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I took Iancu to a mini skating rink. He threw himself in the snow and wallowed in it. Whenwe entered the house, Iancu was wet from tip to toe, but he was happy. Tomorrow wewill go again, but this time we are taking Iona with us. Today it snowed all day again. I guess it snowed more than ever.

It snows for so long, but the snow layer is nottoo thick. I remember that in the first years, the snow lasted for two or three days,maybe one week. I keep receiving advertisements for Viagra and other electronic products on my e-mail. I check my e-mail tens of times a day. YesterdayI spent much time watching, and I must admit that I was shocked to see how muchthe electronics have changed, especially the digital photo cameras and the telephones.

Blow Up. Ce senzaflie! Lunea vin cele mai multe reclame. Frigiderul este gol. Cel mai stresat este Iona. Din fericire, Kuki nu este ca noi. Este ora Iancu spune la albastru balbastru. Acum mi-a spus Simona. Iar a sunat telefonul. N-am prea avut de mult o zi ca asta.

La ora Interviul a mers bine. Seara, la ora Va sta la noi cinci zile. Proiectul este aproape gata. I felt like buying thingsthat are worth tens of thousands or crowns. The telephone rang and they asked me if I wanted to subscribe for a paper, DagensNyheter. I said no. Iancu issleeping in his room. He had thefever and he coughs. Today, Rupture Of The Sun - Glaser / Ethere - Glaser / Ethere (CDr), when he sneezed, blood came out of his nose. I squeezed 4 oranges for him and he had two toasts with honey.

Oh, I almost forgot. I took out some pastry this morning, for bakingan apple pie. Iona called and told me he was at Bauan.

I told him to come at 5. In the last days I downloaded a lot of music and films from the internet. I love the way that guy holds the cameraand those white, stretchy pants.

I dressed like that a lot of times. What a feeling! I remember high-school and the excesses of that time. I think this movie had thegreatest influence on the way I dress.

There are seven degrees below zero outside and a intense sun. It is obvious now that, not after long, the spring will comeand I will revive. The mailman brought a pile of advertisements. Most advertisementsarrive on Monday. For Iona, today is a holiday and he is going to stay at home for theentire week. He is in the Snow-White phase. When Kukireturns from the studio, I have to buy some food. The refrigerator is empty. Iona ismost nervous about it. When he sees that the refrigerator starts to empty, he gives usthe first signal; others are following, more intense.

The worst is when there is no milk. Iona feels safe as long as the refrigerator is stuffed. I think that he inherited it from me. But when it goes to zero, I feel depressed, nervous, stressed. Fortunately, Kuki isnot like us. She gives our home a sense of equilibrium. This morning we played in the kitchen.

We built towers, which Iancu broke down. He likes to look on the books and to be talked to. He speaks enormously. He asks themost impossible questions. Iancu calls albastru [blue] balbastru. I want toorder it on the internet. Laura Stoica died in a car crash on DN 2. Simona just told me that. She was threemonths pregnant. A Dacia truck ran into them. I never liked what she played. I keep thinking about that mess of flesh and metal. The telephone rang again. This time, an underpants offer.

I told them I was not interested. The underpants guys call every two or three months. They tell me I won a contestand that they are sending me three pairs of underpants for free. I always tell themI am not interested. Last Friday was a full day. I went to a job interview. Iancu a spart un geam cu capul.

I like the ideabut I realize the enormous amountof work involved. The interview went well. I think I made a good impression, generallyspeaking. There were two women past 45 and a guy around They were nice andthey seemed interested in the things I said. I left with the feeling that I got the job. I went with Kuki to see an apartment with four rooms, somewhere nearby.

We plan to move in a four room apartment and redesign one of the bedrooms as a studio. It was very crowded and very depressing. In the evening, Julio came from Madrid. He will stay with us for four days. We areworking on a project together. The project is almost completed. We worked on it everyday and the foundation waslaid. Working with criminals,pedophiles, rapists, etc is not quiet pleasant.

One has got to be tough for a joblike that. I nearly threw up on the spot. There were 6 connoisseurs in the theatre, enjoying every line. Those people disgustedme the most. I needed about 10 minutes outside to snap outof it. Lucky I forgot everything very quickly. I also downloadedsome music.

I talked to Gunilla and she was happy I found this job. Julio left and my brother and his family came. They will stay with us until Monday. He came to file for Romanian citizenship. I stopped beinga Romanian citizen in Tomorrow we will go to the embassy. Iancu broke a window with his head.

I remember Iona going through a phase like this. I slept on the living-room couch from, warmed by the sun beatingon my chest. The only thing missing was the buzz flies. Mi-a fostartistic din Suedia? Cum vezi colaborarea cu mine?

