il mio destino e piena d'umilta al Dio del signor Pinkerton m'inchino. Per me spendeste cento yen, ma vivro con molta economia. E per farvi contento potro quasi obliar la gente mia. Intanto Goro si e awicinato al Console, e ricevutone gli ordini, grido con voce tonante da banditore: Goro Tutti zitti!

Goro Was obedient. Pinkerton takes one and examines it curiously These small figures? Butterfly The souls of my Forefathers. I bow before them. No one knows what I've done, Neither friends nor relations.

My fate I have to follow And full of humble faith, I bow before the God of my dear master. For me you spent a hundred yen, But I shall try to be most frugal. And to give you more pleasure, I can almost forget my race and people. Meanwhile, Goro has approached the Consul, and, having received his orders, thunders forth in stentorian tones: Goro Silence!

Pinkerton firma Poi la sposa. Butterfly lecorregge Madama B. LUfficiale delta Stato Civile ritira l'atto e awerte il Commissario che tutto e fioito. Pinkerton I miei ringraziamenti. Sharpless L'accompagno. Ufficiale congedandosi da Pinkerton Posterita. Pinkerton signs Now the bride. Butterfly signs And all is settled. Butterfly corrects them Nay, Madam B. The Civil Registrar withdraws the bond and informs the Commissioner that the ceremony is over The Commissioner taking leave of Pinkerton The best of wishes.

Pinkerton I thank you most sincerely. The Commissioner to the Consul May I ask, are you going? Sharpless I'll go with you. The Registrar taking leave of Pinkerton The best of luck.

Sharpless stringendo la xnaoo a Pinkerton Giudizio! Ci vedrem domattina. Pinkerton A meraviglia. Pinkerton accompagna i tre sino al sentiero che scende alia citta e il saluta di nuovo quando gia sono fuori di vista; sono passati prima fra due schiere di parenti e di amiche che li hanno salutati con molti cerimoniosi inchini.

Butterfly si e recata presso sua madre. Pinkerton ritorna, e si capisce che e deliberate di sbarazzarsi dei parenti e delle amiche. Ed eccoci in famiglia. Sbrighiamoci al piu presto — in modo onesto.

Qua, signor Zio. Pinkerton al bambino A te marmocchio ; spalanca le tue maniche ed insacca chicche e pasticci a macca. Tutti brindando OKami! O Kami! Pinkerton E beviamo ai novissimi legami. Tutti OKami! Grida terribili dal sentiero della collina interrompono i brindisi: ad un tratto appare dal fondo uno strano personaggio, la cui vista fa allibire tutti.

E il Bonzo che si fa innanzi furibondo e vista Butterfly, stende le mani minacciose verso di lei, gridando II Bonzo Cio-cio-san!

Goro infastidito dalla venuta del Bonzo Un corno al guastaf este! Chi ci leva d'intorno le persone moleste?! Sharpless shaking hands with Pinkerton We shall meet to-morrow! Be careful! Pinkerton To-morrow, surely. Pinkerton accompanies the three as far as the path which leads down to the town and waves his hand to them as they vanish from sight.

They had first to pass between two files of friends and relatives, who saluted them with many ceremonious bows. Butterfly has withdrawn close to her mother. Pinkerton returns and is naturally anxious to get rid of the wedding guests Now quickly to get rid Of this little family party! How shall I do it? This way, good uncle. Pinkerton to the child, giving him a lot of sweets Your turn, young rascal; Spread out your hands, and stuff up your sleeves With cakes and sweets and lots of pastry.

All toasting O Kami! Pinkerton Let's drink to the newly-married couple. All O Kami! The toasts are interrupted by strange cries from the hill; all of a sudden a weird figure ap- pears in the background, at the sight of whom all are thunderstruck.

It is the Bonze, who comes forward in a towering rage, and, catching sight of Butterfly, stretches out threatening hands towards her, crying: The Bonze Cho-Cho-San! Goro annoyed at the Bonze's intrusion A plague on this intruder! What on earth brought him hither, Of all troublesome people? Bonzo a Butterfly, che se scostata da tucti Che hai tu fatto alia Missione? Pinkerton Che mi strilla quel matto?