Iar pe tine, Tom, te consider medicul meu de familie. What is the role you want I belong in the workshop or in the studio. It is there that I want to complete what I have started, making fiction movies, documentary, photography and, of course,to play in the world of arts? I have several movie idea s, but I am aware that making a movie takes far more material resources than any other of my past projects.

What is your credo? Instinctively, Ion Dumitrescu realised that they must be consistent in their artistic activity, that they must follow their path,despite fashion. Then all you have to do is climb up that step or, if you are a football player, score. Why did you move from The chance played an important part for me, too. I came here in to reunite with my family. My father had come here during communism, infor visitingBucharest to Stockholm?

My mother and brother left right after the first Mineriad, in Initially I was determined not to go anywhere, I was very youngand the fall of communism had generated an exhuberant state within my generation. I left, however, looking forward to seeing my family and then come back. Ileft to Sweden for a couple of months and here I am, after 12 years. I realized that, at least professionally speaking, this was a very good opportunity of seeing,knowing and learning other things, which I am sure I could have never learnt at the Bucharest Art Academy, not at that time, anyway.

A great deal of my current activity is due to the Stockholm school. Why are you so interested My interest for the career is collateral. In fact, I wish to be left alone and do what I want to, but, like always, in order to do so you have to convince enough to bein questions related totaken seriously.

Having to explain yourself all day long or to provethe artistic career? What about your experience My experience in Sweden has many good parts, first of all regarding the artistic creation.

I am sure that, without the financial support I received here, my artisticas an emmigrant in Sweden? Socially, the opportunity of meeting other artists helped me avoid a dramatic experience, like, for instance, that of thecharacters in my movie The Passage.

Things have changed dramatically in the last ten years, since Sweden became part of the European Union, and the changesseem more and more radical and fast as time goes by. Sometimes, it takes distance to analyze these changes as honest as possible. The globalization affects us all,with the goods and the bads.

As for the Romanian contemporary art, I wish there were moreMuseum of Contemporary Art institutions, with different lines and programmes, in order to create a healthy climate and, why not, a contemporary art market in Romania. House of the People? I graduated here in and had my first exhibition in I was literallythe Swedish artistic climate? However, I am not afraid of exhibiting anymore. But I think it takes a lot of hard work and plenty of time to understand how a mechanism like the Swedish artisticenvironment works.

There are well-known artists here who do not have a consistent artistic creation, but who have a successful career, built only on the basis ofa very rich social life. How do you feel The work between the artist and the theoretician is indispensable for me, in my artistic activity.

The theoretician is like a general practicioner: he has to knowabout working with me? As for you, Tom, I consider you to be my family doctor. Sandqvist has published several books and studies on contemporary art, philosophy, and aesthetics, at the moment involved in a research project on thecultural background of Romanian avant-garde.

As curator Sandqvist has been responsible of several exhibitions in both Sweden, Finland and elsewhere. In the first place, I imagineto play in art life?

Secondly, I wonder what art life are you refer to. The Swedish, the Finnish, the international one? Since you ask me of whatrole I am trying or striving for to play, the answer becomes a simple, though seemingly dull one: none. Believe me or not, but after acting as an art critic, curator,writer, researcher and teacher for so many years, the idea of striving for a specific position or playing a particulat role has become more and more unfamiliar tome.

Generally speaking, I am not striving for any particular role in the art life any more. What is your credo, I think I have became more and more interested in trying — to the best of my ability — to draw attention, to render visible and, at the same time, to problematize thewhat are your principles ideohistorical dimensions of art. At the same time, since I began working as a professional theoretician, I have tried to anchor the present to the historical process,as an art theoretician?

Petersburg, Moscow, Ljubljana norand move to a Rupture Of The Sun - Glaser / Ethere - Glaser / Ethere (CDr). In this village we have not only Tristan, our black cat, named after Samuel Rosenstock, herewe also have long discussions with an expert in acoustics, several peasants, two architects, three writers, two priests, two doctors, two psychotherapeuts, a carpenter,a babysitter, an illustrator, an actor, a specialist in drugs, a psychologist, a professor in theoretical physics, two singers, a silversmith, a textile artist, a museummanager.

Petersburg, Moscow,Ljubljana, nor Bucharest. Why do you show so much My interest in Romanian avant-garde have decreased significantly after working on my book about Dadaism, since I now have started working on Central and Eastinterestin Romanianern European Modernism from a significantly larger perspective.