II Bonzo ltispondi; che hai tu fatto? Tutti Rispondi Cio-cio-san! II Bonzo Come, hai tu gli occhi asciutti? Son quest i dunque i f rutti? Tutti Hou! II Bonzo Rinnegato, vi dico, degli avi il culto antico. Butterfly si copre il viso vergognosa II Bonzo gridando sul viso a Butterfly All'anima tua guasta qual supplizio sovrastra! La madre s' inter pone per difendere Butterfly, ma il Bonzo la respinge brutalmente.

Pinkerton infastidito, si alza e grida al Bonzo: Pinkerton infastidito Ehi, dico : basta, basta! Tutti Ti rinneghiamo! Pinkerton autorevolmente Sbarazzate all'istante. In casa mia niente baccano e niente bonzeria. Pinkerton What is that madman shrieking?

The Bonze Give answer, what were you doing? All Give answer, Cho-Cho-San! The Bonze How, then, don't you even falter? Are these the fruits of evil? All Hou! The Bonze She's renounced, let me tell you, Her true religion! Butterfly, overcome with shame, hides her face in her hands The Bonze shouting into her face In everlasting torment May your wicked soul perish! Pinkerton loses patience, rises and shouts to the Bonze: Pinkerton out of patience Be silent now, d'you hear me?

At the sound of Pinkerton 's voice, the Bonze stops short in amazement, then with a sudden resolve he invites his friends and relations to come away The Bonze Come with me, all. We'll leave her.

Pinkerton authoritatively Leave this place on the instant! Here I am master I'll have no turmoil and no disturbance here! Comincia poco a poco a calare la sera: poi notte serena e stellata. Pinkerton va presso Butterfly e con delicatezza le toglie le mani dal viso Bimba, bimba, non piangere per gracchiar di ranocchi.

Butterfly udendo ancora le grida dei parenti, si tura colle mani le orecchle Urlano ancor! Non piango piu. E quasi del ripudio non mi duole per lo vostre parole che mi suonan cosi dolci nel cuor. Pinkerton sente un sordo bisbiglio Chi brontola lassu? By degrees the voices die away in the distance. Butterfly, who has been standing motionless and mute with her face buried in her hands, bursts into childish tears. Evening begins to draw in gradually, then night sets in, serene and starlit Pinkerton goes up to Butterfly and gently draws her hands from her face Dearest, my dearest, weep no more!

Let the frogs croak their loudest. Butterfly still hears the yells of her relations and holds her ears Hark how they yell. Pinkerton cheering her All your respected tribe And all the Bonzes in Japan. Are not worth a tear From those dear eyes of yours. Butterfly smiling with childlike pleasure Indeed? I'll weep no more — And now I'm scarcely grieved at their desertion So sweet are your words of comfort Which fall like gentle balm on my poor heart.

Butterfly They tell me That abroad, where the people are more cultured This is a token of the highest honour. Pinkerton hears a subdued murmuring Who's murmuring in there?

Pinkerton attirandoia Viene la sera Butterfly e Tombra e la quiete. Pinkerton E sei qui sola. Butterfly Sola e rinnegata! Rinnegata e f elice! Pinkerton ha battuto le mani, ed i servi sono accorsi A voi — chiudete. Butterfly i servi chiudono le pared che danno sul terrazo poi si rictrano Si, si, noi tutti soli E fuori il mondo.

Pinkerton ridendo E il Bonzo furibondo Butterfly a Suzuki, che e venuca coi servi e sta aspettando gli ordioi Suzuki, le mie vesti. Suzuki fruga in un cofano di lacca, mentre Pinkerton guarda i servi che stanno tramutando parte del terrazzo in una camera Suzuki dopo di aver dato a Butterfly gli abiti per la notte ed un cofanetto coll' occorrente per la toeletta, si inchina innanzi a Pinkerton Buona notte. Suzuki esce. Pinkerton drawing her close to him Evening is falling — Butterfly With shadows and quiet — Pinkerton You're here alone — Butterfly Alone and renounced!

They've renounced me, and yet I'm happy! Pinkerton has clapped his hands and the servants have hastened in Come hither — the shosi. Butterfly the servants close the partitions which run along the terrace, and then retire Yes, we are all alone — The world is yonder. Pinkerton laughing And your uncle breathing thunder! Butterfly to Suzuki, who has come in with the servants and is awaiting orders Suzuki, bring my garments.