But the Romanian avant-garde has, of course, a special place in the thematic area I work in, whichavant-garde? I try to understand to the best of my ability at the same time having those intense discussions with a cat named after Samuel Rosenstock. The inhabitants of this small Eastern European town are, in a most unbelievable manner,up to date, internationally oriented, enthusiastic, daring and innovative, but also suspicious and skeptical.

And one day, the unthinkablehappened. He himself hardly believed his eyes: there seemed to be no horses, althoughthe carriage was big and clearly heavy, not in front of the locomotive, nor behind the train or inside the wagons. It was obvious and undeniable: he lived through amiracle, and a true one, too. He sweared on everything a Jew holds holy that everything was true of what he was telling.

What was to believe? There was only one way to solve the dilemma: the crowd decidedthat every word of the merchant was true, but they refused to believe in the train.

What should a young He or she should know that the bell rings at five to twelve at least twice a day. How important is it for you For me it is as unimportant to be a professor as it is so indescribable important to teach. This is where the identities collide, without withering away.

Born andgrown up in Finland within a linguistic and cultural minority, I want to defend the right of the minorities of being right — I believe that an authentic democracy mustbe built on the basis of understanding the fact that an encounter is not an authentic one if you are not confronted with the Otherness of yourself as well.

A paradoxical community is about to arise,Kristeva says, consisting of strangers accepting each other inasmuch they can feel themselves as strangers. What do you think about I will quote from myself, starting from the statements made in my book Dacia No, of course not. There is no reconciliating poetical or authentically mythological in the systematic destruction of the old quarters of Bucharestformer House of the People? In the directly affected areasof the city five Orthodox churches were demolished in and additional three in together with three churches and a synagogue a year later.

In six churcheswere demolished. Several architectural monuments of commemorative value churches or historical monuments were either moved a few yards or completely hiddenbehind the new multi-storey buildings. They just threw their furnitures and clothes in the street before the excavators started to work. Graveyards werecovered with concrete or transformed into artificial lakes while the families were bluntly asked to remove their dead ones 24 hours or at most two days before.

How do you feel I believe in the train. Translated by Alex Moldovan and revised by Tom Sandqvist That would look like the old coatof arms on the bourgeois doors that used to symbolize the welfareof a civilization, but now the contrary in tragic irony. If the mythical echoes of the East reached the eyesand ears of Westerners through fascinating literature, spices andcoffee, the same literature reached still does?

He lives and works in Bucharest. The cultural relation consists precisely inthis mix of in format ion, in the juxtaposition of kitsch, widely spread,and the terrifying image broadcasted in the media, with kidnappedjournalists menaced with execution; an image that has become in itsturn symbol of an attitude creating and destroying simultaneouslythe dynamic of contemporary history.

The object, with the dimensions of an architecturemodel, is a hypothetical surrogate visually dynamiting one of thelast classical forms standing — the bird cage.

It is not by hazard that the profile of the soldier iscopied from those illustrations. The way in which the media is invadedtoday by the image of the soldier is similar but in the dramaticsense that the child from the past, the adult today, watches the warlive. Afli predat? He is one of the mostrepresentative artists of Romanian conceptual art, using paintings, photograpy,performance, film and installation as media of expression.

And he told me that you used to be an importantperson during his years as a student and that, generally, you haveinfluenced a lot his generation Mircea, can you tell me why? It represented an opening for everyone.

Because beforetime there was no access to quality for artimages, the catalogs were more often than not in black and white,printed on a poor paper, so it was really important for us to be ableto see all these works. I was in my first year at the university The work matteredas much as the situation it occurred in It was truly important. In they have shownall these works that used to be hidden and that we knew only indirectlyfrom some catalog here and there.

And this exhibition seemedto open until then silent archives about what experimental art, performance,and photography could have been. In short, about whatart could be under socialism. We were offered this other possibilityto actually meet the artists and speak to them. Have you ever had teaching activities? Except when I was a drawing teacher in school But let me presentyou some stuff through the catalogs This is another very important exhibition where he invited otherartists.

He made the first photo exhibition and valued the workof many artists with this medium in a very experimental way He lives and worksin Paris, France and Cluj, Romania. Cum se numea? He has madea painting, drawing and sculpture exhibition and its catalog is apiece of art in itself. It is part of the introspective quest. In this film, thereis a scene of circumcision that has made people gossip a lot on myaccount On one hand, it is an extre Christian Orthodox art never wentthrough a revolution, not even through change or modernization.

Maybe, the presence, in modern art exhibitions, of certain colleaguesof mine close to the orthodox art was noticed We usedto have a gallery What was its name? It was called Catacomba Then, with the restoration of the museum thegallery was closed down. And it is gone now Abroad as well as here, inRomania There were exhibitions claiming theypertained to a movement called Prolog.

There were also some personalexhibitions by Horia Bernea and other artists And now wehave three groups of artists leaning, more or less, toward the Orthodoxspirituality.

And then there are people like me, relatively independent. I have been for 20 years restaurateur of mural paintings and painterfor Orthodox churches. And it is true that I am quite committed tothis activity. Whereas the public of exhibitions and galleries, at leastin Romania, remains extremely limited, in fact it is composed almostexclusively of friends and colleagues Was it perceived at some point asa means to fight?

There is incompatibility, you know, betweenthese two terms: Orthodoxy and combat. But it is true that people might have perceived it that way. Because in the Prolog movement we promoted certain idea s suchas the return to nature in painting with a symbolism that the peoplehere have instantly associated with a religious-like symbolism Because he has written several books aboutnature and religion, he has also written something about angelsrecently and, as a matter of fact, he is connected to the movement.

Here in Romania we can find extremely open people to the art whichis close to nature and religion, because Romania is like that: Orient. In Greece or Cyprus it is the same thing But I must also say that in Romania there has always beenpainting activity in the churches even in the socialist times.

But thatwas not the case in Russia or Serbia where it was forbidden. In Romania we were able to continue the tradition, we kept on paintinglarge surfaces. Plus, my brother was connected to this traditionof mural painting Was he very well known? In terms of mural painting, to be honest, he onlypracticed it inside his own house!

Ce informaflii aveafli la dispoziflie? Era foarte dificil. He has become a known painter He was something of a father for me art-wise Or are there any catalogsabout his painting? Probably at the museum that is being openedtoday and also at the National Theatre at the documentation services. I should have a book here too Mircea, do you know anything about that?

Ion Grigorescu looks for documents M. This is very interesting because it shows how he works onlarge format s, he had to work at night, on little pieces, with pliers. These are really the first large prints But is it colored?

Did you have any in format ion about what was happening onother artistic scenes, for example in Zagreb, with Gorgona, but alsoin Paris, New York? What kind of Rupture Of The Sun - Glaser / Ethere - Glaser / Ethere (CDr) format ion did you have access to? And at the museum there was a library with the latestpossible catalogs. This is how I was aware of some things that wenton; for instance Boltanski, Annette Messager Well, all the artists ofmy generation that I met later in Paris So, yes, I had in format ion And there was some exchangeof letters until his death.

And it so happened that he was also there. So you had no trouble traveling? It was very difficult. In fact I took advantageof the earthquake! Dar nici acela nu corespundea. Ceva legatde acfliuni, poate? Generally, people were seeking for assistance abroad.

So this is how I managed to get a passport, which, in normal times,was a very difficult thing to do The passportgranted the right to stay abroad a very short time and usually onewas allowed to get out of the country only once a year Peopleoften asked me why I came back What can I say?

I felt so undersurveillance that I was afraid not to come back It was a kind of order And that explains why the portraits were refused. In a nonconformistmanner? So the censorship was paying a lot of attention to my work! And they wanted to find something inadequate in the portraits at allcosts.

I represented him making that famous gesture wavinghis hand that destroyed neighborhoods for his grand constructions. I was doing it after the TVand I imagined him. I had to represent him from small imageswherein the details were invisible. So I painted him from my imagination:with apparent veins on the face and blotches Things connected to the actions maybe?

He can narrate it But it was because my father was born in Oltenia From ananatomical viewpoint some resemblance could be found. There weregenerations of peasants and some physiognomic features are recurrent Cu Brus, Muhl? Avefli idee care e motivul? About the relations between Jews and Romanians, especially aboutmarriage In Cluj there are ethnic issues. It was taken with the camera retarding. Daily Rituals. There are such interior photos that are very interesting,for example there is one with him in the kitchen eating butter We can call them rituals of daily life I think Or it circulated in a very limitedcircle The body-art?

Are there elementsof in format ion at the museum? It was taken at his place He did thesethings without public Do you still make photos of yourself? But not every day. You knewwhat was going on in Vienna? Brus, Muhl? Do you have any idea about its motive? I make use of myself like of a model andan actor, like of someone who could express things that are notmine. It is an introspective quest The body is oftenstaged Even today! Even today? Even at the museum.

There is a tradition of prudishness in Romania. But in the West it is the same! E ceva ce vine de Rupture Of The Sun - Glaser / Ethere - Glaser / Ethere (CDr), din Antichitate…H. Avefliproiecte utopice? Eu propuneam un dialog, simplaposibilitate de a vorbi. Afli publicat? More and more the rule becomes: more it is obscenemore it has to be shown! There are cases of censorship By the way, have you had toendure censorship?