Suzuki rummages in a lacquer trunk, whilst Pinkerton watches the servants who are chang- ing part of the terrace into a room Suzuki after having given Butterfly her night-attire and a small box with toilet necessaries, bows low to Pinkerton Good-night, Augustness. Butterfly retires to a corner, and, assisted by Suzuki, carefully performs her toilet for the night, exchanging her wedding-garment for one of pure white.

Suzuki goes out. Mia moglie : Tra motti sommessi Se ne ricerco piena sorride E ancor dentro l'irata Ma tale muliebre voce mi maledice Pinkerton andando verso Butterfly, la solleva e si avvia con essa sul terrazzo esteroo Bimba dagli occhi pieni di malia ora sei tutta mia. Sei tutta vestita di giglio. Mi piace la treccia tua bruna fra i candidi veli Butterfly scendendo dal terrazzo Somiglio la piccola Dea della luna, la Dea della luna che scende la notte dal ponte del ciel Pinkerton la segue E affascina i cuori Butterfly E li prende, li avvolge nel bianco mantel.

E via se li reca al diletto. Pinkerton Ma intanto finor non m'hai detto, ancor non m'hai detto ehe m'anii, Le sa quella Dea le parole che appagan gli ardenti desir?

He's peeping and smiling, Conceal'd by the lattice — Oh, could I but vanish My blushes to hide! The silence was reasonably comfortable though. It might have been a bit less comfortable to people who weren't me. I simply nodded, then pointed at him quizzically.

Learned what I needed and I don't see myself doing anything legit. We walked a bit further in silence till we hit the Board Walk. Brian led us to an electronics store that had yet to close for the day and Lisa picked out a large touch screen with a slide out keyboard. I had thought that slightly defeated the point of having a touch screen but the keys would be a lot easier to type with at speed. As well as you know, communicating. I mouthed the words 'thank you' and smiled. I had grown unused to contact since Mum died.

While Dad would give me hugs he had grown somewhat distant since and Emma, well Emma stopped with the hugs when she became a traitorous bitch. Still, my tension eased out as she continued the hug a bit longer. I was starting to wonder if she had known I needed one when she finally let go and we proceeded to the restaurant.

Dinner was fairly quiet, as we were all to busy stuffing our faces with delicious food that probably only vaguely matched actual Chinese recipes. Soon we had devoured most of the available cuisine and moved on to the slow process of overfilling our bellies with prawn crackers.

I held up a finger as I pulled out the phone and stumbled through opening up a text box. I figured I had best get practising. Hell look at Glaistig Uaine, she for all appearance collects ghost of parahumans, that have their powers. I wasn't sure I liked being compared to the Faerie Queen, but she did have a point. I was kind of surprised she couldn't tell, but I guess their were limits to even her power.

Either that or felt like letting me explain. I coughed into my left hand before making rasping breathing noises and held up my right in a claw. Brian made a choked gargling noise as some pressure was applied to his throat.

I quickly released the pressure, having gotten the point across. Lisa started clapping, apparently amused at the connotations, and I did a quick little bow as Regent cracked up laughing. I couldn't say I really blamed him. I was rather surprised when I found that out as I was haphazardly practising last month. I quickly tapped out something on my phone. That started another bout of laughter, even from Brian. I was more and more feeling this team thing could work out well.

I awoke at as usual. Even with out the usual sound cues from home, it was so ingrained. Initially I had a bout of panic as I stared up at an unfamiliar ceiling, before last night's decision came to me and realised I was in a camp bed in the spare room of the Undersider lair. My new phone decided it was 7 and started beeping insistantly. Reaching over, bleary eye I tried to shut up the unfamiliar device, taking several attempts to quiet its ear splitting noise.

I dragged myself out of bed and put my jacket and shoes back on, having left everything else on, not quite comfortable enough yet to sleep in less around my new team mates. Stumbling out of the room I waved sleepily at Brian, who had crashed on the couch for the night. He smiled and poured hot water into a mug and took a sip.

I nodded, thinking nothing would be better right at that moment. He grabbed a mug and dropped in a bag of Earl Grey. Not exactly perfect, but it would do. A quick pour and he held out the steaming drink for me to take. I slowly drank down the tea, gradually feeling more aware than I had shortly before.

Placing the mug down, I retrieved the phone from my pocked and started typing. If you drop by this afternoon I'll have a spare key for you.