The issueof nudity has always been a theme of reflection for me. After all, we can say thatchildren also need to understand Do you haveany utopian projects? But today still I think that dialog islacking.

So it is a utopia I had Otta Cu armata…M. La muzeu? What was your own system? But maybe it is too vast a question I proposed a dialog,the simple possibility to speak. That was the situation Have you published any texts? It is a first contact point with the foreign artists who willbe known. There have been multiple projects tochange it, commercial, tourism, and eventually the decision stoppedat the project of a museum and it is the best thing.

It is very contemporaryand European. Probably that in the long run he will becomeimportant for the Romanians, even if he is despised and rejectednow. He was ridicule, people said he was more or less retarded,he spoke with difficulty, there are collections of jokes on his account,or his wife, family, etc. All the economy, the construction enterprises were involved withthis building and others in the city.

There were thousands of workerswho made a contribution, soldiers, the army itself. It was an enormousconstruction site all over the city. And there is also the subway! Everybody is grateful for the subway It is a religious service Photos from the TV broadcast of the national day. With thearmy A conceput-o cu operemonumentale, care au fost construite la fafla locului…S. A fost o compoziflie de mari dimensiuni. Era o voce care venea de altundeva, unsuflet foarte fizic, vocea originilor.

A fost bulversant. A fost magnific, dar foarte sumbru…H. Traducere de Izabella BadiuM. All the country was involved in thesedemonstrations for the party, for the government.

He used his ownshots and the TV images G: First I was a drawing teacher in a school and then I turned torestoration, and I live from restoration work today still Wooden houses are very common. The fact that they areall made of wood or is there any other common feature? There is also the human body,the measure of all things and objects in the traditional house.

And it is true that it marked a pause in myexhibiting because I had no more contact with Bucharest At the museum? It is a painting-installation. Have you seen them?

They had built the Wanderlieder exhibition,Wim Beeren organized it And I think that it was his last exhibition. He conceived itwith monumental works that have been built on location So it was all done in Amsterdam?

It was a large composition. Or, more generally, with poetry, literature? In the very beginning. He came for a reading with Godibert and itwas extraordinary! He had a voice that came from somewhere else,a very physical soul, the voice of the origins. It was overwhelming.

I think that all those present were deeply moved. It was magnificent but very bleak And then I took pictures with that. Translated by Rupture Of The Sun - Glaser / Ethere - Glaser / Ethere (CDr) Badiu Lives and works in Bucharest.

For the past fifteen years, Lia Perjovschi has been developinga practice that traverses various disciplines in order to recover,collect, share and spread in format ion that was inaccessible inRomania until Since then she has been developing an extensivearchive that includes books, texts, images and videos on culturaldevelopments that occurred in the last fifty years.

Her project,Centre for Art Analysis CAAis an investigative practice that aimsto examine what, how, and ultimately who enters into the archivesof history. CAA materialises as a mobile space, comprising anarchive, a library and a table around which in format ion is accessedand discussed. Apart from collecting material, Perjovschi activelycreates new systems of knowledge and ways of accessing them.

For example, she produces glossaries of key words in the contemporarycultural vocabulary, visually maps the synopsis of a particularknowledge or book, or realises her Subjective Art History fromModernism to present day.

These research projects are exhibited asprinted posters, collages or drawings, and have been disseminatedin numerous publications. Rather than directly confronting monolithic representationsof history and art, Perjovschi has developed a practiceof documentation and presentation that can be accessed in differentcountries, without losing its relationship to a specific context andgenealogy.

This has been possible because Perjovschi has createdan organic and highly personal artistic vocabulary, transforming theelements and in format ion she collects into something completelynew, alive and unrepeatable. After the Revolution inRomanians started rediscovering andreshaping the understanding of their own past, and thus their ownpresent, within the context of national, European and global developments. Her archive has been accessed and shared by manyRomanian artists, critics and curators, whose practice is now feedingback into the archive itself, re-establishing Romanian cultural historywithin the panorama of an international arena.

It is dictated bycuriosity and creativity as much as by a sense of ethical urgency,a sense of potentiality that needs to be fulfilled in our present andfuture existence. If history cannot be forgotten because it is alwaysevident, our present and future situation can be made much moreopen, exciting, critical and promising by reshaping the past. Workers manifesting — the isolationand deportation of the leaders, the militarization of the factories, in format ional blockage; there is no possibility of solidarity and general protest, Orlando USA : Disneyworld.

I graduated from the Pedagogic high-school, the artsdepartment. I wanted to study psychology, but the Faculty of Psychology was abolished. Dan is assigned to the Museum, I am assigned to the State Theatre.