You can come by and hang out whenever. I waved goodbye as I headed out the door for a strange inverse of my morning run. The air was crisp, the sun only just starting to peek in between the various warehouses around the lair.

I slowly ramped up my pace as I hit the Board Walk, getting my blood pumping, my breathing regular and my feet thumping along the streets towards home. It was a little thing really, but last night had improved my mood considerably compared to just a few days back.

So long with out any friendship and suddenly I had 3 and a half. After all, I wasn't sure Bitch was my friend, so much as someone I had mutual tolerance of. But it was a good start, even if I was possibly deluding myself. I arrived back home, having worked up quite a sweat, pushing myself a bit harder that usual. If I was going to be a cape, I should really try to be at peak fitness, and I'd only really be exhausted till I got some breakfast into my belly.

As I opened up the front door, Dad came out from the kitchen. I nodded and pulled out my note pad to 'talk'. I didn't want to freak him out about the phone so soon.

I felt slightly insulted at the implications, even if they were entirely valid. It wasn't entirely a lie, I had after all met them when I went jogging, just at night, in costume, after a cape fight. He was obviously concerned that I might be involved with people I probably shouldn't.

I would have to organise for Lisa at least to drop by some time. Not sure how he'd react to the rest. It was a slightly cruel trick to short cut the conversation like that, but I was starting to run a little late and didn't really know what else to tell him about my new crew.

Especially when I still had lingering doubts about whether this was such a good idea. Dad was able to drop me off at school on his way to work, which suited me just fine with my extra effort I had put in this morning. The less similarities between clothing and general appearance, the harder it would be to match up the two 'different' people. My hair was down as usual, unlike when I was in costume and I tucked it into a bun under my beret.

The main issue I had would be the identifying feature of not being able to talk. While it worked with the Mime theme, it was still atypical. That, was depressing. But at least for today, I would stick with the pad. Maybe I could get a less cool phone for every day use. Damn, I had forgot to mention phones to Dad. I found myself struggling to pay attention in class, I hadn't even done much cape work, and already school seemed so mundane. Luckily, the teachers continued to play to type and ignored me.

It was too much of a hassle for them to really engage me in questions when one of us had to approach the other to get my answer across. I should have been annoyed by yet another sign of an uncaring system, but it finally proved useful for once. Third period was computer class with Ms Knott, and after finishing of the fairly simple assignment I dove into Parahumans Online to see if any gossip had spread about my exploits versus Lung.

To say I was disappointed by the complete lack of news would be a vast understatement. Seriously, what the hell? I would have thought taking down one of the most powerful capes in the Bay would be enough to warrant a little attention. I could understand the ABB wanting to keep it quiet, but surely the PRT would be shouting it to the heavens that the guy who fought most of the local Protectorate to a stand still was captured?

My sour mood was not at all helped by Emma. I had walked out of class only to pass by her on the way to math with Mr Quinlan. She had been a bit quiet since Sophia disappeared and hardly tried anything after I came back from the hospital. Probably a bit shocked that there were repercussions for her actions. So it was somewhat surprising when she decided to return to her usual bitchy self. I was slightly confused that I didn't see Madison around, maybe she had learned some common sense.

More likely got bored. I thought about just walking on. They really weren't worth it. I should really move on. Fuck it. I stopped, pulled out my pad and started writing as I turned and walked back their way. It wasn't wise, it probably wouldn't achieve much, but it might just be fun. If this all went to hell, at least the look of shock on her face as she read the note would stick in my memory for some time to come.

I started scribbling a response even as she blushed and sputtered, hoping I guessed right, Obey - Krieg Destino - In Silence I Will Go (CD). The girl next to her snorted, drawing an angry look from Emma. It didn't match quite right, but the speed gave the desired effect. I had asked Lisa the night before for some tips on embarrassing prissy bitch faced divas. For no reason in particular. I gave my best attempt at a pitying expression and then walked off to the next class, leaving her to defend herself to her new hangers on.

Its not like I really had a reputation to maintain and being thought of as a lesbian wasn't really much of a change from the rumours that got spread around anyway. Not like any of the guys at school were worth a damn either.

Otherwise they would have interfered in the bullying, or let me out of the locker, or not laughed along with the jokes at my expense. Still,that little pick me up managed to lift my spirits enough to stick around for the rest of the school day.

I stared at the note for Dad before sticking it to the fridge and heading to the lair. It was another cowardly use of my speech issue, but I really didn't want to try and have the talk without giving him some time to think on it.