Interdisciplinary research, informal meetings, discussions with students, journalists, writers, actors, musicians, artists, critics, researchers in our apartment on 22 Italian Street Bl. The Hungarian Television without knowing the language, by the dictionary : interesting exercise of making sense out of the imageanalysis. Mail art The County Library — forbidden books — the librarian at the reading hall — lesson in empathy, altruism, responsibilityand generosity.

I start to study at the Art Academy. I have a collection of incredible events related to my admissions I developan infinite repulsion for everything — I want to make up for the time lost and do what I want to. Moved image — work lasting a few seconds The Art Academy. The series of events known as the Romanian Revolution of remain to this day a matter of debate, with many conflicting theories as to the motivationsand even the actions of some of the main players.

The FSN secured two-thirds of the seats in Parliament. A university professorwith strong family roots in the Communist Party, Petre Roman, was named Prime Minister of the new government, which consisted mainly of former communist officials.

The government initiated modest free market reforms. Because the majority of ministers in the Petre Roman government were ex-communists, anti-communist protestersinitiated a round-the-clock anti-government demonstration in University Square, Bucharest in April The miners also attackedthe headquarters and private residences of opposition leaders. Collections of terrestrial globes,nylon bags with printed images, art catalogues and multiples The Alimentara Exhibition, Orizont Gallery — it seemedrather nostalgic than The UAP prize for young artist — myworks are bought by the Minister of Culture: drawings — school studies from and an object-book, also from The drawings shall be exhibited again and again byMNAC National Museum of Contemporary Artsbut without a time reference in order to make them look recent and render our delimitation useless But where is theobject-book?

The Constitution was recently revised by a national referendum on October 18—19,again plagued by fraudaccusations made by internal and international observers. The new Constitution, which took effect on October 29,follows the structure of the Constitution, butmakes significant revisions among which the most important are the extension of the presidential mandate and the guaranteed protection of private property.

Iliescu won the presidential elections in September by a clearmargin, and his FDSN won the general elections held at the same time. The Istanbul International Biennial;Bucharest. Workshop-meeting with 12 American journalists — we also invite other artists, critics; Bucharest. I initiate a survey for artists and critics at the Art Academy — What is art? The artist? The art critic? Film Archive, Bucharest.

Open studio. For 3 days we have a very diverse audience, families, young people, artists, critics Public spaceprojects, St. I flag things for them, Ilisten This coalition of sorts frequently struggled for survival, as decisions were often delayed by long periodsof negotiations among the involved parties. Nevertheless, this coalition was able to implement several critical reforms. Research and documenting at the University Library, on the Internet. Blurr Performance Festival.

I contact the Rostopasca group, for an exhibition at Berlin, Bucharest. Workshop with the Art Faculty students, Oradea.

How to become a known artist and new trends in art Guests: artists, journalists, people from differentcultural fields, All kinds of rejections, Bucharest. I applyfor the Foundation. CAA remains a project — there are two sides to any coin, I receive the Marcel Hiter scholarship tostudy cultural management in Switzerland an international course I haveto choose.

I choose the Performance Festival I refuse Bergen Art Institute,Norway — lecture, London. I recover interestingin format ion I find errors, I have doubts I check Hisrule was shaken by recurring allegations of corruption.

Curator, with Susanne Neuburger and Dan Perjovschi — about art in the public space. Those present atVienna: H. The Institute ofArchitecture — lecture, artistic projects in the public space. I exhibit the globe collection, Belgrade. Culture Jamming Claire Bishop Critical Thinking Hedwig Saxenhuber, art in the public space Manifesta No political partywas able to secure a viable parliamentary majority, amidst accusations from international observers and opposition parties alike that the PSD had committed large-scaleelectoral fraud.

There was no winner in the first round of the presidential elections. The EU accession treaty signed on April 25, in Luxembourg contains a safeguard clause, which allowsdelaying entry for a year if EU standards are not met. The government faces two main challenges to achieve the necessary conditions for entry into the EU: eradication ofcorruption, which remains widespread, and reform of the judicial system. In a society of obedience and humiliation, they drew the relief of dignity, needed so much by the history of a people.

Ludwig Museum,conference. ICR, Paris scholarship appointed in the board, but with a traditionalist majority I refused to sign Oroveanu another Add want to make one Istanbul Biennial — Dan exhibits, Bucharest. Lia — final intervention about common themes and topics, about the autonomousplace won by culture, about the separation from politics Research in the private library of Kati Kiss, the psychoanalyst — about psychoanalyses,Frankfurt.

Translated by Alex Moldovan How can universal artistic values be framed if one only perceivesthem from the top scale of a hierarchical order which is likely torepress the multitude of social strata.