Let him calm down before deciding, I hoped. A short bus trip later, I was within walking distance of my new home away from home. I don't know what it said about me that I was more comfortable in a villain lair than I was in my own home. The strange detachment between Dad and I that had been their since the crash, and hadn't receded much even after the locker, with him trying harder to connect.

I heard an invitation at my knocking on the door and entered. Every one was already upstairs in the loft, which was a nice surprise. I tilted my head in question and Lisa answered. That surprised me, would have thought that that would be a bit too ambitious for us, but I was intrigued. I pulled my phone out and tapped away. Lisa stood near the TV, a phone in hand.

I could only guess that it was our mysterious employer on the other end. The rest were lounging on the couch and seats. Can't be a villain without a bank robbery. So knock off another five thou and we end up with maybe three grand each. That's less than our other jobs.

Even with your power Lisa, it will take time to get through all the security and the capes will arrive in no time flat. I had gotten carried away observing. On the one hand it sounded like it could be fun, but I didn't really want to get arrested on my second outing as a cape. Alec rolled his eyes, while Rachel looked at the phone blankly. I looked at her for a moment, awaiting a snide comment, before something clicked. I face palmed and typed. I don't know why I didn't think of it before when I had researched her history.

I was kind of surprised this hadn't come up earlier. The Protectorate have an event outside town on Thursday so they won't be able to respond in time. So we'd be fighting a partial team of junior heroes, and they are down one Shadow Stalker. With me so far? Still not really worth the money.

We take fifteen, we get payed an extra thirty. Or he brings us up to a minimum twenty five thou, whichever is more. So we all walk away with a minimum five kay each as long as we get away. I mimed out a confused Why?

I hadn't even seen that much in a bank account, let alone in cash. So we'd be looking at, at least thirty though, so we'd get ninety. They all looked at me. I was a bit nervous about the idea, but it would net me a bunch of cash and stick it to the PRT hard if we were successful.

I should have been worried that one of my major motivations as a person lately has been vindictive spite. Just a shame I couldn't take it out on Sophia. You'll thank me in the long run. Besides, the vest already flattens out your chest. I sighed and caved into the un-winnable argument. As much as it hurt my pride, it worked surprisingly well. With the baggy pants, sensible running shoes the bullet proof vest underneath the roomy black and white striped shirt and my hair hidden under the red beret, I looked like a boy.

My height and the concealment of my meagre feminine traits added together to give the completely wrong impression for my gender and the mask just made it all the more convincing. That stupid male mime face. But really, what did I expect when I named myself after the most famous of mimes. At least I could take small comfort in knowing it was an extra layer of disguise that most wouldn't notice.

In addition to getting my costume sorted, I had obtained a stun gun and stashed it in a belt pouch. A 'just in case' option, even though my power would likely work much more effectively. I had the boss send me a bicycle horn, to use as a quick way to grab attention. While I could have found something less obnoxious, it fit the theme too well. We made out way to the side door of the bank, rain drizzling down on us as we walked through the alley.

Bitch's dogs were already pretty large, like small mutant flesh ponies. Not as large as they were when they were mauling Lung though, lest they not fit through the door.

I kept an eye on the alley entrance, while Tattletale blathered on about security codes and special procedures behind me.

I probably could have been paying more attention to what she said, but I was too amped up and paranoid about ambush. The door made a little chime noise and opened, letting us make a quiet entry inside. Once through the door, the dogs started growing more while the rest of us systematically checked the rooms we passed. Grue held up a hand then flooded one of the rooms with darkness, returning shortly after with a man in a suit, steered via twisted arm. Right about now, the security guards would be calling in a villain attack, which should be directed to the Wards if all went according to plan.

Regent came out of another pushing an older employee ahead of him. Both looking fearful. Probably ten minutes tops before the heroes arrived to 'save the day'. As we entered the main lobby, Grue filled the outskirts of the room with darkness, sealing off the view from the outside and isolating everyone in the bank while Angelica Judas and Brutus grew extra large in a moment, charging into the room, spraying bloody chunks everywhere and they increased to the size of cars. If you don't cooperate, the dogs will have new chew toys.

Be quiet and still. Do not attempt to run or call for help, you'll only get someone hurt. Tattletale, Grue and Bitch went over to the vault with Angelica, while Regent and I started zip cuffing the crowd.