In this case, someof the neighbors in the immediate West acknowledged the factthat there are alternative artistic forces which have to be taken intoaccount in order to better reflect the history as well as the future ofthe entire continent. Some of these developments took their startingpoint in Graz, Austria. For his exhibition Identity: DifferenceinPeter Weibel coined the term Retroavantgarde while lookingat the art production of the former East of Europeyet notknowing that the Slovenian artist group Laibach already used thisterm in Their frequent contact to artists from the neighboringcountries in the East led to an increasing reflection of the interlinkingpotential of contemporary art from the region.

Igor Zabel seesthese relations as a double dynamics of integration, which has thesimultaneous effect of reinforcing cultural difference, not onlybetween countries but also within them.

Inthey finally established association for contemporary art, which was aboutto express the rotating dynamics of a changing European politicaland artistic space. He lives and worksin Vienna as a curator and critic, and has been in charge of the artcollection of the Erste Bank Group since Cine ar puteaconsidera Praga, St.

Petersburgul sau Istanbulul parte a Balcanilor? Most European countries seemto have their own curators representing each nation on one ofthe numerous biennials, which grow like mushrooms out of theearth.

Yet it seems that the development of this process could nothave happened without the efforts of a few specialized institutions and individualsfostering the visibility of art production from specificsections of the globe. It took until the end of the twentieth century to organize majorexhibitions such as After the Wall, focusing entirely on the work ofartists from the former communist countries which had undergoneenormous changes within only one decade.

Most of theseundertakings went hand in hand with the migration of inhabitantsfrom these countries, artists who had mingled with their colleaguesin the West but never discontinued to focus on the history anddevelopment of their native land.

Balkan Konsulat was the title of one and a half years of processorientedexhibition making, video-screenings, DJ-ing as well aspublic appearances by representatives of the art scenes fromEastern and South-Eastern Europe. Starting from the geographicalposition in the middle of Europe and the historical connectednessof many countries within the Austrian-Hungarian Empire with itsmixing of peoples, traditions and cultural values, the spirit of theBalkans could always be found throughout Austria.

However, therehave not been many context-based exhibition sites dealing with thisgeographical region on a regular basis. Petersburg or Istanbul part of theBalkans? Serving Serbian bean soup on the occasion of the openinginvited to a cheerful gathering on the one hand, but opened thediscussion about everyday fascism and war-inflicted atrocities on theother.

To avoid a concentration on nation-based identities and thus anotherstigmatization of Eastern European art, the representation of artscenes from selected cities promoted an open, discursive fieldof interaction, which has been shown several times.

On a formal level, the team extendedthe spatial limitations of the gallery to exterior branches in orderto present special video or DJ nights as well as a forum of directconfrontation with the public. Thus, the Balkan Konsulat became visible in various medial distributionchannels, focusing on the changing experiences with time and Peter Weibel. Igor Zabel. Ibidem, p. Now the network established within thecountries of Middle, South and Eastern Europe has become morevalid than ever, culminating in a conference series program with thetitle MSE, which started in Ljubljana in Car, ce qui est applicable sur les salaires se retrouvent donc en frais sur les produits finis qui donc augmentent de prix.

Nous savons tous et l'avons tous compris que plus un article est cher moins il se vend. Oui, vous avez bien lu! Pas droit pourquoi? Parce qu'il est trop cher pour vous. Ne serait-il pas plus juste de les distribuer au peuple? En quoi cela peut-il rapporter que d'avoir des pauvres chez soi?!

Taxes autour du monde Taxes Around the World jeudi 17 avril - voir tableau en anglais sur site - Source: Online-Accounting-Degrees.

Cela peut sembler louche et c'est parce que beaucoup de fois Ces endroits offrent le secret d'entreprise et, dans beaucoup de cas, la fraude fiscale sur le revenu: 1.

Luxembourg 3. Suisse 4. Londres, Royaume-Uni 6. Irlande 7. Bermudes 8. Singapour 9. Les services bancaires des paradis fiscaux de la Suisse, nous connaissons tous des comptes bancaires suisses. Mais saviez-vous pourquoi ils sont si populaires parmi les bien-to-do?

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Serrer et saisir les maisons comme le produit du crime? Oh, quelle satire politique mordante Ouch massif. Oh mon dieu. Bandiera Rosa! Je sais ce que tu penses.

Pas moins de 56 articles avec NDDL dans le titre ce mois-ci avril Eh bien non! Right to Know. Les agriculteurs? Pour l'Arkansas, on sait Ben non Mais passons Tout cela est quelque peu beaucoup futile.

Marc Van Montagu.