A girl with brown curly hair and freckles was glaring at us. I caught her eye and wagged my finger at her in case she was going to try something. She had the eyes of someone that needed watching. The vault was opened and Tattletale went over to the manager's office to monitor the security situation. People were behaving fairly well, obviously terrified of the dogs. I was kind of feeling bad for helping scare the hell out of these people, but we hadn't harmed anyone and I wasn't planning on it.

Angelica came out, laden with gym bags full of loot, and Brutus was called in. I just stood there, leaning on nothing, keeping my eyes on people I thought might be a threat. That girl had stopped staring directly at me at lest. Bored, I was tempted to start playing with an invisible bouncy ball, but was snapped out of it by Tattletale at the vault door.

We moved to the doors and peered out through gaps in the swirling darkness. I recognised five from their costumes after researching the wards. The sixth however was new to me. I tapped on Tattletale's shoulder and pointed at the muscled teen.

He can also heal pretty fast. Also there is a seventh on the roof. The one on the roof would get in the way of the back. With Vista and outnumbering us, we'll have even more trouble fleeing. Aegis yelled out "Get down! Nestled behind a pillar and some residual darkness, Regent snapped out his arm, causing Kid Win to throw his aim and scatter shots meant for Brutus at Clockblocker's feet, causing him to dodge to the side.

The dog's jaws missed Aegis by a few feet as the space warped around him. I had found my target. Whirling my right arm around before making a skyward throwing gesture, I waited for a few seconds, following a non existant object into the air and down onto Vista. I could hear her surprised yelp as her arms snapped to her sides and I started hauling her up into the air.

Grue assisted by creating a sphere around her, so she couldn't see anything. The space warping around Aegis dropped, allowing the dogs teeth to snap around his arm and start shaking its massive head, tossing the hero around like a rag doll. I winced a bit as I saw blood flying around the place, but knew, at least intellectually, that he could take it. Tying off the invisible rope I had lassoed Vista with on one of the pillars. I took in the scene. Kid Win was taking erratic turns as Regent continued to troll him.

Gallant was throwing his emotion blasts around the place, trying to hit one of us in between all the barriers of darkness that had sprung up.

He eventually manage to clip Bitch, who apparently got very angry, screaming and pointing at him. Judas took this as an order and pounced, knocking the silver armoured ward against a nearby wall, where he stopped movie.

I had hoped he was only unconscious. She turned before I could attempt to complain. So instead I turned back to the fight. Kid win opened up with a spray of fire, clipping Bitch and flooring her, before he took a nose dive into the ground, courtesy of Regent. Angelica stood over her master and growled at the approaching Browbeat.

Before I could do anything, he punched the dog, sending in flying back several yards. He had a few seconds to look down at the groaning Bitch, before he found one of his legs pulled out from under him as I pulled, then sent him flying of to the side and skidding a few times across the road. Stepping back to the pillar, I mimed checking on the 'rope' I had 'tied' earlier. I didn't want Vista coming loose anytime soon. The fight out front was rather distracting, so much so that I almost missed the movement behind me.

That girl with the dagger eyes had wrangled her phone out of her pocket, despite the zip ties and had pressed a few buttons. As I moved over to sort it out, a crash came from further down the room as a familiar white and gold dressed figure slammed into the lobby. Glory Girl. Well that explained a lot. Well, not one to take the safe option apparently, I pushed her back down to the floor with one foot and squeezed my horn.

Her face quickly turned into a snarl as she flew at me. I had just enough time to drop the horn and put my hands up, shoulder width apart. The look on Glory Girl's face when she slammed into an invisible wall was well worth waking up this morning. My hands shook a little with the imaginary shockwave.

As she dropped back, a little stunned. I moved my hands over my shoulder, took a grip and swung hard, expecting it to bounce off her. Instead, it sent her flying into the wall behind her, screaming in pain before hitting the wall with a dull thump.

What did you do to her? She had her head to the side so she could look at her sister, and catch me in her peripheral vision. I tapped at my phone. Looks like it was taken out when she crashed into your wall. Ah Panacea, didn't recognise you, did you do something with your hair? Not used to pain I would guess. Anyway, time for us to head out.

The Wards have been dealt with. My fingers made scissoring motions and the cuffs came apart as my other hand picked up my horn. As we left through the front door, I turned back towards the slowly rising girl.

Shrouded in darkness, we rode away from the pile of unconscious and or mauled heroes with around 40 grand in various denominations and bonds. All in all, a pretty fucking good haul. Bitch was still wincing in pain as we rode, Gallant's blast, and the laser pistol having bruised her good, and Grue had been clipped by a stray punch from Aegis before two of the dogs ganged up to play tug of war.

Otherwise, we got away pretty much unscathed. I still didn't know how to feel about Glory Girl. On the one hand I had hurt her pretty bad, which I didn't think was even possible.

On the other, she had seemed like an arrogant bitch much like Sophia. My perspective may have been a bit skewed though, seeing as I was holding her sister hostage at the time. We split up as planned. Dismounting and changing out of costume while still under cover of darkness, then pretending to be confused civilians when eh darkness passed by.

Lisa and I along with Judas, just a couple of teenage girls walking a dog. No villains around, no sir. The bruised and battered wards had staggered into the common room, having been chewed out by a disgruntled Director Piggot in the lobby. Aegis had gone to patch himself up, leaving the rest to debrief. All I know is that I was suddenly blind and deaf, and when I tried to move, everything bent the wrong way. I get clear long enough to punch one of Hellhound's dogs, she's at my feet and then I feel a yank on my leg and I'm suddenly flying down the road.

Going to need to replace half my costume with the gravel rash. Until now, hardly anyone has managed to even inconvenience them. He turned and wrote the names Grue, Tattletale and Hellhound on one board and Regent on the second before pausing.

The Mime? He just stood there watching them silently, all creepy like while leaning on an invisible bench. Damn, sounds like we've got a real character.

They tore Aegis apart, but only threw us around. Damn tough too. I punched at near full strength and it only flew a few feet back. He was snapping his arm around and each time he did it, my aim was thrown off.

Then when I tried to charge into him, he made me crash into the ground. Barely had time to react before he stuck me with that sceptre. The thing had a taser in it. One moment we had the space warping, next I couldn't see you. Felt like I was tied up or something. Then I got pulled into the air in a few rough jerks before everything was blocked out by that darkness till the fight was over.

Carlos returned from the shower, wearing a new set of cloths and haphazardly stitched up, looked at the board and sighed. He didn't really have anything to add, having spend most of the fight being a chew toy. The visitor alarm went off and everyone scrambled to get their faces covered before the entrance to the common room opened, revealing Armsmaster and Miss Militia.

That would give away the show. I healed her up, but she's sulking. Hasn't been seriously hurt before, so I think she's taking it harder. Marceau found some way past her invincibility. Gallant had crossed out 'Mime' and replaced it with 'Marceau' on the board, before he asked, "Name makes sense, famous French Mime. Care to explain sir? He was mauled and unconscious when I arrived. A calling card was left, claiming 'Marceau' had left him as a 'gift' and claimed the Undersiders as 'special guests'.

Why are we not broken and bleeding in the hospital right now? Seems to hardly make a noise at all. When he hit Vicky it didn't make a noise till she hit the wall.

Then tapping the blank area under Tattletale's name, "Do we know anything about her? I don't think any of us ran into her. So I guess she might be a thinker. Panacea was about to leave, having patched up the Wards, good as new, when Miss Militia caught her attention. Hannah frowned behind her scarf. I had hoped it was sorted. The name isn't familiar, what happened? Thank you. I'm going to go see what happened to the request.

Welcome to the Parahumans Online message boards. A highlight reel. Love, The Undersiders. How crazy is that? I wonder what other crazy powers he has. I wonder if he's got a thing for her. A friend in the ABB said a mime took out the boss and a good 20 gang members. Run, run for your life. End of Page. Extent unknown. Looks like they are trying to make a name for themselves finally.

Lucky Tattletale and Hellhound. All the things that you could do with that. Just No. Not fun at all. Another dull school day, classes uninteresting, time flowed like molasses. I was bored. I had no friends in school to make things tolerable. As I had thought, the rumour mill was already shipping me with Emma as ex-lovers, which at least amused me a little. I may be a bit vindictive.

The down side was, I was getting more strange looks than usual. Even Greg had stopped attempting his awkward flirting. That was actually more of an upside, come to think of it. During computer class I once again trawled the relevant threads.