GLASER: 1. Return to Sources: ETHERE: 2. Rupture of the Sun: 3. Neross the Desolate Landscape of Subconscient: 4. Ethereal (In a Closed Dream) 5. On the Relestial . Abandoned Shelter-Yersinia balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfotive.-CDRAMOK Accomplice Affair-Act Of balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo-CDRD2H Ad Lux Tenebrae-Sketches From That Autumn-CDRBCC. Glaser>Products Glaser Product World Simple, fast and APP-TO-DATE – Find our comprehensive product catalog with more than service parts at our online-catalog or install our new Glaser App. Glaser and Glaser () assume that the processing of colors and pictures is highly similar in that, compared to words, both kinds of stimulis have privileged access to semantic information. This assumption was tested in the present research. In Experiment 1, the season corresponding to the color or to the word of color-word Stroop stimuli had to be named (e.g., green for spring). ☎ CONTACT us. Dennis Glaser [email protected] () Jacob Glaser [email protected] () LOCATION. Floral Avenue Terrace Park, OH. Example - The Initiation of Rupture in Laboratory-Scale Earthquakes: Our experiments allow us to directly measure the initiation of fault “rupture,” including any premonitory events. Here is a nanoseismic signal (hypocentral distance of approximately 40 mm, displacements in nm) obtained from a preliminary test using a PMMA slider block and. Schoukroun-Barnes, LR ; Glaser, EP ; White, RJ "Heterogeneous Electrochemical Aptamer-Based Sensor Surfaces for Controlled Sensor Response." Langmuir: the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids 31, 23 (): Selon Die Welt, en décembre , environ demandeurs d'asile aptes au travail en Allemagne étaient au chômage. «Plus de la moitié des bénéficiaires d'allocations de chômage pour personnes handicapées sont actuellement d'origine étrangère», écrit Der Spiegel le 10 avril jay electronica jay z télécharger sugarcrm-community-edition-deutsch-télécharger téléchargement classique epub romans de battletech téléchargement-gratuit-génial-william-murphy meek mill feat kendrick lamar a1 télécharger tout top-media-playertéléchargement-gratuit meilleur téléchargeur mp3 pour ios 7 télécharger-albumsiècle-panne-green-day-dookie téléchargement. Apr 17,  · Song The Cure; Artist Lady Gaga; Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of Interscope); LatinAutor - UMPG, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., IMPEL, Kobalt Music Publishing, UMPI, UMPG Publishing, CMRRA.


Gabriel, Long Tall Gal Blues, Herbert von Karajan - The Legendary Decca Recordings: Volume 1 (CD), Bluejeans And Moonbeams, Buckets Of Rain, Shitty Chicken Gang Bang - Marilyn Manson - Smells Like Children (Cassette), Opus 5 - Contre-Courant (CD, Album), SexyFancyMoney - Fight Fair - California Kicks (CD, Album), I Know, He Is Here Now - PlainFire - The Farther We Stride... (File, MP3, Album)

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    Sep 27,  · Christine Blasey Ford, a California psychology professor, has publicly accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct from an incident more than 30 years ago.
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    Apr 17,  · Song The Cure; Artist Lady Gaga; Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of Interscope); LatinAutor - UMPG, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., IMPEL, Kobalt Music Publishing, UMPI, UMPG Publishing, CMRRA.
  4. Not only has Glaser methodology decreased stress levels and increased productivity, but personal relationships, families and communities also benefit from the empowerment that comes from being a successful communicator. Instead of deadlocks and negative feelings that shut down conversation and dialogue, a new type of conversation is leading to.
  5. Glaser Brothers. Tompall, Chuck, and Jim Glaser. All born in Spalding, Nebr., Tompall in , Chuck in , and Jim in References: Trade paper ad, Billboard.
  6. Apr 26,  · Research Glaser in the Surnames forums on balnalatelesupprosivadisbere.coinfo, the new GenForum! FORUM ARTICLES SEARCH. Home > Forum > Surnames > Glaser. Glaser. results. SIMON GLASER. Shirley Blaylock 2/21/ glaser family from Ohlau - Bresslau. miriam glaser 8/07/ Re: glaser family from Ohlau - Bresslau.
  7. Glaser and Glaser talked about communication that is assertive and task-focused, where feedback is given and received as normal, generating high trust within the team. When stress levels rise, it is natural for people to focus more on the task rather than the relationships around them. So high trust is a .
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    Glaser is a National Trainer of the distinguished teacher curriculum authored by Louisa Moats Ed.D., Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling, LETRS. She consults with national policy institutes regarding quality reading instruction and teacher preparation and assists schools and districts with the implementation of.

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