Chatter related to us and our exploits had sky-rocketed. I still wasn't sure it was the best idea to taunt the Wards by posting that video, cut for maximum trolling, but it sure was satisfying. It was kind of creepy to see people on the internet lusting after my male alter ego. It was creepier when one of them wanted to cyber with me. Still I guess that's what happens when I try to troll them with a disposable prepaid.

On the bright side, it was firmly entrenched that Marceau was a guy, even though it was slightly depressing how convincing I was. When school was finally over, a short bus ride and a walk later and I was home. Rather I was at the lair. It had only been a few days and I was already thinking of it as home. I felt a twinge of guilt at that. Dad had been trying, but we had a bit of an argument over the issue of mobile phones. He had insisted a electro-larynx would be better.

It would let me talk, albeit in a creepy robotic monotone, devoid of any inflection.

Jul 28,  · And, yes, I thought this story became especially interesting with the knowledge that Qui-Gon will go on to become the Granddaddy of all Force Ghosts and Obi-Wan himself will become a ghost. The Force can have a funny sense of humor. devilinthedetails, Nov 5, #5. Kahara, AzureAngel2 and divapilot like this. The firmness of the grasp prevent-about opp:dtc e I htanl, ur tltoughl I cl;d, n "Thunder and there's a cd the balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo:er from spea"King, and Harry sudsmothered scream, and at ll.:e instant, s tep as sure fls your name's Halpin.". Apr 27,  · Verbal Silence Entertainment Jate Gomu Go Bandara Baban Patil Shakuntala Jadhav,Navnath Bhoir 0KY7X0yF5yzdwXTfoN1F4z T R O P H Y 2 Ali Albriani,Moritz Selbach,Johannes Radon,Jakob Stein,Valentin Krieg Tobee 1Gj5l3BzGh8kSrZFyUmYjE Đỉa Đeo Chân Hạc 1GoDRj4vSYs3JbHpRS6kRb Uhluphekile. May 30,  · Provided to YouTube by ONErpm Si el Destino · Fabian Murillo · Felipe de Jesus Jr Si el Destino ℗ Monterrey Music S.A de C.V Released on: Missing: Obey. Obey Songtext von Krieg Destino mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo Obey Songtext von Krieg Destino mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo Dec 21,  · The Destino's program needs three sets of CDs, two sets of listening CDs, a set of the video program on CD and a CD ROM, and it's quite confusing, as even "complete" sets are missing half the material. please know that there are cds to go with the textbook AND cds to go with the workbook. This is not well-explained. That being said, this is /5(11). To enjoy Prime Music, go to Your Music Library and transfer your account to balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo (US). Fix in Music Library Close Buy New. $ $ + Free Shipping Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Il destino [Single-CD]. I go out of my way, everyday, just hoping that I'll catch you walking down your street I know just where you went to school I know the names of all your friends I've got it bad again An O-B-S-E-S. 1''+ lyrics, '+ artists Search lyrics Search. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #?Missing: Obey.


James Last - René Kollo - Lieder (CD, Album), Dave Lalla - The First Contact (Vinyl), Time Warp And Judder - Triax (2) - A Foreign Country (CDr, Album), Gee! But I Like Music With My Meals - Billy Murray - Gee! But I Like Music With My Meals / Take A Li, Maria Elena - Roberto Delgado & His Orchestra - Samba Caramba South America, Olé (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dreaming - The Love Unlimited Orchestra* - White Gold (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dreams Burn Down - Ride - Nowhere (Vinyl, LP, Album), You Are - Various - Back To The 80s - (1983) (CD), Richard Rossa - Tom Tom Edits 4 (File, MP3)

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  1. Print and download El Destino sheet music by Juan Gabriel. Sheet music arranged for Piano/Vocal/Guitar in D Major. SKU: MNMissing: Obey.
  2. May 30,  · Provided to YouTube by ONErpm Si el Destino · Fabian Murillo · Felipe de Jesus Jr Si el Destino ℗ Monterrey Music S.A de C.V Released on: .
  3. Print and download El Destino sheet music by Juan Gabriel. Sheet music arranged for Piano/Vocal/Guitar in D Major. SKU: MN
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    Obey Songtext von Krieg Destino mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo
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  8. I go out of my way, everyday, just hoping that I'll catch you walking down your street I know just where you went to school I know the names of all your friends I've got it bad again An O-B-S-E-S.
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